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Did Iran give Trump a foreign policy victory, after all?
About a million supercharged news cycles ago, we seemed to be on the brink of a major US-Iran war. But two months later, the feared backlash of the US killing of top Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani has largely not materialized.
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This actress set to join 'America's Got Talent' as judge
Actress Sofia Vergara signed on with "America's Got Talent" as a judge just as the Emmy-winning show "Modern Family" airs its final season.
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Here's looking at you, Blue: JetBlue looks to the next 20 years
As it turns 20 years old this month, JetBlue Airways is making bold moves: Ordering nearly 150 new state-of-the-art aircraft, shaking up the most valuable international route in the world and going green in a big way.
Biden walks back claim he was arrested in South Africa
Former Vice President Joe Biden backtracked on his claim that he was arrested while visiting South Africa in the 1970s during apartheid, clarifying that officials attempted to separate him from the Congressional Black Caucus when he first arrived.
The food revolution growing in a parking lot
Kimbal Musk is expanding his urban farm start-up in a bid shake up the fresh produce industry.
25 reusable grocery bags that help you reduce plastic waste in style
As more cities move to ban plastic bags, we rounded up some of the cutest reusable grocery bags across the internet, with picks from Baggu, Amazon and more.
Lady Gaga drops out of this world video for new single 'Stupid Love'
Lady Gaga dropped the video for her new single "Stupid Love" at midnight Friday.
Dow falls another 750 points
US stocks tumbled once again on Friday, as coronavirus fears continue to mount. Equities are on track for their worst week since the financial crisis.
Chad le Clos on Sun Yang ban: He's 'killing generations of swimmers'
Having finished behind Sun Yang in 2016 Rio Olympics, Chad le Clos believes he deserves the gold medal the Chinese swimmer won after he was banned for eight years.
Biden laughs at Van Jones claim he's a 'dead man walking'
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden responds to comments from CNN's Van Jones about his campaign's fundraising challenges.
This tiny lion with teeth like bolt-cutters once roamed Australia
Researchers have discovered a new type of lion, the size of a domestic cat, with powerful flesh-cutting teeth, which roamed the earth around 24 million years ago.
Biden acknowledges he wasn't arrested in South Africa despite earlier claims
Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday acknowledged that he wasn't arrested in South Africa during a visit to the country in the 1970s despite recently claiming that he had been.
The Fed will cut rates in March, the market predicts
Central banks around the world are closely monitoring the novel coronavirus outbreak, and investors believe they will step in to keep the world's economies humming.
Sanders praised Cuba's literacy programs. Cubans respond
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently praised Cuba's literacy program that was launched shortly after Fidel Castro's revolution. CNN's Patrick Oppmann spoke with two teachers who were part of the program.
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Huawei exec: The US can't afford to work without us
Banning Huawei not only affects Huawei's customers in the United States. It could also directly limit the country's ability to roll out 5G capabilities at the same time as the rest of the world, writes Joy Tan, SVP of public affairs at Huawei Technologies USA.
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Ben Affleck has found 'The Way Back'
Ben Affleck knows full well that people will draw parallels between his life and his role as an alcoholic construction worker turned high school basketball coach in his new film, "The Way Back."
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Bernie Sanders campaign challenges Iowa recount results
Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign challenged the results of the Iowa recount requested by theirs and Pete Buttigieg's campaigns just hours after state party released its results Thursday night.
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Coronavirus mobile apps are surging in popularity in South Korea
South Korea is one of the world's most tech savvy countries. So when the deadly novel coronavirus outbreak reached the Korean peninsula, app developers there knew exactly how to react: They started coding.
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Motorsport in 'unique era of change,' says Formula E star
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Formula E leader: Motor sport is in unique era of change
Mitch Evans has experience when it comes to being a "target" in motorsport, but he is exploring new territory in Formula E.
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Motor sport in 'unique era of change,' says leader Evans
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'Flip or Flop' star feeling pressure of new solo show
Their marriage may not have worked out, but that doesn't mean Tarek El Moussa isn't missing his partnership with Christina Anstead.
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Former CDC Director: 'This is the calm before the storm'
Former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tom Frieden tells Amanpour why a coronavirus pandemic is likely inevitable.
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Avlon: Pence has a poor record with public health issues
CNN's John Avlon breaks down Vice President Mike Pence 's history of dealing with public health issues and why it could raise concerns as he leads US efforts against coronavirus.
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PD: 'Mishap' involving trailer leaning on overpas
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Nigeria confirms first case of coronavirus
An Italian citizen who traveled to Lagos, Nigeria's economic nerve center, is the first confirmed case of novel coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the country's Health Ministry. CNN's David McKenzie reports.
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Why do we even have a leap year? (Get ready to do some math)
Our calendar has 365 days in a year, because that's pretty much how long it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun. The problem is that in reality it takes the Earth around 365 ¼ days (actually 365.24219 days) to circle the Sun (that's a solar year), which means our calendar is out by around a quarter of a day a year.
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Cars submerged after major water main breaks
A major water main that provides half of Houston's water supply burst while repairs were being made, causing public school closures.
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Tensions escalate between Kremlin and Ankara after dozens of Turkish troops killed in Syria
Fatigue with Syria's endless conflict can't hide the enormity of this moment. It is highly unlikely that the Syrian regime had the will or the firepower to target and kill over 30 Turkish troops without Moscow's backing, or arms, or direct involvement.
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Tensions escalate between Kremlin and Ankara after dozens of Turkish troops killed in Syria
Tensions have escalated after dozens of Turkish soldiers were killed in Syria's Idlib province. Fatigue with the country's endless conflict can't hide the enormity of this moment.
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