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Black High School Student Suspended Over His Hair Length Sues Texas Leaders
Darryl George and his mother filed a federal lawsuit after the teenager was suspended because his hairstyle violated a school district dress code.
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White House Steps Up Warnings of Shutdown Impact as Deadline Nears
President Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made public calls for Republicans, who remain at an impasse over funding the government, to resolve their differences before next Sunday.
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Nearly 400 Ethnic Armenians Flee Nagorno-Karabakh
Nearly 400 people crossed the border from the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh on Sunday, days after a military offensive returned the ethnic Armenian enclave to Azerbaijan’s control.
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Gold Mining Is Poisoning the Planet With Mercury
Ten years after an international treaty to ban mercury, the toxic metal continues to poison. The reason might have to do with your wedding ring.
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Clams Ruled This Town Until the Crabs Moved In
Goro, on the Adriatic Sea, is famous for its clams — essential for the beloved spaghetti alle vongole. But an infestation of crabs is threatening the town’s cash crop.
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Uncertainty ‘Is Killing Us’: Sikhs in India Are in Limbo Amid Canada Dispute
With Canada home to the largest Sikh population outside India, many Punjabis are caught in a diplomatic firestorm over the death of a separatist leader in British Columbia.
Cash, Mules and Paid Protests: How a Fraudster Seized an Ethnic Enclave
The war in Ukraine is intensifying longstanding frictions in a region of Moldova called Gagauzia. A Moldovan convicted of plundering his country’s central bank sees an opportunity.
Miriam Rodriguez Battles a Mexican Cartel to Find Her Daughter
Karen Rodriguez was kidnapped by Mexico’s Zeta cartel. Her mother would stop at nothing to find out exactly what happened to her.
Incarcerated for Life, an Inmate Is Left Behind by Prison Reforms
Bonnie Erwin, a disabled Black inmate who has served 39 years, fell just outside the reach of a recent law’s “compassionate release.” His former lawyer became a Republican congressman who voted against it.
How Japan’s Salarymen Embraced Short Sleeves Through ‘Cool Biz’
Under “Cool Biz,” salarymen and government workers don short-sleeved shirts in the summer as offices are kept above 82 degrees Fahrenheit to save energy.
Are Fossil Fuels the Next Cigarettes?
California’s lawsuit against oil giants mirrors a legal strategy used in the 1990s against the tobacco industry.
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This Is How A.I. Ruins the Internet
Why the development of artificial intelligence might result in greater pollution of our digital public spaces.
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The Permanent Migration Crisis
What’s changed for formerly welcoming cities are the sheer numbers involved.
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The Young Men of the Crick
Before the fall of the self-proclaimed prophet Warren Jeffs, many teenage boys were cast out of the Crick, as had been the custom for many generations.
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The U.S. Is Pulling Back From China. How Far Is Too Far?
The backlash against trade with the Chinese should not cause America to retreat from the rest of the world.
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Menendez Indictment Could Undercut G.O.P. Attacks on Justice Department
The indictment of the Democratic senator from New Jersey comes at a politically opportune moment for the besieged Justice Department.
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