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Rihanna and Céline Dion double up on designer bags
Why tote around one pricey purse when you can carry a pair?
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New York Post
De Blasio formally guarantees pay hikes for pre-K educators
Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson formalized the deal they struck with early education teacher unions guaranteeing pay hikes over the next three years, officials announced Monday. The accord with District Councils 37 and 1701 will boost salaries for certified pre-K educators by $17,000 to $20,000, depending on their level of...
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New York Post
Climate crisis striking a blow for windfarms, new research suggests
Scientists say shifting ocean circulation patterns may have triggered rapid wind speed riseThe global climate crisis could help to generate more renewable electricity by spurring faster wind speeds for the world’s growing number of windfarms, according to new research.Scientists have discovered that the world’s shifting ocean circulation patterns may have triggered a rapid increase in wind speeds over the last 10 years. Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
If you wait until Black Friday, you may miss out on these deals
TL;DR: Smartwatches and fitness trackers from brands like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin are on sale at Walmart and Amazon ahead of Black Friday. In case you haven't noticed, this year's Black Friday sale-a-thon falls unusually late in November. (Nov. 29, to be exact.) That may seem like nothing more than a fun bit of trivia, but it's actually pretty important if you care about saving money. Since retailers have some extra time to build up hype for their holiday sales, early-bird shopping has almost never been better. Case in point: Amazon and Walmart are both currently offering tons of discounts on dozens of smartwatches and fitness trackers made by brands like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin — discounts so good, it's possible that some models may sell out before Black Friday finally gets here. Read more...More about Apple, Fitness Trackers, Smartwatches, Black Friday, and Mashable Shopping
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Rare syndrome causes man’s eye to ‘glow’
A rare syndrome caused a 44-year-old man’s eye to eerily resemble the flaming Eye of Sauron from “The Lord of the Rings.” The case came to light when the man, who was not identified in a report recently detailed in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), went to an eye clinic to reestablish care...
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New York Post
Report: JuJu Smith-Schuster Has Knee Injury, Concussion; Week 12 Status Unknown
Pittsburgh Steelers star JuJu Smith-Schuster's status for Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals is in doubt after he suffered a knee injury and a concussion in Thursday's loss to the Cleveland Browns...
Browns HC Kitchens: 'Myles Garrett's a Good Person...I'm Going to Support Him'
Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens stands by Myles Garrett as the defensive end faces an indefinite suspension for hitting Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph ...
Taylor Swift can perform whatever she wants at the American Music Awards
Big Machine Label Group and Swift reached an agreement.
New York Post
London Stock Exchange criticised for including G4S on ethical index
Campaigners accuse security company of links to rights violations in UK and abroadHuman rights campaigners have criticised the London Stock Exchange Group for including G4S on ethical investment indices, after the British security company was accused of contributing to human rights violations.The FTSE4Good index, run by the London Stock Exchange Group’s FTSE Russell subsidiary, has included G4S for the past three years. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
I drove Arcimoto’s bizarre electric three-wheeler through New York City traffic
Photo by Andrew Hawkins / The Verge Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer has one rule for driving his hot-off-the-production-line electric three-wheeler: “Do not crash the FUV into the other FUV.” FUV stands for “fun utility vehicle,” which is the name of the delightfully weird electric vehicle. (It’s also Arcimoto’s stock ticker.) My first thought was that it was a dad joke gone too far, but Frohnmayer corrects me: his own mother came up with the name. “Do not crash the FUV into the other FUV” It’s a brisk November afternoon in New York City, and I’m driving a red FUV, with Frohnmayer seated behind me. We’re cruising along Riverside Drive on the Upper West Side, following close behind an orange FUV being driven by Arcimoto’s press guy, Jon. Frohnmayer has to yell in my ear to be... Continue reading…
The Verge
In Russia, power pole runs into you
Whoever installed this power pole support in the middle of a road in Vladimir, Russia decided it would be a waste of money to erect the support in such a way that a driver wouldn't hit it and die. <em>Image: YouTube</em> Read the rest
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Mysterious 'humanoid' figures discovered in Peru
Over 140 mysterious new geoglyphs have been discovered in Nazca, Peru, including strange ‘humanoid’ figures.
