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White House scrambles to tamp down fears of coronavirus
President Trump schedules 3:30 p.m. Pacific news conference to counter fears about the coronavirus, accuses Democrats and the media of stoking panic.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and 'Roma' star Yalitza Aparicio unite for domestic workers
New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and "Roma" star Yalitza Aparicio celebrated each other on social media after meeting to discuss domestic workers' rights.
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As Alabama shows, Bloomberg's ad spending buys him favor in often-overlooked states
As Michael R. Bloomberg spends freely on ads in Alabama and other states, he's had little competition from Democrats who've been tied down in early-voting states he skipped.
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After a contentious debate, Democratic candidates scramble for South Carolina voters
Joe Biden picks up a major endorsement as presidential candidates chase the support of black voters in the state after an intense debate.
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Economists see growing recession risk as coronavirus spreads in U.S. and elsewhere
Economists are nervously watching how the spread of the coronavirus affects corporate earnings, consumer spending and interest rates.
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Fiery Democrats create a chaotic debate for CBS News
Even extensive preparation by the network could not keep the candidates in line as crucial primaries loom.
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Labor unions flex their muscle in fight with California cannabis industry
After a cannabis industry group distributed what was seen as anti-union literature, labor unions asked Democratic politicians not to engage with the group.
Most California Democrats have made a presidential pick. Gov. Gavin Newsom hasn't
Newsom, popular among California Democrats, could impact the March 3 vote — if he makes an endorsement.
Inside the GOP effort to win back the California House seats they lost in 2018
Republicans lost half of their congressional seats in California two years ago. Here's how they plan to win them back in 2020.
News Analysis: A week late, Democratic candidates wake up to Sanders' potential to beat them all
Democratic rivals treated Bernie Sanders gingerly in their debate a week ago. He clobbered them in Nevada's caucuses. In Tuesday's South Carolina debate, they attacked. They may have waited too long.
Elizabeth Warren again is pressed on past claims of Native American heritage
More than 200 Cherokees and other Native Americans urged Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to fully retract her past claims to being Native.
Column: Trump's dangerous message on coronavirus
When it comes to the coronavirus, Trump has his facts and his message dead wrong.
'They need a time out.' Black voters in South Carolina want Democrats to calm down
The Democratic debate in South Carolina helped some black voters in Charleston narrow their choices before Saturday's primary, but they didn't appreciate all the bickering.
Rivals hammer Bernie Sanders at crucial South Carolina debate
The debate in South Carolina gave rivals a final chance to blunt Bernie Sanders' momentum before the state primary on Saturday and the Super Tuesday contests on March 3. They hit the front runner as hard as they could. But did they slow him down?
5 takeaways from the South Carolina Democratic debate
Sanders get swarmed, Bloomberg is better, Biden goes big, Warren loses element of surprise
California Lottery officials shortchanged schools by $69 million, state audit says
The state controller has also launched a probe into the California Lottery's giveaway of 30,000 Scratchers tickets to the audience of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
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Supreme Court's conservatives shield border agent in killing of unarmed teenager in Mexico
Supreme Court's conservatives shield border guards from liability in cross-border shootings.
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Trump declines to condemn India's anti-Muslim law
President Trump, who said he didn't want to overshadow his "fantastic" trip to India, was hit with thorny questions about India's religious violence and the Harvey Weinstein rape verdict that made the normally opinionated president visibly uncomfortable.
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New California school vaccine rules have left nurses, doctors and parents confused
California Gov. Gavin Newsom enacted new vaccine laws last year amid near-constant protests. But there's uncertainty about how to interpret and implement them.
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Devin Nunes' district remains the GOP's ruby heart as blue California votes
The San Joaquin Valley remains an upbeat bastion for Trump, even as Democrats dominate the state government and make preparations for the March 3 primary election.
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Bernie Sanders has broad support in diverse California communities, new poll finds
Bernie Sanders has broad support among communities of color in California, a new poll finds. Among Democratic hopefuls, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg trail Sanders.
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Bernie Sanders takes heat for praising communist Cuba's literacy rates
Sen. Bernie Sanders is taking criticism from other Democratic presidential candidates for his past comments about communist Cuba.
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