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A closer look at the ways Quentin Grimes can elevate the Knicks

It wasn't one particular thing that Quentin Grimes did in the past two games that wowed you.
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16-year-old is fatally shot in Southeast, D.C. police say
A teenager was shot fatally in Southeast Washington, the D.C. police said.
Police: 2 young children stabbed to death in Bronx apartment
Police say two small children died of stab wounds after their mother was taken into custody for observation in New York City
Islanders-Flyers get in late brawl as Oliver Wahlstrom wins another fight
In the dying embers of a 5-2 Islanders blowout, Flyers forward Nicolas Deslauriers lit a spark that could carry over to Tuesday.
Naftali Bennett on Being Israel’s Prime Minister
The world is more polarized than ever. We presented a model of cooperation and unity, of transcending your tribe for the good of your nation.
Kim Jong Un says North Korea aims to have the world’s strongest nuclear force
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country's intends to have the world's most powerful nuclear force as he promoted dozens of military officers involved in the recent launch of a new ballistic missile, state media reported on Sunday.
Sami Zayn makes his Bloodline loyalty clear in superb Survivor Series WarGames main event
WWE making the change to WarGames for Survivor Series got off to a positive start with Sami Zayn stealing the show in the main event.
'Tremendous run' continues for USC and Caleb Williams with win over Notre Dame
Caleb Williams’ Heisman Trophy bid got a big boost as he had a hand in four TDs, and USC kept its CFP dreams alive with a 38-27 win over Notre Dame.
Former Ivory Coast militia leader Ble Goude returns home after exile
"I dreamed of this moment from my prison cell."
Plaschke: Strike the pose: USC's Caleb Williams deserves Heisman Trophy
In accounting for four touchdowns in USC's 38-27 win over Notre Dame, Caleb Williams again made a convincing case that he deserves the Heisman Trophy.
Shooting in Atlanta leaves 1 person dead, several others injured: police
Multiple people were shot on Market Street near Atlantic Station in northwest Atlanta, Georgia, Saturday night, leaving at least one victim dead.
China Is Starting to Really Regret Its Friendship With Russia
Photo Illustration by Erin O'Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty“The biggest surprise for China was that Russia totally misjudged its own power. We thought that Russia would win a very fast war,” the Chinese expert explained ruefully, a few weeks after the invasion. It was not the official line, which was then in the phase of intense attempts to persuade global audiences that Beijing had no idea what was coming. But it was a better reflection of Chinese foreign policy thinking than either playing innocent or repeating ad nauseam that the invasion of Ukraine was the responsibility of the United States and NATO pushing a big power against the wall. One of the main reasons behind Beijing’s resistance to such entanglements in the past was not because partners and allies weren’t useful but because the countries in question risked dragging China down with their mistakes. The “Pakistan model,” which China had been touting, was conditioned by exactly this experience: Beijing didn’t want to get stuck defending every Pakistani intervention in Kashmir or inadvertently drawn into a conflict with India, so it confined itself to providing the capabilities its friend needed and then staying above the fray. Russia was not the first Chinese partner to believe it would win a very fast war and found itself in a hole, but China wasn’t usually pulled into it with them.The problem Beijing faced in 2022 was that in crucial areas, it was still too soon to make a break with the West. China remained dependent on the U.S. dollar system. For all the speculation about renminbi internationalization, Chinese payment systems, and its new digital currency, China was barely any closer to constructing a resilient alternative financial architecture than it had been in 2014. The technology story was equally problematic: despite the massive push to build its own semiconductor industry, Chinese firms were still painfully reliant on U.S. intellectual property. This left many of its companies exposed if they continued to do business in Russia, much like any other sanctioned entity. It was Huawei’s and ZTE’s sanctions-busting dealings in Iran that had risked decimating the two firms once the United States had the legal justification to go after them with full force. Now articles entitled “Is Russia the New Huawei?” were popping up, as the United States applied the same Foreign Direct Product Rule restrictions