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'Shine On with Reese' on Netflix is soothing female empowerment TV
Some watch The Office reruns to unwind. Others get lulled into the shiplap-covered wonderworld of HGTV. As for me, I spent a lovely weekend bingeing Netflix's Shine On with Reese, an Oprah-esque talk show starring Reese Witherspoon that is perfect soothing female empowerment TV. Shine On originally aired on DirecTV last year, but became streamable on Netflix earlier this month. Each roughly 20-minute episode features Witherspoon meeting up with a powerful woman in a specific industry and talking to her about her path to success, the hurdles they overcame, and how they got where they are today. Every story reliably follows the same formula, much like the calming haze of Queer Eye, and you know you're going to get a sweet happy ending. The Hollywood episodes have bold-faced names you probably love — Dolly Parton! Ava DuVernay! — but the ones outside The Industry are equally fascinating.  Read more...More about Netflix, Reese Witherspoon, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows
The CIA reportedly worked with an Iraqi informant code named “Donnie Brasco,” who feared for his life and ultimately defected to Iranian intelligence
REUTERS/Lucas Jackson Iranian intelligence officers have used financial incentives and gifts to lure away Iraqi spies formerly working for the CIA, according to a new trove of leaked documents reported on jointly by The Intercept and The New York Times. The first section of the Intercept's five-part report offers both extremely sophisticated examples of intelligence implicating top Iraqi officials and clumsy tales of operations gone wrong. One of the top political advisers to the speaker of the Iraqi Parliament may have been an Iranian spy, leaked cables show. Iranian intelligence reportedly tried to recruit Iraqi CIA informants with gold after the US withdrew its  troops in 2011. Iranian intelligence reportedly tried to elaborately break into a German cultural institute only to realize they had brought the wrong keys to unlock a safe. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. American and Iranian intelligence officers have been conducting a just below the surface espionage war in Iraq, and Iran has a strong upper hand. In many cases, spies who once worked for the United States have defected and joined divulged information to Iran in exchange for safety, money, and gifts. That's according to a series of leaked Iranian intelligence documents that were anonymously sent to the Intercept who shared them with The New York Times. The two media sites jointly released reports describing the contents of the documents today. Insider does not have access to the original leaked documents and could not verify their authenticity.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 9 items to avoid buying at CostcoSee Also:America’s most notorious white nationalist says he knew Stephen Miller ‘quite well’ while they were members of a Duke University conservative clubTrump jokingly told Jewish donors that he could one day be Israel’s prime ministerGeorge and Kellyanne Conway appeared on opposing TV networks after Wednesday’s impeachment hearings, and had extremely different takeaways
Business Insider
Saudi Aramco flotation is a failure before it has even begun
World’s most profitable company missed all three of its IPO goals and shares have not yet started tradingBy all the main advertised yardsticks of success, the flotation of Saudi Aramco can be called a failure even before the shares have started trading.Once upon a time, the word’s most profitable company was going to be worth $2tn (£1.5tn), the number coveted by the Saudi Arabian crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. That’s not happening. The official price range for the initial public offering (IPO) was set at the weekend at $1.6tn to $1.7tn. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Kids playing hide-and-seek in Texas find dead man’s body
A game of hide-and-seek took a macabre turn over the weekend when children in Texas found a dead man’s body, police said. The body was discovered by kids playing outside apartment building in west Fort Worth just before 1 p.m. Saturday, The body was discovered by kids playing outside The Park at Bellevue apartment complex in...
New York Post
Raccoon posse shows up after homeowner feeds one
After being fed by a kind homeowner in Bremerton, Washington, this raccoon returned with some hungry buddies later on for yet another meal. The shocked man was able to catch his unexpected visitors on camera in this hilarious clip.   Subscribe to our YouTube!
New York Post
Most young people enjoy ‘Friendsgiving’ more than Thanksgiving
Seven in 10 young Americans prefer “Friendsgiving” over a traditional Thanksgiving, according to new research. A poll of 2,000 Americans – aged 18–38 – found 68 percent say celebrating Friendsgiving is their preferred method of engaging in the autumnal celebration. And results revealed 62 percent say they don’t enjoy hosting or even attending a traditional...
