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The Fake Dennis Hopper Squid Hunt That Explains Fishing With John’s Appeal
Before John Lurie was painting watercolors for HBO, he was dragging ‘90s celebrities on fishing expeditions.
3 h
Do You Really Need Two Masks Now? A Slate Guide to Layering.
Yes, there is a point where it gets hard to breathe.
3 h
Where Americans Will Move If They Can Work From Home Forever
U-Hauls for the creative class.
3 h
The NFL Wants “Unconventional” Head Coaches. They Just Have to Be White.
There’s typically only one type of Black candidate who gets hired.
4 h
For Republicans, It’s Never Constitutional to Impeach a Republican President
For the GOP, the process is always the problem.
4 h
Why Is the Netherlands Rioting Over COVID Now?
“Sometimes we have riots around soccer matches. But what we see now … that’s very, very new.”
5 h
Tom Noonan on His Little-Seen Classic of Dating Dread, What Happened Was …
Plus: the sequel he's been trying to sell for years.
5 h
Why Hasn’t Biden Fired These Three Terrible Trump Holdovers?
Trump’s allies still hold the power to sabotage Biden’s agenda. But the new president can oust them immediately.
6 h
How to Get Republicans to Seriously Fight Climate Change
Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo spent two terms trying to bring the GOP on board with climate action before he lost his seat. And he has hope.
7 h
We Cannot Rely Exclusively on Vaccines to End the Pandemic
We are a long way from being able to pop the Champagne and raise a toast to a job well done.
7 h
Is It REALLY Possible My Husband Is OK With Me Skipping This Part of Sex?
He always does it for me.
7 h
A Massive Blackout Shows Why Mexico Needs to Update Its Energy Policy
Will Mexico’s fossil fuels–dependent electrical system survive in a world that is gradually depleting its oil reserves?
8 h
China Is Now Requiring Covid Tests Taken by Anal Swab
The upside is it’s reportedly more accurate. The downside is the obvious.
Biden Will Reopen Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges for Special Covid Enrollment Period
An executive order expanding access is expected Thursday.
Dear Care and Feeding: My Husband Would Rather Play Video Games Than Help Me Parent
Parenting advice on neglectful fathers, neighborhood singers, and Harry Potter.
How a Dead Professor Is Teaching a University Art History Class
Should universities charge students full tuition when they cannot access their professor except through a spirit medium?
Everything You Need to Know About Reconciliation, the Tool Democrats Need to Govern
There's something called the "Byrd Bath."
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Senate Republicans Are Ready to Let Trump Off the Hook
A procedural vote previews the party's exit strategy for impeachment.
1 d
You Can Help Claudia Conway Most By Leaving Her Alone
The disturbing abuse allegations do not deputize strangers online.
1 d
The Absurd Backlash to Nia Dennis’ Viral Floor Exercise
It’s long past time the gymnastics world reckoned with its racism.
1 d
Trump Judge Issues Bizarre, Unenforceable Injunction Against Biden’s Deportation Pause
It is unclear whether the order will do anything.
1 d
Japan’s Biggest Box-Office Hit of All Time Is Now on Netflix
Here’s why you should stream Demon Slayer.
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“Honestly It Was Just Idiotic Enthusiasm”: A Reddit User Explains Why Bought GameStop Stock
He saw the memes and concluded reality had nothing to do with it.
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Why Biden Thinks McConnell Could Join His War on Malarkey
The two longtime Senate colleagues and legislative leaders have a deal-making history that makes Biden think he could get Mitch to listen up, jack.
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My Husband Has Declared Our Favorite “Adult” Genre Is Now Off-Limits
I appreciate where he’s coming from, but I want to stay creative and giddy about sex.
1 d
The Nonsensical Republican Argument for Dismissing Trump’s Impeachment
It is perhaps a testament to just how indefensible President Trump’s conduct is that his defenders must resort to specious procedural arguments.
1 d
Why Google’s Internet-Beaming Balloons Ran Out of Air
Loon’s technology brought the web to places that lacked it—but that wasn’t nearly enough.
1 d
Almost No One’s Opinion Matters Anymore and It’s Great
The administration's to-do list so far is well insulated against bad faith, stridency, and smarm.
1 d
What the Hell Is Going on With GameStop’s Stock?
How an army of Reddit users massively inflated the price of a flailing video-game chain—in no small part to stick it to Wall Street.
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McConnell Ends Filibuster Ultimatum, Will Now (Probably) Allow the Senate to Function
McConnell’s stalling on the filibuster, in a fitting tautological touch, was powered by the threat of the filibuster itself.
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