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Tommy Mallen speaks to CNN
Tommy Mallen, a musician in Ireland, speaks to CNN about how the global coronavirus pandemic has affected his work.
Harvey Weinstein hit with new charge of sexual assault in LA case
Harvey Weinstein was hit with a new count of sexual assault in his California sex crimes case, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.
Surgeon General defends comments some found offensive
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams addressed communities of color, telling them to take precautions not jut for themselves but for their "abuela," "granddaddy," and "big mama." When asked about his comments Adams said he used language that is used in his family.
NYPD cops deliver baby on Staten Island Expressway
He was a bundle of joy for worn-out first responders. A pair NYPD highway officers delivered a baby boy Thursday on the Staten Island Expressway after pulling over the expecting dad for driving nearly twice the speed limit to get to the hospital. “We have to come to work every day, and we see all...
Trump teases announcement on World Health Organization after threatening funding
President Trump on Friday teased an announcement on the World Health Organization (WHO) “sometime next week” after suggesting his administration might cut U.S. funding to the WHO over frustration with the organization throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
Q&A: What do people ask a librarian in a pandemic? L.A. Library's InfoNow has the answer
With libraries closed, L.A. librarians now work from home to help people find free ebooks, music and movies during the coronavirus crisis.
Boom or bust: Jordan Love, Justin Herbert among 15 riskiest prospects in 2020 NFL draft
From top quarterbacks to first-round wide receivers, the NFL draft class features several players who have a volatile outlook in the pros.
Easy ways to declutter your home during coronavirus lockdown
More mess equals more stress.
Florida Governor Considering Opening Schools Back Up in May
Opening schools may depend on the the level of infections across the state, Governor Ron DeSantis said.
Nintendo pauses Nintendo Switch shipments to Japan amid global shortage
Nintendo has paused shipments of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite from its production facilities in China and Vietnam to Japan, amid global shortages of the popular video game consoles.
A global choir for frontline health workers
Christiane speaks with Fionnuala Donovan of the NHS Breathe Harmony Choir, alongside musical director Mike King, about their viral cover of "Anytime You Need a Friend."
‘Little Fires Everywhere’ stars talk ‘90s fashion trends
"I don't understand what [a pager] is supposed to do."
Minnesota man, 38, dies from coronavirus: 'He died all alone'
A 38-year-old Minnesota man who died from the coronavirus is being mourned by his mother who says she never got to say good-bye to him before his death.
DoubleTree delights road warriors, shares chocolate chip cookie recipe for first time
"A warm chocolate chip cookie can't solve everything, but it can bring a moment of comfort and happiness," DoubleTree said.
Monday could feature damaging winds and possibly a few tornadoes in the Mid-Atlantic
While a lot remains uncertain, the potential for severe thunderstorms is concerning.
The best hand creams, according to celebrities
Here's what Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts and more stars use to moisturize their mitts.
Hospitals request iPad donations to keep coronavirus patients in touch with their loved ones
Hospitals have been requesting donations of iPads and tablets in an attempt to keep coronavirus patients in touch with their loved ones.
Stefon Diggs got surprising Kirk Cousins text after ugly Vikings saga
Stefon Diggs has done a 180 after an ugly schism with the Vikings. In spite of months of cryptic tweets, protests, fines and highly-publicized discontent, Diggs says that multiple Vikings players including quarterback Kirk Cousins reached out shortly after his trade to the Bills last month to wish him well. “Kirk was one of the...
How to make fancy coffee at home straight from the pros
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, New Yorkers are staying in and finding comfort in a cup of Joe — once they figure out how to make a decent one.
Sen. Tom Cotton: Coronavirus – How to make China's Communist Party pay for the COVID-19 pandemic
We should treat this pandemic not just as a war with a deadly pathogen but as an information war with the Chinese Communist Party.
Trump: Aggressive anti-virus strategy saving lives
Donald Trump is crediting his administration's 'aggressive strategy,' against the coronavirus as saving lives. Trump claims the death toll in the US would be lower than estimated because of preventative measures being taken. (April 10)
'Pokémon Sword and Shield' Easter Event Adds More Ditto to Max Raid Battles
Items to help trainers with breeding and training their Pokémon will drop in Raids.
