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At Least 13 Injured in Downtown Austin Mass Shooting
(Austin, Texas) — Someone opened fire in a popular entertainment district in downtown Austin early Saturday, wounding 13 people, including two critically, before getting away, authorities said. Investigators were looking into what sparked the shooting but were not able to get a detailed description of the shooter, though they believe it was a man and…
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U.S. Air Travelers Top 2 Million for First Time in Pandemic
(Bloomberg) — Daily U.S. air travelers exceeded 2 million for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began, reaching almost three-quarters of the volume recorded on the same day in 2019, according to the Transportation Security Administration. Friday’s total is part of a trend toward improving numbers since February, when vaccinations against the virus began…
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U.K.’s Boris Johnson Clashes With EU Over Northern Ireland at G7 Summit
(FALMOUTH, England) — Turbulence from the divorce between the U.K. and the European Union provided an unwanted distraction at the Group of Seven summit taking place in southwest England, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying Saturday that post-Brexit agreements will fail if the EU continues to take a “theologically draconian” approach to the rules.…
‘A Year Full of Emotions.’ What Kids Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic
Too many young generations have been shaped by the global crises they faced—Depression-era poverty, Cold War nuclear fears. Add to them the COVID generation. The virus itself may typically go easier on kids than it does adults, but the mind of a child is another thing. It’s dependent on certainty, safety, the comfort of routine.…
‘I Want to Uplift My Community.’ Sad Girls Club Founder Elyse Fox on Destigmatizing Mental Health Care for Women of Color
Elyse Fox is on a mission. The founder of Sad Girls Club, a non-profit organization working to support and destigmatize mental health care for women of color, Fox is working to combat the mental health crisis plaguing Black Americans—one Instagram post at a time. With an artfully curated aesthetic and over 250,000 followers, Sad Girls…
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White Discrimination Claims Halt Loan Forgiveness Program for Farmers of Color
The program pays up to 120% of direct or guaranteed farm loan balances for Black, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian American or Pacific Islander farmers
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‘Reasonable People Know the Elections Are Over.’ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Death Threats, Arizona’s Election ‘Audit’, and Running for Governor
Katie Hobbs spoke with TIME about her decision to run for governor, the ongoing fight over Arizona’s presidential election results, and the state’s new law restricting mail-in voting.
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The Controversy Over the FDA’s Approval of The First Alzheimer’s Treatment Keeps Growing
More experts are criticizing the FDA’s decision to approve aducanumab
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Flack Is the Most Delectable in a New Wave of Shows About the Workaholics Who Make Hollywood Run
It's likely not a coincidence that the vast majority of these stories are about women, who are chronically overrepresented in Hollywood’s most underpaid positions
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Your Pandemic Habits May Fade Away—But the Strength and Wisdom You Gained Won’t
Since the pandemic began, the think-piece economy has churned out countless articles about how our world—work, medical care, cities, transit, social interactions—will be different when it finally ends. But will we be different after the pandemic? Judging by the fact that a New York Times essay titled, “You Can Be a Different Person After the…
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Biden Plans to Put Pressure on Putin in Geneva. Will It Work?
Don’t expect Biden and Putin to pretend they like each other, writes Ian Bremmer
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What to Know About the Literary Origins of Netflix’s Buzzy Crime Drama Lupin
Maurice Leblanc's fiction provides a roadmap for the series starring Omar Sy
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How Biden Plans to Get Tough On Vladimir Putin in Their Geneva Summit
Vladimir Putin spent much of 2020 orchestrating a brazen influence campaign to stop Joe Biden from becoming the 46th President of the United States. Failing at that, the Russian autocrat spent the first five months of Biden’s term presiding over a series of attacks by criminal organizations and state-led agencies against America’s gas and food…
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Putting An End to the Pandemic Means Putting Artists Back to Work
Startling new visions and potent interactions blossom when artists live and work in close proximity to innovative arts organizations, schools, and cultural institutions, and daily disciplines of craft are often enriched by the vast multiplicity of human experiences and perspectives offered by our country’s great cities. As Walt Whitman—a New Yorker as well as one…
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What We Learned About Genetic Sequencing During COVID-19 Could Revolutionize Public Health
One of the most powerful ways of fighting a pandemic caused by a never-before-seen virus is by decoding the microbial culprit’s genome
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Trump’s Justice Department Seized Apple Data of 2 Democratic Congressmen
The records of at least 12 people were eventually shared, including Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff
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More Vaccine-Hesitant Hongkongers Are Finally Signing Up for COVID-19 Shots. Is It the Give-Aways, or the Outbreak Next Door That’s Driving Interest?
A Tesla, a free apartment and gold bars are all up for grabs in COVID-19 vaccine lotteries in Hong Kong. They may not be enough to overcome hesitancy.
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