Alejandro Toledo: Peru ex-president faces corruption charges after US arrest

Toledo is a fugitive from Peru for allegedly receiving $20m from a Brazilian construction company

Peru’s former president Alejandro Toledo has been arrested in the United States following an extradition from his home country where he faces corruption charges.

Toledo, who governed from 2001 to 2006, was arrested in northern California on Tuesday and ordered held in custody pending a hearing on Friday, according to the US Justice Department.

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Instagram cracks down on app that allowed users to stalk private profiles
Instagram is cracking down on an app that allowed users to look into private profiles without their permission. According to Android Police, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing network has confirmed that the app — named Ghosty — violates its terms. It also added it will be sending a cease and desist letter to the app makers “ordering them to immediately stop their activities on Instagram.” Available on both Android and iOS, Ghosty describes itself as a means to “view all the profiles you want to view including hidden profiles on instagram.” In addition, it lets users download or share photos or videos from… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Instagram
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China stands firmly behind Hong Kong's chief executive: foreign ministry
China's foreign ministry said on Tuesday its government will continue to offer firm support to Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam, and is determined to safeguard its sovereignty.
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Trump's 'Section 232' autos tariff authority runs out of time, experts say
The clock has run out on President Donald Trump's authority to impose "Section 232" tariffs on imports of foreign-made cars and auto parts, and he may have to find other means if he wants to pursue tariffs on European or Japanese cars, legal experts say.
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REFILE-UPDATE 1-Sales of grounded Boeing 737 MAX pick up steam at Dubai Airshow
Boeing's 737 MAX took centre stage at the Dubai Airshow on Tuesday as the U.S. planemaker prepared to announce orders for dozens of aircraft as it seeks to restore confidence in the jet amid a worldwide grounding, people familiar with the matter said.
Can Luka Doncic Sustain Historic Start to Sophomore Season?
For Luka Doncic , Monday night was pretty much like any other he's experienced this season. He dominated, thoroughly and absolutely, en route to reaching another milestone as the Dallas Mavericks defeated the San Antonio Spurs, 117-110 ...
Teen breaks legs after police chase leads to jump from airport terminal roof
Authorities say a teenager broke both his legs after leaping from an Oklahoma City airport terminal roof while being chased by officers.
New York Post
Jeffery Epstein 'wielded great villainous power'
A woman has come forward to accuse the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing her as a 15-year-old.
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Chinese government furious over NYT release of documents
The Chinese government has reacted furiously to the publication of more than 400 pages of sensitive Communist Party documents by the New York Times, which linked President Xi Jinping to the country's mass detention centers in the far western region of Xinjiang. CNN's David Culver reports.
Hong Kong campus siege almost over, but the violence and anger remain
Attention in Hong Kong continues to be focused on the city's Polytechnic University, where an ever shrinking number of protesters remain holed up inside the besieged campus under the threat of arrest. - RSS Channel
Resignations Follow Blind Oxford Student’s Violent Treatment at Debate
Ebenezer Azamati, a postgraduate student from Ghana, was violently removed from an event at the Oxford Union, a prominent British debating society.
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Everything you need to know about the first UK election debate
The first game-changing moment of the 2019 UK general election could come on Tuesday evening, as millions of Brits tune into the first televised debate of the campaign. - RSS Channel
Yemen's Houthi rebels seize Saudi Arabian ship in Red Sea
A Saudi Arabian tugboat was seized by Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthi rebels on Sunday, according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency SPA. - RSS Channel
Taliban-U.S. prisoner swap apparently imminent
Sources say three Taliban prisoners released by Afghan government are in Qatar and will be exchanged for an American and an Australian abducted in 2016
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Extreme E: British driver Billy Monger to race in new climate change series
British racing driver Billy Monger is named as one of the latest entrants to the Extreme E drivers' programme.