to the entire Russian tech sector that had been the final blow for Huawei’s 5G plans in the UK. Circumvent them, and those Chinese firms could kiss goodbye to their advanced semiconductors. The net effect was that from banks to telecoms, most of the companies that might have wished to take advantage of the newly opened vacuum in the Russian market instead faced even greater limitations on their activities.Almost as bad for China, the narrative about a West divided and in decline was becoming harder to sustain, to the extent that its propaganda outlets stopped trying to advance it at all. Beijing had been able to make considerable hay with Trump, COVID, Brexit, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and much else in recent years. But now it was confronted with a different picture. The sanctions put in place by the United States, Europe, Japan, and a healthy array of other states in Asia were not the thin gruel of 2014 but far more potent in their effect— and disturbingly replicable for China too. Central bank sanctions threatened China’s $3 trillion foreign reserves war chest, prompting emergency meetings between Chinese regulators and banks to discuss how to protect China’s overseas assets from comparable measures. The new U.S.-led plurilateral grouping established on Russian export controls, comprising countries wielding more than half of the world’s GDP, could deny China critical components and technologies too. It was the first such effort on this scale since the entity that did the job during the Cold War—the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls, more widely known as COCOM—was retired in favor of a multilateral regime in its aftermath.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Why Harriet Tubman on the $20 Is Symbolism That Matters
Photo Illustration by Erin O'Flynn/The Daily Beast/GettyOne of America’s most fervently held—and desperately clung to—myths is that our racial hierarchy is neither engineered nor rigorously enforced, but the natural and inevitable result of every group getting exactly what they deserve. At the core of this fictive theory is the belief that the innately civilized, law-abiding, industrious, and intelligent nature of whiteness justifies its position atop the racial order, just as the inherent pathology, criminality, ignorance, and self-defeating ways of blackness perpetually constrain it to the bottom. Of the myriad self-absolving and racist lies propagated by white supremacist culture, the notion that black folks have only themselves to blame for their oppression is perhaps the most insidious. It’s a denialist view wholly divorced from both the consequences of American policy and the realities of our past, and its hegemony requires defensive maintenance of a national memory built on lies of historical omission.This whitewashing happens not just symbolically, in textbooks, monuments, memorials, and markers, but materially, in policies that directly impact the life, death and political power of black Americans. Affronted by black emancipation and enfranchisement after losing the Civil War, defeated Confederates developed the Lost Cause mythos, white supremacist propaganda with multiple aims. Relying heavily on public symbols, it sought to project a Southern antebellum innocence onto the past, while telegraphing absolute white power onto the future. To that end, Lost Cause mythologists portrayed Confederate leaders—men whose most notable contribution to history was armed defense of white folks’ right to buy, sell, and enslave black people—as heroes. Anonymous Confederate combatants, cast in bronze and stone, stood sentry atop lofty pedestals that implicitly demanded public veneration. The Confederacy’s dishonorable fight for black enslavement was tacitly rendered an honorable but lost cause. In town centers, along avenues, and in myriad other public spaces, these statues stood as constant signifiers of racial terror. On courthouse lawns and statehouse grounds, they were strategically erected to serve as reminders to black folks that those institutions had no regard for them.Black folks, then as now, implicitly and empirically understood how white supremacist symbols are inextricably linked to white terror violence, imbuing the environment with harassment and intimidation, race-stamping public spaces as immutably white, and emboldening anti-black vigilantism. Civil rights activist, educator, and Charleston, South Carolina, native Mamie Garvin Fields grew up in the shadow of a statue that went up in 1887 depicting politician John C. Calhoun, a vocal and virulent racist who once called black enslavement a “positive good.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Russia Is Using Rape as a Weapon in Ukraine. The West Must Hold Putin Accountable.
