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In red California, Democrats struggle to win young voters amid a 'sea of gray hairs'
The younger-generation vote has proved elusive for Democrats in conservative parts of California such as Placer County.
Coronavirus testing is under scrutiny after delays and questions over its effectiveness
Coronavirus testing under scrutiny after delays, questions over effectiveness
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Bernie Sanders holds 2-1 lead in California, poll shows
Bernie Sanders is on track to win more than half of California's delegates in the March 3 Democratic primary, a new poll says. He's boosted by majorities of Latinos, young voters, and the party's left.
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Pursuit ends with violent crash on 405 Freeway in Van Nuys
A pursuit Thursday evening ended violently when the driver lost control on the 405 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley, resulting in a crash that ejected at least two people from the vehicle.
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Suspect in Riverside County cemetery killings arrested in Wyoming
A man wanted on suspicion of killing three people in a Southern California cemetery was arrested Thursday during a traffic stop in Wyoming, authorities said.
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Fire exploded from part of Carson refinery recently cited for workplace safety issues
The explosive fire that broke out Tuesday at the West Coast's largest oil refinery was sparked in a section of the plant that California inspectors recently cited for workplace safety violations.
Students at UC Davis and other colleges under self-quarantine after potential coronavirus exposure
Three UC Davis students are under 14-day isolation as one awaits coronavirus test results after showing mild symptoms. Two students at Sacramento-area colleges are also in self-quarantine.
No coronavirus emergency in California, but state will expand testing, Newsom says
In the state, 33 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and of those, 24 either were evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship or returned on repatriation flights from China.
Heat wave could rewrite record books in Southern California, forecasters say
Record high temperatures are possible in Southern California as a high-pressure ridge is rerouting winter storms that typically soak the region.
College admissions scandal: Singer's notes disclosed; Lori Loughlin trial date set for Oct. 5
In October 2018, two weeks after he was arrested by the FBI, William "Rick" Singer pulled out his iPhone and wrote about a "loud and abrasive call" with his handlers.
California coronavirus patient was not tested for several days, UC Davis says
When the patient was first admitted to the hospital, the individual did not fit the existing criteria for COVID-19, UC Davis Medical Center said.
L.A. candidate criticized for teaching at a college that didn't welcome gay students
Council candidate Loraine Lundquist says she openly opposed the college's policies and calls Councilman John Lee's mailer "shockingly misleading."
Proposition 13 is endorsed by schools across California. Why not LAUSD?
California's largest school district has not taken an official position on a bond measure that would raise billions of dollars for schools. A clause on developer fees may be part of the reason.
At the edge of the red carpet, an encounter with an angry ex, weeks of fear and then death
What led to Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick's death? Ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse now stands accused of killing her.
The many faces of San Francisco Democrats, from 'Team Pete' to Bernie backers
Even in the left-wing heart of California, the Democratic Party electorate is far from monolithic heading into the March 3 presidential primary on Super Tuesday.
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Freaked out about a Bernie Sanders nomination? Keep your eyes on South Carolina
If Bernie Sanders runs away with the California primary, he'd amass a large number of delegates. Voters who oppose him must identify the strongest moderate.
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Trial begins for two Bay Area students accused of killing Italian policeman
Finnegan Lee Elder, 20, and Gabriel Natale Hjorth, 19, are
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Newsom is promising a database to track homeless people statewide. It won't be that easy
Gov. Gavin Newsom says California will build a statewide database to track homeless people. But efforts in L.A. are proof it could be an elusive goal.
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Skateboarding improves mental health, helps build diverse relationships, USC study says
The findings, which indicate the sport fosters community and encourages resilience, fly in the face of commonly held misconceptions, researchers say.
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Police fatally shoot driver who crashed stolen car in Garden Grove and then fought with officer
An officer who came upon the crash site and checked on the driver had to start "fighting for his life," police said.
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Ventura restaurants banned from using polystyrene food containers
The city voted 6 to 0 to require all restaurants to use biodegradable or recyclable food packaging.
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Big spending from outside groups bolsters L.A. City Hall incumbents and favorites
Independent expenditure committees have shelled out more than $1 million in Los Angeles City Council races.
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Silicon Valley is roiled by feds ordering draining of reservoir to reduce quake risks
Local officials in Silicon Valley are at odds over a federal agency's demand that a key reservoir be drained quickly for earthquake retrofits.
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Column: New Yorkers say we hug too much in L.A. Really?
The latest stupid thing the New York Times says about L.A.: We hug too much
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Labor unions flex their muscle in fight with California cannabis industry
After a cannabis industry group distributed what was seen as anti-union literature, labor unions asked Democratic politicians not to engage with the group.
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With $5.49 billion haul, UCLA rivals private colleges in fundraising — it's part of a trend
UCLA has raised $5.49 billion in one of the nation's most successful public university fundraising campaigns, which comes amid a decline in state support.
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In race for L.A. County supervisor, homelessness crisis leads to finger-pointing
The candidates running for L.A. County supervisor have pledged to ease homelessness, but many were in elected office as it became a crisis.
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Most California Democrats have made a presidential pick. Gov. Gavin Newsom hasn't
Newsom, popular among California Democrats, could impact the March 3 vote — if he makes an endorsement.
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