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House Republicans Confirm That Jan. 6 Is Ancient History, and Also It Was Good
Everybody accepts Biden's victory, the rioters were friendly tourists, and the Senate is just waiting to pass the best voting rights bill it possibly can.
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The Bananas Twists of The Woman in the Window, Explained
The Netflix movie’s original ending tested so badly that they ordered reshoots.
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Watching the U.S. Reopen When Only 1.5 Percent of Your Country Has Been Vaccinated
People from Iran, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Sweden on the slow vaccine rollouts in their home countries.
While Republicans Cry About Cancel Culture, They’re Canceling Democracy
Being criticized is not the same level of harm as having your vote stripped away.
Everyone Agrees California’s Parking Laws Are Bad for Cities. So Why Do Planners Like Them?
A farcical tale of city planning.
The Stories Behind Every Song in Girls5eva
The sitcom’s songwriters reveal the inspirations behind every track.
Three Little Words My Boyfriend Says During Sex Are Killing Me
He refuses to discuss it afterward.
“Americans Are Paying for the Bombs Falling on Gaza Right Now”
A Palestinian perspective on this week’s violence.
Bitcoin and Dogecoin Are At Elon Musk’s Mercy
This was the week we saw just how much crypto influence the "Dogefather" has.
The Wrong Lesson to Take From Israel’s Iron Dome
It’s astonishingly successful. That doesn’t mean it would work for America.
The Music Industry Is Finally Scaring Spotify
The music business is booming again—and musicians are fighting for a bigger, better piece of the pie.
Most People Are Thinking of Herd Immunity All Wrong
The end of the pandemic will be a slow fade.
Help! My Boyfriend Is Desperately Obsessed With a Pop Star. It’s Me or Her.
I cannot hear about her all day, every day.
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Ask a Teacher: Is My Kid’s Downward Spiral Just Due to the Pandemic?
Is his depression a sign of something bigger?
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Pooping at the Office Again Is Going to Be Terrible
Why the gastrointestinal experts are worried for us all.
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The Reason You Still Can’t Find a New Car or PlayStation 5
One shortage is causing tons of other shortages.
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A Doctor Who Ambushed People in a Bar to Get the Vaccine for Free Beer on What They’re Telling Her
She found something different than skepticism.
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The GOP’s New Commandments
In ousting Liz Cheney, the party has abandoned principles and reduced itself to a cult of Trump.
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The Jaguars’ Tim Tebow Signing Puts Urban Meyer’s Worst Habit on Full Display
Shocking as it may seem, the reunion in Jacksonville is not the first of its kind.
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The One Big Problem With Elon Musk’s Autism Announcement
Elon Musk has Asperger’s. So what?
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Why This Round of Israeli-Palestinian Violence Feels Different
There’s no more “peace process” to go back to.
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How Actor Blair Underwood Gets Ready to Play a Role
It starts with psychology.
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There’s a Better Way to Save Money on Audiobooks—From Slate and Supporting Cast
Low prices and no subscription fees. Listen in your podcast app. And every purchase helps power Slate’s journalism.
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The Trial That Could Break Apple’s App Store Hinges on One Important Question
And it gives the iPhone maker a huge advantage over Epic Games.
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The Jan. 6 Insurrection Takes Down Liz Cheney
House Republicans purge their No. 3 leader for refusing to lie about the election.
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Why Used Car Prices Went Absolutely Insane Last Month
Things are getting weird in the late-pandemic economy.
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Desperation Is Creating a Black Market of Fake COVID-19 Shots in Mexico
“Fake vaccines are like liquid gold.”
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Disaffected Republicans Threaten Breakaway Third Party to Kneecap Trump’s GOP
As the party trudges zombie-like towards the magical thinking of Trump’s GOP, Never Trumpers are plotting.
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