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Maitland Ward: Steven Spielberg should ‘be concerned’ about daughter’s adult film career
Steven Spielberg has some reason to be concerned about his daughter’s budding career in the adult entertainment industry, former sitcom actress-turned-porn-star Maitland Ward says. The former “Boy Meets World” star, 43, who swapped acting for adult entertainment, said she thinks it’s “amazing” that Mikaela Spielberg, 23, has decided to pursue an adult entertainment career. Speaking to TMZ, Ward...
Salt Bae’s pink veggie burger ‘for ladies’ now free for gents, too
It’s always ladies’ night at Salt Bae’s new burger joint. Last week, the steak-slappin’, salt-scattering meat purveyor sparked outrage with an unusual menu offering a veggie burger with a pink bun that’s “free for ladies!”  Early reactions to the burger, served at Salt Bae’s restaurant near Union Square, were not positive. Some critics cried sexism...
Inside the luxe resort of addictive Netflix dating series ‘Love Is Blind’
Learn more about the luxury resort where Netflix hit "Love Is Blind" was filmed.
Influencer nearly drowns after getting trapped under ice filming TikTok video
A social media influencer says he nearly drowned after getting trapped under ice while filming a stunt for his TikTok account — and then did it again. Jason Clark — who has more than 403,000 followers as @jasontodolist on the video-sharing app — posted a harrowing clip Monday of himself swimming beneath a sheet of...
Putting potatoes up your butt won’t cure hemorrhoids, doctors warn
Potatoes only belong in one human hole. Doctors are starting to get very concerned about people who subscribe to a dangerous home remedy touted on numerous websites, which involves inserting a potato into the rectum. Credible medical professionals are emphasizing that this will not, in fact, help with hemorrhoids (also known as piles). “There is...
Cloud over Mt. Shasta appears ‘out of this world’
Are human beings alone in the universe? It’s the question of a lifetime and no one has really been able to answer whether another intelligent life exists. Aliens have been so present in pop culture over the years, that they make us believe in their existence. Which, perhaps, is why residents of Siskiyou County, Calif.,...
Man develops 120-year-old cat photos he finds in time capsule
A century before cats dominated YouTube, they were the subject of one very adoring photographer. Recently, a family member reached out to YouTuber Mathieu Stern with a fun fact: There was possibly a time capsule hidden in his old family home. The photography experiment focused video-maker looked into it, and sure enough discovered a box...
Scientists cured diabetes in mice, but are humans next?
For the vast majority of diabetics, the condition requires daily monitoring and maintenance. A lack of insulin being produced naturally by their bodies means consistent monitoring of blood sugar levels and insulin injections to ensure their bodies can carry out vital processes and keep them alert and healthy. Now, researchers studying the condition have come...
Phony health gurus are advising deadly vitamin doses to fight coronavirus
Beware of "wellness influencers."
Holocaust-themed carnival celebration in Spain sparks outrage
A Holocaust-themed parade in Spain featuring dancing Nazis and concentration camp prisoners stoked outrage from the Israeli government and Auschwitz museum. The Monday parade was part of a carnival celebration in Campo de Criptana – a town in central Spain, about 100 miles southeast of Madrid – and El Chaparral Cultural Association was the group...
Jersey Shore icon ‘Lucy the Elephant’ opens for rare overnight stays
A 138-year-old wooden elephant, built to lure travelers to the Atlantic City area, is now a hotel — for three nights only.
Right-to-die activist changed her mind weeks after asking for suicide
She was one of the biggest proponents of the law in New Jersey.
Bizarre-looking fish could help solve world hunger
A bizarre-looking fish could be the key to helping solve the world’s hunger issue, according to a new study. Known as the Monkeyface Prickleback (scientific name: Cebidichthys violaceus), the fish has a digestive tract similar to humans, with both small and large intestines and an acidic stomach. It’s also among the small number of fish...
Mystery smell overwhelms Pennsylvania county again
A mysterious stench once again struck parts of Delaware County, Penn., this week, overwhelming residents with its pungent odor and baffling investigators. The smell has recently been reported in towns across the county, including in Glenolden, Tinicum and Upper Darby, just outside of Philadelphia. While no one knows what the elusive smell is or where...
