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Real Estate | New York Post
Real Estate | New York Post
Are your building’s amenity spaces actually for residents only?
In NYC and LA, underutilized common spaces in luxury towers are hosting corporate and other non-resident events -- a win-win that lets buildings offset costs.
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This resort-style Connecticut home comes with high-society pedigree
In Roxbury, a home that once belonged to Joseph Califano, Jr. and his wife Hilary -- the daughter of William S. Paley -- is looking for a new set of owners.
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Recent NYC retail leasing scene fuels skepticism despite luxury retail leasing boom
The retail leasing scene not including restaurants is such a mixed picture that it’s hard to make easy generalizations. To brokers’ and analysts’ frequent annoyance, this column is skeptical of retail data from brokerages and the Real Estate Board of New York. We don’t doubt the diligence that goes into their research. The problem is...
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