BBC Sport - Sport
New York State Attorney General investigating WeWork and former CEO
The New York State Attorney General is investigating WeWork, adding to a mounting series of problems faced by the workspace provider.
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U.S. says South Korea can do more on costs after talks break down
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Tuesday he believed South Korea "can and should" contribute more on cost-sharing for hosting the U.S. military, after Seoul broke off the talks earlier in the day following a public backlash.
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White House releases statement on Trump’s surprise visit to Walter Reed
The White House on Monday released a statement from Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C. that said the president’s visit there over the weekend was a “routine” checkup. The statement, written by Navy Commander Sean Conley, was released by White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham as she hopes to quiet rumors about Trump’s medical...
New York Post
Here’s an election idea: why not let anyone sit Oxbridge finals? | Laura McInerney
Allowing everyone to study on their own and enter university exams could create a grassroots learning explosionPolitical parties are so busy suddenly falling over themselves to put money into education, it feels as if we’re living in a learning piñata. Bang! Boris Johnson promises more cash for schools. Boom! Jeremy Corbyn will fund six years of learning for adults. Womp! The Lib Dems are making lifelong higher education free-ish. It is not a second too soon. Schools and colleges are on their knees; adult education is in critical condition. When was the last time you met someone attending night school? So the promised money is welcome but, alone, it’s not a real vision of open access. Labour can say it will tax private schools to fund its pledges – but it is time to think even bigger. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Spending on trees in UK falls despite pledges to plant more
Less than £2 per person was spent on trees and forestry in 2017-18, Defra figures showSpending on trees and forestry fell by nearly £20m a year between 2015 and 2018, when a purely Conservative government had taken over from the coalition, despite pledges to plant more trees. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said £132m was spent across the UK on trees in 2017-18, down from £151m in 2014-15. The more recent total included £32m in England, with most of the rest spent in Scotland. Continue reading...
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Crucible by Charles Emmerson review – seven years that shaped our world
This buoyant study of life after the great war illuminates the part that chance plays in historyHistorians, fixing their eyes on a rear-view mirror, sort the past into a procession of immutable events with inevitable outcomes. That suits the grandiose individuals they write about, who fancy that their activities are somehow predestined. “History will not forgive us,” said Lenin in 1917, “if we do not assume power now.”But did history forgive the would-be assassin whose bullet, fired at Lenin a year later, missed his carotid artery by three millimetres? And did it notice why no peace treaty with the Ottoman empire was concluded in 1922? Diplomacy failed on that occasion because Lord Curzon’s train left the Lausanne station five minutes before American go-betweens rushed along to announce that Ismet Pasha was willing to negotiate. Continue reading...
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A poo facial mask – smaller pores, yes, but do you really want faeces on your face?
Face masks made of nightingale faeces, used in Japan for centuries, are currently resurgent in western salons. But what are the results like?I am standing in the bathroom with poo all over my face. Let me explain. Face masks made of nightingale faeces, used by elite Japanese women for centuries, are one of the stranger beautifying techniques currently resurgent in western salons. I’m giving the cheaper, at-home version a try, to see if there’s anything in it.Do nightingales shoot magic out of their cloacas? More to the point, who wants to be young for ever if it means spending eternity in the bathroom with poo all over your face? Continue reading...
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I must have been stung by nettles 5,000 times as a child – why am I not immune?
The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical conceptsWhy am I not immune to nettle stings? I’m 70 years old and was stung in the garden the other day. As a child we played in the fields and woods all the time – I must have been stung at least 5,000 times. Also, while on the subject, when I was stung yesterday I couldn’t find a dock-leaf – my Dad used to say there were always docks near nettles. Where have they gone?Joe Birkin, Chesterfield, Derbys Continue reading...
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Direct Line won’t renew my insurance after a local break-in
It turned out to be because a neighbour’s cars had been stolen using keys taken from their houseWe have just been sent a letter by Direct Line telling us that it is not prepared to renew our home insurance as our property no longer meets its “risk requirements”. We have had no claims on the household insurance, hold two car policies with Direct Line, have no financial problems and live at the top of a steep hill. Continue reading...
