2019 NFL Free Agents: Which Available Players Can Still Be Key Contributors?

Free agency is a fleeting whirlwind of landscape-changing roster movement. The top talents are typically off the board within the first few days of the offseason as teams look to secure coveted targets...
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Eye Opener 8: Jimmy Carter undergoing brain procedure
A look back at what we've been covering on "CBS This Morning."
7 m
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Trump says some DACA recipients are "hardened criminals"
The Supreme Court is determining the fate of DACA recipients this week
9 m
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German prosecutors indict current and former Volkswagen managers
German prosecutors on Tuesday filed charges against a current Volkswagen manager as well as a former manager and two former board members, accusing them of a breach of fiduciary trust in connection with salary awards to works council members.
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Raheem Sterling has been dropped from England's next match after he gabbed a teammate 'by the throat' during a behind-the-scenes clash
Getty/Robbie Jay Barrett Raheem Sterling has been dropped from England's next match after reportedly grabbing the throat of his teammate Joe Gomez. According to Sky Sports, Sterling walked up to Gomez in the England canteen on Monday, grabbed his neck, and said "you think you're the big man now?" The pair had clashed a day prior when their two clubs met in the Premier League.  "One of the great challenges and strengths for us is that we've been able to separate club rivalries from the national team," Southgate said in an official statement. "Unfortunately the emotions of yesterday's game were still raw." Read more of our soccer stories here. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Raheem Sterling has been dropped from England's next match by manager Gareth Southgate after grabbing his teammate Joe Gomez's throat during a behind-the-scenes altercation. Sterling and Gomez clashed at the weekend during Manchester City's 3-1 defeat to Liverpool, and the disagreement spilled over into a "private team area" during international duty on Monday, according to Sky Sports.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:Cristiano Ronaldo was Juventus' worst player, had a goal stolen by a teammate, and left the pitch subbed off and frustrated in another underwhelming Champions League performanceA stalker who sent a pictures of underage girls and a photo of a coffin to an Italian footballer and his family has been jailed'Special' Carlos Vela is a 'fantastic leader and player' says the teammate of the new MLS MVP
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Tyson revenue, profit, miss as slaughterhouse fire hits beef business
Tyson Foods Inc fell short of Wall Street estimates for quarterly sales and profit on Tuesday as a fire at one of its slaughterhouses hit volumes in its beef business, the company's biggest segment.
Lamar Odom engaged to girlfriend Sabrina Parr: ‘She the one!’
Lamar Odom put a ring on it!
New York Post
Edward Snowden says autobiography has been censored in China
Sections on democracy and privacy appear to be missing in Chinese edition of Permanent RecordEdward Snowden, a former US National Security Agency contractor and whistleblower, has said that the Chinese version of his recently published autobiography has been censored.Snowden, who exposed massive US government surveillance programmes in 2013, posted on Twitter that parts of his book, Permanent Record, had been struck from the Chinese version published last week, in violation of his publishing agreement. Continue reading...
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Next year's Apple Watch might be suitable for diving
After a pretty impressive showing with the Apple Watch Series 5, what's left for Apple to improve on the next iteration, likely coming in 2020 under the name Apple Watch Series 6? According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), one feature that's coming is improved water resistance, alongside overall faster performance and improved wireless transmission.  These improvements will come, Kuo claims, with the use of new LCP (liquid crystal polymer) material for the circuit board in the Watch Series 6. This is different from Series 5, which uses PI (polyimide). The new model being speedier isn't exactly breaking news, but improved water resistance is interesting. According to Apple's specifications page, Apple Watch Series 5 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters (164 feet), and can be used for "shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean." It's not suitable for "scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth." Read more...More about Apple, Apple Watch, Tech, Consumer Tech, and Big Tech Companies
Jimmy Carter To Have Surgery To Relieve Pressure On His Brain
Former President Jimmy Carter, 95, was admitted to Emory University Hospital Monday evening for the procedure, accompanied by his wife, Rosalynn.
