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Seeking Modern Witticisms in Conservative Thinking
The last in our series talking with non-Trumpian conservative thinkers.
2 h
If You’re Not a Muppet, You Don’t Have a Chance at the Presidency
Caricature is the norm now.
3 h
Let’s Revisit Coronavirus Czar Mike Pence’s Horrible History on Public Health Initiatives
It’s not great, folks.
3 h
Star Trek: Picard Is Better When It Embraces Its Silly Side
Zany costumed personas are one of the franchise’s time-honored traditions.
5 h
For Some Reason, a Lot of People Emailed to Say Bloomberg’s Debate Cheering Section Was Very Normal
Who knew the former mayor inspired such passion?
5 h
Why Didn’t the Weinstein Jury Believe Annabella Sciorra?
Jury deliberations aren't just about belief.
6 h
Is the Coronavirus a Pandemic?
It depends who you ask.
6 h
Sisters-of-the-Groom Have No Official Role in Wedding Etiquette. I’m Obsessed With Finding One.
Everyone seems to think we should be “given a job.” But what?
6 h
How Scary Is The Invisible Man, the New Elisabeth Moss Movie?
Our highly scientific Scaredy Scale helps you determine whether new movies are too scary for you.
6 h
Court Says You Don’t Have a First Amendment Right to Make Money Off YouTube
Bad news for fans of PragerU videos like “The World’s Most Persecuted Minority: Christians.”
7 h
Elizabeth Warren’s Deft Approach to Male Bluster, as Seen in a Disastrous Live Chris Matthews Interview
“Why would he lie?”
8 h
Fear Is Our Common Political Enemy
How can conservatives overcome it?
9 h
How the Atlanta Track Club Is Preparing for the Largest Olympic Marathon Trials Ever
Olympian Amy Begley also reflects on what she learned about how not to coach from her time with Alberto Salazar at the Nike Oregon Project.
9 h
How Republicans Gain Power—and Keep It
And what Democrats can learn from them in 2020.
Get Big Shine for a Small Price With This Powerful Flashlight, Now on Sale
Users praise the Anker Bolder's long battery life and adjustable beam.
The Great Culture Gabfest Debate on Taylor Swift Continues
Also, Portrait of a Lady on Fire and “garbage language.”
Hindu Nationalist Gangs Roam New Delhi Streets as Deadly Religious Riots in India Kill Dozens
A local leader from Modi’s party threatened to mobilize a mob to clear out Muslim protesters, if the police failed to do so.
Trump Hires a College Student as Senior White House Aide
Trump again brandishes his ability to lift inferior loyalists, weaponizing capriciousness and arbitrariness as an expression of power.
Help! I Found Out My Boyfriend Did Blackface in College.
What will others think of me, a black woman, being with someone who did something like this?
Dear Care and Feeding: Testing Says My Kid Isn’t “Gifted.” How Should I Explain This to Him?
Parenting advice on gifted programs, co-parenting with cousins, and conspiracy theorists.
I Gave My Husband One Rule for Threesomes, and He Broke It Right in Front of Me
I know it was an accident, but I can’t help feeling uneasy and betrayed.
Hunters Is an Anti-Nazi Series That Finds Actual Nazis Insufficiently Shocking
Since when do these facts require exaggeration?
The Toxic Combo Behind Colorado’s Police Shootings
Meth use, gun possession, and car thefts are part of the problem.
Pete Buttigieg Denounces the Politics That Made Him Possible
The gay presidential hopeful wouldn't be here without the "revolutionary" '60s energies behind Stonewall and so much else.
Democrats Demonstrate Effectively That There Are Too Many Democratic Candidates Left
It was—[CROSSTALK]—hard to—WHO SAYS?—get a word in—[CROSSTALK]—edgewise
Biden Camp Backs Away From His Story About Being Arrested Trying to Meet Mandela
After the debate, the campaign finally admitted he wasn’t arrested.
What Was the Deal With Biden’s Attack on Steyer Over Private Prisons “Hog-Tying” People?
Why he was talking about prisons “hog-tying” people.
1 d
Tonight’s Debate Audience Sure Seemed to Like Bloomberg for Some Reason
A once-lonesome billionaire candidate finds a vocal set of friends.
1 d
Bloomberg Nearly Said He “Bought” Congress During the Debate
Yup, this happened.
1 d
The New York Times is Ready to Rumble
Is this a turf war or a culture clash?
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