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How Whitney Houston Broke Chart Records and Changed the Game for Black Female Crossover
No black female vocalist—and few pop stars period—achieved what Houston did in her first four years: Beatles-level, Elton-level, Springsteen-level success.
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Why a New Cookbook About Baking While Angry Is Making People So Mad
Who does “rage baking” belong to?
Is Taylor Swift Any Good at Playing a Man? We Asked a Drag King.
Pretty Rik E evaluates the singer’s new video.
Will It Be Funny if the Houston Astros Win the 2020 World Series?
Several of America’s most popular baseball writers weigh in.
One More for the Road
Studio 360’s final episode, with Alec Baldwin, Rosanne Cash, and a look at TV finales.
Love Is Blind Helped Me Find Sympathy for the Player
Barnett could be anyone a woman wanted, but he didn’t know who he really was.
James McAvoy: The Scottish Powerhouse Who Never Fails to Deliver the Goods
Whether he’s playing big-brained Professor X or big-nosed Cyrano de Bergerac, McAvoy always brings the sexy, the intense—and the range.
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Star Trek: Picard Is Better When It Embraces Its Silly Side
Zany costumed personas are one of the franchise’s time-honored traditions.
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How Scary Is The Invisible Man, the New Elisabeth Moss Movie?
Our highly scientific Scaredy Scale helps you determine whether new movies are too scary for you.
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How the Atlanta Track Club Is Preparing for the Largest Olympic Marathon Trials Ever
Olympian Amy Begley also reflects on what she learned about how not to coach from her time with Alberto Salazar at the Nike Oregon Project.
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The Great Culture Gabfest Debate on Taylor Swift Continues
Also, Portrait of a Lady on Fire and “garbage language.”
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