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Grant will help Virginia test schools for lead in water
The Environmental Protection Agency is awarding Virginia over $700,000 in grant funding to assist with identifying sources of lead in drinking water in schools and child care facilities
New grants aimed to preserve farmland
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is annoucing new grant money to help preserve farmland around the state
How misinformation on WhatsApp led to a mob killing in India
The second episode of our miniseries “Fakeout” takes us to India, where viral rumors spread on WhatsApp led to death.
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The most interesting takeaways from how 2020 candidates spent their money in January
The January spending figures are officially in — and the 2020 presidential candidates spent a lot.
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What to watch on Friday: ‘Gentefied’ premieres on Netflix
Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 | “The Last Thing He Wanted” premieres on Netflix.
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Trump says he’s considering Rep. Douglas A. Collins for permanent DNI post
The appointment could help Georgia Republicans avoid an intraparty fight this year over the Senate seat now held by Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), a strong Trump loyalist during impeachment.
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Ask Amy: ‘Shefault’ parent wants to rebalance home life
Her husband needs wake-up calls and a coordinator for his parental involvement.
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Miss Manners: Boyfriend is doubly rude to waitress
He thinks a patronizing name and an inquiry about the tip are perfectly acceptable.
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Hints From Heloise: To beat the winter blahs, get moving
Planning a trip or simply getting out of the house can help with seasonal depression.
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Carolyn Hax: Mom sets parameters for her son’s college fund to an extreme degree
He probably won’t be going to a university, so why not let him use the money wisely?
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Frank Anderson, former CIA spymaster in the Middle East, dies at 78
He led a covert effort to back Afghan rebels fighting their Soviet occupiers in the 1980s.
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Firm wants to recover the Titanic’s iconic telegraph machine
The salvage firm that’s plucked silverware and china from the wreckage of the Titanic now wants to recover the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Machine
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Larry Tesler, inventor of copy-and-paste computer functions, dies at 74
He helped make computers user-friendly and once was Apple’s chief scientist.
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José Zalaquett, champion of human rights in Pinochet’s Chile and around the world, dies at 77
A Chilean lawyer, he was jailed and ultimately expelled from his country for his efforts on behalf of political prisoners and “disappeared” people.
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One Mike Bloomberg spent $340 million on carefully polished ads. The other Mike Bloomberg stepped onstage in Wednesday’s debate.
Bloomberg and his campaign worked Thursday to regain momentum lost in his debate-stage drubbing at the hands of rival candidates.
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This gutsy new ‘West Side Story’ is unlike any you’ve seen — and it’s exhilarating
Director Ivo van Hove and choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker put a thrillingly distinctive stamp on a beloved musical.
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The Democratic race is now Sanders against the field, and a contested convention possibly awaits the party
The fiery debate in Las Vegas set the stage for a coming battle for delegates and gave incentives for all the candidates to hang in as long as possible.
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This renowned German professor was headed to U-Va. to teach about the rise of far-right extremism. The State Department held up his visa.
No one has told Hajo Funke, a leading scholar of far-right movements, why his visa was delayed.
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Harry Reid says Sanders needs more than plurality to win Democratic nomination
“I do not believe anyone should get the nomination unless they have 50-plus-one,” the former Senate majority leader said in an interview two days before the Nevada caucuses.
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Sy Sperling, not just the president but also a client of Hair Club for Men, dies at 78
He touted his hair-weaving business in ubiquitous TV commercials in the 1980s and 1990s.
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D.C. police arrest suspect in fatal stabbing on U Street
A roundup of news from the Washington region.
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Minnesota’s Democratic attorney general asks for examples of ‘bad’ Sanders supporters. Steve Scalise says he knows one.
Baltimore demolished a family’s house, then sent a nearly $27,000 bill
The two-story house and four others on an East Baltimore block were torn down in 2018.
Bloomberg’s manipulated debate video earns Four Pinocchios
This is a classic case of "deceptive editing," under the rubric established under the Fact Checker's guide to manipulated video.
The arguments, risks and rewards of the Nevada debate
In this edition: Inside the debate hall, inside the “leftist garage,” and inside the end of the no-Super PACs pledge.
Police say they’ve arrest man who threatened House speaker
Police in Virginia say they’ve arrested a man who threatened House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn
Counterterrorism analyst admits leaking classified information
The ex-Defense Intelligence Agency employee shared information on weapons systems.
Who qualified for the South Carolina Democratic debate
The Feb. 25 debate, hosted by CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, will be held in Charleston, S.C.
Snow falls across coastal North Carolina, Virginia
Snow has been falling across North Carolina and Virginia, including in coastal areas that rarely see snow
Authors of ‘Rage Baking’ say they’re learning from the controversy their book has generated
They’re still “proud of the book and the women that we’ve brought together” to express their rage.