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Ego trip: why are some male runners so threatened by a speedy woman?
Being overtaken by a woman seems to get under some men’s skin, as elite athlete Lily Partridge pointed out last week. But the intimidation tactics need to stopAt this time of year, many women stop running in the dark. The same quiet roads that are great for training are precisely those that can make you feel vulnerable. Attacks, fortunately, are rare – but intimidation is not.I don’t know a single female runner who hasn’t been heckled or mocked while out pounding the streets. And, yes, always by men. But there is something else you also occasionally see, too: male runners reminding you of their power. Continue reading...
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Brexit weekly briefing: election soundbites replace hard news
Boris Johnson under fire for series of false claims as he promises to ‘get Brexit done’Welcome to the Guardian’s weekly Brexit briefing. If you’d like to receive this as a weekly email, sign up here. You can catch our latest Brexit Means … podcast here, and for daily updates head to Andrew Sparrow’s politics live blog. Continue reading...
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How the Ikea Christmas ad brought grime to the masses | Jeffrey Boakye
It shouldn’t work, but it does, because grime MC D Double E breaks through the usual seasonal superficialityEverything you need to know about why Ikea’s Christmas ad is a big deal can be summarised in one word: grime. The Swedish furniture monolith has drawn on the genre that has given us Stormzy at Glastonbury, two Mercury music prize winners, #Alexfromglasto and a 21st-century cultural earthquake that continues to reverberate through the mainstream.The central conceit of the ad is simple: a modern (read: young, mixed-ethnicity, good-looking, inoffensive) family, sitting about in their home being modern, good-looking and generally inoffensive. The mum looks around and realises how shabby her surroundings are. Suddenly, all manner of kitsch and very un-Ikea ornaments come to life and start spitting bars about how clapped-out the flat is, in grime star D Double E’s unmistakable warbling couplets. Continue reading...
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The bitter poverty of child sugarcane workers in Zimbabwe
Children say they are paid as little as $1 a week for hazardous work as the government plans to investigate child labour casesThe blistering sun beats mercilessly on the Mukwasine sugar plantations near Chiredzi, in south-east Zimbabwe. It is Sunday morning and the soothing sound of hymns reverberate from a nearby church.For most of the children living near the estate, it is time for Sunday school and listening to Bible stories. Continue reading...
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The anthropologist's Africa – in pictures
British colonial anthropologist Northcote Thomas took thousands of photographs and sound recordings of men, women and children in West Africa between 1909 and 1915. Unseen for over 100 years, some feature in award-winning short Faces|Voices in which Londoners respond to the faces of these people. Here’s a selection of the original images Continue reading...
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Bad ballot design can sway the result of an election – just ask Al Gore
A ‘butterfly ballot’ with misaligned rows featured in the 2000 election in Florida but even the order of candidates’ names can influence voters’ actionsThough Florida had a host of problems during the 2000 presidential election, one of the most obvious was the “butterfly ballot” used in Palm Beach county, Florida. On that ballot, the space that voters pressed to mark their choices was misaligned with the row of the given candidate, causing some to accidentally vote for the wrong candidate. In fact, after George Bush was declared the winner of the state, by a 537-vote margin, the Palm Beach Post determined that the ballot design ultimately cost Al Gore the presidency. Continue reading...
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Mexico vs. Bermuda: Live Stream, TV Schedule for 2019 CONCACAF Nations League
Mexico welcome Bermuda on Tuesday in CONCACAF Nations League qualifying at the Estadio Nemesio Diez. The match is the final encounter in League A Group B, with the Mexicans already confirmed as group winners...
USA vs. Cuba: Live Stream, TV Schedule for 2019 CONCACAF Nations League
The United States are just one step away from advancing to the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Nations League, needing a win over Cuba on Tuesday...
