How Former Rep. Katie Hill Got Past an “Insurmountable” Scandal. Or Did She?
Former Rep. Katie Hill reflects on her scandal and talks with an expert on public shame.
2 h
Four Teachers on the Lessons of This Very Strange School Year
Amazingly, a few things are better.
2 h
Help! I Just Found Out I Have a 6-Year-Old Daughter.
My name is on the birth certificate. Her mom never told me.
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Dear Care and Feeding: Is It Crazy for Me to Become a Surrogate?
Parenting advice on surrogacy, friendlessness, and newborns.
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First Timers: Out of Prison and Finally Able to Vote
New voters like Dewayne Comer are in high demand this election season.
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What’s Really Going on With Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive? Here’s Everything We Know.
How to make sense of the weirdest, weakest October surprise ever.
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In a 4-4 Split, the Supreme Court Lets Pennsylvania Make Voting Easier—For Now
The decision signals that Amy Coney Barrett will cast the deciding vote in any upcoming election disputes.
Why The Good Lord Bird Makes Frederick Douglass Look Like a Jerk
Daveed Diggs plays the heroic abolitionist as a vain playboy with two lovers. Here are the facts.
Teens Offer Adults Some Advice on Understanding Claudia Conway
“You can’t put your entire, 100 percent trust into a 15-year-old.”
The Legacies of Billy Beane and Daryl Morey
How they changed sports, and why they can be replaced.
Can Nancy Pelosi and the White House Reach a COVID Deal by the Election?
A key deadline is coming Tuesday night.
Why Conservatives Like Judges Who Oppose Abortion
It’s not just about reproductive rights.
My Boyfriend Has Asked for a “Hall Pass”—but Only for Him
He says he no longer finds me attractive.
Can the TV Networks Get It Right on Nov. 3?
A view from behind the curtain.
Help! Should I Let My Troubled Daughter Move Back In?
I want her to come home, but my health is poor. I can't deal with the old Nell.
What Happens When You Chronicle Terrible Men on Dating Apps—and Then Get Engaged to a Guy From Hinge
(Well, this particular man isn’t terrible, probably.)
How Much Did COVID Drugs Contribute to Trump’s Recovery?
Was it the steroids or the remdesivr or the Regeneron?
Calling It: Steve Kornacki and Brian Stelter
The beginning of the Gist’s series about election night.
We’re Living in the Shadows of a Bush v. Gore 2.0
The same people spending money to put Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court are trying to suppress the vote.
Bolivia’s Socialists Are Back in Power, One Year After a Coup
President Evo Morales was forced out after a disputed election in 2019—but his opponents quickly squandered the little legitimacy they claimed.
The Messy Battle Over COVID Restrictions in Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn
An Orthodox reporter on being attacked by his own community, and how the city screwed up.
John Oliver Reminds Us America Has Been Screwing Over WHO Long Before Trump
Last Week Tonight offers a very graphic squirrel analogy for the U.S. leaving the World Health Organization in 2021.
Why D.C. and Oregon Should Vote Yes on Psychedelics
A ballot initiative in Washington would decriminalize some psychedelics, while one in Oregon would create a system for psilocybin-assisted therapy.
The Right to Escape from Prison
Can a 1974 ruling help prisoners fleeing a COVID-19 outbreak?
How Hamilton Got Its Iconic Sound
Alex Lacamoire won both a Tony and a Grammy for it.
Dear Care and Feeding: I Think Kids Should Wear Masks Outside, but Our New Neighbors Disagree
Parenting advice on mask disagreements, essay troubles, and property damage.
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Netflix’s New Rebecca Misses What Made Its Predecessors Great
Ben Wheatley’s movie adaptation trades Freudianism for feminism and loses.
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Future Archaeologists Will Dig Up Disposable Masks
We're using an awful lot of plastic during the pandemic.
1 d
Conflict Over COVID Restrictions in Orthodox Brooklyn
Inspired by Trump, the Orthodox Jewish community rebels against new COVID restrictions.
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I Have the Same Problem Every Time I Have Sex. Does This Happen to All Women?
This has always been an issue, come to think of it.
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