News : NPR
Elephant named after Osama bin Laden goes on rampage, killing five Indian villagers
This is no al-Qaeda heavyweight, but an elephant named after Osama bin Laden has finally been caught after killing five Indian villagers. Wildlife officers using drones and domesticated elephants tracked down the rampaging pachyderm dubbed “Laden” in northeastern Assam state, according to AFP. “We started the final leg of the operation today. … Two darts...
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Islamic State suspect deported by Turkey 'stranded on border'
An alleged Islamic State militant is stuck after Turkey deported him and Greece refused him entry.
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This "Christmas Shirt For Dog Lovers" is definitely a penis
Do you love Christmas? Do you love dogs? How about dongs? Well then I have just the shirt for you! Uhhhhh pretty sure that's not a dog? — Turkey Doom (@thomdunn) November 8, 2019 I mean I guess I can see how that's supposed to be a dog with the — wait, nope, that's definitely a dick. It's also available in a holly pattern, if you're so interested. Read the rest
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Jane Seymour: ‘Not every designer will dress someone my age’
The actor on sharing clothes with Donatella Versace and whether re-wearing outfits is acceptableThis dress was created for [the 1986 TV mini-series] Crossings, which was based on a Danielle Steel novel, but I also wore it to the People’s Choice awards in 1996. In those days, it was part of my contract that I was given all the costumes, so I had an amazing collection. Crossings was costumed by Nolan Miller, who was famous for designing the clothes for Dynasty. I was playing a very glamorous character and was going for that Rita Hayworth look. Around that time, actresses, instead of models, started showing off the fashion of the era. Unless you are a model, it’s not something you’re really equipped to do but, when you put a gown like that on, you become a character, even on the red carpet. You can’t come in like a church mouse.Nolan became a personal friend of mine – he knew that I used to design and make all my own clothes, so we collaborated on my costumes. When I was younger I didn’t have any money so I’d buy good fabric from Liberty – the offcuts that nobody wanted – or I’d go to vintage stores, bring-and-buy sales or church sales, and turn them into outfits for myself. Continue reading...
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Possible fireball caught on camera in St. Louis
A possible fireball was caught on camera in the sky over St. Louis. Experts say it could be debris from the Taurids meteor shower.
Why the NBA betting market is easier to read early
Reading the NBA market is very easy early in a young season. Those who learn how to bet like sharps can profit for months! Generally speaking, squares (recreational bettors) aren’t yet involved in pro basketball betting. They’re still focused on pro and college football. NBA point spreads you see on the board every day in...
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Hive raises $10.6 million to bolster project management with AI
Project management platform provider Hive has raised $10.6 million in a series A funding round led by Comcast Ventures, with participation from others.
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Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?
Felix Salmon asks Nathaniel Popper about investing in cryptocurrency. 
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Angry Birds celebrates 10 years of life with a charity campaign to get us all angry
The original Angry Birds launched on Dec. 11, 2019, almost exactly 10 years ago. And to celebrate the coming anniversary, Rovio Entertainment has put together a whole slate of activities. All of it will unfold under the banner of Rovio's "Bring the Anger" campaign, which is a lot happier than it sounds. Yes, a lot of us are angry as hell these days. But the basic premise here is for people to channel that anger in positive directions. The anniversary festivities will launch with an in-game Angry Birds 2 event. Throughout November, the game's community will be challenged to "pop" as many pigs as they can, with a community-wide target of 10 billion. In early December, shortly after the end of the event, all players will receive an in-game gift and a thank you message from Rovio revealing how many pigs were popped in total. Read more...More about Unicef, Angry Birds, Rovio, Spin, and Entertainment
This ultra-rugged charging cable that will last longer than your smartphone is on sale today
GO-TOUGH takes a different philosophy, making rock sturdy charging cables built to their company name: tough. Right now, you can check out one of their reinforced cables at $5 off the regular price; $21.24 for a Lightning cable, or $17 for a Micro-USB or USB-C model with coupon code "BFSAVE15" at checkout. 
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Master & Dynamic made a wireless version of its iconic MH40 headphones
Master & Dynamic's MH40 was first set of headphones the company designed, and it released it in 2014. In may ways, that model set the standard for what would become M&D's trademark design style: a refined mix of metal and leather. It makes se...
