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Biden offers 'strong support' for Finland's and Sweden's NATO bids
• Analysis: Asia facing most volatile security environment in decades
Elon Musk Links Sexual Harassment Allegation to His Fight for 'Free Speech'
The tech mogul responded to allegations of sexual misconduct with a cryptic tweet saying he was being maligned by an unnamed enemy.
The economic hits keep coming as Biden's promised return to normal eludes America
Empty baby formula shelves. Feared summer power blackouts. Plunging stocks. Predictions of widespread $6-a-gallon gasoline. Recession clouds. Coming food shortages. Soaring grocery prices. And the refusal of a pandemic to ease its grip.
Greg Gutfeld: Favor the individual over identity politics
Greg Gutfeld discusses the danger of identity politics on "Gutfeld!"
Texas man loses eye in ‘freak accident’ on Canadian hiking trail
Edward Steinkamp, 67, suffered the gruesome injury when he fell off a log while traversing the West Coast Trail in British Colombia's Pacific Rim National Park on May 3.
Anna Delvey Says New York Art Show ‘Is the Beginning of Me Telling My Story’
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty ImagesConvicted fraudster Anna Delvey showcased new works of art in New York Thursday night, appearing at the event at the Public Hotel via video wearing her prison jumpsuit.“Hi everyone, Anna Delvey here,” she said in an audio recording which played at the show before her appearance, according to the Sun. “I’m so very excited to unveil my first ever art collection titled ‘Allegedly.’ This is a collection of sketches I created while in ICE Orange County Detention. I wanted to capture some of the moments over the past years, both never seen before and iconic, using the limited tools I have at my disposal.“I studied fashion administration in Paris and haven’t really sketched until my trial. You’ve heard so many voices already, but this is the beginning of me telling my story, my narrative from my perspective. I hope you guys enjoy the show.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Carolyn Hax: Daughters said they couldn’t visit, then vacationed nearby(ish)
A father who divorced the mother and moved across the country is upset his grown daughters make little effort to stay in touch.
Как в Поволжье встречают День Волги
20 мая все поволжские регионы отмечают День Волги. О том, с какими проблемами и заботами волжане сталкиваются даже в свой праздник, рассказывают региональные СМИ - партнеры "Российской газеты"
Miss Manners: Is it okay to date a man 25 years younger?
Reader is dating someone who is 25 years her junior and wonders if that’s appropriate.
Ask Amy: Widower’s adult kids don’t want him to start dating again
Reader wants to date “Doreen,” the woman he kissed while still married to his late wife almost 40 years ago.
Якутское село Хоринцы освободилось от воды после подрыва льда на Лене
Якутское село Хоринцы освободилось от воды после подрыва льда на Лене
Президент Венесуэлы вакцинировался "Спутником Лайт"
Президент Венесуэлы вакцинировался "Спутником Лайт"
Elon Musk Horse Memes Trend as Social Media Savages Twitter's Future Owner
"Elon's going to have a burr in his saddle tomorrow," one user wrote.
В Приморье завершили исследования нового препарата от коронавируса
В Приморье завершили исследования нового препарата от коронавируса
Fox News Host Claims Democrats Want the Southern Border Open to ‘Import’ Voters
Fox NewsFox News weekend show host Mark Levin claimed Thursday that Democrats are “obviously” trying to “import as many Democrats as they can” through the southern border by virtue of their immigration stances.During a week in which attention has centered on the racist Great Replacement conspiarcy theory cited by the white supremacist murderer who targeted Black people in Buffalo, hosts like Tucker Carlson have downplayed the connection between their rhetoric and his attack.On Tuesday, Carlson insisted – despite having espoused the theory more than 400 times – that “we are still not sure exactly what it is,” and then claimed it is actually “coming from the left.” On Thursday, he claimed that the Buffalo shooter was not motivated by “hateful right-wing rhetoric,” but rather mental illness. (It is not publicly known if he has a mental illness.)Read more at The Daily Beast.
Celtics’ Big 3 dominate Heat to even series
Jayson Tatum scored 27 points, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown each had 24 and the Boston Celtics dominated the first half to roll past the Miami Heat 127-102 in Game 2.
'You are a shame': Conservative voter confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene
At a campaign event in Georgia, a reporter and a conservative voter confront Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene about past comments that are considered offensive by many Jewish people.
Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira appears to kick fan amid field-storming
Amid a pitch invasion by Everton fans, Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira appeared to kick out at a supporter.
Fire at Hollywood industrial building leaves one person dead, two injured
A fire at an industrial building in Hollywood left one person dead and two others suffering from smoke exposure, the LAFD said.
Limited Edition BMW M4 CSL Has a Flare for the Dramatic
The car delivered the fastest Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit lap time for a series-production BMW.
Hundreds of Ukrainian Newborns Dressed in Traditional Clothing for Holiday
Babies located in some of the hardest-hit areas of Ukraine were given traditional "vyshyvanka" shirts amid celebrations of the holiday Vyshyvanka Day.
A Florida officer is charged after a botched arrest resulted in an explosion that left a suspect with burns over much of his body
A Florida deputy and a suspect are facing charges in relation to a botched arrest earlier this year in which an explosion allegedly set off by a Taser left the suspect with burns over much of his body, Osceola County officials announced Thursday.
CNN goes aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln
As China and North Korea flex their military muscles in the region, CNN's Blake Essig shows how the US is trying to draw a line against Beijing and Pyongyang.
Возле Курильских островов обнаружили новый вид китов
Возле Курильских островов обнаружили новый вид китов
US Navy names destroyer after Filipino Medal of Honor recipient
The US Navy is honoring the only Filipino to be awarded the Medal of Honor, America's highest decoration for military valor, by naming a new warship after him.
High school boys' volleyball: Southern California Regional results and updated pairings
High school boys' volleyball: Southern California Regional results and updated pairings
Internet Backs Woman Accused of 'Emasculating' Friend's Boyfriend in Squash
"He sounds pathetic and nasty," one commenter wrote.
Hannity blasts Biden as a 'sleazy, corrupt, career Washington insider'
"Hannity" host Sean Hannity blasted President Joe Biden for the nation's record setting gas prices.
Anthony Albanese Has a Shot at Becoming the Next Leader of Australia. Here’s What to Know About Him
The leader of Australia's Labor Party has a shot at winning elections scheduled for May 21
В Хабаровском крае завели дело из-за фальшивой вакцинации от COVID-19
В Хабаровском крае завели дело из-за фальшивай вакцинации от COVID-19