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These are the victims of the Illinois shooting
Police have released the names of the five victims in the mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois. - RSS Channel
R.E.M. blasts Trump's retweeting video that uses 'Everybody Hurts' to mock Democrats
The alternative rockers are not happy that President Donald Trump retweeted a snarky video clip from his State of the Union address that features the band's early '90s song "Everybody Hurts." The earnest ballad plays over clips of Democrats looking none too pleased with the speech. - RSS Channel
Video shows walls begin to crumble in collapse
More than 80 people have been evacuated after a building collapsed in St. Petersburg, a spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Emergency told CNN. - RSS Channel
This city is giving some residents $500 a month to fight poverty
Residents of Stockton, California have been through a lot: from widespread foreclosures to the city going bankrupt. But for a handful of residents, some help is here. - RSS Channel
You shared your views on frats. We heard you
The first fraternity began in 1775 at the College of William & Mary. Now known as Phi Beta Kappa, it long ago abandoned its fraternal secrecy in favor of its current character as an honor society.
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Leaders of parade want you to know their 'black makeup is NOT blackface'
When one of New Orleans' most cherished parades rolls next month, float riders -- African-American and white -- will greet the screaming throngs wearing lofty feather headdresses, crinkly grass skirts and the sort of black face paint that most anywhere else might draw gasps and cries of racism.
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America's fight with Huawei is messing with the world's 5G plans
The US-led offensive against Chinese tech firm Huawei is creating problems for mobile operators, particularly in Europe, as they start building the next generation of wireless networks.
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Governor blasts TV station for piece about her appearance
Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) slams a Detroit news station for covering discussions on social media over her appearance during her State of the State speech.
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Vatican defrocks ex-US cardinal McCarrick over sexual abuse allegations
The Vatican has dismissed former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick after a church trial found him guilty of sexually abusing minors.
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Is the Airbus A380 destined for a giant scrapheap?
A whopping great beast of an aircraft, the double-decker Airbus A380 -- the biggest passenger airplane the world has ever known -- is an incredible sight whether on land or in the air.
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Shooter in deadly Illinois rampage had a gun with a laser sight, witness says
A man who was being let go from his job at a manufacturing business went on a shooting rampage Friday at his workplace in Illinois, leaving five workers dead and five officers and an employee injured, police said.
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Analysis: Why Trump wants you to be afraid of high speed trains
In President Donald Trump's world, Democrats are after your cars and want to force everyone onto trains.
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Trump's tariffs have helped steel companies. Workers are still waiting.
American steel companies are planning to reopen several mills this year, adding jobs across the country, thanks in part to President Donald Trump's tariffs.
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Analysis: Trump keeps trying to win a base he's won, while forgetting everyone else
First things first: The theme song of the week is Law & Order theme song by Mike Post.
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Missionaries and nurses trapped in Haiti as protests sweep country
A group of 24 Canadian missionaries and another of nurses are among visitors stranded in Haiti by ongoing street protests sweeping through the Caribbean country.
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Mass panic erupts at 'Hamilton' show
A medical emergency caused mass panic and chaos in the audience at an evening performance of "Hamilton" at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco.
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ISIS now controls just 700 square meters in Syria, says SDF
ISIS now controls an area of Syria measuring just 700 square meters, a commander with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said Saturday.
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This is the CVS of the future
This is what it looks like when a drug store chain and a health insurer merge.
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US commits another diplomatic fumble over Iran
During the conference on Middle East security this week, the United States staged a big diplomatic show and tried to rally the world behind the Trump administration's aggressive stance against Iran. Instead of unifying its allies under a common cause, however, the administration only highlighted the growing rift between the US and its Western European allies, and clumsily overshadowed the points of agreement regarding Iran.
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Deer infected with chronic wasting disease
Chronic wasting disease has been detected in wild deer, elk or moose in 24 states, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning hunters to avoid handling or eating potentially infected meat.
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2 men escape from a Mississippi jail. One of them pleaded guilty to murder
Two inmates are on the run after they escaped from a jail in Mississippi, including one who pleaded guilty to murder, authorities said.
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Your guide to Presidents Day tech sales: Score savings on phones, laptops, tablets and more
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113 tourists will be evacuated from Haiti because of violent street protests
More than 100 tourists stranded in Haiti will be sent home on a rescue flight, after their travels were disrupted by violent anti-government protests in the Caribbean country. - RSS Channel
Maryland judge overturns $37 million awarded to family of woman killed in police standoff
A judge has overturned a more than $37 million verdict awarded to the family of a woman killed in an armed standoff with Baltimore County police. - RSS Channel
Kushner readies for spring launch of US Middle East peace plan
The United States is beginning to prep allies for a spring rollout of its plan for Middle East peace, with President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, outlining the timing and methodology of the plan at the Middle East security conference in Warsaw, Poland. - RSS Channel
MLBer says players will '100 percent' go on strike, barring change - RSS Channel
Aurora police chief: Those who died did not deserve this
The gunman at the Illinois manufacturing business where five employees were killed and five police officers were wounded was being let go by the company, according to Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman. - RSS Channel
Biden to showcase foreign policy credentials with 2020 decision looming
Former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday will return to a familiar place on the world stage, delivering remarks at an annual gathering of political leaders and security experts in Munich, Germany, as he draws closer to a decision about whether to run for president in 2020. - RSS Channel
Payless is closing all its 2,100 US stores
Payless is the latest retail chain to close up shop in the United States. - RSS Channel
Matt Kuchar apologizes, will pay caddie $50K
Pro golfer Matt Kuchar originally defended the $5,000 he paid his fill-in caddie after winning $1,296,000 at the Mayakoba Classic in Mexico, but issued a new statement saying he'll make the rest of the $50,000 payment that caddie David Ortiz requested. - RSS Channel