She's from Ecuador, he's from Colombia. She's Fox News, he's CNN
As the presidential election nears, Democrats and Republicans are targeting Florida's other Latino voters, not just Cuban Americans and Puerto Ricans.
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Biden headed for historic margin in California, poll shows
The final UC Berkeley poll of California voters shows Biden is likely to defeat Trump by the largest margin for a Democratic presidential candidate in state history.
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Gov. Gavin Newsom alleges racial bias in opposing a death penalty case
The decision to intervene in the death row case follows a promise by Newsom during his first term as governor that no prisoner in the state would be executed while he is in office, a pledge made when he imposed a moratorium on the death penalty.
Supreme Court denies Democrats' appeal over Wisconsin's deadline for mail ballots
The Supreme Court has refused to extend the election-day deadline for mail ballots in Wisconsin.
For Latinos, combating disinformation about the election often starts at home
In Latino households and communities, disinformation about the presidential election is rampant. Many are trying to combat it online and in person.
Searching for women's votes, Trump mixes insults with flattery
Trump mixes flattery with insults as he tries to appeal to women in the final days of the campaign.
Cher serenades Biden: 'Happiness is just a thing called Joe'
Cher performed 'Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe' as the finale to Sunday's 'I Will Vote' concert in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden.
What Barack Obama's memoir reveals about his long battle for healthcare reform
In an excerpt from his upcoming memoir published by the New Yorker, former President Barack Obama recalls the long battle for healthcare reform.
When a Senate colleague mocked Kamala Harris' name, so many people winced with recognition
A senator mangled vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris' name at a Trump rally. It wasn't new for her, or for many more who've been made to feel as "the other."
America wakes up to politics: 2020 brings a tsunami of voting and activism
Early voting is shattering records. Turnout may set a record. Campaigns can't keep up with demand for yard signs. A great awakening has hit voters.
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GOP senators confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court in partisan vote
A deeply divided Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, with no Democrats expected to vote in favor.
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New poll shows tight races for California propositions to change app-based driver rules, business property taxes
The online poll of 5,352 likely voters found 46% said they would vote in favor of Proposition 22, while 42% would vote against it.
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With nine days to go, Trump faces two adversaries: Joe Biden and the pandemic
Trump is on the defensive as Biden's plans to campaign in Georgia and picks up the endorsement of New Hampshire's most influential -- and conservative -- newspaper
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Hometown series: A look at the candidates' views from the towns that helped shape them
This is how the 2020 election looks from the towns that are home to or key to understanding Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Mike Pence.
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