Federal judge rebuffs Justice Department's bid to aid Trump in defamation case
The ruling deals a temporary setback to the president's legal efforts.
3 h
CMS to announce coverage for Covid vaccines
Only 6 in 10 hospitals meeting HHS data requirement — WHO warns Mark Meadows not to give up on virus fight
4 h
How has oil fared under Trump?
Barrett on the bench — Wheeler calls on DOJ to investigate greens
4 h
Battle lines drawn on defense budget fight
Governors seek more National Guard support — China to sanction major U.S. defense firms
4 h
How the Senate GOP paved the way for Barrett
5 h
Why Wall Street is banking on a "blue wave"
Still some Trump love — Don't get fooled by GDP growth
6 h
Cantwell vs. tech giants
Kudlow offers 5G assurances — Net neutrality redux
7 h
POLITICO Playbook: The rift that could dominate the Democratic Party next year
And the Trump administration plans to cover costs of Covid-19 vaccines for those who receive Medicare or Medicaid.
8 h
Florida Democrats expand push to fix flawed mail-in ballots
9 h
Florida’s top prosecutor once sued Trump. Now she’s fighting for his reelection.
Ashley Moody ran on a promise to keep her office out of politics. She has quietly become a major Republican player in the must-win state.
9 h
The oil industry actually hasn’t done that well under Trump
Energy executives say the White House has set up a system where only a relative handful of favorite energy executives have access to people who can shape policy.
9 h
Trump’s closing argument: Forget about Covid
While the U.S. sets new daily records for Covid-19 cases, Trump is betting voters care more about the economy and loosening restrictions than controlling the virus.
9 h
The demographic that could tip Pennsylvania
Some Democrats say Biden should be doing more to win over Latinos, a small but influential constituency in the state.
9 h
A skeptic’s guide to Election Day 2020
You might be wondering: How do we know this election is legitimate? We’re glad you asked.
9 h
Meet the senators who will be in charge if Dems win the Senate
These 10 senators are poised to lead committees if Republicans lose control of the Senate.
9 h
One Last Funny Feeling About 2020
With seven days to go until Election Day, we’ve reached the end of the limb.
9 h
Why Wall Street is banking on a blue wave
Many investors are betting on a Democratic sweep. But some other scenarios could create an unsettling environment for markets.
9 h
Medicare and Medicaid to cover early Covid vaccine
The new regulations would allow beneficiaries to receive a vaccine under ‘emergency authorization’ at no cost.
In Wisconsin decision, Supreme Court foreshadows election night cliffhanger
Justices Kavanaugh and Kagan spar over a potential vote-counting imbroglio.
Twitter labels Trump post about mail ballots as ‘disputed’ and ‘misleading’
The president claimed, without evidence, there were “problems and discrepancies” with mail-in ballots “all over the USA.”
How the Senate GOP's right turn paved the way for Barrett
The new Supreme Court justice was considered potentially too conservative to be confirmed just two years ago.
Despite cries of censorship, conservatives dominate social media
GOP-friendly voices far outweigh liberals in driving conversations on hot topics leading up to the election, a POLITICO analysis shows.
Supreme Court won't extend Wisconsin ballot deadline
The ruling was issued just as the Senate was preparing to vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the high court.
Progressive Caucus eyes shakeup to boost power next Congress
The changes have divided some in the group who fear it will become a ‘Freedom Caucus of the left.’
Caution and confidence keep Biden close to home in final days
The Democrat is gambling that his low profile amid the pandemic — compared to Trump's massive rallies and frenetic travel schedule — will pay off.
Court stops launch of HUD rule that makes it harder to prove discrimination
The rule is part of a larger Trump administration effort to roll back Obama-era antidiscrimination rules.
The Other Tool Democrats Have to Rein in the Supreme Court
Court packing isn't the only option. Congress could also limit what kinds of cases the court can hear.
'It's daunting': Democrats crushing House Republicans on the airwaves
A POLITICO analysis shows Democrats outspending Republicans by almost 2-to-1.
'It's pathetic': Clinton knocks Pompeo for vowing to release more of her emails
Clinton also said the thought of four more years of a Trump presidency makes her "literally sick to my stomach."
Trump fights in court to block pandemic food aid for lowest-income Americans
Critics say the Trump administration is trying to return to its pre-Covid mission of shrinking safety net programs.