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Russia Detains Thousands at Protests Against Jailing of Kremlin Critic Navalny
The turnout surpassed expectations and showed the strength of the movement led by the man who has become the fiercest and most public Putin opponent.
“Jules” Brings Back Euphoria’s Sex and Showmanship
The two COVID-shot episodes were meant to cover the delay in shooting Season 2, but they may have changed the show for good.
Legendary Talk-Show Host Larry King Dies at 87 After COVID-19 Hospitalization
He was best known for the 25 years he spent as host of his prime-time CNN show Larry King Live that ran from 1985 to 2010.
Trump Almost Fired Acting Attorney General in Bid to Overturn Georgia Election Result
Senior Justice Department officials said they would resign en masse if Trump fired Jeffrey Rosen to replace him with Jeffrey Clark.
Help! Should I Apologize Again to My Cousin for Sleeping With Her Husband?
I still feel guilty, four years later.
Three Bridgerton Readers Gossip About What the Show Could and Should Do in Season 2
And what it can learn from other romance adaptations.
The Woman Who Read Hank Aaron’s Hate Mail
The home run king wrote back to his fans. He put the hate mail in his attic.
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Why Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” Had the Biggest Debut Since “WAP”
The singer’s overnight success is about more than the Sabrina Carpenter, Joshua Bassett drama.
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Dear Care and Feeding: Am I Selfish for Forcing Vegetables on My Meat-and-Carbs Family?
Parenting advice on vegetable tyranny, childfree volunteering, and bath time blues.
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No, We Do Not Need New Terrorism Laws
The Capitol riot wasn’t caused by a lack of legal authority.
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Poison and Prison Haven’t Stopped Putin’s Most Determined Foe
Alexei Navalny's return to Russia is a direct threat to Putin—and a potential challenge for Biden.
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The GOP Is Complaining That Joe Biden Is Being “Divisive” by Governing Like a Democrat
You can, in fact, call for "unity" and pursue policies that Republicans don't like.
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What’s Your Signature New York City Mayoral Project?
Play our game!
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The Senate Is Still Arguing Over Who Controls the Senate
And the only thing protecting the filibuster is the filibuster.
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Biden Gave Trump’s Union-Busters a Taste of Their Own Medicine
Peter Robb and Alice Stock experienced a fate that non-unionized Americans suffer every day.
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What Miami Can Give Techies That San Francisco Can’t
Warm weather, low taxes, and a mayor ready to nurse their grievances about Bay Area liberalism.
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RIP to This Huge Gigantic Dinosaur Who Was Chilling In Some Mud
Huge remains could displace previous huge remains as hugest remains ever.
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Pro-Trump Rioter Now Claims He Entered the Capitol to See All the “Historical Art”
The art lovers have rights too defense.
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Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie Anticipates Its Own Bad Reviews, but That Won’t Save It
Not even the combined sexiness of John David Washington and Zendaya can make this $30 million movie watchable.
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Trump’s Business Revenue Was Down 40 Percent Even Before He Encouraged Storming the Capitol
Trump’s financial disclosure showed his businesses took in $120 million less last year.
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What the Post-Insurrection Congressional Outbreak Tells Us About COVID-19 Vaccination
At least five vaccinated members of Congress have tested positive for COVID-19 since the Capitol riot.
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