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Editorial: Time to trash your face mask? Not so fast
The CDC's new guidance doesn't supersede state and local orders. Moreover, how do we know who's been jabbed?
Opinion: To be consistent, McCarthy must tell Trump to stop questioning the election
The House minority leader's assertion is contradicted by Trump
Letters to the Editor: There's no hope that the Israeli-Palestinian cycle of violence will end
The eviction of Palestinians, a dispute over land, the exchange of deadly attacks — this feels very familiar, and it's not likely to stop soon.
Editorial: Gascon's reform vision comes to the Supreme Court
Just as it was wrong for judicial powers to be reallocated to prosecutors in the "tough on crime" era, it is wrong for judges to usurp powers properly in the prosecutor's ambit – what crimes to charge, and what punishments to seek.
Editorial: California's independent redistricting commission is dangerously close to failing its basic task
Opponents of voting reform are dying for California's experiment to stumble so they can use it as an excuse to retain the undemocratic process in their states of having politicians draw their own districts.
Letters to the Editor: Why California should welcome the end of unsustainable growth
Less traffic, cleaner air, less water scarcity and all the other reasons why California's declining population is a good thing.
Column: Want to see the big lie die? Take it to court
Trump's big lie isn't being offered up as a legal defense. The courts are serving their role as a social institution where the truth will out.
Letters to the Editor: Some landlords are determined to evict. This is how Newsom can help renters
Gov. Gavin Newsom's rental relief and stimulus program will help a lot, but as a tenants rights advocate explains, not all renters can access help.
Editorial: The two-state solution was nearly given up for dead. But it's still the best option
The current violence reflects a stalled 'peace process.'
Op-Ed: Trump's place in history? He is the supreme American demagogue
Trump's methods aren't unique — they mirror those used by other demagogues — but he has deployed all of them in the presidency.
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Editorial: The NRA keeps shooting itself in the foot
A judge tossed out the NRA's petition for protection from a N.Y. lawsuit seeking its dissolution. Ending the NRA may be the best thing for gun owners.
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Letters to the Editor: Dear Republican Party: You lie, you're anti-democray, so I quit
A reader who identifies as a lifelong Republican shares the letter he sent to party leadership over the way Liz Cheney has been treated.
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Column: Why did the U.S. put Ahmad Chebli on its no-fly list? He deserves to know, and so do we
When the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security blacklist people from traveling by air, those people deserve a meaningful opportunity to challenge the decision.
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Op-Ed: Liz Cheney's ouster proves the GOP is now entirely built on lies
If we saw a political faction in another country repudiate a free election as the GOP is doing right now, American diplomats would be calling out that crime.
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Column: Hurting transgender kids to shore up the Republican base
The new flood of anti-trans bills around the nation is a coordinated attack on the LGBTQ community.
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Editorial: How to fix the student debt fiasco (Hint: Not with a $50,000 bailout per student)
Lawmakers should think far more strategically about student debt, rather than showering everyone with tax-free loan forgiveness in such high amounts.
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Letters to the Editor: California is complicated. The people staying here are OK with that
Amid reports that the state's population declined for the first time in history, a reader praises Californians for their independent thinking.
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Editorial: Leaf blowers and lawn mowers are smog machines. It's time for California regulators to act
This year, for the first time, leaf blowers, weed wackers, lawn mowers and other small off-road engines are expected to produce more smog-forming emissions than passengers cars. We must move to battery-powered options.
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Editorial: Turns out condors are party animals (and poopers). That's worth celebrating
The good news is that after being on the brink of extinction, California condors now have enough numbers to gather for a party. The bad news is they're messy.
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Letters to the Editor: We need to treat Trump's GOP like a cult that can bring down the country
The feud between Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney shows what a cult disguised as a political party looks like.
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