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They “Cloned” Bruce Willis. Who’s Next?
Here’s what the tech that Hollywood actors are scared of can really do.
8 h
Help! My Parents Are Going to Bankrupt Themselves Trying to Pay for My Wedding.
They're making us feel guilty!
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Help! My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know Why He Loves Me.
Zoe Winters answers your letters.
I Was a Jerk to Health Care Workers. Here’s How I Learned to Be Kind.
Cancer made me scared—and, I imagine, annoying to be around.
A Dramatic Upset Has Changed the Face of Britain’s Weirdest Sport
It's the greatest sports story you've never heard.
My 12-Year-Old Is a Clingy Nightmare
She needs to grow up a little.
Help! My Co-Worker’s Wife Just Died Tragically. This Changes Everything for Us.
We discovered awhile back how much we have in common.
A Prolific Novelist Takes a Breather
Because writing shouldn’t be a “cross to bear.”
My Boyfriend Was Murdered in College. I Found Out Later What That Does to You.
My work as a psychologist has brought me specific insight into the problem faced by “co-victims.”
Tech’s Newest Trillion Dollar Company
Did Nvidia win the A.I. race or is it riding a bubble?
How to Celebrate Graduation When High School Was a Flop
The lockdown teens are moving on.
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The Kids Who Never Really Had High School Are Graduating. It’s Weird.
The lockdown teens are moving on.
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I Think I’m About to Organize the Most Cursed Threesome Ever
Let's just say only some of us would know why we were there.
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The Nerdiest, Coolest Thing to Come Out of the Debt Ceiling Fight
It's way better than the basic American flag pin.
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The Way My Boyfriend Goes Down on Me Makes Me Die Inside—and Other Advice From The Week
Some advice from the past week.
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Flying Is About to Get Even More Frustrating—but There’s a Way Out
The first step is empowering passengers.
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The Supreme Court Has a New Bold Lone Dissenter
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson condemned the 8–1 decision subverting workers’ right to strike.
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I’m Worried That My Wife and I Are Competing to Be Our Kid’s “Favorite”
Parenting advice on favorite parents, heavy-drinking friends, and toxic sisters.
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In Defense of Ted Lasso, the Show Everyone Now Loves to Hate
The show’s latter half wasn’t nearly as fun or amusing—and that’s the point.
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Sports Scientists Missed Something Crucial for Years. Here’s How to Factor It Into Your Workouts.
“Cycle syncing” proponents are onto something—but maybe not what you’d think.
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Kevin McCarthy Is Going to Be So Annoying This Weekend
The debt ceiling deal didn’t net many winners—but the speaker surely feels like one.
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How Alito’s Opinion in Dobbs Provides a Framework for Anti-Trans Legislation
Chief John Roberts’ opinion on voting rights and Justice Samuel Alito’s overturning of Roe v Wade are fundamental to regulating trans lives.
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The Economic Tale of the Writers’ Strike
Streaming could pose an existential threat to content makers
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Meet NPR’s TikTok Boy
How Jack Corbett amassed a loyal–and thirsty–following.
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