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Animal rescue group flies hundreds of pets from Hawaii to mainland US
Maybe a vacation to Hawaii isn’t going to happen for you anytime soon, but how about a pet from the Aloha State? An animal rescue group flew more than 600 dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters on five Hawaiian islands to the lower 48 where they’ll be available for adoption. The groups behind the flight,...
How to host a DIY drive-in movie screening: Horror flicks to election streams
It's the hottest go-to for socially distanced gatherings.
Pizza to the Polls: How to get free food when voting in-person
One slice of patriotism, please. Pizza to the Polls wants no voter to go hungry, having already delivered over 13,800 pizzas to 748 polling places in 36 states this year. The nonprofit, nonpartisan group believes that “democracy is delicious” — so here’s how to score free food when voting in-person. In a statement shared with...
Kamala Harris target of more misinformation than Mike Pence, data shows
CHICAGO — Long before Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced her as his running mate, Kamala Harris was the target of widespread online misinformation. Social media posts included racist claims that she was ineligible to serve in the White House or that she was lying about her Black and Indian heritage. Her mother is from...
Scientists discover a ‘rogue’ planet cruising through the Milky Way
An elusive, Earth-sized planet is creeping through our galaxy.
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COVID-19 mask use up overall, still lags among young people: CDC
While Americans increased their reported mask use between April and June, other mitigation measures dropped or saw little improvement, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Younger people reported less mask use than older adults, per the data. A survey with 6,475 responses and nationally representative estimates found those...
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