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Police respond to active shooting near MillerCoors offices
Police in Milwaukee have responded to an active shooting situation near the MillerCoors headquarters.
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Kings hope full commitment to rebuild leads to another contending team
Eight trades, two negated contracts, and one coaching change later, the first phase of the Kings' rebuilding process is complete.
Brad Parscale briefs GOP senators on plan to expand Trump's map
The Trump campaign manager said Minnesota and New Mexico are being targeted
How the Democratic candidates fared in South Carolina debate
Seven Democratic presidential candidates faced off Tuesday night in the final debate before the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and CBSN political contributor Molly Hooper joined CBSN from Charleston, South Carolina with the latest on the 2020 race.
Who is in the presidential line of succession?
In the aftermath of President Trump's impeachment, and an upcoming election where a Democratic candidate will eventually name a running mate, one question that remains in the back of many voters' minds is who is next in line should the president leave office for one reason or another. While most people are aware that the Vice President is next in line, the full line of succession includes 18 positions.
De Blasio signs bill that could take away dangerous drivers’ cars
Mayor Bill de Blasio approved legislation Wednesday that will force motorists who have racked up high numbers of speed- and red light-camera violations to go back to driving school or else lose their cars. “Today we take a profound step to get the most dangerous drivers off the road. No more playing around,” de Blasio...
No, You Won't Get Coronavirus From Chinese Takeout And 10 Other Facts You Need To Know
News that COVID-19 is expected to spread in the United States raised concerns, but the risk to the public remains low.
Let's not 'short change' funding for coronavirus response: U.S. Senate appropriations chair
The head of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, Republican Senator Richard Shelby, said on Wednesday Congress should provide the Trump administration with the funds it needs to combat coronavirus.
Rudy Giuliani wanted to cancel election and stay mayor after 9/11: Pataki
He wanted to be “America’s mayor” a whole lot longer. Rudy Giuliani secretly asked then-New York Gov. George Pataki to cancel New York City’s 2001 mayoral election so he could remain in office following the Sept. 11 terror attack, a new book reveals. The bombshell revelation is contained in Pataki’s upcoming memoir of 9/11, “Beyond...
Trump To Address Response To Coronavirus
Hours before health officials confirmed a 60th case of the COVID-19 disease in the U.S., the president tried to calm growing concern about the nation's preparedness, tweeting, "USA in great shape!"
Clive Cussler, prolific author and sea explorer, dead at 88
Clive Cussler, an author known for his books about underwater shipwreck discoveries both real and imagined, died on Monday, his family announced.
Dunkin' launches new 'Snackin' Bacon' and brings back Irish Creme coffee, Lucky Shamrock Donut
Bacon fans, rejoice. Dunkin' now has Snackin' Bacon with Sweet Black Pepper seasoning. Also St. Patrick's Day specials like Irish Creme coffee are back.
Steven Spielberg Won't Direct 'Indiana Jones 5,' But James Mangold Might
The 'Ford v Ferrari' filmmaker is reportedly in talks to pick up where 2008's 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' left off.
How strippers make bank without getting naked — as YouTube ‘Stripfluencers’
Meet the Stripfluencers of YouTube, hustlers in the club with side hustles that often pay even more.
Active shooter reported at Milwaukee MillerCoors facility
Milwaukee police were investigating an active shooter situation Wednesday afternoon at a MillerCoors facility, reports said. Police would not immediately confirm a shooting, but they warned the public to avoid the area, near North 35th Street and West Highland boulevard — and described the scene as an “active situation,” according to a report by WISN...
Chinese boy found home alone with dead grandfather amid coronavirus lockdown
A little boy was found home alone with his dead grandfather in China while on lockdown for the coronavirus outbreak, according to a report. The boy — believed to be 5 or 6 years old — remained indoors after his grandfather’s death in the virus-stricken Hubei province, according to the Guardian, citing local media reports....
California has the largest Native American population in the country. Which 2020 candidates are reaching them?
California has more Native American voters than any other state. Which candidates have caught their attention in the Democratic presidential race?
Ben Cooper, Western film icon, dead at 86
Ben Cooper, a Western film actor most famous for his role as the bandit Turkey Ralston in “Johnny Guitar” and numerous other Western projects for the big and silver screens, has died. He was 86.
Congressional Dems echo concerns about down-ballot consequences of Bernie nomination
A day after rivals argued that a Bernie Sanders nomination would hurt moderate Democrats win re-election across the country, congressional Democrats began to echo similar concerns.
Maria Bartiromo says coronavirus causing stocks to fall due to US companies' dependence on China
Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo told "Bill Hemmer Reports" Wednesday that the coronavirus outbreak is causing the U.S. stock market to plummet due to American companies' dependence on China to preserve their supply chains.
Dr. Manny Alvarez: Coronavirus – How to prepare and protect yourself as US gears up to fight it
I understand that the latest news on coronavirus could make anyone scared.
Trump’s coronavirus conflict: Displaying credibility vs. calming voters and investors
The spread of coronavirus to 37 nations is presenting a managing and messaging challenge for the Trump administration unlike any other crisis over the past three years.
