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Human Interest - Slate Magazine
Help! My Sister-in-Law Has Become Incredibly Cruel After Suffering From a Stroke.
Her behavior is just so awful, but she has nowhere else to go and cannot live independently yet. What can we do?
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Can You Reprogram a Kid Who Thinks He Must Pee Immediately After Drinking Water?
Plus: How to best support a pre-teen who recently came out to his parents as trans.
Looking for a Low Stakes Summer Lawn Game? Grab This Horseshoe Set, Now on Sale.
Champion Sports' model is now almost 25 percent off.
Help! My Wife Threatens to “End It All” Whenever I Ask Her to Get a Job.
She has $100,000 in loans from a master’s program that kicked her out.
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Ask a Teacher: Homework Is a Daily Battle With My Kids. How Can I Do Better Next Year?
I know there must be a better way to manage this.
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In-Person Dating Is Back, and It’s Weird
“After the park, what the hell do you do?”
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Kids’ Dad Is a Trumper. Should I Criticize Him Openly or Keep It Civil?
Parenting advice on criticizing co-parents, teenage know-it-alls, and pandemic weddings.
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My Husband’s Weight Is Killing Our Sex Life
He won’t do anything about his body. Is there any hope for us?
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