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These Are The Best-Selling Pot Brands In The Country
A new report offers a rare look at the biggest brands, categories, and trends in the top legal states.
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Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Wireless look and feel like $300, but don’t sound like it
Looks can be deceiving Despite costing up to $300 or $400, headphones like Bose’s Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, the Beats Solo Pro, or the Sony WH-1000XM3 don’t feel like they should cost that much. Their sound quality, comfort, and ability to completely zap out ambient sound with noise cancellation aren’t up for debate. But their plastic designs just don’t make for the best first impression. The inverse can be said of Master & Dynamic’s new MH40 Wireless, a wire-free version of its original over-ear cans. They are among the few $300 headphones that actually look and feel worthy of the investment. The plush leather ear cups and smooth canvas headband help to achieve that effect, but the aluminum detailing found all over the MH40 Wireless drives it home. As a sucker for build quality, these headphones ooze style, but more importantly, the feeling that I got my money’s worth. That feeling doesn’t extend, at least as fully, to the sound quality of these headphones or their feature set, which is limited. Compared to M&D’s original MH40, and even its new MW07 Plus truly wireless earbuds, the MH40 Wireless’ sound performance is weaker, with too much emphasis placed on high frequencies. I can usually count on this brand to go heavy on mids and highs, without overdoing it on either end. That results in a warm, exciting sound. And while these new wireless headphones are pleasant to listen to in the office (especially since they can maintain a connection to my phone and laptop at the same time), they sound noticeably compromised compared to M&D’s other products. This could be because the wireless MH40 headphones use 40mm drivers instead of the same 45mm-sized drivers from the wired version. That’s not a huge difference in size, though, so I’m not confident that this is the sole reason behind the change in sound. M&D told me that it strived to make these headphones lighter, so they can be comfortable enough for all-day use. It achieved that goal by replacing the original’s heavier steel frame with aluminum detailing. And in doing so, this fixes one of my biggest issues with the original MH40s. Their hefty weight meant that more clamping force was necessary to keep them snug on your noggin. These new headphones weigh less, and as a result, are much more comfortable to wear, so the change for the sake of ergonomics is one I can get behind. Certainly, this change is also a cost-cutting measure, and plausibly, it could have made other adjustments to, say, the drivers, ear cups, or other internal hardware in such a way that it impacts sound quality. It’s not that the MH40 Wireless sound bad, they don’t. It’s just that, based on my experience with Sony’s 2018 flagship wireless headphones, and my colleague Chris Welch’s collective knowledge on more recent competing models, they don’t sound nearly as good as what $300 can get you elsewhere. As far as executing on the main duties of modern wireless headphones — like playing music, handling phone calls, and using your preferred voice assistant to tell you the weather or the next event on your schedule — the MH40s can handle all of that. But they don’t go much beyond this bare minimum amount of functionality that I’ve come to expect from headphones, even those that are cheaper than this model. These don’t have noise cancellation or a transparency hearing mode, and the navigation buttons are tough to wrangle — and I haven’t gotten better at controlling them yet. These buttons are splayed behind the cylindrical barrel where the headband latches onto the right ear cup. Buttons should be easy to find, but they blend in on M&D’s wireless headphones a little too well, competing with other design touches that can be easily mistaken for buttons. For instance, the volume up button is too close to the ear cup hinge, which feels like a button. It helps that the volume and multifunction buttons are next to each other, so once you’ve found one, you’ve found them all. But even so, their precarious placement makes them prone to erroneous presses, and it just feels cramped, especially considering that the whole left ear cup goes unused. The right ear cup houses every single button, including the power button (which doubles as the pairing button), a USB-C charging port, and two beam-forming microphones. M&D claims 16 hours of battery life for the MH40 Wireless. That’s less than most other competing wireless headphones at this price. That’s forgivable, if they meet the claim, but they failed to do that during my week with them. Despite having a power-saving feature that turns them off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity, they failed to reach the 16-hour mark after each recharge. I’d estimate that I got around 12 hours of combined use each time. On the upside, these headphones charge quickly via USB-C. They can fully charge in about an hour, according to my testing. If you’re someone who is seeking out the best sound and most complete feature set (why wouldn’t you be?) available in a pair of $300+ headphones, there are other options you should be looking at instead — namely the ones that I listed above: Sony’s WH-1000XM3, the Bose Noise Cancelling 700, or Beats Solo Pro. The way that Master & Dynamic’s wireless MH40 look is their biggest asset, and that’s only worth so much if there isn’t much else going on inside. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.
