77 skovbrande hærger det østlige Australien og dræber to

To er dræbt, tre er meldt savnet, og flere end 100 hjem er blevet ødelagt af flammer i Australien.
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Nike finally made Sabrina Ionescu jerseys, and they sold out in hours
Yes, it’s good Nike made them but they clearly did not make enough. Sabrina Ionescu may be the most popular college basketball player across both the men’s and women’s game right now. She’s back for her senior season in Oregon and is the runaway No. 1 pick for the WNBA draft next year where she’ll head to Brooklyn to play for the Liberty. Her team also just beat Team USA in a scrimmage. She’s kind of a big deal. But until this week, it was impossible to buy her jersey anywhere. Yes, Nike sells plenty of college football and men’s basketball jerseys but a jersey for Ionescu did not exist. And so like most things, Ionescu publicly roasted Nike and got them to do the thing they should have done a long time ago. They started to sell Oregon No. 20 jerseys. The Sabrina Ionescu jersey timeline This all started on November 5th when Ionescu herself tweeted this out: Why is @Nike not making @OregonWBB jerseys yet!?!? I’m running out of excuses — Sabrina Ionescu (@sabrina_i20) November 5, 2019 Then, magically, on November 9th, Sabrina tweeted that the jerseys would be available soon. It’s amazing how Nike could turn this around so fast. It’s almost like they should have already been doing this, and that they even have the resources to handle it! Thank you @Nike, what an honor! Hoping this is the start of many more female athletes being represented! #GoDucks— Sabrina Ionescu (@sabrina_i20) November 9, 2019 On the 11th, the official Oregon Ducks store tweeted at 5:38pm EST that the jerseys were available. They got a response from a user at 7:40pm saying they were sold out. I have no idea how many jerseys Nike made available and that information is not public but it was clearly not enough. Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends!! #20 jerseys are here!— The Duck Store (@TheDuckStore) November 11, 2019 But in more concerning news, it appears Nike won’t restock the white jerseys. Either Nike is incredibly lame or they’re going to make the upcoming green jersey endlessly available. I hope it’s the latter but I won’t get my hopes up. We are not expecting another shipment of the white jerseys, however, we’re anticipating receiving the green jerseys later in the season! Stay tuned!— The Duck Store (@TheDuckStore) November 13, 2019 We haven’t even gotten to the part where Ionescu will get 0% of profit from this but hey, I guess we have to fight one battle at a time. Women’s sports are incredibly underserved from a merchandise perspective. Every season WNBA fans beg for more merchandise and jersey options but aren’t given much to work with. During the 2019 World Cup, the Women’s Home jersey became the No. 1 soccer jersey ever sold on within a season. Meanwhile, the NWSL is planning expansion based on the popularity of merchandise and sales. These numbers show the interest is there in case after case. If Nike believes in equality and change like it claims, it needs to start stepping up its support for women’s sports.
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Adobe Lightroom for iPad and iOS will directly import photos
It's been a long time coming, but you can finally import photos directly from your SD card or USB drive into the iOS version of Lightroom. Previously, users had to import images to their camera roll, then copy them over into Lightroom's library. This...
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'Subpoena Colada': DC bars offer impeachment-themed drinks during first day of hearings
Some Washington D.C. bars are offering impeachment-themed drinks, early openings, and public broadcasts as the country gears up for Day One of the hearings on Capitol Hill Wednesday -- and the "Fox & Friends" hosts want in on the action.
Hunt for missing New Jersey woman Stephanie Parze moves to Staten Island park
Authorities hunting for missing New Jersey woman Stephanie Parze moved their search to Staten Island on Wednesday, prosecutors confirmed. “Please be advised that members of the Prosecutor’s Office are currently working with the NYPD and other local law enforcement officials, conducting a search on Staten Island related to the missing persons case of Stephanie Parze,” the Monmouth...
New York Post
Rockstar acknowledges big problems in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC
Rockstar Games has issued an apology for the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, acknowledging issues with crashing and stuttering that have plagued some players since it launched last week.