KATERINA KLOCHKO/AFP via Getty ImagesNote: This article contains extremely graphic description of specific sexual assaults and torture; some readers may find this very disturbing or upsetting.As the war in Ukraine enters its tenth month, and as the Ukrainian military has begun to recover ground previously occupied by the Russians, new evidence of systematic campaigns of rape and torture has come to light. There had previously been troubling reports of widespread use of sexual violence against civilians, along with other clear violations of international laws that compel combatants to protect civilians.This situation appears to be worsening as Ukraine builds momentum in reclaiming its territory from Russian hands. One woman recently detailed her harrowing experience being held in a prison where she was raped and tortured by Russian soldiers. This is one more gut-wrenching story on top of many that came to light over the summer—not to mention the many that we may never learn of.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Can Indie Musicians Afford to Keep Their Shows on the Road?
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyThe COVID-19 pandemic was so bad for RN Entertainment, a company that rents RVs to touring musicians, that its owner broke his office lease and moved his entire fleet to his house.“My wife was going crazy,” says Steve Yarborough, who lives on a 20-acre property in Lebanon, Tennessee. “Our beautiful manicured lawn turned into a bus field. I remodeled my chicken coup into an office and just ran everything out of my backyard.”But that was then. By the end of 2021, the vaccines were appearing to work and COVID fatigue set in hard. And musicians got antsy. At a time when record sales are at record lows and streams barely pay, concert tickets and merchandise have become the most dependable revenue stream for many artists. On top of that, lockdowns gave many of them time to experiment with their sound and make more music—and they wanted to play it. Suddenly, the roads were teeming with artists desperate to connect with their fans.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Birmingham routs Garfield for another City Open Division football title
Birmingham senior Naiim Morgan rushes for 296 yards and four touchdowns against Garfield as the Patriots increase City Section winning streak to 34.
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CBS Weekend News, November 26, 2022
Shops nationwide hope for boost from Small Business Saturday; Kenyan resort aims to protect endangered giraffes
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Family Arrives for Thanksgiving Dinner—and Finds Host Dismembered
ANDRI TAMBUNANA long-awaited Thanksgiving feast turned into an unimaginable nightmare for one New Mexico family after out-of-town relatives arrived to find the host “dismembered and disemboweled.”Family members of Karlan and Connie Denio are now left struggling to make sense of how the planned holiday ended with him under arrest for her murder.The day had seemed to be going exactly as planned while relatives made their way to the couple’s home in Albuquerque on Thursday afternoon, with Connie Denio “discussing plans for Thanksgiving” in a group chat with family members, according to the Albuquerque Journal.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Why Is This Tub One of the Vatican’s Most Valuable Pieces of Art?
Russell Mountford / Alamy Stock PhotoWhen you think of the priceless treasures at the Vatican Museum you probably think of the artwork: Michelangelo’s Last Judgment and the ceiling of the Sistine chapel; the Pieta in Saint Peter’s; the ancient and renaissance artwork in the Museums; or even the priceless manuscripts and precious coins hidden away in the libraries. If you’re like me, you probably don’t jump to toilette furniture. All the same, one of the most valuable items in Rome is a bathtub that has been estimated to be worth $2 billion. And you thought your bathroom renovation was expensive.The bathtub—more technically known as a “porphyry basin”—is today housed in the round hall in the Pio Clementino Museum. It was commissioned by the first century Roman emperor Nero for his famously decadent architectural vanity project the Domus Aurea (Golden House). Built entirely of purple stone, the basin weighs over a thousand pounds. Over drinks at a recent Bible conference (I know, fun!) Eric Vanden Eykel, an associate professor of religion at Ferrum College, and I discussed the bathtub and its hefty price tag.The reason it is so expensive, Vanden Eykel told me, is that it “was made from an extremely rare and therefore expensive marble called Imperial Porphyry. Nero and other emperors liked this stone because of its deep and distinctive purple shade, but it also didn’t hurt that it was exclusive and extremely hard to come by.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Carolyn Hax: New mom doesn’t want boyfriend’s ex to meet her baby
A new mom's "instincts are screaming" as her boyfriend's controlling ex-wife insists on meeting the baby.
