20 states sue over rules governing 3D-printed guns

Law enforcement officials have been trying for years to draw attention to the dangers posed by so-called ghost guns, which contain no registration numbers that could be used to trace them.
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They came to Lebanon to work. Now these women can't go home
Helen Mirren ‘applauds’ Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from royal duties
Dame Helen Mirren is in support of Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision to step back from the royal family, as she believes “their instincts are absolutely correct.”
Chris Matthews mistakes Democratic challenger to Lindsey Graham for GOP Sen. Tim Scott
MSNBC host Chris Matthews mistook his own guest, Jamie Harrison, for Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., on Friday, and chalked it up to "mistaken identity."
Trump Averages Two and a Half Conflicts of Interest Per Day, Study From Watchdog Group Says
"President Trump's time in office has been an ethical disaster," said a report from the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.
USTR vows to push for trade deals with Britain, EU; seeks reforms at WTO
The Trump administration on Friday said it would focus on concluding new trade agreements with Britain, the European Union and Kenya over the coming year, while strictly enforcing trade laws and pushing for reforms of the World Trade Organization.
US postpones ASEAN summit with Southeast Asia leaders amid coronavirus fears
A special summit of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, was supposed to held in Las Vegas on March 14th.
Black Democrats in South Carolina want to see a plan to beat Trump
The Democrats in the presidential primary are fighting each other. Black voters in South Carolina just wish they'd start fighting Trump.
Trump urges South Carolina Republicans to vote for Bernie Sanders
President Trump is urging Republicans to vote in South Carolina’s Democratic primary on Saturday for the weakest candidate — determining that is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Trump, hosting a rally in South Carolina on Friday night, asked his crowd to help him pick the recipient of GOP votes in the “open” primary. “I assume this...
Elliott Management wants to oust Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, reports say
Activist investor Elliott Management is seeking to oust Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, reports say. The $40.2 billion hedge fund is run by Paul Singer.
Rangers star Ron Duguay says Page Six (and Farrah Fawcett) got him traded
"Sure enough I was in Page Six once again … Two months after that, I got traded.”
Mom of missing American Austin Tice claims 'insubordinate' US officials holding up release talks
The mother of Austin Tice, an American journalist believed imprisoned by militants in Syria since 2012, told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Friday that the Trump administration should do whatever it takes to bring her son home.
Harvey Weinstein 'not giving up on life,' according to spokesman
Despite potentially facing more than two decades in prison, Harvey Weinstein is "not giving up on life," according to his spokesman, Juda Engelmayer.
Chicago Fire FC undergoes extreme makeover entering Major League Soccer's 25th season
Over the winter, Chicago Fire FC – once one of the top teams in Major League Soccer – did a near complete franchise reboot.
364-pound Mekhi Becton turns heads with 5.10-second 40-yard dash at NFL combine
At 364 pounds, Mekhi Becton is the biggest man at the NFL scouting combine. But he created a buzz with a surprisingly fast 40.
Hard Mets lessons will aid Mickey Callaway’s managerial future
TEMPE, Ariz. — Mickey Callaway believes he will receive another shot to manage in the majors. Not in spite of his time with the Mets, but because of it. “That was the best coaching experience of my life and it made me a better pitching coach now or a manager in the future,” said Callaway,...
Coronavirus advisory for Italy: State Dept. raises travel warning
The State Department is urging Americans to reconsider travel to Italy amid a coronavirus outbreak that has claimed 21 lives in that country.
84-Year-Old Man Scammed Out of $150,000 In Fake Online Relationship
Police in Roswell, Georgia say an elderly man forked over tens of thousands of dollars after an online con artist convinced him he was dating a woman from Dubai.
Elizabeth Warren Condemned Super PACs. Now She’s Benefiting From One
As her campaign limps into Super Tuesday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is receiving millions of dollars in help from the kind of outside money group she has repeatedly decried, underscoring the tough realities of a primary contest featuring two self-funded billionaires and a collection of rivals benefiting from political-action committee money. Persist PAC, a super…
NYC will remove remaining payphones — replacing some with LinkNYC kiosks, report says
New York’s finally hanging up on payphones. Most of the last open-air payphones in the Big Apple will soon be a thing of the past — with some to be swapped for LinkNYC kiosks, Gothamist reported Friday. City workers are moving ahead next month with the removal of 30 coin-operated relics in Hell’s Kitchen, before...
Contestant shockingly solves ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle with just two letters
A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant shocked both host Pat Sajak and the viewing audience when she correctly solved a puzzle with almost no information. During the popular game show’s Wednesday night airing, contestant Taya Somers was apparently in the zone during regulation play. About halfway through the game, she was given a 17-letter puzzle to...
A.J. Johnson takes credit for Rosie Perez and Jennifer Lopez’s big breaks
Johnson brought Perez and Lopez on to "In Living Color" when she left to make "House Party."
Adam Levine apologizes after 'horrible' Maroon 5 set draws backlash: 'I struggled a lot'
Adam Levine is speaking out after a Maroon 5 set in Chile on Thursday drew backlash. According to Twitter, Levine seemed "angry" and sang "off-key."
2020 presidential campaign spending nears $1B by Super Tuesday
2020 presidential hopefuls will spend close to $1 billion on their campaigns by Super Tuesday. Mike Bloomberg alone is spending close to $500 million. Other candidates are relying on super PAC funding. CBS News political unit associate producer Sarah Ewall-Wice joins CBSN to discuss campaign spending.
