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Human Interest - Slate Magazine
Human Interest - Slate Magazine
Please Let Me Bring Gifts to Your Kid’s Birthday Party
I know you want a clutter-free, eco-friendly celebration. Well, I want children’s joy!
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Help! I Tolerated My Husband’s Affair for Years. Now That He’s Dead, I Still Can’t Escape Her.
I don’t want this woman in my life.
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My Divorce Freed Me From Pretending to Be Religious. My Son Is Crushed.
I never understood why he was into it anyway.
This Labeling System Keeps My Pantry Stockpile Organized
If you store any canned goods or freezer meals, you should try it.
I Can’t Build My Dinner Parties Around My Friend’s Oscillating Fad Diets—and Other Advice From the Week
Some advice from the past week.
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Help! My Cousins Tried to Prove My Sister Is “Faking” Her Severe Allergy.
They thought it was hilarious.
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I Sail Around the World Alone in a Dinky Sailboat. Only One Thing Gets to Me.
Sam Holmes loves being thousands of miles from land, with little to do other than survive. But a lot can go wrong when you're out there alone.
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We Put Aside Money for Our Niece Years Ago. Now It’s Tearing the Family Apart.
Parenting advice on money squabbles, work trips, and beloved nieces.
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