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Why Has WADA Banned Chinese Swimmer Sun Yang?
The multiple world and olympic champion has been banned for eight years for destroying the vial containing his blood samples.
Florida Man Tries to Burrow Into Gopher Tortoise Nest to Hide From Police, Found 'Throwing Dirt on Himself'
Justin Buchler, 36, and Justin Harris, 28, were detained this week by the Putnam County Sheriff's Office following an alleged home break-in. One suspect had a particularly strange getaway plan.
Astronomers Spot Biggest Explosion in Universe Since Big Bang—And It Came From a Supermassive Black Hole
"We've seen outbursts in the centers of galaxies before, but this one is really, really massive," researcher Melanie Johnston-Hollitt said.
'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 12 Streaming: How To Watch New Season Online
"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 12 is coming very soon to VH1 in the U.S., but the channel is not the only place to watch the show online.
Who Is Maximum Security? Everything You Need to Know About Saudi Cup Favorite
The American thoroughbred was disqualified after winning the Kentucky Derby last year, but enters the Saudi Cup as the bookmakers' favorite.
Washington Newspaper Delivery Woman Allegedly Shot for Driving Too Slow
Detectives asking Summit area residents to check security cameras for evidence after the 61-year-old woman was shot in her car.
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Trump 'Cares About the Stock Market' Rather Than Combating Coronavirus, Says Psychiatrist: 'This Man Is About Himself'
Lance Dodes, ex-assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School told MSNBC the president poses a danger to the public with his handling of coronavirus.
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U.S. Coronavirus Response and Testing Kit Problems Present a 'Colossal Failure,' Warns Doctor
Concerns have been raised about capabilities in the U.S. to test suspected cases of COVID-19.
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Helicopter Sharpshooters Kill Dozens of Mountain Goats in Wyoming National Park
As part of a highly controversial program, the sharpshooters were called to remove the park's invasive population.
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'The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez': What Happened to the Gabriel Fernandez Social Workers?
'The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez' include not just the murder trial of Pearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre, but the trials of four social workers who failed to prevent the child's death.
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Thinking About Getting a Mask to Protect Against Coronavirus? What You Need to Know
Certain masks have sold out on Amazon and demand sparked a surge in prices, but experts warned wearing a mask could actually increase your chances of getting the virus.
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Who Won the South Carolina Primary in Past Elections And What It Means for 2020
"If you look at recent history, the winner of South Carolina has been able to use that as momentum to go on and win the nomination," a political scientist told Newsweek.
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Joel Embiid Injury News: Sixers Star Expected to Be Back next Week after Shoulder Injury
The Cameroonian injured his shoulder on Wednesday, but Sixers coach Brett Brown said he has not suffered any significant damage.
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Canadian Oil Company Under Fire for Sexually Explicit 'Greta' Image Featuring Their Logo
X-Site Energy Services say they have nothing to do with the image which was allegedly handed out by one of their employees.
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#WeStandWithTheRose Trends As K-Pop Band Plans Legal Action Against Agency After Not Being Paid for Three Years Since Debut
The band's J&Star agency has refuted the latest allegation and plans to take counter legal measures against The Rose for breaches of contract and defamation of character.
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Who is Sir John Tenniel? Google Doodle Honors 'Alice in Wonderland' Illustrator
Sir John Tenniel brought Lewis Carroll characters like Alice and the Cheshire Cat to life in "Alice in Wonderland."
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Trump CDC's 'Horrific' Inaction on Coronavirus Could Cost Lives, Congressman in Infected District Says
California Rep. John Garamendi argued that the CDC has allowed the virus to spread through poor testing protocols.
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Bernie Sanders Overtakes Joe Biden in Fox News Poll For First Time, Opens Seven-Point Lead Over Trump
Democratic voters also had more faith in the Vermont senator beating President Donald Trump than they did for any other candidate in the field.
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California Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Seeing Patients While on Drugs Had Shotgun and Used 'Drug Pipe' in Office, Police Say
Dr. Keith Curtis, 52, was detained by officers from the Riverside Police Department after a narcotics unit obtained information he used illegal substances during his job at a local family practice.
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Coronavirus Was Identified Two Months Ago—Here's What We Still Don't Know
Experts were impressed with the progress that was made, but there are still gaps in the world's knowledge about COVID-19.
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Anti-Drug Twitter Users Celebrate Delayed Opening of Safe Injection Site in Philadelphia
What would be the first safe injection site in the United States faced a snag Thursday as its landlords decided not to rent the space to the nonprofit organization behind the site.
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Biden Narrowly Leads Sanders by 4 Points in South Carolina Poll Released Days Before State's Primary
Former Vice President Joe Biden's lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in South Carolina is less than five percentage points according to new polling data, two days before a primary Biden's campaign was expecting to win.
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Florida Man Insists He's Been Falsely Accused of Sucking Hospital Patient's Toes, Says He's Not 'That Type of Dude'
A Florida hospital worker has denied claims that he was caught sucking on an elderly patient's toes Monday night, insisting that he is not "that type of dude."
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Hillary Clinton Will Start Podcast Reportedly Inspired by Comedian Conan O'Brien
Clinton reportedly plans to use her show to have in-depth talks with newsmakers.
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Trump's 'The Perfect President' for Coronavirus as He's a 'Germaphobe,' 'Border Hawk' and 'Tough on China,' Says Fox News' Jesse Watters
"Now, the containment strategy so far is working. Not one single American has died in the United States, and according to John Hopkins University, America is the best prepared country in the entire world for this," Watters said.
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Chuck Schumer Accuses Trump of 'Hiding the Truth' After Report Claims Pence Will Control Public Coronavirus Messaging
"President Trump should have learned the lesson that China did: Hiding the truth makes things more dangerous," the Senate Minority Leader tweeted.
Sanders Leads Democratic Field by 13 Points in Nationwide Fox News Poll Released Days Before Super Tuesday
Senator Bernie Sanders is topping the Democratic field with 31 of percent support.
California Gov. Newsom Says '8,400 Plus' Being Monitored for Coronavirus After 28 Tested Positive
California Governor Gavin Newsom said Thursday that "8,400 plus" from both repatriation flights and "more traditional commercial flights which came in from points of concern and potential points of contact, particularly in Asia" are being monitored for coronavirus.
Viral Video Shows What Happens if You Try to Evade Coronavirus Checkpoint in China
The video shows a training exercise of officers stopping a person, detaining them and spraying disinfectant on the scene.
HHS Coronavirus Whistleblower Claims She Was Unfairly Reassigned After Raising Concerns Over Lack of Protective Gear: Report
HHS workers were "not properly trained or equipped to operate in a public health emergency situation," the whistleblower alleges in the complaint.