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Putin and His Allies Mocked for Meeting at Absolutely Massive Table
Russian President Vladimir Putin was mocked for meeting with a small number of allies at a humungous table after G7 leaders met in more intimate surroundings.
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Former Trump White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Gets Jan. 6 Subpoena
The House January 6 probe says it has new evidence leaving it with no choice but to compel the former White House legal advisor to testify.
'My Childhood': Fans React to Avril Lavigne Recreating 'Let Go' Album Cover
"This album is such a staple for the generation," one TikToker said.
'Not Good Enough': Couple Backed for Evicting Son Over Insulting In-Laws
"[Your] son is a spoiled brat," one commenter wrote.
As Airlines Fend Off Angry Travelers, Lawmakers Demand Cancellation Fines
"The American people are sick of airlines ripping them off, canceling flights at the last minute and delaying flights for hours on end."
Russia, Ukraine Pull Off Humongous Prisoner Swap as Fierce Battles Continue
Russia and Ukraine exchanged 144 largely injured soldiers apiece as fighting continued on Wednesday.
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William and Kate's Move to Queen's Windsor Cottage Not Yet Confirmed
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's reported move to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Great Park has not yet been confirmed, a senior palace source said.
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Meghan Bullying Review Officially Kept Secret After Saga That Made Her Cry
Meghan Markle was left "crying into her pillow" by allegations she bullied staff—but Buckingham Palace will not publish a single finding from its review.
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Has 'The Flash' Been Renewed for Season 9? All We Know So Far
"The Flash" Season 8 comes to its conclusion on Wednesday, June 29 and The CW has confirmed the future of the show, which is led by Grant Gustin.
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Gas Prices Are Being Lowered Temporarily Across U.S. by Conservative Group
Libertarian advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is staging promotions at gas stations, at which the price of gas is lowered.
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'Don't Have the Right': Dad Defended for Giving Away Daughter's Clothes
Commenters were stunned to learn why he donated an entire bag of brand-new clothes meant for his 14-year-old daughter.
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Woman Accusing Friend of 'Gloating' About Living Mom Enrages Internet
"If she has trauma, she needs therapy, not for all people with hair like her mom's to cut their hair," one commenter wrote.
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Russian Official Warns of Consequences for Turkey Backing NATO Expansion
Russian lawmaker Leonid Slutsky said Turkey should not be "too flattered about the assurances" it received in exchange for Finland and Sweden joining NATO.
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President Biden: I'm Begging You—Don't Run in 2024. Our Country Needs You to Stand Down | Opinion
President Biden: For the sake of our party and our country, please don't run again. The time to announce that is now.
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Which Foods on Your 4th of July Cookout Plate Are Most Costly
"The overall cost for the cookout is up 17% or about $10 from last year," the American Farm Bureau Federation said.
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Giuliani Deletes Tweet That Hutchinson Not There 'When I Asked for Pardon'
"The last witness was a reckless liar. Contrary to her false testimony she was never present when I asked for a pardon," Giuliani's deleted tweet read.
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Employees Fired for Refusing to Attend Mandatory Prayer Meetings: Lawsuit
The company owner led the sessions, which included "Bible readings, Christian devotionals, and solicitation of prayer requests from employees," the complaint said.
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Stacey Abrams Needs Voters of Color, But Joe Biden Could Drag Her Down
Abrams, who lost the Georgia governor's race to Kemp by less than 55,000 votes in 2018, must once again squeeze every possible vote out of communities of color.
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Democrats' Chances of Beating Republicans in Georgia, According to New Poll
Stacey Abrams is facing off against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, as Senator Raphael Warnock defends his seat against Trump-backed Herschel Walker.
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R. Kelly, Ghislaine Maxwell Prison Sentence Disparity Cited by Twitter Users
"Both are obviously terrible, but it's clear who should have received the heftier sentence here," one Twitter user commented.
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Internet Split on Mom's Kids Disturbing Neighbors by Playing In Own Yard
Although some sympathized with the woman's neighbor, others wrote that the children had a right to play in the yard.
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Woman Who Stole Diapers After Hourly Raise Sparks Outcry of Support
"You should not feel guilty, this is capitalism," a Redditor commented. "Playing fair will only result in us losing."
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'So Rude': Woman Praised For Calling Bride 'Inconsiderate' After Slight
"Maybe I'm just getting old, but is a 4-day Bachelorette party the normal thing to do??" one user commented. "This seems so over the top!"
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Man Supported For 'Ruining' Brother's Family by Telling Niece The Truth
"She deserved to know it and she will appreciate it in the long run," said one encouraging commenter.
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Russia Defense Minister Presents Gold Star Medals to Troops in Donbas
Sergei Shoigu gave state awards of the Hero of Russia and the Order of Courage to fighters who have handled their tasks in Ukraine.
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Watch: Ukrainian Artillery Takes Out Russian Vehicles After Paratrooper Reconnaissance
Images released by Ukrainian military officials reportedly show how artillery took out Russian military vehicles after conducting reconnaissance with paratroopers.
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Bald Eagle Shot By Hunters Takes to Air Again in Amazing Slo-Mo Video
Dr. Cliff Andrew Redford said the bird of prey was accidentally shot while the hunters were firing at ducks.
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Watch: Cautious Cops Free Skunk With Head Stuck in Beer Can
The filming officer joked: "This call just stinks!"
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Mom-to-Be Dead, 30 Missing After Rubber Dinghy Sinks in Mediterranean
The Geo Barents search and rescue vessel picked up 71 survivors following the incident on Monday off the Italian and Maltese coasts.
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The Right Is Not Going to Save Us From the Woke Left. Only Liberals Can | Opinion
By embracing not victimization but human achievement, liberals can craft a way forward that does not torch the Republic in the process.
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