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As private sector bleeds, NYC government has barely even begun belt tightening
Crisis, what crisis? You don’t have to look at the numbers behind the city’s new, $92 billion budget to see that neither the mayor nor the City Council takes the COVID-19 calamity seriously: Just to look at the number of workers the city plans to keep on board over the next year. By next June,...
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What new NYC budget does under cover of ‘defunding the NYPD’
It seems the City Council’s move to defund the NYPD also managed to shield a particularly well-connected brand of lawbreaker — namely, the municipal employees and other insiders who abuse their parking placards. This, even as the new budget also boosts enforcement against all other drivers in a blatant bid to fund city government with...
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Self-help social justice and other commentary
Culture critic: Self-Help Social Justice The similarities between self-help guides and “anti-racism handbooks” are “eerie, but also unsurprising,” observes Kat Rosenfield at Tablet. Both generally target “the guilt, anxiety and insecurities of financially secure white women”: Self-help “has always been a woman’s game,” and the ­attendees of Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” seminars are “overwhelmingly white,...
The world is finally uniting against China’s bully tactics
Twenty Indian soldiers are murdered in a surprise cross-border attack by the People’s Liberation Army. A Philippine fishing boat is sunk in its own territorial waters by increasingly predatory Chinese ships. Peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are beaten bloody by riot police on Beijing’s orders. Australia’s farmers and miners are hit with trade sanctions...
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Pro golfers’ careless behavior will jeopardize the Ryder Cup
Next week, the future of this year’s Ryder Cup will be decided. While most other major sporting events have cut their losses and delayed until 2021, golf’s biggest team event has been holding out, waiting to see if the contest at Whistling Straits, near Sheboygan, Wis., from Sept. 22-27, can still go ahead. It’s not...
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How Trump — not Biden — has helped make black lives better
I celebrated this New Year’s Eve in Ghana, Africa. I’d grown up poor with a mom addicted to drugs but started this decade far from the South Side of Chicago and amongst some of the most “elite” black people in the world. With me was one of my best friends, Nate, an executive for one...
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