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I went to the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City and was blown away
Hollis Johnson/Insider Many restaurants that receive one or more stars in the Michelin guide can be expensive and inaccessible for most people. However, not all of the restaurants follow that model. Jeju Noodle Bar, a Korean restaurant that specializes in ramyun noodles, is one of the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurants in New York City, where a full meal could cost less than $40.  Insider sat down with Douglas Kim, the chef and owner of Jeju Noodle Bar, to talk about Korean ramyun, receiving a Michelin star, and what it takes to open a restaurant.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.  Chef Douglas Kim, 41, has helmed the ship at Jeju Noodle Bar since he opened it in September 2017. He started cooking in 1999, and cut his teeth at big-name restaurants including Bouley, Zuma, and Nobu. However, that's not what Kim wanted to talk about when I sat down with him before dinner service on Halloween — nor did he want to talk about his time in the kitchens at any of the other Michelin-starred restaurants he's worked at, including Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare and Per Se.  Instead, Kim wanted to talk about noodles.Jeju Noodle Bar is a New York City restaurant located on the corner of Greenwich Avenue and Christopher Street in Manhattan's West Village. Hollis Johnson/Insider The restaurant is in the former space of Nighthawks, a restaurant that tipped its hat to the famous Edward Hopper painting by the same name. While the exact location of where the painting is based off is debated, the similarity is undeniable. A painting done in the same style as Nighthawks, but with a Jeju twist, hangs inside the restaurant. Hollis Johnson/Insider "Edward Hopper said that Nighthawks was inspired by 'a restaurant on New York's Greenwich Avenue where two streets meet,'" The Art Institute of Chicago says on its website. "But the image — with its carefully constructed composition and lack of narrative — has a timeless, universal quality that transcends its particular locale." The interior of Jeju Noodle Bar is modern and well-lit, and features ample seating at the bar and tables. Hollis Johnson/Insider As you walk through the doors and the large curtain used to keep the heat in, you're greeted by a host at a podium who seats you. The restaurant does take some reservations, but according to its website, only "very limited reservations" are available on RESY and Opentable.  See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Powerful side-by-side portraits show people over 100 years old next to their younger selves13 horror films coming out in 2020 that scary-movie buffs can look forward toInterior designers reveal the 10 decorating rules you should never break
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How to leave feedback on eBay as a buyer or seller
Natee Meepian/Shutterstock Users can leave feedback on eBay depending on their role in a recent transaction. Feedback is an essential tool for buyers and sellers on eBay to determine which accounts they want to do business with. Leaving honest feedback after a transaction is an important part of doing business on the platform. Feedback must be left within 60 days of a completed transaction. After that, the feedback period closes. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Leaving feedback on eBay counts toward buyer and seller ratings.  Buyers rate sellers on service, pricing, customer service, product description accuracy, and product quality. Sellers rate buyers on payment speed and overall transaction satisfaction. Accurate feedback allows users to decide which accounts they want to do business with. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How autopilot on an airplane worksSee Also:'Does Hulu have 4K?': Hulu's 4K capabilities, explainedHow to text a GIF on your iPhone using the built-in GIF keyboard in Messages or a third-party appHow to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone in 2 ways, to prevent anyone from sending you unwanted filesSEE ALSO: The best all-in-one PCs you can buy
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Why ‘wellness and skincare’ top Erin Andrews’ holiday wish list
Erin Andrews has no plans to slow down this holiday season.
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Toobin calls this testimony moment a 'bombshell' revelation
CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discusses a portion of Bill Taylor's testimony where he talks about a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ambassador Sondland. Toobin calls it a "bombshell" revelation that Trump cared about Biden not about Ukraine.
Is Andy Dalton the worst scout team Lamar Jackson? No, but he’s close: an investigation
Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images Andy Dalton was scout team Lamar Jackson for the Bengals. It did not help. The Bengals were completely unprepared for Lamar Jackson in Week 10. The Ravens’ quarterback and MVP candidate ran roughshod over a winless Cincinnati team. Jackson threw more touchdown passes (three) than incompletions (two), recorded a perfect 158.3 passer rating for the second time in his budding career, and ran for 65 yards — most of which came via a video game, highlight reel 47-yard touchdown run. .@Lj_era8 pressed all the buttons on this run (via@ NFL)— SNF on NBC (@SNFonNBC) November 10, 2019 Baltimore went on to win that game, 49-13, continuing Cincinnati’s undeniable path to the top of the 2020 NFL Draft in the process. So how were the Bengals so wholly unable to adjust to Jackson’s dual-threat capabilities? It maaaaaay have all started in practice, where the team’s big ploy to prepare for Jackson’s unique skillset started with running Andy Dalton on the scout team. [Dalton] joined the captains for Sunday’s coin toss after a week the nine-year starter gladly was one of the scout team quarterbacks trying to simulate Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. They tried to get ready for Jackson’s speed with stand-ins being the practice squad wide receivers and for his savvy with Dalton. That’s right, the Cincinnati defense prepped for the most dynamic running quarterback the league’s ever seen — through 1.5 seasons, at least — by chasing down a 32-year-old with fewer rushing yards in his nine-year NFL career (1,203) than Jackson had in his first 16 starts as a pro (1,247). While the veteran wasn’t the only player to take to the backfield in order to confuse the Bengals’ linebackers — Geoff Hobson’s report also notes several wide receivers and running backs took snaps in order to emulate the elusive QB — he was almost certainly the slowest. The Bengals’ strategy failed to pan out ...but could it have gone worse? Dalton stepped up even after being benched on his birthday to help a hopeless team get better (or at least attempt to). Which quarterbacks who began the 2019 season as starters would have been an even worse ersatz Lamar Jackson? 5. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers Ignoring Roethlisberger’s current elbow injury, the lumbering veteran is elusive in a much different way than Jackson. Big Ben stays alive in the pocket because he has the body type of a Weeble. Jackson escapes pressure because he’s, you know, fast. 4. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers Garoppolo has run for 1.1 yards per carry this season. One out of every 87 of his rushes results in a torn ACL. 3. Joe Flacco, Ravens The good news: he knows firsthand what Jackson is capable of, having lost his starting job in Baltimore to him. The bad news: since 2015, he’s run for fewer yards (200) than Jackson had in Weeks 6 and 7 this year (268). He’s also on injured reserve with a neck injury, which further crimps this terrible plan. 2. Tom Brady, Patriots We all remember this, right? Moving on. 1. Eli Manning, Giants Career yards per carry: 1.8. Manning finished his 2016 campaign with -9 rushing yards. Head coach Pat Shurmur tried to roll him out on fourth-and-short in Week 1, and this happened: He truly is bizarro Lamar Jackson.