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Ask Amy: I’m friends with my boss. I found out he owes me thousands in back pay
Reader is friends with their boss but found out he owes them and their coworkers money. Their coworkers don’t know.
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One killed, 5 wounded in shooting near popular Atlanta shopping district
All the victims were believed to be between 15 and 21 years of age, police said.
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Texas A&M stuns No. 5 LSU, putting huge damper on College Football Playoff chances
No. 5 LSU was handed a gift when No. 2 Ohio State fell to No. 3 Michigan, but even as heavy favorites, LSU let the opportunity slip away.
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Trump calls Kanye West ‘seriously troubled man’ in rant about Mar-a-Lago meeting
Donald Trump called rapper Kanye West “a seriously troubled man, who just happens to be black.”
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Greta Gerwig says she was 'terrified' that making the 'Barbie' live-action movie 'could be a career-ender'
"Barbie" director and co-writer Greta Gerwig feared that taking on the live-action movie "could be a career-ender." The film stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken.
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Joe Harris’ Nets role beginning to shrink during shooting slump
Joe Harris’ playing time has begun to fall even while his shot will not.
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1 dead, 5 injured at Atlantic Station shooting: Police
One person was killed and five people were injured in a shooting Saturday night near Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia, police said.
2 h
LSU football embarrassed by Texas A&M, College Football Playoff hopes dashed
No. 6 LSU football fell flat on its face in an embarrassing upset loss to Texas A&M to close out the regular season.       
2 h
No. 6 USC takes down No. 15 Notre Dame, improving CFP hopes heading into Pac 12 title game
Entering Saturday, the USC Trojans needed some help to be considered as a College Football Playoff team - they got everything they wanted.
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‘Creepy’ Joe Biden roasted for strange selfies
“Here’s Joey!”
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More anti-COVID protests in China triggered by deadly fire
Many protests could not be immediately confirmed, but in Shanghai, police used pepper spray to stop around 300 protesters who had gathered at Middle Urumqi Road at midnight, bringing flowers, candles and signs reading “Urumqi, November 24, those who died rest in peace” to memorialize the 10 deaths caused by a fire in an apartment building in...
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At least 1 person killed and 5 wounded in a shooting at a shopping district near downtown Atlanta, police say
At least one person was killed and five people were wounded in a shooting after a "dispute occurred that escalated to gunfire" near Atlanta's Atlantic Station retail district Saturday night, according to police.
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West Indies cricket great David Murray dead at 72
David Murray, a wicketkeeper for the West Indies cricket team in the 1970s and 1980s, has died at age 72, Cricket West Indies said on Saturday.
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Man convicted as a teen of murdering his mom says the real killer is still out there
Michael Politte was charged with killing his mother when he was 14 years old. Now out on parole after 23 years, he maintains his innocence and claims he knows who is responsible.
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Alyssa Milano Ripped for Trading Tesla for Volkswagen: 'Founded by Nazis'
She referred to Elon Musk being aligned with "hate and white supremacy." Musk owns both Twitter and Tesla.
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Wokeism infecting medical schools is 'very, very dangerous': Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty decried the University of Florida College of Medicine reportedly incorporating aspects of critical race theory into its admissions and educational programs on "Unfiltered."
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Winter meetings may finally bring movement for Aaron Judge, Jacob deGrom
While the winter meetings will take place on the West Coast, all eyes will be on Aaron Judge and Jacob deGrom at the top of the free-agent market.
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LA County sheriff's deputy shoots pipe-wielding woman in Covina
Suspect smashed patrol car’s rear window, then charged deputy before he opened fire, authorities say
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Lakers' Russell Westbrook left bloodied after flagrant 2 foul from Spurs' Zach Collins
Los Angeles Lakers' Russell Westbrook was on the receiving end of a hard blow that left him gushing blood against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday.      
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Second Israeli dies after being wounded in Jerusalem blasts
The two explosions also injured about 17 others.