Army of 100,000 ducks recruited to fight locust plague
Send in the ducks!
Quaden Bayles’ family will donate $474K raised for Disney trip to charity
Quaden Bayles sees your hate, and he’ll instead raise some cash for other kids struggling with his condition. The 9-year-old Australian who was born with achondroplasia, a genetic order that results in dwarfism, went viral after his mom shared a heartbreaking video of him reacting to being bullied. While the video initially resulted in an...
LBGTQ groups say South Carolina law puts students at risk
A South Carolina law banning sex education teachers from mentioning any relationships other than heterosexual ones — unless the talk involves sexually transmitted diseases — is fueling a climate of state-sanctioned discrimination, a federal lawsuit says. The National Center for Lesbian Rights and Lambda Legal said the lawsuit filed Wednesday seeks to overturn the Comprehensive...
Supervised drug injection site in US is almost ready to open
PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia nonprofit group detailed plans Wednesday to open next week what would be the nation’s first medically supervised injection site to combat overdose deaths, despite outrage from neighbors and opposition from the local federal prosecutor. The announcement came after a federal judge who oversaw months of litigation ruled Tuesday that the Safehouse...
Melting glaciers in Antarctica reveal never-before-seen island
Unprecedented temperatures in Antarctica have resulted in a never-before-seen island emerging from the ocean. The uncharted island is actually big enough to spot from space but had gone unnoticed due to previously being hidden beneath a lot of ice. Earlier this month, Antarctica recorded its hottest temperature on record, with the mercury lurching above 20...
Why this bald parrot can’t grow feathers
"I take care of Coco," says owner Nardjara Bennaars. "My house is always warm, I love her with all my heart."
More than 40% of US adults are obese, continuing upward trend
A CDC report also revealed that one in ten Americans is severely obese.
Scientists discover first animal that can survive without oxygen
Researchers on Monday said they found the first animal out of millions of known species that can survive its entire life without oxygen. The Henneguya salminicola (H. salminicola) normally lives in the muscle of its salmon host. The 10-celled creature has evolved to the point where it doesn’t breathe at all, according to a study...
How medical schools are adapting to this century’s biggest health threat
On the lakefront campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, which in 60 years could have average temperatures resembling those felt currently in Kansas City nearly 500 miles to its south, the next wave of aspiring doctors settles in for a “Climate Change and Medicine” elective filled to capacity. Students at Wisconsin learn under...
Weird ‘watermelon snow’ pics show Antarctic turning red
The raspberry-red snow contributes to climate change, experts say, because it reflects less sunlight and melts faster.
Did a 1981 Dean Koontz novel predict the coronavirus?
Best-selling author Dean Koontz is going viral amid wild conspiracies that he predicted the novel coronavirus almost 40 years ago — even naming it after the Chinese city where COVID-19 originated. An excerpt from the American author’s 1981 novel “The Eyes of Darkness” is being shared online after he wrote about a virus with an...
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More than 70% of Americans with kids think they’re better than their parents were
Three in four parents think they’re better moms and dads than their own parents, according to new research. A study of 2,000 parents of school-aged children found 76% believe they’re a better parent than their own. And three in four respondents think parenting is more difficult in the modern world than it was when they...
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Meet the trainer responsible for Drew Barrymore’s 20-pound weight loss
Drew Barrymore took to Instagram to gush over the fitness trainer who got her there: Marnie Alton, whom she calls "one of the greats."
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Majority of Americans think you can’t have an ‘ideal wedding’ without an open bar
Americans’ ideal wedding costs over $42K, according to new research. A poll of 2,000 Americans (aged 18–55) who plan on getting married found the perfect wedding would cost $42,310.48 total. For their ideal wedding, Americans desire an open bar. Sixty-one percent would have free drinks at their dream wedding. In addition, 44% would want formal...
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Conspiracy theorists think this WWI-era photo is of Elon Musk
Could he be traveling through space and time?
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Texas angler catches bizarre creature while fishing, recognizes it as dangerous
Remember this the next time you go swimming. A woman in Texas made a bizarre catch while pier fishing in Port Isabel. Fortunately, she didn’t touch the creature as doing so could have left her in pain for hours. Alyssa Ramirez said she initially thought a piece of seaweed had become entangled in her line, USA Today/For the...
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