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Fox News: Today's impeachment testimony was "very damaging to the President"
Chris Wallace of Fox News was impressed with Ambassador William Taylor's testimony in today's impeachment hearings: "William Taylor was a very impressive witness and was very damaging to the president. First of all, as you pointed out, he took very copious notes at almost every conversation... I think very nonpolitical. He went out of his way to talk about what he knew, what he was specifically testament to. The only thing he talked about was a strong feeling that it was in the U.S. national security interests to support Ukraine in the fight against Russia. But he certainly wasn't taking any partisan position." Chris Wallace: "I think William Taylor was a very impressive witness and was very damaging to the president." — Lis Power (@LisPower1) November 13, 2019 Read the rest
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U.S. to restrict work permits to most asylum-seekers
The proposal would deny work authorization to most migrants seeking asylum who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without documentation — the largest group of asylum-seekers in the U.S.
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Port Authority re-opens blocked wheelchair gate after outrage
The Port Authority re-opened a shuttered wheelchair-accessible PATH train turnstile — the day after outraged straphangers posted pictures on Twitter of a huge gate blocking the entryway and said it was a danger. “@PATHTrian why are you blocking your wheelchair gates?” wrote user James Sinclair over an image of the padlocked metal barrier in front of...
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Disney+ warns viewers about past racism, but not as well as Warner Bros.
Some of Disney’s older movies streaming on Disney+ will include disclaimers about the cultural context of certain scenes that are considered outright racist and prejudiced today. The disclaimer on certain titles is found within the description box, and reads, “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.” One popular example floating around Twitter is Disney’s 1941 animated feature film, Dumbo. An infamous scene at the end of the movie finds a group of crows singing about seeing an elephant fly. The scene relies on a series of racist stereotypes to get through the song, including naming the lead character “Jim Crow,” a mocking term used to insult black men. The scene is still in the version streaming on Disney+. Still, there’s no disclaimer within the actual video window. “It’s encouraging to see Disney acknowledge the darker elements of its past film and TV content, but this disclaimer is also the bare minimum,” writer, critic, and Disney expert Josh Spiegel told The Verge. “Frankly, a lot of Disney+ subscribers might not even notice the disclaimer, instead of just clicking Play on a title.” Having a disclaimer is better than the alternative, but other studios have handled similar situations better. Warner Bros., like Disney, has produced films for close to 100 years. Some of its early movies and TV shows contain culturally insensitive, racist, prejudiced, and problematic content. Tom and Jerry, a popular Warner Bros. cartoon series from the 1940s, first came with a disclaimer about the context of certain scenes in the show when it was released on DVD by Warner Home Video. That message was then brought to Amazon Prime Instant and iTunes in 2014 when episodes were made available digitally. Hate to nitpick a sensitivity warning but Disney+’s feels so brief and kind of dismissive by calling it “outdated cultural depictions” vs Warner Brothers actually calling it racial prejudice— give Rise 3 seasons or we fight (@unicornmantis) November 12, 2019 “Tom and Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society,” the disclaimer reads. “Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.” The DVD box set went one step further, and included an introduction from Whoopi Goldberg about why producers decided to leave the scene in when the episodes were re-released on video. “The Tom and Jerry episodes included in this collection comes to us from a time when racial and ethnic differences were caricatured in the name of entertainment,” Goldberg says in the introduction. “These prejudices were wrong then and they’re wrong today.” Multiple people on Twitter pointed out the difference between Warner Bros.’s and Disney’s approach to contextualizing their studios’ history. Some subscribers are asking Disney to do more, and release controversial titles with a much more direct disclaimer. Disney’s Song of the South, a 1946 movie set on a plantation in Georgia after the Civil War that’s considered extremely controversial for its depictions of black people, is currently not streaming. Understanding and contextualizing images from past movies is important — and while Disney is offering a disclaimer, it’s clear people think the studio can do more.
