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News and Politics - Slate Magazine
The Americans Already Suffering Most From the Fall of Roe
The worst of this societal inequality is yet to be seen.
A Complete Breakdown of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Inflation Reduction Act
The bill is a devil’s bargain, but if it were ideologically pure, it wouldn’t pass.
Is This Climate Bill Worth the Wait?
Even with the concessions to Joe Manchin, environmental activists should take the Inflation Reduction Act for the victory that it is.
The Dark New Conspiracy on the Far-Right Deep Web After the Trump FBI Raid
If you haven’t heard of the “war on dissidents,” you may soon.
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With the Trump Raid, Merrick Garland Draws a Line in the Sand
I had finally come around a couple weeks ago to the conclusion that we should actually trust Garland.
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A Thorough but Frustrating Guide to Your Questions About What the FBI Might Have Found in Donald Trump’s House
We don't know. You can probably just go take a walk or a nap because when you come back we still won't know.
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Republicans Are Breathlessly Defending Trump Against the FBI Raid. But Just Wait.
Hear me out: Maybe the feds turning over your home for crimes is bad for your political future.
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How Does the FBI Break Into a Safe?
In Trump’s case, a lot depends on whether he bought a cheap one.
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How Much of the Latest Trump vs. the Military Story Is Image Laundering?
It is, in some ways, annoying to watch so many of Trump’s former aides testifying at the January 6 hearings about his horrible misdeeds.
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The FBI’s Raid on Mar-a-Lago Is Just the Beginning for Trump
One search warrant often leads to another.
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The Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Led to a Full-On GOP Meltdown
Republican officials are spiraling, warning of a coming DOJ-led police state.
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The Taliban vs. the Press
With the extremist group cracking down on reporters, it’s becoming hard to know what life in Afghanistan is really like.
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