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The Way a City Handles Snow Says Everything About How It Treats Pedestrians
When streets and sidewalks need clearing, cars' needs always come first.
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The Smithsonian Archive Brings the Breadth of Black Womanhood Into View
The familiarity and surprise of encountering the past.
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Russia-Backed Airstrike Killing Dozens of Turkish Troops in Syria Reignites Fears of Direct Confrontation
Turkey threatens to allow another wave of refugees into Europe if NATO allies don’t help.
2 h
Can Art End Street Harassment?
She asks women, “What do you want to say to harassers in the street?”
3 h
Trump Is Hiking Administrative Fees for Immigrants to Price Them Out of the Country
The fee for appealing a deportation order would rise nearly 800 percent from $110 to $975.
4 h
Help! My Sister Says She’ll Stop Speaking to Me if I Adopt a Child of Color.
She finds adoption “abhorrent” and “inhumane.”
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How Whitney Houston Broke Chart Records and Changed the Game for Black Female Crossover
No black female vocalist—and few pop stars period—achieved what Houston did in her first four years: Beatles-level, Elton-level, Springsteen-level success.
5 h
Did Money Corrupt an A.I. Utopia?
OpenAI had an idealistic vision for the future of artificial intelligence. Then it realized it needed money.
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Dear Care and Feeding: Should We Be Honest With Our Worry-Prone Child About the Risk of the Coronavirus?
Parenting advice on the coronavirus, day care biting, and noisy neighbors.
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Think You’re Smarter Than a Slate Audience Development Editor? Find Out With This Week’s News Quiz.
Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
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An Election Curveball: Coronavirus
Who Counts? The key takeaways from our voting rights series.
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Is Taylor Swift Any Good at Playing a Man? We Asked a Drag King.
Pretty Rik E evaluates the singer’s new video.
Whistleblower: Government Workers Greeted Quarantined Americans Without Protective Gear or Training
Those employees then returned to their regular lives without being screened for the coronavirus.
Bernie Sanders, Closet Conservative
According to his rivals, he’s a radical—and a reactionary.
Will It Be Funny if the Houston Astros Win the 2020 World Series?
Several of America’s most popular baseball writers weigh in.
Why the Silent Spread of Coronavirus Might Actually Be a Good Sign
It’s all about the death rate.
My Boyfriend Watches Porn. Why Can’t He Get All His Pleasure From Me?
Isn't sex five times a week enough?
Bernie Sanders Leads the Pack
What would a Bernie Sanders nomination mean for down-ballot races?
Want to Indoctrinate Your Kids With Cutthroat Capitalist Values? Give Them Choose Your Own Adventure Books.
A new study exposes how the iconic ‘80s series taught a generation that individual choice is everything and failure is always your fault.
One More for the Road
Studio 360’s final episode, with Alec Baldwin, Rosanne Cash, and a look at TV finales.
No One Thought Trump Could Win. What Does That Mean for Bernie?
Looking back at Trump’s 2016 rise could offer some clues about Sanders’ future.
Where the Coronavirus Bioweapon Conspiracy Theories Really Come From
The rumors of a lab escape or a bioweapon stem from historical amnesia, a caricatured villain, and good old-fashioned racism.
Joe Biden Cozies Up by His South Carolina Firewall
It’s been a long month. But is something finally working for the erstwhile front-runner?
Love Is Blind Helped Me Find Sympathy for the Player
Barnett could be anyone a woman wanted, but he didn’t know who he really was.
Is There Any Non-Sexist Reason to Give Kids Their Dad’s Last Name?
Plus: Why am I paying for travel hockey when my kid is terrible at hockey?
It’s Good to Grill Bernie Sanders on Castro
Sanders is going to face this attack in the general election. He needs to figure it out now.
The Drunk Men I Drive Around Every Night
The dark side of ride-sharing’s relationship to alcohol.
Can You Fall in Love Without Seeing the Person’s Face?
The newest Netflix reality dating show tests whether love is really blind.
The Great Australian Cop-Out on Climate Change
Australia’s PM has tried nothing to stop climate change and he’s all out of ideas.
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First Coronavirus Case in U.S. Reported Without Clear Link to Global Outbreak
The case is a foreboding sign indicating the virus may already be spreading undetected in the U.S.
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