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Long Island bank director is ousted amid lawsuit against rival
It was the board or his son, and he chose the son. A board director at Long Island-based Hanover Bank was ousted last week after the chief executive confronted him over the fact that his son had recently left to work at a competitor — a hotly contested defection that has spurred a lawsuit, sources...
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Cryptocurrencies are nothing more than confidence games
Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are crap. I’ve been saying this for a long time, although I have explained it more delicately in the past. Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are nothing more than confidence games. They only have value if someone dumber than you thinks they are worth something and is willing to take them off...
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Wall Street and Atlanta Federal Reserve don’t agree on GDP
The latest report from the Atlanta Federal Reserve has the GDP going up by an annual growth rate of 2.6 percent in the first quarter of 2020. That’s better than the previous report of 2.4 percent growth. Strange that the Atlanta Fed is raising GDP estimates at the same time that Wall Street firms are...
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There are enough pets for almost everyone in the US
There are now about 245 million pets in the US. The human population of the US was 327 million in 2018. So, if you exclude kids under 6 years old, there are enough pets for almost everyone in the US. And that’s good because a study conducted by says pets are good for you....
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NYC Council bills aim to slash food-delivery fees
Big Apple legislators are about to take a stab at regulating food delivery giants like Grubhub and UberEats. The New York City Council on Thursday will be presented with a package of six bills aimed at reducing the fees food delivery apps can charge city restaurants to 10 percent, down from as much as 30...
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Brokerage firm INTL FCStone signs lease at 230 Park Avenue
The company will have the entire 10th floor in the 34-story tower next to Grand Central Terminal.
Panasonic to end Tesla solar panel production at New York factory
Panasonic will stop making solar panels at Tesla’s New York factory as it pulls back from that market in the US, the company said Wednesday. The Japanese electronics giant said it plans to leave the automaker’s so-called Gigafactory in Buffalo by September after halting US solar manufacturing operations by the end of May. The change...
Global stocks plunge again as coronavirus panic spreads
Global stock markets tumbled further Wednesday amid mounting fears about the deadly coronavirus's spread outside China as US futures hinted at further selling.
Bikram Choudhury’s million-dollar car collection hits auction block
Roadsters under the gavel include five Bentleys and a dozen Rolls-Royces, including a 1961 Phantom V Touring Limousine worth up to $90,000.
New ‘animatronic’ Baby Yoda already sold out until next December
You may need a bounty hunter to snag Baby Yoda. Hasbro’s new “Child Animatronic” version of the infant Star Wars character — which “giggles and babbles,” moves its ears back and forth and “sighs as if exerting a great amount of energy” — has already sold out, with the next deliveries expected in December. That’s...
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Univision sells majority stake to private equity firm
Univision, the Spanish-language broadcaster, has sold a majority stake to private equity firm Searchlight Capital Partners, putting an end to a protracted and uncertain sales process for the company. Univision formally put itself on the block in August of 2019, after it tried to go public two years earlier. At the time, sources told The...
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NTSB slams Tesla for lack of safeguards in autopilot crash probe
The chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday criticized Tesla’s lack of system safeguards in a fatal March 2018 California Autopilot crash and US regulators “scant oversight.” NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt said Tesla – unlike five other auto manufacturers – has ignored safety recommendations issued in 2017. “It’s been 881 days since these...
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Stocks set to rebound after massive drop over coronavirus fears
The Dow climbed 0.6 percent one day after reporting its worst single-day drop in two years.
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Amazon opens full-size grocery store with no cashiers
The "Amazon Go Grocery" store is slated to open in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, just about a mile from the company's corporate headquarters.
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