New York Post
While leading nationally, Joe Biden faces headwinds in Iowa
In interviews with a dozen top Democratic leaders, officials and strategists, many expressed concerns about Biden's standing in Iowa
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
WeWork braces for mass layoffs this week
One month after WeWork's former CEO, Adam Neumman, received a massive payout despite all but running the company into the ground, more than 12,000 global staffers are bracing for mass layoffs this week. - RSS Channel
John Legere, colorful CEO of T-Mobile, to step down
Exec's longtime deputy will take the helm, vowing that rivals "will have no idea what's about to hit them"
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
This abandoned hotel in Croatia was once so luxurious that its swimming pool was reportedly filled with champagne. Here's what it looks like today.
Tor Lindstrand When the Haludovo Palace Hotel opened in the 1970s, it was one of the most luxurious vacation spots in former Yugoslavia. Bob Guccione, the owner of Penthouse magazine, invested $45 million into the resort, allowing it build a glamorous casino.  Penthouse "pets" served guests champagne, lobster, and endless caviar. But the hotel fell into financial trouble less than a year after opening. The whole resort eventually closed around 1991 when civil war broke out. Today it is completely abandoned, furniture has been stolen, and windows are smashed. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. In the summer of 1972, the Haludovo Palace Hotel on Krk, Croatia, opened its doors to the wealthiest of the west. Hostesses known as "pets" served endless supplies of champagne, caviar, and lobsters to guests as they sunbathed under the sun, and the owner of "Penthouse" magazine poured $45 million into the resort to build a casino. But a year later and suffering from a lack of foreign visitors, it faced financial struggles. The Haludovo Palace Hotel toned down its extravagance and continued hosting guests until civil war broke out in 1991. Suddenly, the entire resort was filled with refugees and every last appliance and piece of furniture was stolen. While the hotel's foundation is still intact, there have been no plans to redevelop it. What was once an extravagant getaway in the '70s is now an eerie shell of a resort. Keep scrolling to look at what remains of this once opulent vacation spot.The Haludovo Palace Hotel opened its doors in the summer of 1972 in former Yugoslavia. Google Maps The Haludovo Palace Hotel was built in the Croatian town of Malinska on the island of Krk, just south of the mainland. It was directly across from Venice and quickly became a premier destination for warm weather, beautiful rocky beaches, and luxury cuisine.  Unlike other Eastern European countries under Soviet rule, Yugoslavia had laws that allowed for foreign investments in casinos and gambling. Harry Dempster/Daily Express/Getty Images The catch was that only foreign tourists could take part in gambling, not Yugoslavian residents. This placed increased pressure on casinos to attract wealthy westerners. Bob Guccione, the founder of "Penthouse," an adult-themed magazine, pounced at the opportunity to expand his brand into hospitality. Ted Thai/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images He threw $45 million at the Haludovo Palace Hotel and it opened the Penthouse Adriatic Club, which included a casino. The casino was predicated to compete with Las Vegas and attract the wealthiest tourists.  See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Interior designers reveal the 10 decorating rules you should never break6 celebrities who have opened up about their polyamorous relationships10 of the weirdest things that celebrities collect, from Angelina Jolie's daggers to Tom Hanks' 120 typewriters
Business Insider
Aaron Judge attends ex-teammate’s wedding with girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck
The couple also reportedly hit a Suns game earlier this month.
New York Post
Israel’s West Bank Settlements Do Not Violate International Law, U.S. to Say
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was set to announce the shift, which may doom peace efforts, on Monday afternoon.