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Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes wrote a young adult novel and it sounds fantastically weird
Gibby Haynes, frontman for legendary psych band the Butthole Surfers, penned a young adult novel, "Me and Mr. Cigar," to be released in January. And no surprise, it sound fantastically far fucking out. I can't wait to read it. Here's the description: Seventeen-year-old Oscar Lester is never without his dog, Mr. Cigar. The two have made a pretty good life for themselves in North Texas, organizing drug-fueled dance parties with Oscar’s best friend, Lytle Taylor. The only real grownup in Oscar’s life is Carla Marks, protégé of his deceased father and the genius behind the enigmatic IBC Corporation. (Oscar’s mom spends all of her time with her new boyfriend.) Carla doesn’t approve of Oscar’s nefarious activity, though his parties provide an ideal environment to test-run some of IBC’s more freakish technology. As for Oscar’s older sister, Rachel . . . she’s been gone for the past five years, having fled after Mr. Cigar bit off her hand. But Oscar knows that his dog is no menace. Mr. Cigar is a loyal protector: a supernatural creature that can exact revenge, communicate telepathically, and manipulate car doors and windows with ease. So when Rachel—now twenty-two and an artist living in New York—calls out of the blue and claims that she’s being held hostage, Oscar sees an opportunity to make things right between them . . . at least until Carla Marks warns Oscar that Mr. Cigar’s life might be in danger, too. Suddenly Oscar finds himself on the run with his dog and his best friend. Read the rest
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How To Find Your Chromebook's End-of-Life Date
At some point, all of our spiffy new devices will become old and decrepit. Warranties run out, hardware improves, and companies only support their products with software or firmware updates for a limited amount of time. To help you figure out when your Chromebook will reach its end-of-support date, Google will soon…Read more...
Trade talks between U.S. and China 'hit a snag' over farm purchases: WSJ
U.S.-China trade negotiations have 'hit a snag' over farm purchases, with China not wanting a deal that looks one-sided in the favor of the United States, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.
JD Wetherspoon pubs boss brews up a storm over governance
Tim Martin’s musings on corporate governance and tick-box culture is typically thought-provokingTim Martin at JD Wetherspoon writes some entertaining chairman’s rants and, if you skip the sermons on Brexit, he is reliably thought-provoking. Here’s the latest view from behind the pumps: corporate governance in the UK is “up the spout” and a tick-box culture is sowing seeds of destruction.As a catch-all statement, the judgment is absurdly severe. If you think governance codes don’t always produce ideal outcomes, look at the abuses that happen in their absence. Nobody, surely, wants to return to the days of three-year rolling contracts for executive directors, signed off by nodding non-executives who routinely stayed so long they became part of the furniture. Continue reading...
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Jury hears closing arguments in trial of Trump adviser Roger Stone
Prosecutors delivered their closing argument in the criminal trial of U.S. President Donald Trump's adviser Roger Stone on Wednesday, saying the Republican political operative repeatedly lied to congressional investigators in order to keep the president from looking bad.
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A new 3D printing technique switches between 'inks' so fast you can’t even see it
Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences came up with a new 3D printing technique that significantly reduces printing speeds.  Multimaterial Multinozzle 3D (MM3D) printing uses a printhead with multiple nozzles, each of which can switch between up to eight different filaments 50 times per second.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, 3d Printing, 3d Printer, Harvard, and Soft Robots
Nintendo 64’s eBay consoles sales rocket up 205% over 2018
Nintendo 64 sales were up 205% year-over-year in September on eBay, and now the online-auction company is positioning it as a potential holiday gift.
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New Jersey high school baseball player sued coach who told him to slide into third base
Former Bound Brook High School ballplayer Jake Mesar, now 22, accused coach John Suk of negligence for ordering the costly slide during a 2012 ballgame, according to
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10 of the best affordable hair dryers, according to reviewers
If you’ve ever left your stylist's or barber’s chair with  perfectly coiffed and voluminous hair feeling ready to take on the world, only to have your efforts fall flat when it comes time to recreate the look on your own, we’re going to let you in on a secret: It’s probably your blow dryer’s fault. Yes, that’s right — the secret to getting shiny, bouncing salon-level hair at home is as easy as adding a great hair dryer to your arsenal to make blowouts at home a breeze. And no matter your hair’s texture, letting strands dry on their own often ends in a whole lot of frizz and the kind of volume you don’t want.  Read more...More about Tech, Beauty, Hair Dryer, Mashable Shopping, and Consumer Tech IMAGE: Walmart BEST FOR THE MORNING MULTITASKER Revlon One-Step hair dryer and styler Get smooth, frizz-free style in half the time, thanks to Revlon's multitasking One-Step styling tool. Wattage : 1,100 Attachments : Built-in hairbrush Heat settings: 2 Speeds: 2 $39.99 from Walmart IMAGE: Amazon BEST OVERALL Hot Tools Signature Series Turbo Ionic dryer The same comfortable design and power you'd find in a professional hair dryer — but with an affordable price tag. Wattage: 1,875 Attachments: Diffuser and concentrator Heat settings: 3 Speeds: 3 $49.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST FRIZZ-FIGHTER John Frieda Frizz Ease Full Volume hair dryer Designed to help you achieve your desired volume sans frizz and flyaways, thanks to an advanced ionic generator. Wattage: 1,875 Attachments: 2 concentrators, 1 diffuser Heat settings: 3 Speeds: 2 $34.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Walmart BEST BUDGET OPTION Revlon compact travel hair dryer Travel hair dryers aren't just for on the go. With 1,875 watts, this Revlon hair dryer gets the job done quickly. Wattage: 1,875 Attachments: None Heat settings: 2 Speeds: 2 $10.97 from Walmart IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR MINIMAL NOISE KIPOZI 1875W Professional hair dryer A quiet option for drying hair in the morning that's still packed with all the powerful wattage of other dryers. Wattage: 1,875 Attachments: Concentrator and diffuser Heat settings: 3 Speeds : 2 $42.06 from Amazon IMAGE: Walmart BEST FOR SLEEK STYLES Revlon Salon 360 Surround hair dryer Hair goes inside this 360-degree dryer for a smooth and sleek finished style in less time. Wattage: 1,875 Attachments: None Heat settings: 3 Speeds: 2 $14.99 from Walmart IMAGE: Amazon BEST AFFORDABLE BABYLISS MODEL BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino compact dryer This BaByliss hair dryer puts the power of the brand's full-sized dryers into a compact, lightweight size. Wattage: 1,000 Attachments: None Heat settings: 3 Speeds: 2 $29.