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Half of People With Omicron Don’t Know They’re Infected, Study Says
A small study finds that about half of vaccinated people experience no COVID-19 symptoms—or only mild ones—from an Omicron infection.
Amid Extreme Drought, Some Towns in Spain Will Rely on Water Shipped in on Tankers
A utility in northern Spain will import 2 million liters of water a day to keep taps running in four towns
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Monkeypox Can Spread to Pet Dogs, Doctors Report
Health officials are warning people infected with monkeypox to stay away from dogs and other pets, since the animals could catch the virus.
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Airbnb Is Rolling Out New Screening Tools to Stop Parties
Airbnb says it will use new methods to block people who try to use the short-term rental service to throw a party
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China Warns the U.S. Against Sailing Warships Through the Taiwan Strait
China’s ambassador to Washington, Qin Gang, said China viewed such Taiwan transits as an escalation by the U.S.
The Leader of Donetsk Is Calling for Ties With North Korea
Denis Pushilin hopes his separatist republic and North Korea can achieve “equally beneficial bilateral cooperation"
Liz Cheney Loses Wyoming Republican Primary in Race Defined by Her Criticism of Trump
Cheney’s national profile rose during the Jan. 6 committee's hearings, while alienating her from the GOP's Trump-loving base.
The Inflation Reduction Act Will Soon Make it Cheaper to Buy EVs—If They Have North American Batteries
To qualify for an electric vehicle tax credit, the car must be below a certain price and have its battery made in North America
Why Insulin Is So Expensive in the U.S.—And What the Inflation Reduction Act Does About It
Here's what you need to know about high insulin prices and the new law.
A History of the Allegations Against Ezra Miller
The Flash and Fantastic Beasts actor has issued a statement that they are seeking treatment following a series of allegations and run-ins with the law
U.S. Jesuits Promised to Raise $100 Million for Slavery Reparations Project. Descendants Say It’s Not Happening Fast Enough
The descendants are the progeny of 272 enslaved men, women and children sold in 1838 by the Jesuit owners of Georgetown University.
Biden Just Signed the Inflation Reduction Act. Now the Hard Work on Climate Really Begins
The next chapter of the climate fight involves a tug of war between industry, activists, and policymakers.
Polio Is Back. Here’s How to Keep Yourself Safe
As with so many other infectious diseases, vaccines will protect you.
Drought-Stricken Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico Face Water Cuts as Colorado River Runs Low
As Colorado River water levels drop, states are forced to make critical decisions about how to use less
Sarah Palin Paved the Way for Donald Trump. Could She Remake the GOP Again?
Fourteen years ago to the month, John McCain announced he was picking Palin, the Alaska governor, as his running mate.
Is Starting School Later Better for Teen Health? It’s Complicated
California schools are starting later to let students sleep in. Will it pay off?
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What Historians Think of the Joe Biden-Jimmy Carter Comparisons
Historians and former Carter advisers fact-check the critics who have compared Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter
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This Filmmaker Set Out To Record Her Family’s Journey Rebuilding Afghanistan. Her Work Is a Reminder of What’s at Stake
TIME speaks to Afghan American Ariana Delawari about her two decades in and out of Afghanistan, and what comes next.
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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Will Soon Be Available in the U.S.
Millions of Americans will be able to buy hearing aids without a prescription later this fall, under a long-awaited rule finalized Tuesday.
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Author Mimi Zhu Is Relearning What It Means to Love After Trauma
The artist's debut book, 'Be Not Afraid of Love,' is part memoir, part essay collection, and part spiritual guide
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ITT Tech Students Will Have $3.9 Billion in Loans Canceled
Authorities found “widespread and pervasive misrepresentations” at the defunct for-profit college chain
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Your Kid’s School Needs Better Ventilation to Help Keep COVID-19 in Check
What you need to know about air quality in schools.
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Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19, Weeks After Her Husband Caught It
The first lady was experiencing “mild symptoms,” the White House announced Tuesday, and has been prescribed the antiviral drug Paxlovid.
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Climate-Conscious Architects Want Europe To Build Less
To tackle climate change, some are calling for a fundamental rethink of construction
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Climate Concerns and Air Travel Chaos Are Reviving Europe’s Overnight Trains. Here’s What It’s Like On Board
Climate concerns and travel chaos are souring Europeans on flying. Can overnight train travel go the distance?
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Better Call Saul Was a Brilliant Show About the Inevitable Perversion of Justice
“It’s showtime,” Saul says in the finale, as his criminal trial begins
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Rapper A$AP Rocky Charged With Felony Assault With a Firearm
Rapper A$AP Rocky was charged with two felonies Monday for pulling a gun on a former friend and firing in Hollywood last year
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How Pete Carril of Princeton Changed Basketball, the NBA—And Me
The long-time Princeton coach employed a deliberate style that presaged the modern-day analytics movement
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U.S. Rules Out Releasing $3.5 Billion to Afghanistan’s Taliban-Controlled Central Bank
An official said the U.S. did not have confidence that Afghanistan's Taliban-controlled central bank will use the money wisely
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A Medical Investigator Says the Shooting on the Set of Alec Baldwin’s Rust Was an Accident
The medical investigator's report was made public Monday by the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office along with numerous reports from the FBI
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