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Murkowski Shifts Stance, Says She Will Vote to Confirm Barrett to Supreme Court
The Alaska senator says she is opposed to the process but doesn’t want to punish a nominee she feels is qualified.
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Trump Is Botching His Election-Year Lies
Trump is trying to fake compassion, bravery, and respect for science. And he’s failing.
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Lou Dobbs Calls for Vote Against Lindsey Graham: “He Has Betrayed the American People”
The Fox Business host who is an avowed Trump fan says the senator from South Carolina has betrayed Trump “at almost every turn.”
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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Threaten to Sue Lincoln Project Over Times Square Billboards
The group of anti-Trump Republicans placed the two billboards attacking the way President Donald Trump's administration has responded to the coronavirus.
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Man Appears to Repeatedly Flash White Power Hand Sign at Trump Rally
The man repeatedly made the gesture that has traditionally been used to indicate “OK” but in recent years has emerged a symbol of white supremacy.
Future Tense Newsletter: Are You Sure Section 230 Is What’s Bothering You?
Here’s what we’ve cooked up in the recent past of Future Tense.
Help! I’ve Been Sleeping With My Friend for Eight Years. Should I Tell His New Wife?
I don’t want to lose our friend group over this.
Stop Calling Famous Composers by Their Last Names
“Fullnaming” all artists, regardless of background or tradition, is the only path to social justice in classical music.
Little Googlets Everywhere
Slate Money talks Google, Quibi, and Purdue Pharma.
“A Tarted-Up Political Project”
We’ve been here before, and it’s not good.
Swing State Tracker: A Wee Tightening in the Polls, But Time’s Running Out
Ten more days, and Biden is still in control in the polls.
Running in the Winter Is Brutal. Here’s How to Make It Better.
Expert tips on how to stay warm, comfortable, and motivated.
Last Pitch Effort
Will the final debate really make a difference?
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What Is the Bougiest Status Symbol in Sofia Coppola’s New Movie?
If you want to live the On the Rocks lifestyle, it’ll cost you just a few dozen million.
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What’s Going On With Mitch McConnell’s Hands?
The Senate majority leader insists there’s nothing wrong.
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Biden Didn’t Take the Bait
Trump has pressed every boundary of the office, beyond its breaking point in some cases.
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Austin Police Released Boogalo Boi After He Allegedly Shot Up Burning Minneapolis Precinct
The officers released him and his friends without arresting them.
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Trump’s Climate Denial Is a Rapidly Losing Battle—Even With Fossil Fuel Workers
The argument the president made at the final presidential debate is not nearly as popular as he thinks.
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Daughter Is in Love With Our Neighbor—Who Is Also Her Secret Half-Brother
Parenting advice on secret siblings, nut allergy panic, and class anxiety.
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Where Did Trump Get the Idea That Americans Have the Cleanest Water?
He does it to take attention away from his administration’s environmental protection rollbacks.
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A Sincere Quibi Fan on What He’ll Miss About the Much-Mocked Streaming Service
And why he thinks a show about pasta shapes deserves awards.
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Stop Comparing Amy Coney Barrett to a Handmaid. She Would Be a Wife.
She is the oppressor, not the oppressed.
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Now Streaming: Slate Politics Writers Recap the Debate
Lili Loofbourow, Jim Newell, and Will Saletan chat about last night’s spectacle.
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Rising Star Republican Candidate Denounces Journalist Over Past Support for “Non-White Males”
One of the party's hand-picked wunderkinds complains that Black men are trying to replace white men in office.
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North Carolina Republicans Ask the Supreme Court to Allow the State to Count Fewer Votes
The GOP argues an extended window to count mail-in ballots “inhibits the rights” of people who have already voted.
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A Speaker That Can Travel From the Shower to the Trail, Now on Sale
The JBL "Clip 3" is on sale for $40.
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Trump Says “We’re Rounding the Turn” the Same Day the U.S. Approaches Record Number of New Coronavirus Cases
By one count, the country recorded more than 77,000 new cases Thursday.
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The Case Against Google Is Good—No Matter What Trump Had to Do With It
Big Tech's antitrust reckoning could be yet another thing ruined by the president.
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Help! I Can’t Stand How I Look on Zoom.
Now that I see myself on video, I can see the bags underneath my eyes and how I come off as an irreverent know-it-all.
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My Family Members Think Their Votes Don’t Matter. How Do I Get Them to Cast Their Ballot?
It turns out, talking to your friends and family might be the best tactic.
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