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Living | New York Post
Jordan Peterson: Addiction left me bitter, but I refuse to be a victim
In just a few years, Jordan Peterson has risen from little-known psychology professor at the University of Toronto to pop cultural icon and bestselling author, boasting millions of followers and just as many haters. His book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” which claimed the “masculine spirit is under assault” and espoused basic...
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Author reveals how his brother murdered their mother in moving new memoir
Most memoirs are a recounting of the author’s own life and experiences. “Everything is Fine” by Vince Granata (Atria Books), out April 27, is a memoir of an entire family — and a tragedy that forever changed its members.  Granata was an only child for the first 4 ½ years of his life. On the...
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Inside artist Yayoi Kusama’s trippy New York Botanical Garden exhibit
Yayoi Kusama grew up around flowers and plants, carrying her sketchbook to her family’s seed nursery in rural Japan and drawing the violets and peonies. When she was 11, her grandfather showed her a pumpkin for the first time: Eight decades later, the gourd is still one of her favorite muses. Now, the 92-year-old artist’s...
These colleges require students to get vaccinated if they want to live on campus
As academic institutions look toward the post-COVID-19 future of education, some are implementing strict vaccine requirements ahead of the upcoming semester as others incentivize or urge students to pick up the inoculations. Many colleges already require students to provide proof of certain vaccines, but those have been in use for years. The three FDA-approved COVID-19...
Mars Perseverance rover takes selfie with Ingenuity helicopter ahead of historic flight
To the delight of social media users, NASA’s Perseverance rover used a camera on the end of its robotic arm to snap a selfie with the Mars Ingenuity helicopter this week ahead of its historic flight mission. Shown about 13 feet apart in the pictures taken on April 6, 2021, or the 48th Martian day of the mission, the rover used...
NYC’s priciest restaurant now serving food to city’s needy
The city’s priciest restaurant, where tasting menus start at $335 a head, is taking it to the streets.
Steep decline in giant sea turtles seen off US West Coast
MONTEREY, Calif. — Scientists were documenting stranded sea turtles on California’s beaches nearly 40 years ago when they noticed that leatherbacks — massive sea turtles that date to the time of the dinosaurs — were among those washing up onshore. It was strange because the nearest known population of the giants was several thousand miles...
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Texas man’s record run from Disneyland to Disney World raises diabetes awareness
Ready, set, race! One determined man in Texas makes history as the first person to run from Disneyland to Disney World, completing the grueling challenge to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes. Don Muchow of Plano achieved a dream on Monday, crossing the finish line at Disney’s flagship theme park in Orlando, Fla. to close a 2,845 mile trek from...
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New York store keeps neon dream alive for 50 years
NEW YORK – From a cross-legged Ronald McDonald to a martini glass replete with olive, classic neon signs fill Let There Be Neon, a Lower Manhattan shop that makes all their signs in-house. What makes that bright warm glow? When electricity energizes a tube full of the inert neon gas, the tube lights up, explains...
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Chilean scientists unearth skunk that walked among dinosaurs
SANTIAGO – A fossil of a skunk-like mammal that lived during the age of dinosaurs has been discovered in Chilean Patagonia, adding further proof to recent evidence that mammals roamed that part of South America a lot earlier than previously thought. A part of the creature’s fossilized jawbone with five teeth attached were discovered close...
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First grader persuades Old Navy to put pockets in girls’ jeans
This first grader is certainly learning the powers of persuasion.  Kamryn Gardner, 7, from Bentonville, Arkansas, wrote a letter to Old Navy earlier this year for a persuasive writing assignment in her first grade class at Evening Star Elementary School.  Gardner decided to ask the company to consider putting real front pockets on their girls’ jeans, according to a Facebook...
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How DMX made hip-hop history before his tragic death
DMX was a hardcore rapper who lived a hard life — and ultimately died from it.
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Japanese COVID-19 patient undergoes first living donor lung transplant
She received live lung tissue from her husband and son. 
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San Francisco family seeks 3 nannies, offers $100K salary each
What's the work of parenting worth?
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Qatar Airways says it operated the world’s first fully vaccinated flight
Qatar Airways says it flew the world’s first fully vaccinated flight on the Tuesday, April 6.  In a press release, the international airline identified its historic flight as QR6421, which is notably an Airbus A350-1000 aircraft.  The flight departed from Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar and completed a 3.5-hour roundtrip that flew over the Persian Gulf and Oman, according to social media posts from passengers and Qatar Airways.  Both the airline’s crew...
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10 cruelty-free makeup kits from SHANY you need to try
Now you can look and feel great about the makeup you have on.
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Prince Philip’s most fascinating moments in the shadow of the queen
Prince Philip certainly lived every minute of his 99 years. Here are 10 remarkable moments – some poignant, others cringe-worthy – that nevertheless illustrate his fortitude, spirit and mischievous nature.
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Yosemite National Park to limit summer visitors due to COVID-19
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. — Yosemite National Park will require advanced reservations for day visitors during the peak summer season to limit the number of visitors and allow social distancing amid the pandemic. Under the new rules, advance reservations will be required for day use visitors who enter Yosemite from May 21 to Sept. 30,...
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Woman finds out she has two vaginas while giving birth
“Oh honey, you have two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteruses,” she was informed while giving birth to her first child.
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Shrinking sea meadows store more carbon than forests, scientists track what’s left
SAYA DE MALHA BANK, Indian Ocean – Hundreds of miles from the nearest shore, ribbon-like fronds flutter in the ocean currents sweeping across an underwater mountain plateau the size of Switzerland. A remote-powered camera glides through the sunlit, turquoise waters of this corner of the western Indian Ocean, capturing rare footage of what scientists believe...
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6 charged in NH youth detention center sex abuse probe
CONCORD, N.H. — Six former staffers at New Hampshire’s state-run youth detention center were arrested Wednesday in connection with the abuse of 11 children over the course of a decade, including one who continued working with children for nearly 20 years after he is accused of holding a boy down while colleagues raped him. The...
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What you need to know about your vaccine card
The golden ticket to a post-pandemic world is a shot in the arm -- and the flimsy paper proof of it.
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Free stuff, discounts your COVID vaccine card can get you
Here's a look at the freebies and discounts your vaccination card will get you -- in addition to, you know, living.
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UK infections drop about 60 percent amid vaccinations, lockdown
LONDON — The UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program is beginning to break the link between infection and serious illness or death, according to the latest results from an ongoing study of the pandemic in England. Researchers at Imperial College London found that COVID-19 infections dropped about 60% in March as national lockdown measures slowed the spread...
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Maine couple celebrates bicentennial with hidden treasure
BANGOR, Maine — A pair of Mainers have hidden $20,000 somewhere in the state and they’re inviting treasure seekers to come and get it. The creators of the treasure hunt and the company behind the hunt, Dirigo Treasures LLC, are Kurt and Kelly Stokes of Newcastle, the Lincoln County News reports. The couple spent three years...
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Prehistoric cave painters may have been inspired by hallucinations
Caves were like deadly dutch ovens of divine inspiration.
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The post-lockdown Botox surge has arrived
As the pandemic ebbs, the filler is flowing.
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Summoning seniors: Big new push to vaccinate older Americans
CLARKSDALE, Miss. — The first hurdle was getting on the bus. Seventy-four-year-old Linda Busby hesitated outside a community center where older people were loading up to go get the coronavirus vaccine. “I was scared, I’m not afraid to say that,” she said Wednesday after getting her shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after encouragement...
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