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The Undeniable Blackness of Vine (RIP)
Vine was a white-hot sterling feature of a larger truth: The internet depends on black people.
James Harden: still good
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images We have that and more in Tuesday’s NBA newsletter. After a weird start to the season after an extra weird preseason trip to Asia, the Rockets are humming, winners of four straight and 7-3 on the season, in the mix of five presumptive West contenders within a half-game of No. 1. More importantly, James Harden is completely off the rails, averaging 37.3 points per game through 10, the highest average to start a season in 50 years. Adding high-usage Russell Westbrook has crimped Harden’s scoring exploits at all. Monday’s 39-point performance included a personal 13-0 run in the fourth quarter to break the game open. As Royce Young notes in the above-linked piece about Harden’s latest scoring record, the Rockets have been really good when just one of Harden and Westbrook are on the court and dicey when they are both on the court. We’ll see if that continues as the season wears on. Mike D’Antoni seems to be managing it well right now, and the duo really needs to play well together because you can’t sit Westbrook in crunch time against good teams and expect happiness. But having such a powerful gravitational body as Harden is just an incredible advantage. He’s on track for his third straight scoring title, and maybe the highest scoring average since the days of Wilt. There’s a lot of season left, but it’s never too early to be reminded that we’re witnessing one of the greatest scorers ever ply his trade right now. Scores Wolves 120, Pistons 114Mavericks 106, Celtics 116Grizzlies 113, Spurs 109Rockets 122, Pelicans 116Jazz 122, Warriors 108Raptors 88, Clippers 98 Schedule All times Eastern. Games on League Pass unless otherwise noted. Thunder at Pacers, 7Cavaliers at Sixers, 7, NBA TVPistons at Heat, 7:30Knicks at Bulls, 8Hawks at Nuggets, 9Lakers at Suns, 9Nets at Jazz, 9Blazers at Kings, 10, NBA TV Links I wrote about the true root of blame and fault in this latest Knicks nightmare amid pretty obvious evidence that the front office was trying to set up coach David Fizdale for a fall. Sure enough, later on Monday, ESPN’s Malika Andrews and Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Knicks front office is trying to push Fizdale to resign. Ricky O’Donnell explains the James Wiseman eligibility situation. Wiseman is expected to be a high draft pick. The Raptors remain an East contender even without Kawhi Leonard, writes Matt Ellentuck. Michael Sykes on how people are more interested in retro shoes heavy on leather than high-performance basketball shoes, no matter whose name is on them. Interesting comments from LeBron -- who is both a product of the AAU system and has a son in it right now -- on the AAU system’s impact on long-term player health. Oregon’s women’s basketball team beat a Team USA replete with WNBA stars. Good story on Isaiah Thomas rediscovering joy. De’Aaron Fox is out at least a month. Sigh. The crucial weakness in the Lakers’ defense. Tony Parker, the end of a tremendous era of Spurs basketball, and serendipity. T.J. Warren’s dramatic defensive transformation. Big win for the Celtics over the Mavericks without Gordon Hayward. Arguably, the Mavericks were without Kristaps Porzingis, who played 20 minutes (1-11 from the floor!). Future MVP Chris Boucher. Blake Griffin is back! But Andrew Wiggins detonated on the Pistons. Wiggins is averaging 25 points per game on better than league average efficiency. Michael McCann on what’s next for Dion Waiters. Barry Petchesky on the impossibility of sticking to sports. Be excellent to each other.
