Airline delays hit 17m UK passengers every year with Thomas Cook named as worst

Thomas Cook’s 11.5% of late services is the poorest while Stansted is Britain’s worst airport for delays, a Which? study show
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Jodie Turner-Smith gave birth at home because of ‘systemic racism’
"Delivering at home ensured that I had what every single woman deserves to have..." she said.
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Candiace Dillard on why people are starting to pay attention to ‘RHOP’
Bravo fans are finally starting to learn that they don't play in the P, honey.
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South Dakota Gov. Noem wants fence around governor's residence
A fence is expected to be built around the governor’s residence in South Dakota, with Gov. Kristi Noem’s staff calling it “critical” for security purposes.
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Now’s your chance to own Catherine Zeta-Jones’ mosquito-repellent shawl
"Anyone can wear it; you can put it around your neck, or you can drape it around your shoulders," the star said. "Michael [Douglas], my husband, even has one in navy blue."
Women and people of color are more likely to be forced into early retirement during the pandemic
CBS MoneyWatch spoke to The New School's retirement expert, labor economist Teresa Ghilarducci, about why women and workers of color are more likely to be forced into early retirements during the coronavirus pandemic.
10 breathable, lightweight masks that you can exercise in
Wearing a mask outdoors on a hot summer day can leave you sweaty, uncomfortable, and prone to breakouts.  Add a high-intensity workout to the already sweltering heat? And you have a situation that a traditional, stiff face mask is simply not cut out for. To help you stay protected while exercising outdoors, we rounded up...
Military helicopter shot at over northern Virginia, crew member injured
A military helicopter shot at over northern Virginia forced to make emergency landing, one crew member received a minor injury.
COVID diagnosis leads to reunion between long-lost half sisters
Over 50 years ago, when Bev Boro was just 6 months old, she was separated from her siblings and sent to foster care.
Stem cells give hope for revival of Malaysia’s extinct rhinos
KUANTAN, Malaysia – Some skin, eggs and tissue samples are all that remain of Malaysia’s last rhino, Iman, who died last November after years of failed breeding attempts. Now scientists are pinning their hopes on experimental stem cell technology to bring back the Malaysian variant of the Sumatran rhinoceros, making use of cells from Iman...
Bon Appétit loses yet another Test Kitchen viral video personality in mass exodus
The video series is one of Condé Nast's few successful endeavors.
New Outbreak In New Zealand Leads To New Rules And Supermarket Runs
Four new likely cases of COVID-19 are linked to the cluster in an Auckland family announced Tuesday. The country returned to tighter restrictions and is promoting an app to help with contact tracing.
Chicago alderman says residents, businesses now looking to leave Magnificent Mile: 'It's really sad'
Chicago residents and businesses are fleeing the Magnificent Mile, said Alderman Raymond Lopez on Wednesday.
10 bidets and toilet paper alternatives on sale right now
Ever since quarantine began, we, as a society, have gone through a variety of stages, from baking homemade bread and putting up Christmas decorations to playing Animal Crossing and watching “Tiger King.” One stage, however, was more infamous than them all: The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020.  Earlier this year, as individuals across the...
Congress is quietly blocking arms sales to Turkey
Several members of Congress have been quietly blocking multiple US arms sales to Turkey as the Trump administration has still yet to impose mandatory sanctions on the country over its purchase of a Russian-made missile defense system, according to several congressional aides.
Viola Davis shares photo of plantation where she was born: "I own my story"
The Academy Award-winning actress marked her 55th birthday with the meaningful post.
The Big 12 Conference says it will boldly go where the Pac-12 and Big Ten won't
The Big 12 Conference announces its decision to forge ahead with a fall sports season, a day after the Pac-12 and Big Ten pulled the plug.
Brooklyn principals call for schools to delay reopening over COVID-19 concerns
In a letter to top city officials Tuesday, 34 District 15 administrators said they were "gravely concerned" about the scheduled reopening of school buildings next month.
Poll shows broad support for Trump's coronavirus immigration restrictions, little else
Most Americans support travel restrictions implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, but a poll finds disagreement over other immigration issues.
Antiviral nasal spray may fight coronavirus, study finds
A nasal spray that may fend off coronavirus has been formulated by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, according to a report. The researchers are now working to get it clinically tested and manufactured.
Video shows dramatic helicopter rescue of 2 women
Two kayakers were rescued by a Coast Guard crew after becoming stranded on Anacapa Island.
Flu and pneumonia kill five times more in UK than coronavirus: reports
Flu and pneumonia are currently killing five times as many people in the UK as the coronavirus — while ongoing lockdowns have caused the worst recession there since records began, according to reports. In the final week of July, there were 193 reported deaths blaming coronavirus — compared to 928 people who died of flu...
Who might be the *next* senator from California?
Joe Biden's selection Tuesday of Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate immediately sets off a massive political fight to be the California senator's replacement if the Biden-Harris ticket wins on November 3.
Pentagon develops new 'Kill Vehicle' Interceptor to destroy ICBMs
Space-traveling missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and Hypersonic attacks are giving adversaries new potential ways to strike America.
