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How Keystone XL, Dakota Access, and the Atlantic Coast Pipelines All Got Derailed
One week, three pipelines paused.
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How Georgia’s Stone Mountain Became a Monument to White Supremacy
What the Confederacy lacked in success, it made up for in white racists desperate to prop up its memory.
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Why It Took So Long to Defeat the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
Six years of organizing, infighting, and lawsuits led to a rare, massive win for rural communities.
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New to RuPaul’s Drag Race? This Is the Best Episode for Beginners.
Dynamic personalities, subversive art, and fierce competition make for riveting entertainment.
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Can a Police Drone Recognize Your Face?
Sometimes it matters less if you’re being surveilled than if you feel like you are.
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The Supreme Court Sidelines Women in Favor of Religious Bosses
The court’s latest ruling is part of a web of decisions that demote women to bystanders in their own lives.
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The Supreme Court Just Gave Religious Employers a License to Discriminate Against Workers
Justice Samuel Alito let religious employers skirt the civil rights laws that apply to the rest of us.
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My Wife’s Sexual History Is Way More Intense Than I Thought
I find stories of her escapades super hot. How do I get her to tell me more?
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How Should We Think About Hamilton Right Now?
Also, I May Destroy You and Twister.
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The Case for Stacey Abrams
It's not enough to just defeat Trump; it's time to build the democracy we're supposed to have.
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Trump Begins Process of Official Withdrawal From World Health Organization
There is no serious constituency for this bad idea other than Trump himself and his GOP enablers.
Help! I Found Out My Girlfriend Once Said Black People Weren’t “Her Type.” I’m Black.
We’ve been together for six years now, and she’s usually an amazing person, but this hurt me deeply. What should I do?
Chief Justice John Roberts Hospitalized Overnight After Fall Last Month
The Chief Justice has a history of seizures though the fall was reportedly due to dehydration.
What Message Did David Duke’s Voters Send to Everyone Else in Louisiana?
In his 1990 Senate run, Duke won 60 percent of the white vote in Louisiana.
The Little-Known Athens, Georgia, Band That Taught Its Town How to Make Art and Music Together
In 1987, Rolling Stone named R.E.M. “America’s best rock ’n’ roll band.” Drummer Bill Berry denied it. The best band in America, he said, was Pylon.
How Activists Brought Down a Massive Gas Pipeline
“I think everyone was surprised that it was canceled.”
Canceling Cancel Culture
What do we do when we can’t disagree?
Trump Is Foolish to Pick a Fight Over the Confederate Flag
His attack on NASCAR isn’t just wrong. It’s a political loser.
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The Strangest and Most Upsetting Details from Mary Trump’s Upcoming Book
He once complained in a memo for his book that Madonna chewed gum in an unattractive way.
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We Are in Desperate Need of Quarantine Hotels
We started out this pandemic with the understanding that isolation was a major way to fight spread.
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California’s Carelessness Spurred a New COVID Outbreak
A botched transfer of prisoners has endangered more than 1,000 people.
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TikTok Caught Up In Geopolitics Once Again
According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the U.S. is “looking at” a ban on TikTok due to rising tensions between the U.S. and China.
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Claudia Conway Isn’t a Liberal Hero. She’s a Normal Teenager.
We don't have to lionize her for this.
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Why Do Things Keep Blowing Up in Iran?
The Israelis aren’t saying they’re behind the explosions. But they’re definitely not saying they’re not behind them.
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How Police Became the Go-to Response to Domestic Violence
Feminists pushed for more policing in the 1970s. But there are far better solutions out there.
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Harvard Is Right to Keep Charging Full Tuition
By making itself look absurd, Harvard is giving the rest of higher ed a little more breathing room.
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I Fear My Girlfriend Will Think I’m a Sex Creep If I Tell Her What I Really Want
I think this is going to blow up on me.
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Brazil’s Bolsonaro Has the Coronavirus
The president now has the virus he’s been downplaying for months.
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When We Faced Him
Our daughter, the journalist Kim Wall, was taken from us far too soon. When the trial came, her murderer had to look us in the eye.
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Why Is Mexico’s President Giving Trump a Photo-Op in the Middle of a Pandemic?
López Obrador was once one of Trump’s fiercest critics. What happened?
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