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The 3 victims of Lamar Jackson’s spin move I feel most sorry for
Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images The wild thing is, Jackson is capable of making EVERY team look like the Bengals. Kevin Harlan perfectly captured the experience of watching Lamar Jackson in three words. He watched the quarterback’s incredible run against the Bengals and then exclaimed, “He is Houdini!” Jackson appears to be a professional escape artist in addition to his duties as quarterback. Against the Bengals, he was seemingly trapped by three defenders and then suddenly, after a spin move, he wasn’t. Instead he was headed for a touchdown as defenders fell over themselves. LAMAR. JACKSON. That's it. That's the tweet. @lj_era8: CBS: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile:— NFL (@NFL) November 10, 2019 I’m a man of compassion, and there are three defenders on that play who I really feel sorry for. The first is Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap had perfect position as Jackson started running. He read the fake handoff well, fixing his eyes on Jackson the whole time. Yet Jackson just breezed right by him as if Dunlap didn’t exist. It’s one thing to be made a victim by Jackson through jukes and spins; it’s more heartbreaking to be totally ignored. Jackson is so much faster than Dunlap could wish to be that he doesn’t even consider the defender, who could only reach out his hand, hoping to grasp a piece of the man, a plea to be noticed in some way. The second defender I feel sorry for is Jessie Bates, the safety who Jackson meets after going past Dunlap. Look at him. He comes down into Jackson’s path, sets his feet, and seems confident he’s going to make the tackle. He must have envisioned it as soon as the play started, That he would be the one to take down the elusive quarterback. This would be his moment of glory. At least Jackson notices him enough to make a move, but all it takes is a hard feint to the left and Bates is out of the picture. Jackson dismisses him casually, as if Bates had poured out his feelings in several long text messages only for the quarterback to respond with, “wow, that’s crazy.” Bates’ pursuit afterwards is so pathetic and desperate, that his consciousness should have told him Jackson is just not interested in his companionship. Then there’s Nick Vigil. The true victim of the spin move. Shawn Williams was also a passenger on the merry-go-round, but Vigil felt the full force of it. Jackson turned Vigil, a grown man, into a bowling ball. He doesn’t just make Vigil fall, he spins so hard that Vigil loses his balance and takes out his own teammates in the process. The spin move had the same effect as a Mario Kart banana peel. What Jackson did to Vigil was so degrading that his teammates hopped over him as if he was simply debris. I could have said Jackson’s run was embarrassing to the Bengals as a whole and that it exemplified everything wrong with the franchise this season — their incompetence and general lack of ability. But players bumbling over themselves trying to tackle Jackson is nothing new. That inability to tackle him makes the Bengals just like every other team he has faced in his short career. And that’s the true power of the Ravens quarterback and his spin move. The Bengals may have been his victim this week, but he’s so electrifying he can make every team look like the Bengals at any moment.
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Donald Trump plans to make foreign aid conditional on religious freedom
President wants to apportion aid based on how countries treat religious minorities White House officials are reportedly drafting plans to make US foreign aid conditional on how countries treat their religious minorities, in an effort that is seen as a sop to Christian evangelicals in Donald Trump’s base.The move, which threatens to impose further constraints on a US foreign aid policy already heavily restricted under the Trump administration, was first reported by Politico following briefings from White House aides. Continue reading...
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Jimmy Carter admitted to hospital for procedure
Former President Jimmy Carter was admitted to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta ahead of a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain, the Carter Center announced in a statement posted to Twitter. - RSS Channel
3 Taliban figures released in bid to free captured U.S. professor
Afghan president announces decision to free the militants, hoping to secure release of American and Australian professors held since 2016
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Tennessee Titans' Taylor Lewan acknowledges mistakes: 'My penalties are f-----g awful'
Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan decided to beat himself up Sunday over his own mistakes on the field.
Andy McCarthy: Democrats' latest 'nonsense' accusation against Trump is a new low
Democrats' impeachment rhetoric shift -- from accusing President Trump of "quid pro quo" to extortion and bribery -- is inapplicable, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy said Tuesday.
Northern Echo sorry for publishing obituary of man who was alive
Family of Charlie Donaghy say newspaper did not contact them to check if he was deadThe Northern Echo has apologised “unreservedly” after publishing the obituary of a man who had not died.The newspaper, based in the north-east of England, said it had withdrawn the obituary of Charlie Donaghy, a lifelong supporter of grassroots sport in the region, and that it was pleased to report he was alive and well. Continue reading...