NYT > Home Page
Howto: Extend your wrists' duty-cycle
People make fun of me when I talk about extending my wrists' duty cycle, but I earn the vast majority of my living with the parts of my body north of my chin and south of my elbows, and those are all pretty fragile, easily-damaged parts of your body. Ergnomic Trends' list of "8 Best Hand and Wrist Exercises for Computer Users" were largely familiar to me, but I'm seriously loving "thumb touches." Thumb touches help to increase coordination in the thumb and forefingers, and also help to reintroduce blood flow back to the area: 1. Hold your hands outwards with your palms facing the ceiling 2. With your right hand, slowly bring your thumb to touch the tip of every finger 3. Repeat on the other hand 4. Return to the starting position 5. Repeat five times with both hands Preventing Injury: 8 Best Hand and Wrist Exercises for Computer Users [Ergonomic Trends] (via Four Short Links) Read the rest
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FBI spoke with George Bush’s brother over $300K meeting with OneCoin’s missing ‘Cryptoqueen’
The attorney for alleged OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott has made an interesting claim in court: that Neil Bush, the brother of former president George W. Bush was paid $300,000 to meet with the scam‘s missing “Cryptoqueen,” Ruja Ignatova. Scott’s attorney has told US court that Bush met Ignatova in regards to a $60 million loan to buy an African oil field using, in part, OneCoin cryptocurrency, Law360 reports. The deal was to be funded by Hoifu Energy, a company run by Chinese businessman Dr. Hui Chi Ming, who was also said to be in attendance. Hoifu Energy was to… This story continues at The Next Web
The Next Web | International technology news, business & culture
Netflix has a documentary about extremely creepy founder of Bikram Yoga
If you want to quickly find out about what kind of person Bikram Choudhury is, watch this interview, in which the yoga teacher and alleged serial rapist claims that women are begging to pay him $1,000,000 for a single drop of his sperm and that four women committed suicide because he denied them sex. If you want to know more about Choudhury, you can watch an upcoming Netflix documentary about him, called Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, premiering November 20, 2019. Daily Beast has a review: [A]t closed-off, multi-week classes held at hotels around the country, Bikram was constantly supplied Bikram with fresh new females who wanted nothing more than to earn his favor. Sexual assault—quite a lot of it, by many accounts—followed, although out of fear of being kicked out of the profession they loved, most refused to publicly speak out. Sarah Baughn changed all that, filing suit against Bikram in March 2013 for allegedly trapping her in his hotel room and forcibly trying to initiate sex. Though she was condemned and ostracized by those in Bikram’s camp, other ugly stories soon emerged, including from Larissa Anderson, who says she was raped by Bikram in his home, and from Jafa-Bodden, who sued Bikram for unlawful termination after she refused to continue being party to his predatory behavior. Doing the guru no favors are deposition videos in which he pleads the fifth and, when speaking, curses Jafa-Bodden’s attorney Carla Minnard and admits that the four things he doesn’t like are “cold weather, cold food, cold hearts and cold pussy.” Facing multiple lawsuits and sexual harassment allegations, Choudhury fled the United States for India in 2016, where he is operating yoga studios. Read the rest
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Evan Peters and Halsey pack on the PDA all over Santa Monica
Things are heating up between Evan Peters and Halsey.
New York Post
Inside Alan Moore's Head
With The Watchmen now on teevee, I hope that many more people will dive into the magickal brilliance of Alan Moore who co-created the original comic in 1987 along with other seminal works like V for Vendetta and Batman: The Killing Joke. Over at the Daily Grail, Greg points us to a fantastic web video series of 5-minute mind grenades with Moore. Below are two of my favorite segments in the 8-part series, titled "Inside Alan Moore's Head." You can also view them on YouTube. image: Fimb (CC BY 2.0) Read the rest
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Three killed in Walmart shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma
Three people are dead after a shooting at a Walmart parking lot in Duncan, Oklahoma.        
USATODAY - News Top Stories
Juno ride-hailing app shuts down and will ask users to join Lyft instead
New York-based ride-hailing service Juno announced Monday that it was putting the brakes on its business.
New York Post
Pompeo expected to announce U.S. softening position on Israel's Jewish settlements : administration official
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to announce on Monday the United States is softening its position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, a Trump administration official said on Monday.
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Amazon takes large step forward to shelter Seattle’s homeless families
Amazon has opened its doors to Seattle homeless families in need by investing in Mary’s Place. Program manager Mary Hartman founded Mary’s Place 20 years ago as a day center for unsheltered women. In the spring of 2020, Mary’s Place is set to open a state-of-the-art shelter — the largest dedicated permanent shelter for families...
