Hot Property
Hot Property
Adam Lambert unloads Hollywood Hills pad at a loss
Singer Adam Lambert just sold his entertainer's home in Hollywood Hills for $2.92 million, or $75,000 shy of what he paid in 2014.
DJ Khaled pockets $4.8 million for lavish Florida home
In Florida, DJ Khaled just sold his ritzy waterfront home of five years for $4.8 million.
John Stamos sells romantic retreat for $4.24 million
Actor John Stamos just sold his home in the Beverly Hills Post Office area for $4.24 million, or $670,000 more than he paid back in 2005.
Spyglass Media chief Gary Barber lists Westside penthouse for $6.5 million
Former Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios head Gary Barber, now CEO of Spyglass Media, is asking $6.495 million for his penthouse at the Remington in Westwood.
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MedMen's Andrew Modlin lists Bird Streets joint for $12 million
Cannabis entrepreneur Andrew Modlin, who co-founded MedMen, has put his home in the Hollywood Hills on the market for $11.95 million.
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Christian 'Bloodshy' Karlsson falls for a Midcentury home in Pasadena
Grammy-winning DJ Christian 'Bloodshy' Karlsson just paid $2.385 million, roughly $200,000 over the asking price, for a Midcentury home in Pasadena.
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MGM's Barry Poznick lists Cape Cod-style house in Manhattan Beach
MGM Studios exec Barry Poznick is asking $5.899 million for his Cape Cod-style home near the ocean in Manhattan Beach.
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Matthew Perry gives L.A. penthouse an $8-million discount
'Friends' actor Matthew Perry cuts the price on a Century City penthouse by $8 million. The 9,300-square-foot residence is now listed at $27 million.
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