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How the Host of One of the Most Popular Podcasts Made America’s Favorite Hairstylist Cry Over Trans Rights
An interview between Armchair Expert host Dax Shepard and Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness ended in tears.
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The Slatest for Oct. 2: What This Term’s Grimmest SCOTUS Cases All Have in Common
Stories about Sam Bankman-Fried on trial, Matt Gaetz coming for Kevin McCarthy, the Bidens' bitey dog, Commander, and more.
The Biden Administration Just Made Organizing a Union Exponentially Easier
There’s quite literally no time like the present for workers looking to unionize to give it a try.
One of Our Best, Dumbest Action Franchises Is Dying. It Marks the End of a Great American Tradition.
The Expendables has always been a tribute to its stars’ immortality. But everything about it now appears mortal.
California’s New Senator May Live in Maryland. It Might Not Matter.
The Constitution does not have all the answers.
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One of the Most Annoying Modern Debates About Antisemitism
A claim that no one actually believes is fueling way too many fights.
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The Supreme Court’s Oddest Pairing Comes out Swinging on Behalf of Criminal Defendants
Justice Jackson's most vocal ally was Gorsuch, whose occasional libertarian sympathies make him the conservative wing’s most defendant-friendly justice.
2 h
I Have a Secret, Erotic Hobby. My Husband Doesn’t Need to Know.
I know how it would make him feel.
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This Is the Week America Finds Out How Seriously It Has to Take Matt Gaetz
It’s a test of whether Gaetz is now someone of actual influence.
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The Bidens’ Dog Keeps Biting People. Why?
German shepherd experts have some tips for the first family.
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There’s a Pill That Helps People Quit Smoking. Why Isn’t It Sold in the U.S.?
Even Canada has it.
8 h
Space Exploration Is Changing. Is NASA Ready?
A dramatic lawsuit holds a warning for the future of space exploration.
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My Son Caught Me Making a Major Mistake. And He Never Lets Me Forget It.
I was mortified.
Help! My Sister Is Determined to Show Me the “Nasty” Parts of Parenthood at All Costs.
Her fascination is not normal.
We Want to Have Alone Time. But Our Kid Insists On Sleeping In Our Bed.
Co-sleeping is killing our spark.
Where the Supreme Court Can Do the Most Damage
How the “Major Question Doctrine” is being wielded against the administrative state.
The Trendy New Trivia Game That’s Like Wordle for Straight Men
Finally: a game that grants purpose to the useless sports junk I've spent a lifetime accruing in my weird little mind.
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I Opened My Marriage at 73. I Was Not Prepared.
I'm old enough to be your grandma, but there's a good chance I'm having better sex than you are right now.
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Getting a Dog? There’s a Specific Quality You Shouldn’t Dismiss
I used to think big dogs were the only "real" dogs.
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My Wife Is Furious Over Her Family’s Go-To Joke About Our Daughter. It’s Not That Serious.
She needs to let this go.
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A Crime Novel That Reinvents the Crime Novel
Jonathan Lethem discusses his stylistically ambitious new book.
1 d
The Supreme Court’s First Case Is a Brutal Grammatical Test
The very first case of the year concerns an important issue of criminal justice.
2 d
The Man Who Invented Fantasy
It seems like elves and wizards have been around forever. But one man is responsible for book publishing’s commitment to the fantasy genre.
2 d
Inside Crypto’s House of Cards
No one cared about the line between “risky” and “full-on scam”—just as long as the line kept going up.
2 d
How Congress Averted a Government Shutdown at the Last Minute
Kevin McCarthy had no other option. The damage to his speakership? Yet to be seen.
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