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Human Interest - Slate Magazine
There’s Something Very Strange About How I Climax
It seems to be the opposite of what the experts say.
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Do Cats Have Language?
Animals communicate, sure, but that's not the same as language.
Help! I Think My Girlfriend Is Making Up Her Sensitivity to Smell.
I’ve been “cleansing” my life of all scented fragrances for a year, only to realize this is perhaps all in her head.
My Boyfriend Says I’m Turning Into My ‘Drama Queen’ Mom. Is This My Destiny?
It’s not too late to choose a different path.
Dear Care and Feeding: My Father Died on My Son’s Birthday. How Can I Make My Son’s Birthday Joyful Again?
Parenting advice on grief, grandparenting, and baby blankets.
Help! I Can’t Finish My Ph.D. Because My Wife Can’t Handle the Kids on Her Own.
I end up working late into the night after dealing with her time vampirism all day.
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Why Does My Boyfriend Constantly Dirty Talk About Something He Finds “Gross”?
Does he want it or not?
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Dear Care and Feeding: Ugh, My Daughter Is the (Zoom) Classroom Tattletale
Parenting advice on Zoom tattletales, playground etiquette, and too many toys.
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