New York Post
Amazon Rainforest Sees Biggest Spike In Deforestation In Over A Decade
Not since 2008 has the Amazon been destroyed at a faster rate, according to Brazilian authorities. They say an area more than 12 times the size of New York City was deforested in the span of a year.
News : NPR
This dog is best friends with a ferret, and the photos of their unlikely friendship will make your day
nova_n_pacco/Instagram Nova the dog and Pacco the ferret are best friends. Their owner, Diana Grib, documents their friendship on the Instagram account @nova_n_paco. Their favorite things to do together include tug-of-war with a ball and playful fighting. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Unlikely friendships are the most fun to root for. Especially when both parties are adorable, fluffy animals. Diana Grib's dog, Nova, and her ferret, Pacco, became best buds when she added Pacco to the family four months ago. She shares photos of their adventures and snuggles on Instagram, each snapshot cuter than the last (seriously, someone give them a sitcom already). Here are a few highlights from their blossoming friendship.Meet Nova and Pacco. nova_n_pacco/Instagram Nova is the dog, and Pacco is the ferret. They live in Vilnius, Lithuania, with Diane Grib. nova_n_pacco/Instagram They enjoy exploring their surroundings. Grib has had Nova for two-and-a-half years and Pacco for four months, but it didn't take them long to become inseparable. nova_n_pacco/Instagram "It took only one day for them to become best buds, as they couldn't resist playing with each other," she told Insider. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster used to be afraid of dogs. Then he met Boujee.The 10 most-binged shows on Netflix in 2019, so farThe 12 most disappointing movies of 2019, so far
Business Insider
House investigating if Trump lied to Mueller during Russia probe
The House of Representatives is investigating whether President Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller in written answers he provided in the Russia probe, the House’s general counsel said in federal court Monday according to reports. “Did the President lie? Was the President not truthful in his responses to the Mueller investigation?” House general counsel...
New York Post
BMW's i4 electric sedan will boast a 373-mile range
Ahead of its official debut of the vehicle sometime in 2021, BMW has shared new details and images of its upcoming all-electric i4 sedan. According to the German automaker, the i4 will feature a new 80kWh capacity battery with a maximum range of 600k...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
The 25 most expensive ZIP codes in America in 2019
Katie Warren/Business Insider Real estate blog Property Shark has released its annual ranking of the most expensive ZIP codes in the United States. For the third year in a row, Silicon Valley suburb Atherton took the top spot. The median sale price in Atherton, California, was $7 million in 2019 — up almost 43% from 2017. The country's second-priciest ZIP code is the tiny Hamptons village of Sagaponack in New York, where the median sale price is $4.3 million. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There's a lot of expensive real estate in California.  Property Shark released its annual ranking of the most expensive ZIP codes in America on Monday, and California dominates with 91% of the cities on the list. Property Shark's ranking is based on median home sale prices. Atherton, California's 94027 remains the most expensive ZIP code, with a $6.7 million median home sale price — that's up almost 43% from 2017, when it first jumped to the top of the list. Located within striking distance of Google, Facebook, Tesla, and other tech giants' headquarters, Atherton is home to many of Silicon Valley's 1%.  ZIP codes in New York, Washington, Florida, and Massachusetts also appeared on the list, and a Brooklyn ZIP code broke into the top 100 for the first time. Below, take a closer look at the top 25 most expensive ZIP codes in America. Tanza Loudenback contributed to a previous version of this article.25. Bridgehampton, New York (11932) Getty Images County: Suffolk Median sale price (2019): $2,550,000 24. Newport Coast, California (92657) Beach Media/Shutterstock County: Orange Median sale price (2019): $2,585,000 23. Stanford, California (94305) Getty Images County: Santa Clara Median sale price (2019): $2,600,000 See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The East Coast's priciest ZIP code is a tiny Hamptons village of 322 residents. Here's what it's like living in Sagaponack, where the median home price is $4.3 million.The 15 most expensive homes sold in the US over the past decade, rankedA sprawling ranch outside of Park City just sold for $32.5 million and became the most expensive home sale in Utah's history. Take a look inside.SEE ALSO: The East Coast's priciest ZIP code is a tiny Hamptons village of 322 residents. Here's what it's like living in Sagaponack, where the median home price is $4.3 million. DON'T MISS: The Beverly Hills estate that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt spent 3 years renovating before their divorce just got a $4.5 million price cut. Here's a look inside the $44.5 million home.
