Change country:
Four states bolster postpartum care amid mortality crisis
California, Florida, Kentucky and Oregon are extending state health coverage for postpartum care from 60 days to 12 months.
Washing out the green spin cycle
Investment funds could face stricter branding rules concerning their environmental, social and governance activities if two SEC proposals get adopted.
Build Back Butter: K-Pop band BTS heading to White House
The group’s visit is scheduled for May 31, the conclusion of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
2 h
In private, vulnerable Senate Dems back off tech bill
Democratic leaders want to crack down on Big Tech. Others in the party think it's too big of a risk.
2 h
The economic star who's playing a supporting role
Yellen hasn’t wielded as much influence as her recent predecessors.
3 h
POLITICO Playbook: New poll shows huge support for gun restrictions
And the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary is officially going to a recount.
4 h
‘This is a crisis point’: Job training deficit leaves critical jobs unfilled
The U.S. spends far less on workforce development than most other wealthy nations, which has made it difficult for its workforce and supply chain to meet the challenges of the pandemic.
6 h
GOP state legislative campaign hub launches plan to turbocharge online fundraising
The Republican State Leadership Committee is launching a new digital fundraising program in partnership with state GOP groups.
6 h
New Heritage super PAC targets Georgia Senate race
The Sentinel Action Fund marks a new chapter in the work of the nearly 50-year-old Heritage Foundation and its aligned groups.
6 h
Senate GOP set to block domestic terrorism bill as gun debate heats up
A nearly identical version of the legislation poised to fail Thursday passed the House with no Republican objections two years ago. Things are different across the building this time.
6 h
'Trump picked this fight': Why heavyweight Republicans no longer fear Trump
Bold-face GOP names have never been so comfortable crossing Trump as in recent weeks.
6 h
Yellen, Biden's not-so-secret weapon, sees clout diminished
Janet Yellen, the first woman to serve as Treasury secretary, is seen as a technocrat, a widely respected, above-the-fray leader rather than a flame thrower in a political messaging war.
6 h
A Forecasting Model Used by the CIA Predicts a Surprising Turn in U.S.-China Relations
The administration could soon lower tariffs if some power plays in Washington and Beijing take flight.
6 h
Robb Elementary had security. It didn’t stop a massacre.
Texas officials are revisiting efforts to bolster mental health services and harden school security as families grieve the tragic attack at Robb Elementary School.
6 h
Mass killings lead to mass amnesia
Forget about society becoming desensitized to murder: How about you?
6 h
Oklahoma governor signs nation’s strictest abortion ban
The law takes effect immediately upon Gov. Kevin Stitt’s signature and prohibits all abortions with few exceptions.
Republicans pledge allegiance to a hobbled NRA
Despite the school massacre, Donald Trump and other prominent pols are still planning to speak at an event the group is holding this week in Houston.
‘Precious individuals’ taken in Texas school shooting
All of the dead were in the same fourth-grade classroom.
Politicians react to the Texas school shooting, in 180 seconds
China's fragility feeds the doom-mongers in Davos
Fêted at the World Economic Forum in 2017, Xi Jinping is now accused of torpedoing the global economy with his disastrous Zero Covid strategy.
Mink and reptile breeders lobby up for China bill
The changes have been cheered by animal welfare groups, but USARK has sought to mobilize its members against them.
How Raffensperger went from Trump outcast to MAGA vanquisher
Georgia's Republican secretary of state traveled relentlessly and went on conservative media to meet his GOP critics and win them over.
Abbott, FDA offer conflicting timelines for reopening shuttered infant formula plant
An Abbott executive also denied there is a “culture problem” at the company’s Michigan plant, which is at the center of the country’s current formula shortages.
RIP Davos Man, long live globalization
Open markets aren’t what they used to be. A more complicated, more regional economic system is reshaping the global order.
Names begin circulating to replace Kirby at the Pentagon
The race to replace John Kirby at the Pentagon is on as he heads for a new gig at the White House.
New Jersey governor says Republicans taking ‘blood money’ from gun lobby
“Let’s make every legislator show whose side they have chosen to be on — the people of New Jersey’s or the gun lobby’s,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said.
Federal tax receipts boom, powered by inflation
CBO says receipts this year will be highest since 2000, when dot-com bubble drove a big revenue increase.
Pennsylvania GOP Senate nail-biter triggers recount
Election officials said there are 860 undated Republican mail-in and absentee ballots in 65 of the state's 67 counties.