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News and Politics - Slate Magazine
Why Congress Gave Lloyd Austin a Pass
Another retired general will be secretary of defense—and nobody in Washington seems that bothered by it.
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Biden Is the First President To Openly Oppose the Death Penalty. Now What?
Ending the death penalty will be challenging, but there are several big steps Biden could immediately take.
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Trump Vincibility Watch: Over and Out
Sowing, meet reaping.
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Biden’s First Tests Will Be the Stimulus and Immigration
Republicans are about to rediscover their concerns about the national debt.
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Joe Biden’s Been President for an Afternoon. Here’s What He’s Done So Far.
Biden signed 17 executive actions on Inauguration Day.
What Donald Trump Did to D.C.
On the day he left my city, I got to see the view he had from the White House.
Never Take Normal For Granted Again
Trump’s grotesque farewell speeches make it easier to appreciate Biden’s simple inaugural address.
Jen Psaki Is Praised for “Not Crazy” First Press Conference
To sum up the social media response to Psaki’s performance, it was viewed widely as delightfully (p)sane.
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Biden Has Already Fired Three of Trump’s Worst Appointees
Trump’s corrupt, unqualified cronies got the boot just after Biden took office.
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Barely Any Trump Supporters Showed at Inauguration Protests Around the Country
The Capitol insurrection had no sequels in the states.
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Reporters in D.C. Swarm Lone Trump Supporters, the Last Gasp of a Way of Life
I should know, I was one of them.
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Goodbye, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
The most ruthless boundary-pusher in American politics finally discovered the limits of cynical, toxic partisanship.
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Joe Biden and Amanda Gorman Brought Back the Idea That Words Matter
Returning to truth after four years of Trump.
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Obama’s Inaugural Poet on Amanda Gorman, and the Voices America Needs to Hear
Richard Blanco, the first openly gay poet to perform at a presidential inauguration, also reads his poem “What We Know of Country.”
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The Joy—and Relief—of Biden-Harris Supporters in D.C. for the Inauguration
Interviews with a former Republican, a new citizen, a first-time voter, and some Alpha Kappa Alphas.
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I Never Had a Viral Trump Tweet
And now he’s gone.
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What Twitter’s Smartest Liberals and Conservatives Are Saying About Biden’s Inauguration
Check out the instant spin room.
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Inauguration Day Live Blog: The Great Presidential Twitter Handle Handover Day
Joe Biden takes office.
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Trump Issues Late Night Pardons to 143 Fraudsters and Friends
Steve Bannon got one. Joe Exotic didn’t, so far.
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There Was Never a Middle Ground Between MAGA and Never Trump
Trump's critics weren't relevant unless they were voting with Democrats, voting for Democrats, or declining to throw out votes for Democrats for no reason.
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Joe Biden’s Chance at Greatness
The oldest president has an opportunity to secure the nation’s future.
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Goodbye, Donald Trump
He can’t go back up the escalator.
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