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Trumpworld Think Tank Is Barely Paying Its Bills
Photo Illustration by Erin O'Flynn/The Daily Beast/GettyA nonprofit think tank aligned with ex-President Donald Trump started 2021 with a bang, but ended up falling well short of its fundraising expectations, according to a new tax filing obtained by The Daily Beast.The America First Policy Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization formed last year by a cadre of Trump administration officials and known informally as a “White House in waiting,” initially announced a first-year operating budget of $20 million. But according to its 2021 tax statement, the group raised less than three-quarters of that amount, reporting about $14.9 million in total contributions.That may sound like a decent haul, but more than $10 million of that amount came from 10 anonymous donors, with the largest single source giving $3 million. (AFPI is not required to make the names of its contributors public.) Trump donors accounted for $1 million, in the form of a transfer last June from his Save America leadership PAC. Weeks after Trump sent the money, AFPI officials joined him at a Mar-a-Lago press conference to announce his ultimately failed class-action lawsuit against social media companies. Both Trump and AFPI used that event to raise money.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Deadly apartment fire in China sparks protests against 'zero COVID' lockdowns
The demonstrations, as well as public anger online, are the latest signs of building frustration with China’s intense approach to controlling COVID-19.
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Two London teens stabbed to death as stabbing rash sweeps through city
Two 16-year-old boys were stabbed to death in Greenwich, England just one mile from one another Saturday night.
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Islanders storm past Flyers for fourth consecutive victory
The 5-2 victory over the Flyers was the fourth straight for the Islanders, who are 15-8-0, sitting in second place in the Metropolitan Division.
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Police departments face staffing shortages
Some communities across the nation are grappling with staffing shortages in their police departments. CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca reports.
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Caps have no answers for old friend Vitek Vanecek or new star Jack Hughes
Washington's former goalie stopped 38 of 39 shots and New Jersey's Jack Hughes tallied a natural hat trick in a 5-1 win over the visitors.
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Hugh Jackman’s Godawful ‘The Son’ Ends in an Unbelievably Cruel Way
Rekha Garton/Sony Pictures ClassicsWhen I watched The Father back in 2020, I was astonished. The film, about a man named Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) suffering from Alzheimer's, and his strained relationship with his daughter (Olivia Colman), was an authentic portrayal of what it’s like emotionally to deal with a difficult illness. Films about Alzheimer’s tend to focus on the perspective of the one suffering, but The Father dared to reckon with how the people around them suffer as well.The film was the accomplished debut from writer-director Florian Zeller, who adapted his own play to brilliant effect. The film went on to earn six Oscar nominations, winning two—one for Best Screenplay, the other for Best Actor (for Hopkins). That’s an impressive haul for a first film—but not a surprising one, based on how well the film explored Anthony’s interiority. Through his masterful handling of diegetic space and storytelling, Zeller immediately reached the top of my radar, and I awaited his next project with great anticipation.That next project is here—and it’s The Son, also based on one of Zeller’s plays. (The Holy Ghost isn’t yet in the works, but I choose to hold out hope.) The film follows Nicholas (Zen McGrath), a 17-year-old who feels like he can’t live with his mother Kate (Laura Dern) anymore. He seeks refuge from his inner turmoil by moving in with his father Peter (Hugh Jackman), a successful businessman, Peter’s new partner Beth (Vanessa Kirby), and their infant son. But Beth meets Nicholas with trepidation, and Peter receives a major new job opportunity, so he barely gives his son the time of day.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Felipe Valls Sr., founder of iconic restaurant central to Miami's Cuban community, dies at 89
Cuban businessman Felipe Valls Sr., founder of the iconic Versailles restaurant in Miami, Florida, died Saturday, his granddaughter, Nicole Valls confirmed to CNN. He was 89 years old.
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Jack Hughes gets first hat trick, Lindy Ruff snags 800th win as Devils pound Capitals
Jack Hughes had his first career NHL hat trick, and the Devils beat the Capitals 5-1 on Saturday at Prudential Center for coach Lindy Ruff’s 800th win.
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