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My Kid Is Endlessly Curious About The World But… I Don’t Have Answers. What Should I Do?
Talking to your kid about the meaning of life can be daunting. But it’s an opportunity to tap back into your natural curiosity.
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Help! My Sister Is Furious That We’re Allowing Dogs—But Not Kids!—at Our Wedding.
Is this really so bad?
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Ask a Teacher: I Can’t Bear to Tell My Daughter What Happened in Uvalde. What Should I Say?
Real-life teacher advice on school shootings, grade inflation, and homework.
4 h
What I Saw After the Shooting That Should’ve Changed Everything 
You have to ask uncomfortable questions, even if the right calls it “politicization.”
4 h
How Harm Reduction Can Help Us Live With COVID
There’s a lesson to be taken from methods of addiction treatment.
4 h
How Do the Tampa Bay Lightning Keep Doing This?
Their astonishing run at history feels impossible.
4 h
Top Gun: Maverick Is the Year’s First Great Blockbuster
This hot-dogging throwback is as good a case for the airheaded action movie as this summer is likely to get.
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Protecting Abortion Is Vital For The Economy
May we remind you that women make up half of the US workforce?
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A Sandy Hook Parent Speaks
After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, nine families sued the maker of the AR-15-style weapon used by the shooter. And they won.
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My Boyfriend and I Had Our First Threesome. The Moment It Began, He Broke All Our Rules.
His explanation is absurd.
The Options Congress Has for Gun Control
It's been a decade of inaction. Not everyone thinks Democrats are doomed to fail.
Will the Eastern Conference Finals Ever Have a Good Game?
The Heat and Celtics are playing in a key of discombobulated chaos.
The Right Found a New Way to Not Talk About a School Shooting
Despite being handed one legal and political victory after another, they continue to vent outrage and venom, eschewing reasoned debate.
It’s Fun That “the President Reportedly Agreed That a Mob Should Kill the Vice President” Is Only a Minor News Story
Donald Trump approved of mob plan to hang Mike Pence, Jan. 6 committee reportedly learns.
“Oof—This Is a Terrible Practice!”: Care and Feeding’s Best Advice on School Testing and Grades.
How to handle misinformed teachers, regretted bribes, and an early case of cheating.
The GOP’s Only Answer to School Shootings Didn’t Help in Uvalde
It’s not like potential good guys with guns were thin on the ground in Uvalde.
What Happened the Last Time There Was a Monkeypox Outbreak in the U.S.
In 2003, monkeypox rode into the U.S. on Gambian pouched rats and then infected prairie dogs.
The Four Boxes to Defeat Trumpery
Trumpery goes beyond Trump himself to exploit cracks in our governance. But it’s not intractable.
Our Unique American Grief Is an Opportunity
The unchecked proliferation of guns across the U.S. has us descending into a spiral of violence, and it’s shaping how our children grow.
Why the Senate Protects Justices From Protesters but Won’t Protect Kids From Mass Shootings
Our broken political system has produced a federal judiciary that's enabling the next massacre.
Why Brad Raffensperger’s Georgia Secretary of State Win Is So Shocking
2024 looks ever so slightly less perilous now.
Dr. Oz Opponent Still Hoping Mail-in Ballots Are a “Miracle Cure” for Losing to Dr. Oz
David McCormick is trying to force the counting of mail-in ballots with a team of guys who spent late 2020 arguing that mail-in ballots are illegal.
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What Could Have Stopped the Buffalo Shooter?
A new approach to threat assessment could help keep communities safe.
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What Happened in the Primaries Last Night?
Time to evaluate the whims of the country through results in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas.
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Culture Gabfest “Put Your Pants Back On” Edition
Also, revisiting Kids in the Hall, and the history of the bicycle.
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The End of Ending the Pandemic
Public officials shouldn’t let the great be the enemy of the good.
1 d
Answering Questions on Hayley Kiyoko and a Possible New Couch Guy
It’s an all-mailbag episode of ICYMI.
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The Beclowning of David Perdue
How he went from respected Georgia businessman to a twice-losing errand boy for Donald Trump.
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14 Students, 1 Teacher Reportedly Killed in Texas Elementary School Shooting
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that police had killed the 18-year-old shooter.
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Did Biden Actually Just Promise That We’d Go to War With China Over Taiwan?
The president suggested that we already had a commitment to defend the Island in case of an attack. Except, we don't.
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