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The 5 Best New TV Shows Our Critic Watched in February 2020
From 'High Fidelity' to 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet'
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China’s Greatest Ever Swimmer Sun Yang Banned for 8 Years in Doping Case
China's greatest ever swimmer, and one of its biggest sports stars, was banned for eight years
5 h
Narendra Modi Looks the Other Way as New Delhi Burns
India's prime minister allowed anti-Muslim violence to blossom in the capital just as he did in Gujarat in 2002
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NATO in Urgent Talks After 33 Turkish Troops Killed in Syria
The air strike by Syrian government forces marks the largest death toll for Turkey in a single day since it first intervened in Syria
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Jacinda Ardern Calls Out Australia for Deporting ‘Your Problems’
New Zealand's Prime Minister called out Australia's policy of deporting foreign criminals
7 h
A Silent Epidemic? Experts Fear the Coronavirus Is Spreading Undetected in Southeast Asia
Statistically, there should be many more cases across the region, researchers say
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California Voting Changes Raise Concerns for ‘Super Tuesday’
The high-profile primary was moved up from June so the country's most populous state could have a bigger say in picking the nominee
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Female Wrestler Beats Seven Boys to Win North Carolina High School Championship
She won the 106 pound (48 kg) weight class at the 1A division
Hong Kong Newspaper Owner Arrested on Charges of Unlawful Assembly and Intimidation
Jimmy Lai was arrested along with Lee Cheuk-yan and Yeung Sum
Coronavirus Patient’s Pet Dog Tests Positive for ‘Low Level’ of Virus
The dog tested “weak positive” for the coronavirus
Federal Workers Were Sent to Help U.S. Coronavirus Evacuees Without Proper Protection, Whistleblower Says
The complaint deals with Health and Human Services Department employees sent to Travis and March Air Force bases in California
29 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Air Strike in Northern Syria
The deaths mark a serious escalation in the direct conflict between Turkish and Russia-backed Syrian forces
The Trump Administration’s Many Vacancies Could Complicate its Coronavirus Response
On Thursday, as the U.S. was facing its first possible case of community-spread coronavirus, President Donald Trump brought in a long-time public health official to help manage the White House response to the spread of deadly disease. Ambassador Debbie Birx, a physician and the State Department’s top official on the global effort to reduce HIV/AIDS,…
Washington State Lawmakers Pass Measure Banning ‘Gay Panic’ as Homicide Defense
The measure is named after Nikki Kuhnhausen, a transgender teen who was killed last year
Big-Money Democratic Donors Are Trying to Stop Bernie Sanders. But Even They Worry It Could Be Too Late
Major donors and strategists worry the fractured field of Democratic candidates going into Super Tuesday will split up the delegates and funding necessary to block Sanders from running away with the nomination.
It’s Definitely Worth Following Gary the Cat for Travel Inspiration
The traveling cat’s Instagram feed is inspiring
From Disney+ to PB+J, How the Plus Sign Took Over the World
Unlike the fusty old ampersand, the + sign suits the modern tendency toward nerd-chic sans serif fonts
The Senate Sits on Commonsense Gun Reform While Americans Die
August 31, 2019 began as a normal day. It was a normal day for a Texas trucker who was driving home from work. Same for a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who was on his way into work. It was a normal day for an El Paso man who was driving to see his…
Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Sentenced to 3 Years in Federal Prison for Children’s Book Scheme
Pugh was also given three years of supervised release after her sentence and ordered to pay over $411,000 in restitution
Police Recover Casket From Stolen Hearse After Los Angeles Freeway Chase
(LOS ANGELES) — A stolen hearse with a casket and body inside has been recovered following a police chase on a Los Angeles freeway Thursday morning. The body was found in a casket inside the vehicle and one person was in custody, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter. No other information was…
Joyce Ladner Used Her Stories to Raise Awareness of the Civil Rights Movement. Now, She’s Telling Them in a New Way
The story behind an interactive interview with Joyce Ladner
How to Manage Your Anxiety About Coronavirus
On Feb. 25, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave Americans some unsettling advice: prepare for coronavirus to disrupt your life. In light of the accelerated global spread of COVID-19, CDC officials called a U.S. domestic outbreak increasingly likely, and urged Americans to ready themselves for possibilities like school closures, remote working…
May Everyone Be Fast Enough to Run Like the Wind Alongside These Hilarious Speedy ‘Javelina’ Memes
Run little javelina run!
Grandfather to Plead Guilty to Negligent Homicide Over Toddler’s Cruise Ship Death
Under the plea agreement, the grandfather wouldn't serve time behind bars and would serve his probation in Indiana
Barack Obama Sends Cease-and-Desist Over South Carolina Ad Attacking Joe Biden
Obama accused Republicans of trying to suppress black voter turnout ahead of the state's Democratic primary
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I’ve Been Told I’m a Survivor, Not a Victim. But What’s Wrong With Being a Victim?
I don’t recall who first told me that I wasn’t a victim, but it happened soon after someone told me I was raped. I was 17 and wasted. I was a nerd who had been drunk maybe three times in my life, surrounded by the safety of giggling girlfriends and a childhood home free of…
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Pope Francis Cancels Visit With Rome Priests Due to ‘Slight’ Illness
The pope was seen coughing and blowing his nose during an Ash Wednesday Mass
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Doctors Inside Iran Believe Coronavirus Is More Serious Than Reported, and Getting Worse
Medical professionals inside the Islamic Republic tell TIME they believe the country is now grappling with an “epidemic”
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Israel Denounces ‘Detestable’ Anti-Semitic Routine Featuring Dancing Nazis at Spanish Carnival
Several women wore costumes depicting concentration camp victims carrying Israeli flags
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