Sparks re-sign All-WNBA point guard Chelsea Gray
The Sparks have re-signed point guard Chelsea Gray, who was selected All-WNBA first team in 2019 after averaging 14.5 points, 5.9 assists and 3.8 rebounds per game.
This arrest shows you what virus China’s rulers truly fear
Hong Kong’s weekly democracy protests are on hiatus thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, but China is apparently hankering for more fire: On Friday, it arrested three pro-democracy activists — notably, the outspoken media tycoon Jimmy Lai — for “illegal assembly.” That charge can cover any public or private meeting that takes place without the prior...
Dee Rees and Anne Hathaway unpack the inevitable ending of 'The Last Thing He Wanted'
Spoiler alert: How the ending of Netflix's "The Last Thing He Wanted" reflects the film's political and social messages.
WHO raises coronavirus risk level as it spreads to more than 50 countries
The World Health Organization said the global risk from coronavirus is "very high." The announcement comes as health officials confirm the virus has spread to more than 50 countries. Dr. Jon LaPook joined CBSN with more on the growing outbreaks.
Risk of global spread 'very high' warns WHO as China situation stabilizes
'Shark Tank' recap: Sharks wage weighty battle to partner with Maria Sharapova
'Shark Tank' guest investor, retired tennis great Maria Sharapova, is into a deal for 80s-style workout gear, but other sharks battle to be partners.
Trump suggests his supporters vote in another Democratic primary, this time in South Carolina
President Donald Trump suggested his supporters in South Carolina cast their primary ballots for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during his rally Friday, the second straight Democratic primary in which he's suggested his supporters get involved.
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Trump revs up his supporters in South Carolina on the eve of the Democratic primary
South Carolina canceled its Republican primary this year. But that didn't stop President Trump from staging a rally in North Charleston on Friday, the eve of the state's Democratic primary.
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Everything’s combining to make NYC housing even less affordable
Community opposition killed another several hundred affordable-housing units this week, as a City Council land-use subcommittee nixed a rezoning plan for Lenox Terrace in Harlem. The plan would’ve allowed construction of five new 28-story towers with more than 1,500 units, plus retail space. A third of the apartments would’ve been allocated for affordable housing. Instead,...
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Scientists race to develop coronavirus vaccine
Scientists around the world are racing to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. CNN's Sanjay Gupta has more.
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Impersonator posing as Sanders campaign official attempted to arrange calls with Democratic candidates
An impersonator posing as a Bernie Sanders campaign official contacted at least two other Democratic presidential campaigns in an attempt to arrange calls with their candidates.
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Coronavirus: 5 unusual ways people reacted
Flights to China have been halted, television show productions shut down and new restrictions on who can visit where instituted. 
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These U.S. rugby sevens speedsters help carry momentum into Olympics
The emergence of U.S. rugby coincides with the maturation of speedy wings Carlin Isles and Perry Baker, who have become America's first superstars in the sport.
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Democrats’ disgraceful dissembling only increases coronavirus threat
In a clear sign that they’re not truly worried about the COVID-19 threat, many Democrats are using it as another club to hit President Trump — facts be damned. At Tuesday’s debate, Mike Bloomberg smugly asserted, “There’s nobody here to figure out what the hell we should be doing.” Trump, he claimed, has “defunded Centers...
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Amy Klobuchar abandons South Carolina as she looks ahead to Super Tuesday
As South Carolina Democratic voters head to the polls on Saturday, one name on the ballot has been noticeably absent from the state for nearly 48 hours ahead of the vote.
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Former Sen. Chuck Hagel says coronavirus crisis proves 'Congress has become captive to raw partisanship’
Former Sen. Chuck Hagel told Fox News Friday that the coronavirus outbreak should bring members of both parties together, rather than be used for political division.
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Save our city: Fix a property-tax system everyone knows is broken
They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. We waited nearly two years for the New York City Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform to release a report that told us what we already knew: Our property-tax system is broken and unfair because it benefits the wealthiest 1 percent and crushes the...
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Bernie Can’t Just Bypass the
There’s no way the plan is budget neutral.
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No-deal Brexit is back -- and it looks more likely than ever
The United Kingdom left the European Union on January 31. The world has since been mercifully quiet on the matter, and you'd be forgiven for assuming Brexit was over.
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Renée Zellweger rocks out to Jonas Brothers at LA benefit
“Katie Couric was watching and capturing it all on her phone."
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Trump rallies his base to treat coronavirus as a ‘hoax’
At South Carolina rally on the eve of the Democratic primary, the president sought to manage Americans’ expectations about the White House’s response to the outbreak.
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Tony Romo to earn approximately $17 million per year in new deal with CBS, per reports
Tony Romo is staying at CBS, signing a long-term deal to remain as the network's lead NFL analyst. The deal is worth $17 million a year, per reports.      
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How The Invisible Man Based Its Gaslighting Thriller on Real-Life Stories of Abuse
Writer-director Leigh Wannell and star Elisabeth Moss on weaving the realities of domestic violence into the new adaptation
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Mom goes viral for making her kid do pushups as punishment
A Texas mom forged a surprising friendship with a stranger thanks to a viral Facebook post and some pushups. Mom of two Molly Wooden took her kids to the Hobby Lobby bathroom in Killeen, Texas and noticed a 10-year-old boy giving his mom attitude. In return for his bad behavior, the mom ordered her son...
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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results: Goldberg's Next Opponent Revealed
John Cena returns to WWE Friday night— it's unclear why he's there, but rumors and speculation suggest that the 16-time world champion's WrestleMania 36 opponent will be revealed.
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