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Technology - Slate Magazine
The Biden Administration Should Spend $5 Billion to Bring Solar Energy to Low-Income Communities
The government leverage its investments in solar and wind to advance economic security and energy justice for disadvantaged communities.
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What the Post-Insurrection Congressional Outbreak Tells Us About COVID-19 Vaccination
At least five vaccinated members of Congress have tested positive for COVID-19 since the Capitol riot.
The Late ’30s Deplatforming of Father Coughlin
Then as now, not many people were willing to raise their own voices to defend the speech of a vulgarian spewing hate over a mass medium.
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The Arrest of a Florida Data Scientist Demonstrates a Weird Hole in Cybercrime Law
Using credentials your employer gave you to do something after you were fired wouldn’t meet most people’s definition of a “hacker.”
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Mexican Health Care Workers Find Little Relief in Vaccine Rollout
“When no one has our backs, we have to take care of each other.”
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