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Op-Ed: How my Korean immigrant parents taught me to pursue my own version of the American dream
While working as night janitors, my Korean immigrant parents taught me that no matter who you are, you can attain your deepest dreams.
Letters to the Editor: Obsessing over a New York Times article on hugging in Los Angeles is so L.A.
In shooting down a stereotype about Los Angeles, an L.A. Times columnist just feeds a stereotype about New Yorkers.
Letters to the Editor: Judge Stephen Reinhardt's defenders actually show why misconduct reporting must change
A retired 9th Circuit executive's reflexive defense of the late Judge Stephen Reinhardt shows why misconduct reporting must be reformed.
Editorial: America is facing a deadly coronavirus pandemic. Stop playing politics and protect us
Congress and the White House owe it to Americans to rise above their usual partisan sniping and show unified leadership in the face of coronavirus.
Letters to the Editor: 'Geezers' will help defeat Trump too. Insulting them is counterproductive
A column that puts down certain Democratic candidates because of their age rips a page from Donald Trump's divide-and-conquer playbook.
Op-Ed: Forget freedom and justice. Cruelty is the thing that drives the Supreme Court
The jurisprudence of cruelty goes back a half-century, with the court giving legal cover to government officials who inflict pain on the defenseless.
Editorial: California housing prices are too damn high. Cities can help change that if they want to
Hefty development fees not only raise the cost of a new home in California, but they can also make it so that certain projects don't get built.
Opinion: Someone is smearing L.A. City Council candidate Loraine Lundquist as a socialist AND a right-winger
In a world where dirty politics and disinformation are the rule, astrophysicist and neighborhood activist Loraine Lundquist is being branded as a right-winger and a socialist.
Letters to the Editor: Mike Pence, Trump's coronavirus czar, has a terrible public health record
As governor of Indiana, Mike Pence enacted an antiabortion law and decimated the state's public health spending. Now he'll oversee the U.S. coronavirus response.
Op-Ed: How baseball's bungled investigation gave the Astros amnesty for cheating
What better way for Rob Manfred, the baseball commissioner, to serve the owners' interests than to quickly sweep the cheating scandal under the rug?
Op-Ed: What's behind the rise of Bernie Sanders? Voter concern over economic inequality
Tapping into deep-seated economic anxiety has helped Bernie Sanders become the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.
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Letters to the Editor: The misery of trying to get to LAX on a bus or train from much of L.A.
A proposal to let transit riders skip to the front of LAX security lines ignores that taking the train or the bus in L.A. is a miserable experience.
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Editorial: The Supreme Court just built a wall to protect border agents from lawsuits
A Mexican family won't be able to sue the Border Patrol agent who killed their son.
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Editorial: YouTube has censorship problems. The 1st Amendment isn't the tool to fix them
Conservatives and others who complain about YouTube's policies should find and popularize other outlets.
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Letters to the Editor: Trump recklessly turns the coronavirus outbreak into a political football
The CDC and WHO say to prepare for the coronavirus outbreak to get worse; Trump tells us to do the opposite. This is profoundly reckless.
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Editorial: Physical fitness tests may make some students feel bad, but that's no reason to stop doing them
There are ways to fix the problems with California's physical fitness tests, but suspending the tests for three years would be counterproductive.
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Letters to the Editor: It's a shame that it took a movie to make Katherine Johnson widely known
NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson achieved remarkable things. Yet as with so many other African Americans, her work was largely unknown for decades.
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Letters to the Editor: Single-issue coal miners can tip the election for Trump? Thanks, electoral college
A reader from coal country in Pennsylvania worries that people whose livelihoods depend on the mines will sway the election from Trump.
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Opinion: Milwaukee takes a bullet to its heart
Multiple people were shot to death at the Molson Coors brewery in Milwaukee. That's the biggest headline of the day, whether or not you heard about it.
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Opinion: Do Bernie Sanders supporters think he'll actually keep any of his promises?
The progressives backing Bernie Sanders argue that the country needs radical change. Perhaps they should consider whether Sanders can deliver it.
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Letters to the Editor: Trump surely loved the Democrats' debate in South Carolina
The candidates appeared more concerned with attacking each other than defeating President Trump in November.
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Column: Adam Schiff says this about spending his days inside Trump's head: 'It's pretty scary in there'
Adam Schiff predicted terrible things would happen if President Trump survived impeachment. He was right.
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Op-Ed: There's a Ukrainian immigrant in my crawlspace, and I see him for what he is: An American
Plumbers who are Ukrainian immigrants cause an East Sacramento homeowner to reflect on racism and immigration in California.
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