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR CREATING SHINE Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic hair dryer The Conair Watt Ionic Ceramic hair dryer stacks up specially designed technology to keep hair shiny, healthy, and manageable. Wattage: 1,875 Attachments: Diffuser and concentrator Heat settings: 3 Speeds: 2 $30.46 from Amazon IMAGE: Walmart BEST FOR LONGEVITY Remington Pro hair dryer Remington's Pearl Ceramic Technology conditions hair while styling for smoother strands with each use. Wattage: 1,875 Attachments: Diffuser and concentrator Heat settings : 3 Speeds: 2 $24.92 from Walmart IMAGE: Walmart BEST FOR THE ROSE GOLD FAN The Infiniti PRO by Conair The pink and powerful Infiniti PRO delivers customizable styling results with each use and comes with a removable filter for longevity. Wattage : 1,875 Attachments: Diffuser and concentrator Heat settings: 3 Speeds : 2 $34.75 from Walmart
Fed chief Powell pushes back on negative interest rates
U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Wednesday pushed back against a favorite talking point of President Donald Trump's, telling Congress that the negative interest rates sought by Trump aren't appropriate for a U.S. economy with ongoing growth, a strong labor market and steady inflation.
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UPDATE 3-Google Pay to offer checking accounts through Citi, Stanford Federal next year
Alphabet Inc's Google said on Wednesday it will offer personal checking accounts next year through its Google Pay app in partnership with Citigroup Inc and a small credit union at Stanford University.
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Teen told she was ‘too young to have depression’ now fighting for life after overdose
A Welsh woman is fighting for her life following a suicide attempt after her family claims doctors told her she’s “too young to have depression.” Cariad Jarrett of Cwmcarn, a village in Wales, was rushed to Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport on Nov. 1 to treat an overdose from an unspecified medication that had sent...
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7 ways America has changed since the last impeachment hearing
Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images, Lucas Jackson/Reuters, Business Insider The first public impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump kicked off on Wednesday. It has been 21 years since President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and obstructing justice in 1998. Since 1998, the US has seen population growth, US stock growth, and a return to the Clinton-era low unemployment rate. On the pop-culture front in 1998: The Titanic was the top grossing film, Lauryn Hill was at the top of the Billboard 100 in November, and iPhones were yet to come into existence. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Wednesday marked the first day of public impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump.  It has been 21 years since the last impeachment hearings for an American president. In 1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and obstructing justice.  Since 1998, the US has seen population growth, US stock growth, and a return to the Clinton-era low unemployment rate. Here are seven ways America has changed since the last impeachment hearing.Total US population has increased by over 50 million people. Andy Kiersz/Business Insider In 1998, the total US population was 275 million people. As of September 2019, it was 330 million people. The labor market is about as strong now as it was during 1998. Andy Kiersz/Business Insider The employment rate in 1998 was 4.6%. after spiking around the 2008 recession, it's fallen back down to 3.6% as of October 2019. Stocks are up a grand total of 217% from the start of 1998. Andy Kiersz/Business Insider The S&P 500 index, which tracks against the 500 largest public US companies, hovered around 1,000 in 1998. As of November 2019, it's around 3,000. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:A survey of 1,000 executives found that you won't regret taking these 7 career risksI'm a veteran, professor, and nonprofit founder. This Veteran's Day, here's what managers should know about hiring veterans.There are 3 types of perfectionism — and not all of them are bad. Here's how to strive for a healthy balance in your life.SEE ALSO: The 12 Texas cities everyone in the country is moving to
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Republicans shrug off hearings as 'boring'
Heading into Wednesday's first public impeachment hearing, Republicans had argued the facts weren't there to impeach President Donald Trump. And they complained the proceedings were taking place behind closed doors.
A top State Department official blew a hole through one of Trump’s main talking points in the impeachment hearing
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images One of the witnesses who testified during the first public impeachment hearing on Wednesday blew a hole through President Donald Trump's main talking points. George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, testified that there was no evidence that Ukraine intervened in the 2016 US presidential election. Kent also said there was no evidence that former Vice President Joe Biden acted improperly in his dealings with Ukraine. In both instances, Kent told the House Intelligence Committee that neither the accusations against Biden nor the conspiracy theory about the 2016 election held any water. Follow along here for live updates on the Trump impeachment hearings.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A top State Department official effectively dismantled one of President Donald Trump's main talking points on Wednesday during the first public impeachment hearing. George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, testified on Trump's efforts to pressure the Ukrainian president into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and a debunked conspiracy theory on the 2016 election.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:LIVE: Bill Taylor and George Kent's vivid testimony is blowing up Trump's defense in the Ukraine scandal. Follow our coverage here.State Department official George Kent accuses Rudy Giuliani of 'infecting' US-Ukraine relations with 'false information' and a 'smear campaign' in impeachment hearing testimonyWhat to watch for in the blockbuster Trump impeachment hearingsSEE ALSO: 2 of the most damaging witnesses against Trump testify in the impeachment inquiry
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History will be televised live in today's impeachment hearings
This was originally published in the November 13 edition of CNN's Meanwhile in America, the daily email about US politics for global readers. Sign up here to receive it every weekday morning.
Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro was just announced and it’s already on sale
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Apple just announced a new 16-inch version of its MacBook Pro earlier this morning, with a revamped “Magic” keyboard, improved speakers, and other new features you can see in Dieter Bohn’s hands-on video above. Surprisingly, several configurations of this machine are already discounted by up to $350 off their usual prices. The total dollar amount that you’ll get off depends on the model you’re after, but this is a good deal if you’re thinking of picking one up. You’ll be able to find these discounts from Expercom, an online retailer that is an Apple Premier Partner, and it offers a few tweak-friendly configurations, in case you want to customize the specs, as well as the standard preset models. You’ll need to make any necessary spec... Continue reading…
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Jennifer Lopez reveals a director asked her to remove shirt off-set
“Luckily, a little bit of the Bronx came out, and I was like, ‘I don’t have to show you my — No. On the set, you see them.’”
New York Post
Andrew Sparrow's election briefing: Johnson won't change Brexit stance to please Farage
Catch up with the latest from the 2019 campaign with our daily roundupFollow the latest political news – live Boris Johnson has refused to hardened up his Brexit stance in a way that might have increased the chance of Nigel Farage giving the Conservative party a firmer electoral endorsement. Farage has already said that his Brexit party will not stand candidates in Tory-held seat and, ahead of the deadline on Thursday for nominations, he has been under pressure to withdraw his candidates in Labour-held marginals to help the Conservatives’ chances. There was speculation that an explicit commitment by Johnson to have a no-deal Brexit by the end of 2020 if the UK-EU trade deal could not be agreed by then might have been enough to win Farage around. Johnson has ruled out extending the Brexit transition beyond the end of 2020. But in interviews this morning his ally Michael Gove repeatedly insisted that there was no prospect of a no-deal Brexit at the end of next year. And, in the Q&A after his speech, Johnson also declined various opportunities to talk up his willingness to countenance a no-deal Brexit, in language that might appeal to Farage. Instead he just urged the Brexit party to back the Tories to get Brexit done. Continue reading...
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Watch Nunes' full opening statement at impeachment hearing
Republican Rep. Devin Nunes delivers his opening statement at the first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. - RSS Channel
Get paid in cryptocurrency for viewing ads in the new Brave browser
Brave Software officially launched Brave v1.0. It’s based on Google’s Chromium browser and relies on Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to generate money. Users view ads to earn tokens.
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Chuck Schumer wants the Army to examine whether using TikTok for recruitment is a security risk
Associated Press Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wants the Army to evaluate the risks of using the Chinese-owned app TikTok in its recruiting efforts. The company has stressed that it's independent from China, but Congressional leaders are still concerned about security of the personal data of US citizens who use it. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top Democrat in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, on Tuesday released a letter he wrote to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy raising concerns about the US military's use of the China-owned TikTok social media platform for recruiting American teenagers. "While I recognize that the Army must adapt its recruiting techniques in order to attract young Americans to serve, I urge you to assess the potential national security risks posed by China-owned technology companies before choosing to utilize certain platforms," Schumer wrote in the letter dated November 7.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 6 reasons Snapchat is losing its popularitySee Also:Facebook to consolidate payments tools across apps with Facebook PayU.S. recorded 11 cases of measles over the past monthGive me some of that: Trump renews call for negative U.S. interest ratesSEE ALSO: Army intelligence soldiers were forced to download an app that could access all their personal information
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NASA detects oxygen changes on Mars it’s ‘struggling to explain’
Four months after the stunning announcement that NASA’s Curiosity rover detected an “unusually high” level of methane on Mars, the government space agency said that oxygen “behaves in a way that so far scientists cannot explain” on the Red Planet. The Curiosity rover, which has been exploring the Gale Crater since it landed on Mars...