Inside the lobbying campaign to get industries designated essential
Porter asks for Blue Flame investigation — Travel, hotels, retail ask for more aid
To fight Covid-19, cyberattacks worldwide must stop immediately
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says that the international community should focus only on its common enemy of the Covid-19 pandemic. | Xinhua/Xie E via Getty Images UN Under-Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschildcalls for an immediate global “digital ceasefire” during the pandemic. With the world focused on combating the Covid-19 pandemic, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for an immediate global ceasefire of armed conflict. The virus, he said, “does not care about nationality or ethnicity, faction or faith. It attacks all, relentlessly.” The call has been endorsed by an ever-growing number of countries and some 70 regional partners, civil society organizations, and all UN Messengers of Peace and Advocates for the Sustainable Development Goals. We have also seen more than 1 million people worldwide take citizen action in support of the Covid-19 ceasefire appeal. This is encouraging impact. But to be truly successful in our efforts to curb Covid-19, we must also strive to uphold this ceasefire in the digital world as well. Consider that in the month of March alone, hospitals, medical facilities, government health agencies, and testing centers, and even the World Health Organization (WHO) have faced targeted cyberattacks perpetrated by criminals and other malicious actors. The purpose of these crimes, it can be assumed, is to undermine our Covid-19 response capabilities. In the case of the WHO, a place that much of the world depends upon for accurate and timely public health information and support to national responses, the threat was reported as unsuccessful. Yet the WHO chief information security officer sounded a warning: The pace and number of these threats have increased considerably. Let’s be clear: Attacks in the digital domain are in many ways tantamount to physical ones. Digital technology now underpins core societal functions and infrastructure, including supporting access to food, water, housing, energy, health care, and transportation. When launched successfully, digital attacks are catastrophic and can lead to loss of life. The UN secretary-general’s call for a global ceasefire is about protecting the most vulnerable among us. If authorities in the most developed and peaceful countries are struggling to manage, how can health systems and frontline organizations operating in war-torn countries possibly be prepared to cope with a potential attack to their digital infrastructure during a pandemic? And how can we ask our health care workers, diagnostic and treatment facilities, researchers, and hospitals — those bound by the selflessness of duty and banded together against a common, hidden enemy — to continue containing the crisis while questioning whether vital equipment may be affected or shut down by a digital attack? Covid-19 has massively accelerated the digitalization of society, at least in those countries that enjoy high rates of internet connectivity. We are also witnessing firsthand how digital technology has been essential in keeping economies and societies functioning through facilitating remote work and learning, and in keeping us virtually connected in a time of physical and social distance. We rely on digital cooperation more than ever before, and as such, we are at a critical inflection point as a global society. Maintaining and ensuring trust and security in the digital world during this global health crisis is imperative. The responsible use of technology must be protected through better international cooperation. We must commit to an immediate digital ceasefire, and governments, civil society groups, and the private sector must set the tone. Without this step, our global response to the pandemic will be weakened. We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times. The UN secretary-general has called on the world to respect a global ceasefire so that we can come together, in solidarity to face this human crisis. To save lives, that obligation should extend to the digital domain. Fabrizio Hochschild is under-secretary-general at the United Nations and special adviser to the secretary-general, working on digital cooperation issues.
New Jersey landlord waives 3 months of rent amid coronavirus crisis
“It provides a little bit of good news to people in a world where there’s no good news, and I think that’s meaningful,” said David Placek, 39, told
How to Get Your Stimulus Check if You Don't File Tax Returns
In the coming weeks, many American citizens will receive a $1,200 stimulus check as part of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
Q&A: Ways to remain kind and courteous in this period of social distancing
An etiquette expert on the evolving rules of behavior for our new world.
Trump, Jim Acosta wish each other 'Happy Easter' during Oval Office encounter
President Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta wished each other a Happy Easter at the White House on Friday, taking an apparent break from the combativeness of their previous exchanges.
‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’ leads desperate list of shows we don’t need right now
"Disney Family Singalong" is on there, too.
Musician Michael Seltzer accused of entertaining guests despite NYC lockdown
This blows. A professional trombone player has turned his Manhattan penthouse apartment into a swinging pad, where he’s been entertaining guests despite coronavirus social distancing demands, a lawsuit by his angry neighbors says. Musician Michael Seltzer — who has jammed with the likes of Sting, Mos Def and Lenny Kravitz — has “surreptitiously” snuck pals...
