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Pelosi Appoints GOP Rep. Kinzinger to Panel Investigating Jan. 6 Capitol Attack
Rep. Adam Kinzinger joins Rep. Liz Cheney as the only Republicans so far on the select committee that will probe the Capitol riot.
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Conservative Radio Host Skeptical of Vaccines Hospitalized With COVID: “He’s Regretful”
Phil Valentine's family says the radio host is now calling on his listeners to go get the shot.
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Help! Should I Tell My Father I Slept With His Horrible Wife?
I just want to do the best thing for him at this point.
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Child Wants to Call Themself a New Name. Do I Have to Accept It?
Parenting advice on gender fluidity, body image, and coming to terms with death.
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Stop Insulting Trump Voters and Their Concerns. Instead, Shut Up and Take It.
A plea for sanity.
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Watch Man Confront Tucker Carlson in Montana: “You Are the Worst Human Being”
Dan Bailey gave the Fox News host a piece of his mind.
Bumble Match Turns in Capitol Riot Suspect (Again)
Prosecutors say Andrew Taake of Houston pepper-sprayed police officers and attacked law enforcement officers with a metal whip on January 6.
The Heartbreak of Gymnastics’ Superman Flopping Out of the Olympics
An elegy for the career of the second greatest gymnast ever.
U.S. Fails to Win a Medal on Day 1 of Summer Olympics for First Time in Almost 50 Years
The last time the United States did not win any medals on the first day of the Summer Games was in Munich in 1972.
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Watch Biden Brush Off Hecklers: “This Is Not a Trump Rally, Let ‘Em Holler”
Biden returned to the campaign trail to speak in favor of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.
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I Grew Up Without Money. Now I Have It but Can’t Bring Myself to Spend It.
Hoarding money may make you feel secure. But you’re ignoring the underlying problem.
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Help! My Parents Gave Me a Wacky, Offensive Name.
I had it legally changed, and they still won’t stop using it.
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Is the International Olympic Committee a Jerk or What?
The Olympics Jerk Watch returns, starting where it must: the people responsible for this mess.
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When You’re a Black Woman on Team USA, You Have to Play Two Games
Seven Olympians—including Gwen Berry, Keturah Orji, and Natalie Hinds—reflect on the overwhelming month before Tokyo.
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A Dialect Coach Assesses Every Russian Accent in Black Widow
Who did it best: Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, or David Harbour?
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What M. Night Shyamalan’s Old Changes About the Book That Inspired It
The new movie is based on a French graphic novel but takes some pretty serious liberties.
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Why Inflation Could Linger
Even if it's only "temporary."
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Olympics TikTok Isn’t What You’d Expect
It’s a behind-the-scenes view of the Tokyo Games.
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