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Greta Thunberg just set sail for Spain with 2 Australian YouTubers, their baby, and a professional skipper
Courtesy of Twitter @GretaThunberg/Social Media via REUTERS Climate activist Greta Thunberg and her father set sail for Spain on Wednesday with two Australian YouTubers, their 11-month-old son, and a professional yacht skipper. The group is racing to make it across the Atlantic in three weeks for COP25, this year's most important UN climate-change summit, which got moved from Chile to Spain at the last minute. Thunberg refuses to fly because of planes' heavy carbon footprint. "We hope dearly that we can get Greta to COP on time," the skipper told Business Insider. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Greta Thunberg has set sail across the Atlantic on a last-minute voyage with an impromptu crew.  Thunberg refuses to fly due to the heavy carbon footprint of aviation — a single round-trip flight between New York and California generates roughly 20% of the greenhouse gases your car emits in a year. But when this year's most important United Nations climate summit, COP25, got moved from Chile to Spain at the last minute, that left the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist stuck on the wrong continent. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: This couple quit their jobs and used their wedding budget to sail the worldSee Also:Greta Thunberg found a last-minute ride back across the Atlantic thanks to a pair of YouTubers after a crucial UN climate-change summit got moved from Chile to SpainWhat if all the world's supervolcanoes erupted at onceA virus from the measles family is spreading because of melting ice. It kills seals and otters by the thousands.SEE ALSO: These 10 young activists are trying to move the needle on climate change, gun control, and other global issues
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Former Rep. Lazio may run to succeed Peter King in Congress
Former Long Island Republican Congressman Rick Lazio told The Post Wednesday he seriously considering running for the seat being vacated by fellow Republican Peter King. “I won this swing district four times, the last three by 2-1 margins, enjoyed broad-based support of Republicans, Democrats and independents and carried it against Hillary Clinton by nearly 20...
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Apple's Phil Schiller says Chromebooks won't help kids succeed
Apple's focus might be on its high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro at the moment, but marketing chief Phil Schiller has also chipped in on the lower end of the market -- namely, how he thinks it might affect students. The executive told CNET in an interview...
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United Auto Workers union unveils ethics reforms after U.S. corruption probe
The United Auto Workers (UAW) on Wednesday announced a series of ethics reforms in answer to a spreading U.S. federal corruption probe that has resulted in charges or convictions for a number of former leaders of the union.
Mother who co-slept with infant daughter charged in girl’s death
A Pennsylvania mom who was “co-sleeping” with her 2-month-old daughter has been charged in connection with the tot’s death, police said. Shante R. Plummer, of Steelton, was arraigned Saturday on charges of criminal homicide and endangering the welfare of children after a yearlong investigation into the girl’s death in October 2018, the Patriot-News reports. The...
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Amazon drops pre-Black Friday Acer Chromebook deals to save you as much as $125
Ahead of the Black Friday sales, Amazon is dropping price cuts on a variety of Chromebook models. We spotted cool offers for the Acer Spin 13 and R 11 which let you in on up to a $125 discount.
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NYPD finally deletes illegal database of youth fingerprints
The NYPD has purged an illegal database of youth fingerprints following years of delays, officials confirmed Wednesday. The Legal Aid Society challenged the NYPD practice of holding onto the records for those 16 and under — a violation of state law under the Family Court Act — five years ago, and the department confirmed Wednesday...
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The rankings that really matter when betting college basketball
Be sure you take advantage of research opportunities offered by marquee college basketball matchups. Programs have smartened up about gaining early-season TV exposure, creating midweek classroom clinics for recreational bettors. Wednesday’s schedule features a trio of must-see attractions based on either poll or Pomeroy ratings: No. 22 LSU visits No. 25 VCU (6 p.m., ESPN2)...
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The Preppy Murder Unpacks a Tabloid Frenzy
Before Jeremy Meeks went viral gazing soulfully out of a mugshot issued by the City of Stockton Police Department in 2014, before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev peeked through tousled curls like a teen idol on the cover of Rolling Stone, the American media fell in love with Robert Chambers. In August 1986, the body of an 18-year-old girl named Jennifer Levin was found in Central Park. Within days, detectives had traced her final movements, established that Levin had last been seen leaving an Upper East Side bar with the 19-year-old Chambers, and had arrested him for her murder. The evidence seemed clear: Chambers’s face and torso were covered with fresh scratches, and he admitted responsibility for her death, although he insisted, unbelievably, that Levin had sexually assaulted him and that he’d accidentally killed her while trying to defend himself. “I thought, ‘This is the simplest case in the world,’” the investigating detective Mike Sheehan tells the camera in the new Sundance/AMC series The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park. He was wrong.What Sheehan hadn’t accounted for was that Chambers was handsome, not to mention white and male, and that those qualities would seem to inoculate him in the public consciousness from the most heinous charges leveled at him. Pulchritude is its own kind of privilege and people couldn’t bear to believe that someone who looked the way Chambers did, and who belonged to a rarefied Manhattan social set, could actually be guilty of such an awful crime. “I’ll never believe Robert Chambers capable of intentional murder,” one of the jurors assigned to the trial reportedly said, after the jury had been deadlocked for almost a week. “He’s too nice, too refined.” The tabloids rushed to label the case “the preppy murder,” the first of countless factors that would fetishize Chambers’s semblance and status while sidelining the girl whose death he’d caused by his own admission.To watch The Preppy Murder, which airs over three nights starting Wednesday, is to feel like you’re being reminded of every pernicious notion that metastasized in American culture during the 1980s. For starters, there was the sheer volume of interest the case sucked up, one murder in a city that had more than 1,580 others in 1986. The directors behind the series, Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, interview a number of journalists who reported on the case at the time, one of whom blithely puts it this way: “We would always say, ‘Oh, that’s a drug murder, that one you don’t pay attention.’ But if something happens in Central Park to a white person in the 1980s, everyone pays attention to it.”Even so, the fascination with Chambers, and to a lesser extent Levin, was disproportionate. “Here was a young man who looked like a Hollywood Adonis,” the news anchor Rosanna Scotto tells the camera, giddily. Women who knew Chambers as teenagers describe how every girl in school had a crush on him, likening him to a kind of Yorkville Pied Piper, with girls trailing in his wake. Maybe context helps, but looking at old photos now, there’s something disturbing about the callousness of Chambers’s face, the cold superciliousness of his eyes. Captured for the cover of New York magazine, in a photoshoot brokered by his lawyer to buttress his defense, Chambers’s features are blank, his arms taut in a self-sufficient posture. Levin, by contrast, is all animation in the photos seen in the series. She smiles at the camera; she smiles at people off-camera, she embraces her friends, all frosted lipstick and caramel suntan.Stern and Sundberg observe, but don’t entirely probe, the minimal parenting that defined Levin and Chambers’s sphere. In the 1980s, at the height of crime surges and “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” PSAs, Upper East Side parents didn’t seem to know or care, shipping off to the Hamptons or to houses upstate and leaving their offspring to fend for themselves. What this fostered, apparently, was a dynamic social scene in which 10th graders could be regulars at Studio 54 and no fake ID was crappy enough to get a kid kicked out of Dorrian’s Red Hand, the bar where Levin and Chambers spent the evening of her death. Drugs were ubiquitous enough that neither Chambers’s addiction to cocaine, nor his unfortunate habit of robbing his friends and their parents to pay for it, could ostracize him.What becomes clear throughout the series is just how reluctant everyone was to condemn a young man who looked exactly right and who was able to summon letters of support and even bail money from the Catholic Church itself. (The Preppy Murder details the reality that Chambers actually came from a working-class background, and that his mother—who had worked as a private nurse for the Kennedys, the Hearsts, and the Archbishop of New York—was determined to raise her son into high society.) In ancient Greek, the word kalon means both “beautiful” and “virtuous,” and for millennia people have tended to conflate the two qualities. Beauty, Immanuel Kant claimed in 1790, “is the symbol of morality,” and Chambers became, in the words of one of Levin’s friends, “this white, male symbol of beauty, power, intelligence, and money.” Never mind that he’d failed out of numerous prep schools and was a habitual thief. What he represented in photographs and newsprint was too powerful to resist.This level of privilege didn’t apply to Levin. Like Amanda Knox decades later, Levin was too easily twisted by Chambers’s lawyer, Jack Litman, into a sex-crazed harridan who’d forced Chambers to kill her in self-defense. Litman reportedly leaked stories to the press about Levin’s sexual partners and spun a particularly ludicrous yarn about a datebook she’d kept actually being a “sex diary.” The media coverage preceding Chambers’s trial was so heavily skewed in favor of the defendant that when pictures of Levin’s mottled neck were finally revealed in court, they shocked everyone present. Here, the prosecutor Linda Fairstein explains in the series, was evidence that was “much stronger than what Robert admitted to.” Chambers was Fairstein’s first murder trial. In 2019, she’s better known as the Manhattan district attorney who convicted the Exonerated Five in 1990, and who’s portrayed in unsparing fashion by the actor Felicity Huffman in Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us. (Fairstein disputed her portrayal in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.)In rehashing the story of the Preppy Murder and its aftermath, Stern and Sundberg seem to want to reckon with the circumstances that led to Levin’s death, as well as the frenzied fascination with the case itself. The level of access they received is striking—they have in-depth interviews with Levin’s friends and family, the lawyers involved, the detectives who investigated the case, and the reporters who covered it. And the directors do an admirable job communicating who Levin actually was, her likes and dislikes, her energy, her spirit. The Preppy Murder considers, but doesn’t get hung up on, the question of what went wrong in Chambers’s life that might have led him to kill Levin without any extricable motive.The series is the rare documentary excavation, though, where more distance would help. Everyone interviewed has some kind of profound connection with the case itself, when the more intriguing questions at this point involve the people who watched from the sidelines. “Revisiting these crimes that touched us … deconstructing these crimes and really looking at them with hindsight,” the journalist Susan Zirinsky said in a 48 Hours special about the case, is about examining not only the crime, but also the question of “who we were then.” Implicit in that is another query: Have we changed? The brash, mercenary, tabloid-fueled culture of 1980s New York persists, in more ways than one. The Preppy Murder offers just enough analysis to tease these kinds of deeper reckonings, but it’s ultimately up to viewers whether they choose to dig further.
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The 9.7-inch Apple iPad is $160 off on Walmart before Black Friday
You can get a cellular 9.7-inch iPad at $160 less on Walmart ahead of Black Friday. Grab this iPad deal to save on one of the best tablets before the holiday shopping craze begins.
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7 Critical Time Management Skills to Boost Your Productivity
We all want to be more productive and improve our time management skills. Unfortunately, while time management is simple in theory, it’s not always an easy concept to put into practice. It takes knowledge, effort, and discipline. Here are seven critical time management skills to boost your productivity. We can’t make you work harder or […] The post 7 Critical Time Management Skills to Boost Your Productivity appeared first on ReadWrite.
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