Never run out of battery with this Oral-B electric toothbrush on sale
TL;DR: The Oral-B Genius 9000 CrossAction electric toothbrush is on sale for £99.99 on Amazon, saving you 67% on list price. An electric toothbrush is an essential bit of kit nowadays. If you're still using an old-school brush that requires you to use a bit of elbow grease, it's high time you gave yourself a break. There are absolutely loads of electric toothbrushes available online right now from a number of top brands, with many discounted as part of Amazon's "Countdown to Black Friday Sale." You can pick up some particularly good deals on devices from Oral-B. SEE ALSO: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019: When is it and what are the best deals in the UK? Read more...More about Mashable Shopping, Electric Toothbrush, Shopping Uk, Uk Deals, and Oral B
Stephen Colbert examines Trump's butt in the name of the impeachment hearings
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert continued its ongoing chronicling of the Trump impeachment inquiry on Monday night, ensuring the aliens who discover Earth's wreckage in a million years will know how we destroyed ourselves. In particular, Colbert focused on the upcoming testimony of U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, whose phone call with President Trump regarding the potential quid pro quo with Ukraine has already been the subject of damning testimonies.  According to witnesses, Trump made it explicit in the conversation that he was aiming for Ukraine to open up an investigation into the Bidens. And this wasn't the only flavor of disturbing in the call. Read more...More about Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Impeachment, and Gordon Sondland
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Blackstone HyperTek electric motorcycle smashes all molds
By Jonathon Ramsey Here we have a motorcycle that takes advantage of what can be done with an electric powertrain and looks like one of the possibilities in the sci-fi futures we've dreamed of. South African company Blackstone Tek, better known by t...
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6 arrested in death of U.S. teacher in Dominican Republic
One person is being called a fugitive, and police are continuing to search for him in connection with the killing of Patricia Ann Anton.
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Fox has filed a trademark application for 'OK, boomer' and plans to name a television show after the phrase
Shannon O'Connor/Bonfire Fox Media LLC filed a trademark application for the phrase "OK, boomer," last week, paving the way for the phrase to reach a television audience. Trademark lawyer and founder of Gerben Law Firm Josh Gerben posted a screenshot of the trademark application to Twitter on Monday. The slogan first appeared on TikTok but soon took the Internet by storm as it is used mostly by teens to poke fun at older generations seen as out of touch. Several applications to trademark the phrase have been filed in the last month as a huge amount of merchandise for the phrase has popped up online. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Fox Media LLC filed a trademark application for "OK, boomer" in the newest reported attempt to cash in on the wildly popular phrase. The slogan "OK, boomer" rose to popularity on the viral video app TikTok, before spreading to the rest of the Internet as shorthand for teens to poke fun at older generations for seeming out of touch.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Apple just revealed its AirPods Pro for $249, which feature noise cancellation. Here's everything that was wrong with the $159 pair of the wireless headphones.See Also:34 of the most dangerous things science has strongly linked to cancerA Stanford design professor says switching out 'but' and 'have to' from your vocabulary will help you make better decisionsThis is how the world's 5 youngest billionaires spend their time and moneySEE ALSO: Teens have been using the slogan 'OK Boomer' to poke fun at older generations, and someone is already trying to trademark the term
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Why vote? You’re just clinging to a wrecked system | Suzanne Moore
The looming general election offers fake binary choices – Corbyn or Johnson, leave or remain. Taking part is to bolster brokennessI am sitting, with old friends, around a table. We start talking about the election. No one is enthused. My friends are mostly going to vote Labour. It’s what they do. They are unhappy about it – a couple may go Lib Dem. They are all ardent remainers. I feel as if I should be somewhere else, that somehow, while these are decent people trying to do the right thing, they are no longer my people. They are being forced to vote for politicians they do not trust, and to reduce their complex, well-thought-out beliefs. Well, that’s democracy, you might say. Them’s the breaks. I say, break it more. Break it down.Voting can no longer be a tribal, class-based enterprise. I once bribed my working-class mother not to vote Tory. That’s class war for you. But before you start the lecture about people having died for my right to vote ... you should know that that has the same effect on me as arguing I should eat food I hate because children are starving in Africa. Stop. I live in a safe Labour seat. How I vote doesn’t matter in this first-past-the-post system. Continue reading...