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200M US residents will deal with freezing temperatures
About 70% of the US will experience freezing temperatures this week as an Arctic blast hits two thirds of the country. Over 240 million people are under winter warnings, watches and advisories. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers has more. - RSS Channel
Co-author of leaked HS2 report demands his name is removed
Lord Berkeley at odds with chair of the Oakervee review over project costs and benefitsThe co-author of the Oakervee review into HS2 has demanded his name is removed from the report which calls for the high-speed line to be built in full.A leaked draft of the report shows that chairman Douglas Oakervee has endorsed the scheme, despite revising down the expected economic benefits. But his deputy and co-author Lord Berkeley, a prominent critic of HS2, said he would refuse to sign off the conclusions and was considering writing his own report. Continue reading...
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The Mandalorian’s first episode is a no-brainer reason to pay for Disney+
A bounty hunter's surprising journey in a post-Empire world: Giddy up, space cowboy.
Ars Technica
San Diego State University suspends fraternities after student dies
San Diego State University suspends 14 fraternities after 19-year-old Dylan Hernandez's death.
BBC News - Home
Disney+ launches: Everything you need to know
Disney+ is finally here to shake up the streaming wars even more, bringing favorites from “Aladdin” to “Star Wars” all in one place. The channel boasts hundreds of movies and TV shows and more than a dozen (for now) original series and films. In other words, plenty of content to keep Disney (and Marvel) fanatics...
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Avlon: Our polarized Congress can't address problems
CNN's John Avlon takes a closer look at political polarization in the US and its effect on democracy.
Bolivia seeks new leader as Morales heads for Mexico refuge
Bolivia's former leader Evo Morales was flying to Mexico for asylum on Tuesday as security forces sought to quell violence over the long-serving leftist's resignation and lawmakers searched for an interim replacement.
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New York Jets' Sam Darnold has playoffs on his mind
New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold expressed his confidence following the team’s win over the lowly New York Giants on Sunday.
Emanuel Gat: Works review – moving, mysterious dance is a delight
Sadler’s Wells, LondonRelationships between the Israeli choreographer’s idiosyncratic dancers play out on stage in a surreal and touching showThere’s a man in a dress, another wearing a kilt and bright yellow socks, and something to do with breakfast is going on. One dancer holds the mic: “Whirling dervish inside the cereal bowl,” he says, as they turn in a tight circle. Then he murmurs a line about spam and eggs, accompanied by little hand gestures. Whether these words have spawned the dance, or are surreal interpretations of it, who knows. But there is always rigorous method – however mysterious – in the inner workings of Emanuel Gat’s dance.The Israeli choreographer, based in France, has been making work for 25 years in a way you might call algorithmic, setting up tasks and parameters, then letting the dancers play out the resulting patterns. But instead of cold maths, the effect is fresh and alive, with the dancers essentially creating a new performance each time they go on stage. You can hear them shouting out reference numbers: “Five ...” one will say. “Go!” Before launching into new phrases that shift and splice with unseen logic. Continue reading...
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Aussie ‘E-Crime Squad’ arrests crypto exchange owner, seizing his Bitcoin ATM
Australian detectives have arrested a 38-year-old man as part of an investigation into an unregistered cryptocurrency exchange. The man, a resident in Cairnlea — a Melbourne suburb — was arrested at home, where police seized “a substantial amount of cash and false identification documents.” Authorities also seized a cryptocurrency ATM from a shopping mall in nearby Braybrook, which according to Google Maps is approximately 8 kilometres away from Cairnlea. The investigation began in June after the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), a government financial intelligence agency tasked with monitoring transactions, provided intelligence regarding reports of scam activity linked… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin
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Montgomery, Alabama, a cradle of the civil rights movement, will swear in its first black mayor Tuesday
Alabama's capital city, a hub of the civil rights movement decades ago, is about to gain its first African-American mayor in its 200-year history.