Business Insider
Derek Hough does sexy dance on meds after getting appendix out
Now he's dancing with the scars.
New York Post
Marine Vet Freed by Iran in 2016 Sues U.S. Over Unpaid Compensation
Amir Hekmati, an American imprisoned and mistreated by Iran, was found eligible for $20 million from a special United States government fund. The government has withheld payment, and now he is suing.
NYT > Home Page
California to stop buying GM, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler vehicles over emissions fight
California said on Monday it will halt all purchases of new vehicles for state government fleets from GM, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler and other automakers backing President Donald Trump in a battle to strip the state of authority to regulate tailpipe emissions.
How to Manage Conflict at Work
You may think that you have the world’s most exceptional colleagues, but sooner or later, you’ll have a conflict at work. Unfortunately, conflict at work and misunderstandings happen all the time, so managing them in a proper way to minimize their effect on your productivity is critical to achieving career goals. The effects of how […] The post How to Manage Conflict at Work appeared first on ReadWrite.
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Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday 2019 is nearly upon us with an official start date of December 2. If you're someone who tends to avoid the rush of Black Friday for the smooth experience of buying online on the following Monday, then this the buying holiday you've been waiting for. Christmas is just around the corner, and it's […]
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Sony Immersive Wearable Speaker review: Fun to use, hard to recommend
Sony Immersive Wearable Speaker $300 View Product The Good Comfortable to wear for long periods of time • Excellent audio boost • Vibration is immersive but can be turned off The Bad Lack of Bluetooth limits its uses • Hard to recommend at $300 • Doesn't really solve any problems The Bottom Line Sony's Immersive Wearable Speaker is fun to mess around with, but not a must-buy. ⚡ Mashable Score 3.0 😎 Cool Factor 4.0 📘Ease of Use 4.5 💪Performance 4.0 💵Bang for the Buck 2.0 When Sony first showed me its newest product, the not-so-elegantly dubbed Immersive Wearable Speaker, I couldn't quite figure out why it existed. After testing it out at home for a couple of days, I still don't know the answer to that question. Read more...More about Sony, Audio, Wearable Tech, Portable Speakers, and Tech
Turn Your Charts Into xkcd-Style Charts With These Tools
I believe in charts. A good chart can stick an important fact into your mind and keep it there. And some of the best come from Randall Munroe’s webcomic xkcd. Now you can turn any chart into an xkcd chart, if you have the data and know a little code.Read more...
Can Cannabis Help Redefine Capitalism?
The nascent industry has the potential to put values ahead of profits.
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.
NFL Power Rankings Week 12: 2019-20 Conference Standings and Super Bowl Odds
Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season was short on surprises, showing how firm the league's hierarchy is becoming...
From Podcast to Streaming Music Ad Creative — Different Approaches Yield Different Results
At Business Insider Intelligence, our mission is to bring you the most important insights, data and analysis from the digital world. So when we come across outstanding research from our partners that we think our audience can benefit from, we like to make sure you hear about it.  That's why we're giving you a preview of eMarketer's new report: Digital Audio Advertising . You can purchase and download the full report here. More people than ever in the US are spending time with digital audio, leading to growing advertising opportunities. To properly communicate with audiences, advertisers should make sure the right creatives are used with the right audio formats. Otherwise, they run the risk of annoying or alienating their audiences. In a July 2019 survey conducted by customer experience analytics firm Bizrate Insights and commissioned by eMarketer, almost half of US internet users considered audio ads on music streaming services or podcasts to be annoying. So how are audio advertisers catering to consumers and cutting through the clutter?See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Google smart speaker shipments plummet amid industry growthLemonade postponed its plans to go public this year due to concerns about current market conditionsTHE ESPORTS ECOSYSTEM: The key players and trends driving the red-hot, fast-growing esports space that's on track to surpass $1.5 billion by 2023
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