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Technology - Slate Magazine
Technology - Slate Magazine
Joe Biden Is a Great Climate President
A chief executive hasn’t done this much for the environment in 50 years.
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Two High Schoolers Who Discovered Two New Species of Scorpions Explain How They Did It
How do you…catch a scorpion?
A 7 Year Old iPhone Feature is the Secret to Staying in Touch With Friends
It allows you to feel close—but doesn’t demand an immediate response.
Can the Texas Power Grid Survive the Crypto Mining Boom?
“I don't want my AC to be competing against Bitcoin mines,” says Texas Monthly’s Russell Gold.
People in Their 20s Are Getting Botox—and It Could Backfire Spectacularly
Can we just say that these injections are bad, please?
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What Do People Who Work in Genetics Think About Gattaca 25 Years After Its Release?
“I think I think about it more than my patients do,” says one expert.
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Why Soylent Green Got 2022 So Wrong
I’m skeptical of the ability of dogmatic apocalyptic visions of the future to substantially change hearts and minds.
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