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Op-Ed: L.A. is spending tens of billions of dollars to make climate change and traffic worse
The expansion of highways will do far more harm than the expansion of mass transit will avert.
Editorial: 10 more years of nuclear power? Gov. Newsom needs to make the case
Newsom wants to give PG&E $1.4 billion to run Diablo Canyon another decade. Show us how that will transition to renewable energy and prevent blackouts.
Editorial: Probation worker no-shows are the last straw. Break up and remake L.A. County juvenile justice
Half of L.A. County Probation Department juvenile division workers don't come to work, and their unions resist change. The county should push forward and replace the division.
Op-Ed: Is Liz Cheney the GOP's once and future leader?
The representative from Wyoming could win by losing, if Republicans come to regret their torrid affair with extremism.
Letters to the Editor: On drought, Gov. Newsom ignores the cow in the room
The state's 'aggressive' drought plan won't work if it allows animal agriculture to continue guzzling water.
3 Good Things: A salmon boom, less pain at the pump and sportsmanlike conduct
Some good news about a thriving ecosystem, lower gasoline prices and the American pastime.
Letters to the Editor: An L.A. Times front page free of Donald Trump? More of this, please
After a week of news dominated by the former president, a reader welcomes a one-day respite.
Column: The paradox of Trump's charisma
When Trump is at his most indefensible is precisely when the irrationality of his defenders becomes most intense.
Editorial: Now that a second recall effort has failed, let George Gascón do the work he was elected to do
Two attempts by criminal justice reform opponents to recall Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón have failed. Don't let there be a third. Voters should consider his record after he completes a four-year term.
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Editorial: L.A. is right to phase out oil drilling, but communities can't wait 20 years
Los Angeles' move to end oil and gas extraction is a climate and health milestone. But the 20-year timeline is too long, and officials need to work with urgency to ensure most wells are shut down sooner.
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Letters to the Editor: Gratitude for good grammar
Times readers were glad to hear an embrace of grammar — and considered some of their own grammatical pet peeves.
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Editorial: California bans the sale of shoes made from dead kangaroos. It's the law, so enforce it
Six years after the ban on selling kangaroo shoes went into effect, it's still poorly enforced. That's unfair to retailers who follow the law.
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Op-Ed: Tourists have more influence on politics and foreign relations than you think
Shipments of weapons and planeloads of tourists have quite a bit in common. Tourism has long had a way of getting mixed up in international politics.
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Op-Ed: As a Hindu, I can't stay silent about injustices in India — committed in the name of our faith
India's democracy is turning 75. But Prime Minister Modi's government has waged a political war against the poor and Muslims, deviating from the nation's founding ideals.
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Nicholas Goldberg : Is there anything Democrats and Republicans won't fight about?
If we can't agree about wildfires, public health or vanquishing a foreign enemy, maybe 'non-partisanship' is dead.
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Guerrero: In a 'Latinas First' strategy, everyone wins
Investments in Latinas' leadership pay off for society as a whole, because they tend to bring others along when they make progress.
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