Maria Sharapova’s boyfriend posts touching message after her tennis retirement
Maria Sharapova and boyfriend Alexander Gilkes are looking forward to the next chapter.
A hospital organized a wedding for a terminally ill patient
A hospital in Delaware helped organize a wedding for one of its terminally ill patients and his fiancée.
Trump White House Resists Calls To Appoint A Coronavirus Czar
Epidemic experts and Democratic politicians fault coordination of the response to the coronavirus outbreak and say what's needed is a czar. The White House disagrees.
Milwaukee police investigating 'critical incident' near Molson Coors complex
Milwaukee police said Wednesday afternoon they are investigating a "critical incident" in the area near the 4000 block of W. State Street and are asking the public to stay away from the area.
Unlikely everyone will have a REAL ID by October deadline, acting Homeland Security secretary says
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Wednesday raised concerns that not all states will meet the October 1 deadline to issue REAL ID driver's licenses to residents, telling lawmakers that he may request a legislative fix to assist the process.
Kobe Bryant heartbreak helped Maria Sharapova with retirement decision
A number of factors influenced Maria Sharapova’s decision to retire at 32-years-old, including a close relationship with Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, who had been an “incredible sounding board” throughout her career. Bryant died at 41 in a helicopter crash on Jan. 26. “We were supposed to see each other like three days after the crash,”...
Joe Biden has 18-point lead in South Carolina, new poll shows
Despite disastrous performances in other early states, the former veep maintains a large lead in South Carolina, according to a new Clemson University Palmetto Poll released just days before the state's primary.
Earth has a new mini-moon -- but it's only temporary
It's not the moon, but you can call it mini-moon. Earth has captured a tiny object and pulled it into orbit.
Trump campaign plans community centers to woo black voters
Storefront sites in key states will register voters, accept volunteers, and even sell merchandise.
The six largest coronavirus outbreaks outside of China
More new coronavirus cases were reported outside of China than inside the country on Wednesday — the first time since global health officials began tracking the virus.
Terminally ill patient marries his fiancée in the hospital
Gus Jiménez proposed to his girlfriend from his hospital bed and staff helped the couple throw a wedding on-site.
5 'racially motivated violent extremists' charged with intimidating journalists
The five were linked to the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division and were charged with sending swastika-laden posters to Jewish reporters and journalists of color.
Trump campaign sues New York Times in libel lawsuit involving Russia coverage
The lawsuit, filed in New York State Supreme Court, claims the newspaper intentionally published a false story in 2019 related to the Russia investigation.
Iraq bans public gatherings on coronavirus fear; travel ban totals nine countries
Iraq on Wednesday banned public gatherings and barred entry by travelers from Kuwait and Bahrain because of the spread of the new coronavirus, prohibiting travel to or from a total of nine countries.
Bahamas embracing solar power in hurricane recovery
After Ragged Island in the southern Bahamas was devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Irma, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said, "Let us show the world how it can be done." 60 Minutes reports on the Bahamas' push for a more durable, greener power grid, Sunday.
Trump campaign opening "community centers" to win over black voters
The campaign is opening several "Black Voices for Trump Community Centers" in key states like Florida.
California congressman brings taxidermied swamp creature into Capitol
Rep. Josh Harder, D-Calif., brought an interesting guest to the House floor on Wednesday in an effort to sway Congress to vote in favor of a piece of legislation he introduced.
Trump campaign sues New York Times over opinion piece
The Trump campaign claims the paper knowingly made false accusations.
Active shooter reported at Molson Coors Milwaukee campus, unknown injuries
Molson Coors said Wednesday there was an active shooter on its Milwaukee campus and ordered its employees to find a safe place to hide.
Murder trial begins for American teens accused of killing Italian cop
Americans Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth, 19, and Finnegan Elder, 20, stand trial for murdering an Italian police officer in July.
Coronavirus spreads faster outside China as fears of U.S. impact hit markets
The number of new coronavirus infections inside China - the source of the outbreak - was for the first time overtaken by fresh cases elsewhere on Wednesday, as U.S. markets turned negative on fears over the rapid global spread of the disease.
Chinese airlines offering flights for less than cup of coffee amid coronavirus
Chinese airlines are offering basement-bargain flights for as cheap as a cup of coffee — as millions of people face travel restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a report. Spring Airlines, a low-cost carrier, has advertised a one-way flight from Shanghai to Chongqing for just 29 yuan, or $4.10, the South China Morning...
Louisiana GOP Rep. Ralph Abraham announces he won't seek reelection
"The decision to serve only three terms as a member of the House is one that I made six years ago," he said.
McCarthy: Virus challenge, China's accountability
House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy says the challenge for the United States when it comes to coronavirus is "the lack of accountability coming from China." (Feb. 26)
Sanders pushes childcare, cancelling student debt
Sanders pushes childcare, cancelling student debt
NFL teams will be able to use both franchise, transition tags until collective bargaining agreement proposal approved
NFL teams might have a tough decision on their hands if a new CBA provides less flexibility in using the franchise and transition tags.