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Living | New York Post
Living | New York Post
‘Bowel Babe’ Deborah James, who publicly battled cancer, dead at 40
The journalist and BBC personality, known to fans as "BowelBabe," chronicled her five-year battle with bowel cancer that inspired many and helped raise millions for cancer care. 
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Vegan burger hyped for tasting like ‘human meat’ wins award
If you've ever had the desire to taste human flesh, you've now got a chance to give it a whirl between a bun.
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I’m called a ‘neckfish’ because my neck’s massive, I hide it with hair
When it comes to catfishing, most of us tend to think of people looking completely unrecognizable without make-up or using a fake identity online for personal gain.
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America’s obsession with freedom is making men fat: study
While a new study acknowledged that genetics and diet contribute to the US's high obesity rate, it found that national culture also played an underdiscussed role.
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Woman mortified after overheating vibrator sparks firefighter emergency
Talk about hot sex. Firefighters rushed to an apartment complex in The Netherlands following complaints of a burning smell — which was caused by an overheating vibrator.
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Airbnb makes ban on parties permanent
The company announced it saw a 44% year-after-year drop in the rate of party reports since implementing the policy in 2020.
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Only 2% of people can spot all 4 women in this optical illusion
Only 2% of people can find all the women in this baffling visual jigsaw.
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Here’s why you should teach your boys to pee sitting down: urologist
Doctors in the Netherlands however found that sitting down could be beneficial, especially for men who suffer with prostate issues.
I got a brutal case of sun poisoning and felt like my face was going to explode
A woman has told how she was left looking like a tomato after sun poisoning made her feel like her face was going to 'explode.'
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