Nail your Zoom job interview: How to prepare and what to wear, according to pros
Is your next job interview over video chat? Don't stress. We asked the pros for their tips on nailing your next Zoom interview.
World Elephant Day 2020
Since 2011, August 12 has been set aside as World Elephant Day. Supported by numerous conservation agencies, the day is a time to “spread awareness, share knowledge, and provide solutions for better care and management of both captive and wild elephants,” according to the organizer’s website. Elephants continue face numerous challenges, including poaching, habitat loss, exploitation, abuse, and proximity to human conflict and poverty. On this World Elephant Day, I’ve gathered a few recent images of African and Asian elephants in their natural habitat, and in preserves and protected parks.
Gwen Stefani shuts down Dua Lipa after she mistakenly calls Blake Shelton her ‘husband’
Gwen Stefani may be in love with Blake Shelton, but she isn’t ready to call him her “husband” just yet.
Sparks to join L.A. County Public Health Department officials in roundtable discussion
The Sparks will partner with the L.A. County Public Health Department for a virtual roundtable discussion on Aug. 17 on the pandemic and other issues.
Kamala Harris’ famous friends
The California senator is no stranger to Hollywood.
Biden, Harris rake in millions overnight after running mate announcement
Soon after formally introducing Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, former Vice President Joe Biden and the California Democrat team up for a virtual grassroots fundraiser on Wednesday.
Southwest Airlines removes autistic boy and his family over face mask
Southwest Airlines removed a 3-year-old boy and his family from a Monday flight after the boy, who has autism, refused to wear a face mask and became upset.
Jarrett: Who refers to a man as nasty?
Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett says Trump's attacks on Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris are sexist, and calls on the media to cover women more fairly.
Man busted for leaving revolver, bag full of drugs in Times Square
Police busted a 39-year-old man after he left a bag full of drugs and a revolver that looked like it was torn from the pages of a history book in the middle of Times Square, cops and sources said. Police tracked down Jameel Hopkins after reviewing surveillance footage from W. 43rd St and Broadway where...
Somalia bill expanding child, forced marriages met with outcry
Somalia’s parliament is facing criticism Wednesday as it is weighing a controversial bill that would allow child marriage once a girl’s sexual organs mature and forced marriage as long as a family gives their consent.
20 of the most interesting products to shop on Amazon right now
With millions of Amazon products to shop online, we rounded up the most interesting products we could find, from a hands-free neck fan to a hammock with an attached mosquito net.
Analyst: Expect higher interest rates & inflation in 2021
As stocks near records, David Kelly, chief global analyst at JP Morgan Asset Management, explains the risks facing the rally and what that means for inflation and interest rates in the future.
New Jersey State Police rescue 65-year-old driver trapped during flash flood, bodycam video shows
New Jersey State Police came to the rescue of a driver trapped inside his car during a flash flood over the weekend.
How Scary Is Lovecraft Country?
Our highly scientific Scaredy Scale helps you determine whether new movies and TV shows are too scary for you.
Iranian musician rebuffing ban arrested for allegedly encouraging women to dance and sing
A prominent Iranian music advocate and creator was detained by police officials and charged with allegedly aiding women to sing and dance, he told Fox News.
Hilary Swank discusses 3-year acting break to care for her sick father: 'It takes a lot of energy'
Hilary Swank opened up about taking a three-year break from her career in order to care for her ill father.
Trump and top House Republican embrace candidate who promoted QAnon conspiracy theory
Top Republicans, including President Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, are embracing their party's nominee for a House seat in Georgia, despite her history of racist and anti-Semitic remarks and promotion of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory.
FDA warning: Freshouse recalls lemons, limes, oranges and red potatoes for listeria risk
Freshouse II recalled Valencia oranges, lemons, limes, organic limes, and red potatoes over a potential contamination with listeria.
Annoyed llama spits in guy’s face
If you’re wondering whether llamas spit, the answer is yes. Watch a man’s attempt to lure, what appears to be a member of the llama family, over to him in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The furry animal walks up to the fence and instead of “playing nice,” spits right in his face.
Watchdog report faults Trump's UK envoy Woody Johnson for 'insensitive comments'
A State Department watchdog report released Wednesday faults Trump's UK envoy Woody Johnson for "insensitive comments" and a "negative effect" on morale.
A virtual running mate search: How a personal connection led Joe Biden to pick Kamala Harris
Joe Biden started with Kamala Harris, and in the end, came back to her.
LAPD investigating possible 'swatting' incident near home of Black Lives Matter activist
The L.A. police are investigating a possible prank call that led to its SWAT team descending on the block of a leading Black Lives Matter activist.
Thistle Farms Provides Pathway to Healing
Kelly Bowman reports on a Nashville company helping survivors of prostitution, addiction and trafficking come back into the community
Sarah Cooper, the internet's favorite Donald Trump impersonator, is coming to Netflix
Sarah Cooper, who became a sensation by lip-syncing to Donald Trump on Twitter and TikTok, is getting her first comedy special thanks to Netflix.
It’s Not the Military’s Job to Remove Trump from Office if He Won’t Leave
Don’t count on Mark Milley to rescue American democracy.