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Liz Cheney Paid the Price of ‘True Patriotism’
Readers praise her willingness to stand up to Donald Trump. Also: Aiding Afghans; bike helmets; guns in Philadelphia; conspiracy “theories.”
Walensky, Citing Botched Pandemic Response, Calls for C.D.C. Reorganization
An external review of the agency’s performance during the coronavirus pandemic concluded that its public guidance was “confusing and overwhelming.”
‘Now the real work begins’: Liz Cheney lost her election but vows to dig deeper into the Jan. 6 mission.
Ms. Cheney vowed to use her post on the House committee investigating Jan. 6 to continue prosecuting the public case against former President Donald J. Trump.
Liz Cheney Lost in Wyoming, but Won in All the Ways That Count
The losers on Tuesday night were the Republican Party and the United States.
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The Party of Trump
A look at the latest results from last night’s primaries, and their larger meaning for the Republican Party.
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Lisa Murkowski and Sarah Palin Survive Primary Battles, but a Democrat Breaks Through
The independent streak of Alaskan voters played a part in both races as Ms. Palin’s attempt at a political comeback could be threatened.
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The Summer of Airline Chaos
What is behind the turmoil that has defined the last few months of plane travel?
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U.K. Inflation Jumps to 10.1 percent, Pushed Higher by Food
The surge in prices is expected to peak in the autumn, when household energy bills are set to sharply increase.
Sarah Palin Is Ahead in Special Election to Fill House Seat in Alaska
Mary Peltola, a Democrat, and Nick Begich III, a Republican from Alaska’s most prominent Democratic political dynasty, advanced along with the former governor.
Lisa Murkowski and Kelly Tshibaka Advance in Alaska’s Senate Contest
Two other candidates, still to be determined, will also move on to the general election in November under a new ranked-choice system.
Liz Cheney’s Concession Speech Invokes Lincoln and Grant
Ms. Cheney said she had called her opponent to concede her loss in a free and fair election, and suggested that her job now, and that of patriotic Americans, was to stand up for the Constitution.
‘Go Get Your Bathing Suits!’: Biden Takes a Vacation as Washington Beckons
In modern times, presidential vacations often provide periods of relaxation interrupted by moments of crisis. President Biden spent the last week on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.
What Liz Cheney’s Loss in Wyoming Means
A conservative cancel culture as unforgiving as its progressive rival is sweeping over the Wyoming G.O.P.
Serena Williams Loses to Emma Raducanu in Cincinnati
Emma Raducanu beat Williams in straight sets in the first round at the Western and Southern Open. Williams’s next tournament, and quite possibly her last, will be the U.S. Open.
Even on Biden’s Big Day, He’s Still in Trump’s Long Shadow
For the sitting president, even a triumphant ceremony to sign major domestic legislation can hardly break through the nonstop attention on his predecessor.
Biden Signs Climate, Health Bill Into Law as Other Economic Goals Remain
The bill is the latest victory for the president on overhauling the physical economy, but he has found less support for plans to help workers.
Ukraine Strikes Again in Crimea, Challenging Russian Hold on Peninsula
Explosions rocked a munitions depot in Crimea days after blasts hit a Russian airfield there. President Vladimir V. Putin has made the seizure of Crimea a centerpiece of his 22-year rule.
Hearing Aids Will Soon Be Sold Over the Counter. Here’s What You Need to Know.
A new F.D.A. rule will allow people to purchase hearing aids without prescriptions.
Watch NASA’s Artemis Moon Rocket Roll Out to the Launchpad
The giant Space Launch System is getting an early start ahead of its lunar journey, which is scheduled to start on Aug. 29.
Cuomo Can Keep $5.1 Million in Covid Book Money, Judge Says
Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo prevailed in his lawsuit against a state ethics panel, which had sought to force him to turn over the proceeds.
Polio May Have Been Spreading in New York Since April
A new study from the C.D.C. provides more details about a polio case detected in New York last month, and suggests the virus has been spreading elsewhere for a year.
Harriet Hageman, Poised to Defeat Liz Cheney, Has Anti-Environment History
Harriet Hageman, who is challenging Representative Liz Cheney, worked for decades as a lawyer opposing environmentalists and federal regulations of resources in Wyoming.
Biden Signs Expansive Health, Climate and Tax Law
The president returned briefly from vacation to sign a bill that passed the House and Senate on party lines after more than a year of fraught negotiations.
Judge Throws Out Plea Deals for Couple in Submarine Spy Case
The case captivated many, combining spy book tradecraft with the strains of suburban life.
Two of New York’s Oldest Mafia Clans Charged in Money Laundering Scheme
Nine members and associates of the Genovese and Bonanno families were charged with racketeering in a case that centered on the use of secret gambling parlors in Queens and Long Island.
F.B.I. Interviewed Top White House Lawyers About Missing Trump Documents
Pat A. Cipollone and Patrick F. Philbin are the most senior people who worked for the former president who are known to have been interviewed in the investigation into his handling of classified material.
Why a Century-Old Vaccine Offers New Hope Against Pathogens
The B.C.G. tuberculosis vaccine may protect against Covid-19 and other infections by broadly bolstering the immune system.
Why ‘Better Call Saul’ Was More Than ‘Breaking Bad 2’
A potent finale showed why “Better Call Saul” was more than “Breaking Bad 2.”
A Timeline of Trump’s False and Misleading Statements on the Mar-a-Lago Search
The former president has pushed frenetic and sometimes contradictory claims about the F.B.I.’s raid of his Florida home.
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Top Democrats Accuse Homeland Security Watchdog of Blocking Testimony in Jan. 6 Inquiry
The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general is under criticism for his handling of an investigation into missing Secret Service text messages from around the time of the Capitol attack.
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