Animal shelter cleared out as pet adoptions surge during coronavirus lockdown
An empty Southern California animal shelter is a welcome sight to its employees. The Riverside County Animal Services said it found homes for all of its animals as demand for pet companionship increases amid stay-at-home orders across the United States to combat the new coronavirus. “We cleared the shelter!” the agency said in an Instagram...
Burials On New York Island Are Not New, But Are Increasing During Pandemic
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged that more people are being buried at the city's potter's field, but stressed that only the bodies of the unclaimed would be buried there.
Russia Wants to Team Up With U.S. to 'Fight Against' Coronavirus Pandemic
Amid back-to-back calls with President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to pool international efforts to battle COVID-19.
Opinion: The XFL knew what it needed to be, which is why it was so much fun
The XFL shut down on Friday, and that's a shame, because it was a quality product that served as a reasonably interesting alternative to the NFL.
IG report clears Mnuchin of charges he mishandled congressional demand for Trump's tax returns
However, the report does not settle the legal matters surrounding the issue.
Tokyo Olympic CEO hints Summer Games in doubt for 2021
The chief executive of the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games said Friday he couldn't guarantee the sporting event will be held next year as the coronavirus continues to rapidly spread across the world.
Churches hold alternative Easter services amid coronavirus pandemic
As millions practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, churches around the world are working on innovative ways to congregate. Reverend Adriane Curtis, an associate pastor at the Carmel United Methodist Church in Carmel, Indiana, joined CBSN to discuss how her church is unifying the community during these troubling times.
10-year-old with muscular dystrophy tells a joke a day to lift spirits
As someone with muscular dystrophy, 10-year-old Ethan LyBrand is at a higher risk for coronavirus. Since he knows how difficult this time can be for people, he started sharing a joke of the day on social media to spread joy and raise awareness for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Va. governor signs gun-control laws, delivering on Democrats’ campaign promises
New laws include limiting handgun purchases to one per month and expanding background checks.
Rep. McCaul calls China, WHO 'co-conspirators' in coronavirus 'cover-up'
EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Mike McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called the World Health Organization “co-conspirators” with the Chinese Communist Party in allegedly hiding information about the novel coronavirus in its early stages -- calling it “the worst cover-up in human history” and seeking the resignation of its top official.
Trump Approval Rating Slumps Amid Coronavirus Fallout
Following a brief spike in the president's approval ratings, more than half of Americans now say they disapprove of Trump's job performance.
Harvey Weinstein charged with another sex crime in Los Angeles County
Another felony sex-crime charge has been added to the four already pending against Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles County.
Take a look at how Bellator's best are training during coronavirus lockdown
They've gotta do something to stay in shape.       Related StoriesWith UFC 249 off, Jessica Andrade consoled herself by going straight to McDonald'sBellator free fight: Yaroslav Amosov stays perfect with impressive win over Ed RuthMMA's week out of the cage: Fighter quarantine life gets weird
Why There Are So Many Different Guidelines For Face Masks For The Public
Some agencies and places urged or required people to use face coverings in public early on. Others dismissed the coverings as ineffective, then revised their stance. Why the differences?
New jobs, new homes, new babies: Some feel guilty about celebrating right now. But should they?
With thousands dying from COVID-19 and scores of Americans losing their jobs, many are hesitant to share news of engagements and job promotions.
Sheep farmer goes viral after shearing own hair during coronavirus lockdown
An Irish sheep farmer has gone viral during the coronavirus pandemic — for shearing his own hair. “That’s the last time that’ll blow in the wind for a while,” Donie Anderson, who lives in the Dublin Mountains, said in a video he posted on Facebook. Barbers have closed shop during the outbreak, but that is...
Christina Anstead talks co-parenting with ex-husband Tarak El Moussa amid the coronavirus pandemic
“Flip or Flop” star Christina Anstead is opening up about how she and ex-husband Tarek El Moussa are successfully co-parenting their two kids, even as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forces people to practice social distancing.
Bar owner removes dollar bills from walls to pay staff during coronavirus
The owner of The Sand Bar on Tybee Island, Georgia, recently removed $3,714 in dollar bills customers stapled to the walls over the years. The money will now go to good use: She's giving it to her unemployed staff during the coronavirus pandemic.