The actor who played Neville Longbottom in 'Harry Potter' told Tom Felton to 'speak for yourself' after the Malfoy actor said 'aging's a b----'
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the "Harry Potter" movies, teased Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, about aging. Felton posted a photo on Instagram recently where he posed next to a younger portrait of himself, and wrote "aging's a bitch" as the caption. Lewis, who is good friends with Felton in real life, commented on the photo "Speak for yourself lad!" Lewis famously aged very well. So much so, the term "Longbottoming" means to get more attractive as you grow up. "You've got a whole term named after you, that's not even fair! We can't all Longbottom!" one person responded in the comments. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Actor Matthew Lewis has lightly mocked his "Harry Potter" co-star Tom Felton over aging, much to the delight of their dedicated fans. In the Harry Potter film series, the nervous Neville Longbottom, played by Lewis, is frequently derided by the conniving Draco Malfoy, portrayed by Felton.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 9 items to avoid buying at CostcoSee Also:Tom Felton said 'aging's a b----' while posing beside a portrait of him playing Draco Malfoy aged 12An Instagram fitness star called out 'mom-shaming' on one of her bikini photos: 'Since when were mothers no longer allowed to feel sexy?'Helen Mirren said she was flattered to be mistaken for Keanu Reeves' new love interest who's 28 years younger than her
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There's 22 million gallons of nuclear waste under a concrete dome on a Pacific Island, and it's sinking
The Los Angeles Times has a harrowing new story about Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Japanese forces invaded the small Pacific nation and its residents during World War I, and the United States did the same during World War II under that classic guise of "liberation." But the US was hardly acting altruistically, at the time nor since then. The islands' location made it a prime strategic military base in the Pacific. It was also isolated enough to make it a convenient nuclear testing site—if you disregarded the 72,000 people who lived there, of course. Between 1946 and 1962, US military experiments produced 108 megatons of nuclear yield in the Marshall Islands— about 80% of the country's total radioactive waste output from nuclear testing. That's the equivalent 1.6 atomic bombs dropped every day for 12 years. And after the US decided to gradually cede control of the land back to the Marshallese people, we just kind of … left it all behind.  We were kind enough to pour a bunch of concrete on top of the 22 million gallons of nuclear waste left behind on one specific island, creating the Runit Dome. But that dome is still there. And the concrete is starting to crack. And sea levels are rising rapidly, particularly in the Pacific, further accelerating that erosion process. Now the Dome—affectionately and appropriately called "The Tomb" by the locals—is threatening to leach all of that nuclear waste into the land and the ocean. I realize that an island-sized nuclear waste dump called "The Tomb" in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sounds like some straight-up Godzilla sci-fi shit. Read the rest
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Donald Trump Jr’s disastrous book launch may seem funny – but there’s a very dark side to the booing | Arwa Mahdawi
It’s easy to laugh, but we have to recognise a stark reality. This administration has emboldened the far right so much they’re now coming after JrThe intolerant left is at it again. I regret to inform you that, in yet another case of political correctness gone mad, the woke brigade has shut down free speech and censored a courageous conservative intellectual. Over the weekend, Donald Trump Jr was heckled off stage while promoting his new book – Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us – at the University of California.Oh, hang on a minute. It looks like it wasn’t the hateful left that silenced the president’s eldest son; it was his own supporters. You see, shortly after Sunday’s event kicked off, Trump Jr informed the audience that there wouldn’t be a Q&A because leftwingers would inevitably twist his words. The lack of dialogue enraged a far-right faction of the crowd who believe the Trump administration isn’t anti-immigrant enough and were eager to challenge Jr on this. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Smart Tips for Equipping Your Photography Business, Whether You're on a Budget or Not
Find out which essential pieces of equipment you'll need to start and run your photography business.
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.
As impeachment probe starts new phase, Trump promises another transcript
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday dangled a new line of defense a day before Congress' impeachment inquiry into his dealings with Ukraine goes public, promising to release details about another call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.
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Brazilian Grand Prix: Ferrari's Charles Leclerc faces 10-place grid penalty for new engine
Ferrari say Charles Leclerc will have a 10-place grid penalty at this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix because of a new engine.
BBC Sport - Sport