Op-Ed: How the idea of religious freedom is being used to undermine other rights
Three new Supreme Court decisions further erode principles of religious freedom that require the separation of church and state.
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Op-Ed: COVID-19 has invaded San Quentin prison. To save lives, people must be released
The only way to prevent catastrophic loss of life inside the state prison system during the pandemic is to reduce its population.
Editorial: Trump has zero understanding of what it will take to safely reopen U.S. schools
You can't have it both ways: Pressure U.S. public schools to reopen, then say our schools don't need financial help to reopen safely.
Opinion: Did the Supreme Court just gift wrap a win for Trump and the religious right? Not quite
The Supreme Court ruling on birth control appears to give the next president the power to reverse much of Trump's initiative while allowing the court fight to continue.
Letters to the Editor: Why should a bigoted actor like John Wayne have an airport named for him?
In the grand scheme of things, what to call Orange County's airport is not important. But John Wayne does not deserve to be so honored.
Op-Ed: Colleges have a lot to answer for — beyond racists' names on their buildings
Taking the names of racists off campus buildings is long overdue, but it means very little if universities retain the racist policies that guide them.
Editorial: Kanye got a PPP loan. So what? Businesses are failing and the program can still help
It's a mistake to dismiss the Paycheck Protection Program based on the big names who benefited. Still, the program isn't reaching everyone it should.
Letters to the Editor: Build monuments to the founders' ideas, not the slave-holding men who had them
We should honor the ideas of people like Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence but also enslaved hundreds of people.
Letters to the Editor: Wear a mask so you can be healthy enough to vote Trump out of office on Nov. 3
Trump is angry and terrified. He will do anything to win re-election, so we must watch him closely until Nov. 3.
Editorial: We need a national face mask mandate
Face mask requirements are a confusing mess. The U.S. needs a clearly articulated policy from the federal government — with teeth.
Opinion: Robocall case exposes a troubling free-speech split on the Supreme Court
The justices disagree about the scope of the 1st Amendment
Letters to the Editor: Corruption at City Hall won't end without campaign finance reform
No reforms will end the corruption of L.A.'s planning and land-use process unless special interests are banned from making contributions.
Column: Trump makes it clear: There are two Americas, and November is for choosing sides
Trump's reelection strategy is now obvious. He will stoke the racial resentment of his white base.
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Op-Ed: Mexico's president and Trump have this in common: They both trample human rights
Mexico's Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Donald Trump, who meet face to face for the first time Wednesday, have parallel — and dismal — records on human rights.
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Opinion: As colleges try to navigate coronavirus, Trump already has a cruel plan for foreign students
The Trump administration will demand foreign students attend in-person college classes or leave the country.
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Op-Ed: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: How to sustain momentum for the anti-racism movement
In 60 years of activism, I've felt hope like this before, only to have it replaced by frustration and rage, Abdul-Jabbar writes.
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Editorial: We still don't know enough about what's causing COVID-19 to surge
Bars, parties and other small-scale gatherings may be more to blame for the virus' spread than the massive outdoor protests triggered by George Floyd's death.
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Op-Ed: You shouldn't need a car to get tested for COVID-19
Although 42 of the 105 COVID-19 testing sites in Los Angeles, by our estimate, are in walk-up locations, many Angelenos without cars don't live close enough to walk there.
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Editorial: The Supreme Court bolsters democracy by letting states curb 'faithless electors'
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Letters to the Editor: Two veterans speak up in defense of flag burning as protected speech
Veterans respond to a letter writer who said defending flag burning is a slap in the face to those who served in the military.
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Letters to the Editor: As COVID-19 rages, Trump rushes to protect ... statues?
The president's Mt. Rushmore speech was a classic example of Trump having his eye on the wrong ball.
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Letters to the Editor: Deploring racism isn't the same as taking action to fight it
The problem isn't racists who think Black people are sub-human; the problem is white people who stay silent as they benefit from racism.
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