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Poll: Buttigieg struggling to gain black voter support
A new poll shows Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg struggling to gain support from black voters in South Carolina.
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Food fantasia: Lyon’s new gastronomy centre puts the world on a plate
Flavours from all over the globe can be celebrated at a captivating venue inside the redeveloped Grand Hôtel-Dieu by the RhôneThe Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie is part of a €230m redevelopment of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu, a monumental, pale-stone building that was the city’s main hospital until 2007. And it’s well positioned, being right on the Rhône River, in the heart of Lyon.“It’s not just about Lyon and French cuisine,” says Régis Marcon, Michelin-starred chef and chairperson of the Cité’s strategic orientation committee. “It’s very much an international centre: we will work with other cities celebrated for their food.” Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Tuesday briefing: Debate awaits for Corbyn and Johnson
Brexit and NHS high on agenda … Trump U-turn on Israel settlements … and what’s behind a phobia of holes?Good morning and welcome as we bring you today’s top election news – from Labour’s pledge to soak the super-rich, to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn facing off in tonight’s first TV debate. Our live coverage of the day’s political news is up and running. Continue reading...
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AFL-CIO's Trumka says more work remains on US-Mexico-Canada trade deal
A major U.S. labor leader on Monday said there was more work to do on a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, pushing back against comments from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that a breakthrough was imminent.
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Toyota says labor officials found it responsible for worker suicide
Toyota Motor Corp on Tuesday said Japanese labor officials have found it responsible for the suicide of an employee, with the Mainichi Shimbun reporting that workplace bullying at the automaker had led to the employee's death.
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Song of the South: the difficult legacy of Disney's most shocking movie
The 1946 film won’t be showing up on Disney+, but its insidious racism serves as an important reminder of the company’s dark historyFor all the uncertainty surrounding the streaming wars – even for a dominant company like Netflix, which is still hemorrhaging billions of dollars – there’s reason to believe that Disney+ is a safe bet. Even if every one of its original launch titles landed with a thud, Disney just needed to crack open the vault and allow viewers to dive, Scrooge McDuck-like, into its riches: 80 years of peerless animation, from early classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi to renaissance titles like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast to recent hits like Frozen and Moana. And that’s to say nothing of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and a mule who kicks 100-yard field goals. Related: Disney+ attaches warnings of 'outdated cultural depictions' to classic films Continue reading...
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Philip Rivers' Time Is Up and the Chargers Need to Find Replacement in 2020
Philip Rivers might one day be a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He's a Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers legend no matter how and when his tenure with the team ends, and he's ...
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Panthers Owner David Tepper Talks Cam Newton's Future, State of the Franchise
The Carolina Panthers are in the most unenviable position in football with an unclear future at the quarterback position. The future became murkier following Carolina's 29-3 loss to the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday...
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Boeing to announce orders for dozens of 737 max at Dubai Airshow -sources
Boeing is set to announce orders for several dozen 737 MAX at the Dubai Airshow on Tuesday, people familiar with the matter said.
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NASA invites SpaceX and Blue Origin to help it with its moon missions
SpaceX and Blue Origin have been given the green light by NASA to bid for contracts linked to its Artemis program, which is working toward a crewed lunar mission by 2024.
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GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares mixed as wait goes on for elusive U.S.-China trade deal
Asian share markets were mixed in subdued trade on Tuesday, pending clearer news on whether U.S.-China negotiations will reach a preliminary accord to end the prolonged trade war between the world's two largest economies.
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