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Voting Rights Act dodges bullet at Supreme Court
In a surprising decision that fractured the conservative justices, the high court sided with Black voters who challenged Alabama's congressional map as an illegal racial gerrymander.
4 h
Health care gets a checkup
Operation Warp Speed won’t likely be repeated to develop next-gen Covid vaccines.
5 h
China seeking to spy on the U.S. from a base in Cuba
The move would allow Beijing to surveil the southeastern United States, home to many military facilities and sensitive industries.
5 h
Pat Robertson, evangelical and Christian political trailblazer, dies at 93
The televangelist ran for president in 1988 and founded the Christian Coalition.
7 h
Gavin Newsom wants 28th Amendment for guns in U.S. Constitution
California's governor outlines a plan fueled by money left over from his recent reelection.
7 h
Moynihan’s warning on lifting bank cushions
New capital requirements are coming. They could hit bank loan books just as credit markets actually start to tighten, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said Wednesday.
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Zelenskyy visits area flooded by destroyed dam as five reported dead in Russian-occupied city
Zelenskyy arrived Thursday to evaluate the response to damage caused by the dam breach, including efforts to evacuate civilians and provide them with drinking water and other support.
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Playbook: Pence gets in, Trump gets pinned
And more on British PM Rishi Sunak's visit to Washington.
9 h
After F-16s, Biden under renewed pressure to send long-range weapons to Ukraine
The House members want the administration to greenlight the Army Tactical Missile System for Kyiv.
GOP’s booming support for guns is turning off millennial, Gen Z Republicans
About a quarter of young Republicans in one poll said they strongly or somewhat supported an assault weapons ban.
Return of killer smog? Experts warn of potentially deadly NYC haze
Research has linked exposure to fine particles from wildfire smoke with a number of health issues, both in the short and long term.
Spoiler alert: NYC mayor could thwart Dem bid to retake the House
Critics of Mayor Eric Adams say his rhetoric on crime and immigration hurts fellow Democrats while boosting Republicans.
Marianne Williamson's new campaign manager was accused of financial misconduct in 2017
The issues keep piling up for the longshot Democratic presidential contender.
Opinion | Ron DeSantis Should Ignore the Haters
Republicans have always been culture warriors.
The New Right’s Man in the Ivory Tower
Republican politicians are embracing the “postliberal” ideas of Patrick Deneen. But just what is he calling for?
‘I’m worried about it’: GOP agonizes over 2024 primary field
Donald Trump is training his fire on Ron DeSantis, with more than a half-dozen others languishing in polls. It's enough to spark heartburn among Hill Republicans.
House Republicans cancel vote to hold FBI director in contempt
Rep. James Comer said the FBI offered to let his committee review a 2020 document at the center of the standoff.
5 takeaways from POLITICO’s Health Care Summit
Government officials, lawmakers and health policy experts said the U.S. is prepared for the next pandemic but also detailed health care challenges.
Southern California school board faces state scrutiny for blocking gay rights figure from curriculum
AG Rob Bonta pressed district leaders for documents justifying their decision.
Biden vetoes GOP-led effort to kill his student debt relief plan
“I'm not going to back down on my efforts to help tens of millions of working- and middle-class families,” Biden said in a video message on Wednesday.
Trump notified that he is the target of an ongoing criminal investigation
He is under investigation for concealing reams of classified information at his private estate and orchestrating a scheme to prevent federal authorities from finding them.
Crocs come to K Street
Crocs, which makes the foam clogs that have become ubiquitous among Gen Z-ers in recent years, has hired its first federal lobbyists amid the resurgence in business.
Oil wealth + green image = not mixing for UAE
Sunak courts Washington, D.C.
Sunak spoke in broad strokes of the strength and enduring bond between the U.S. and the U.K. in brief comments before congressional leadership, including separate gatherings with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the leaders of the Senate.
Becerra says DeSantis bears responsibility for Covid’s outsized toll
By way of contrast, Becerra touted the work of the Biden administration and his Department of Health and Human Services in pushing out vaccines.
Becerra criticizes Covid disinformation campaigns
Jha: 'Vast majority' of immunocompromised benefit from Covid vaccines
Dingell passionately argues for 'Medicare for All'
Dam collapse not expected to hinder counteroffensive
At this point, military planners in Kyiv don’t need to redraw battle maps and reconfigure troop movements, even as rescue efforts are underway in southern Ukraine.