Change country:
Litman: Did the Capitol mob have inside help? If so, can a simple majority vote send the insiders packing?
The 14th Amendment says you can't hold office and participate in insurrection, but applying it in Congress wouldn't be easy.
Column: Mitch Englander deserves more than a slap on the wrist. Put this man in prison
A $9,500 fine for lying about his misdeeds at a Vegas casino? The ex-councilman betrayed Los Angeles, and now he needs to serve time for his crimes.
Abcarian: Sure, we all want unity. But it has to be based on a shared understanding of facts
Republicans will have to abandon the lies they've perpetrated — starting with the one about Trump winning the election — before we can all get along.
Op-Ed: How subtle changes in language helped erode U.S. democracy — and mirrored the Nazi era
Historical observations about language used in the Nazi era mirror our Trumpian time. The list includes lies about stolen victory, hate group slogans and plenty of superlatives.
Letters to the Editor: These older readers want to be vaccinated. Their experiences are maddening
Confusion and indignation reign among the self-identified 65-plus letter writers who say they want to be vaccinated but have no idea how to do it.
Opinion: Biden is right to keep Christopher Wray as FBI director
Christopher A. Wray is one Trump appointee who deserves to be retained.
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Op-Ed: How L.A.'s stratospheric housing costs help fuel the pandemic
How densely we live partly determines whether we sicken and die.
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Letters to the Editor: There's so much wrong with blaming Calvinism for Trump's rise
A pastor and theologian picks apart an op-ed article that identified a peculiar brand of American Christianity as supporting Trump.
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Editorial: Finally, a president with a COVID-19 plan
On the anniversary of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 on U.S. soil, Joe Biden has given the nation the pandemic response plan it needs.
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Letters to the Editor: Dianne Feinstein's unacceptable defense of Senate seditionists
Readers criticize California's senior senator for filing to run for reelection and for defending Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.
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Editorial: Mitch McConnell reminds us why the Senate needs to kill the filibuster
Senate Republicans should recognize that the filibuster hasn't been their friend, but rather has damaged their popularity and shifted power from Congress to the president.
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Heffernan: The Trump mutation wasn't fit for suvival
For a while, Donald Trump seemed like a new breed of human predator. But as he slinked off the national stage, even his last-gaspers had to concede they were licked. And so was he.
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Letters to the Editor: Stop with the canard that California is the highest-tax state
Rich Californians pay a lot in taxes, but if you're in the middle class, our state compares very favorably to other states.
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