American Airlines flight diverted to Denver after unruly passenger lights up cigarettes, yells 'you're all screwed'

An unruly passenger forced an American Airlines flight from Arizona to Minnesota to make an emergency landing on Friday after the suspect allegedly told people he was on cocaine before locking himself in the airplane bathroom and eventually lighting up a cigarette in the cabin and the bathroom, two passengers tell Fox News.
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California dad suspected of killing his 5 infant kids over a decade
A depraved California dad has been charged with killing his five infant children over the course of a decade in a cold case that “haunted” investigators for years, police said on Monday.  Paul Perez, 57 — who had been serving time at a prison outside Bakersfield, Calif. for unrelated crimes — was arrested on Thursday...
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Super Bowl 2020 is overtaken by Kobe Bryant sorrow
MIAMI — The show must go on, it must always go on, in every precinct outside of Los Angeles, but the Kobe Bryant Story is a tragedy that has washed ashore on South Beach, a tsunami of a grief that can be seen and heard even over the pulsating music from the ostentatious party the...
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Gianna Bryant mourned by UConn women’s basketball team before game
The University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team paid tribute to Gianna “Gigi” Bryant — who was killed in a helicopter crash Sunday along with dad Kobe Bryant — before an exhibition game Monday night. The NCAA team reserved a seat on their court-side bench for Gigi, with a No. 2 team jersey and a bouquet...
Rep. Doug Collins expected to run for Senate
The move complicates Republicans' efforts to hold onto a battleground Senate seat.
Why John Bolton’s ‘bombshell’ really isn’t
It shouldn’t be news that former National Security Adviser John Bolton can attest to a White House scheme to pressure Ukraine on investigations. The existence of this campaign, now at the center of the impeachment fight, has been obvious for months. There is no mystery here, no whodunnit, no dining-car reckoning from “Murder on the...
It’s Not “Too Soon” to Talk About the Kobe Bryant Rape Case
“Survivors in your life right now are listening to this.”
Judge waives $50K bond for woman accused of helping hide a corpse
A young woman accused of helping her boyfriend hide his slain mom’s body no longer has to secure her freedom with a $50,000 bond — thanks to New York’s new bail-reform law. Caitlyn O’Rourke’s lawyer argued in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday that the bond should be released because the charge against her — concealment...
Woman can't use frozen embryos after divorce
An Arizona woman cannot use frozen embryos fertilized by her ex-husband to have children and has to donate them, according to a ruling by the state's Supreme Court.
Brit Hume on Bolton book revelation: It will undoubtedly increase pressure for him to testify
Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume appeared on "Special Report with Bret Baier" Monday to comment on a report that former National Security Adviser John Bolton's forthcoming book reveals that President Trump connected frozen military aid to Ukraine to investigations into the family of prospective 2020 rival Joe Biden.
Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw wants the Houston Astros to express remorse for stealing signs
In his first public comments about the Astros cheating during the 2017 World Series, Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw addressed getting shelled in Game 5.
China's Tibet closes tourism sites to prevent virus spread: state media
China's Tibet Autonomous Region has temporarily closed all tourist sites starting on Monday to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, official news agency Xinhua reported.
Americans urged not to travel to China over coronavirus concerns
The U.S. State Department is raising its travel warning over the deadly coronavirus, urging Americans not to travel to China. At least five cases have been confirmed in the U.S. Adriana Diaz has the latest.
Will Ferrell has a great timeshare for you and more with 'Downhill'
Ferrell and co-stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Zach Woods and Zoe Chao along with co-directors Nat Faxon and Jim Rash of the film "Downhill" stopped by the L.A. Times Studio to go through the ABCs of their film.
Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist arrested for spreading personal info of victim’s dad
Florida police have arrested a Sandy Hook “truther” who has long tormented the families of kids killed in the 2012 massacre. Wolfgang Halbig, a former contributor to conspiracy site Infowars, was arrested Monday in Lake County and charged with unlawfully possessing the personal information of Leonard Pozner — whose 6-year-old son Noah was among the...
Barbarians at Yale: PC idiocy kills classic art-history class
The intro art-history course at Yale University is the envy of the world. The students who qualify for this costly privilege, some of whom go on to run the nation’s major art institutions, relish densely packed, richly presented lessons about the brilliant brushstrokes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt and the like. Or not. As...
Joy Behar links migrants at US-Mexico border to Holocaust during interview with Holocaust survivors
"The View" co-host Joy Behar invoked the migrants who are in detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border during an interview with a pair of Holocaust survivors.
Earth's most biodiverse ecosystems face 'collapse,' new study claims
Earth's ecosystems are under unprecedented threat from a combination of climate change, extreme weather and human activity, a new study shows.
Empire State Building pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with purple, gold lights
The Empire State Building paid tribute to Kobe Bryant on Monday, by lighting up in purple and gold to honor the late Lakers legend. “Our lights will shine in purple and gold this evening as we pay tribute to basketball legend Kobe Bryant, an inspiration to millions across the globe who was taken too soon,”...
2020 Daily Trail Markers: Biden tours Iowa while senators stay benched
A week from tonight, Iowa Democrats plan to gather in high school gymnasiums, public libraries, church basements and other locales to make the first concrete decisions of the 2020 presidential election.
Off-duty NYPD detective dies in Staten Island home
An off-duty NYPD detective died Monday afternoon after suffering an apparent stroke, police and sources told The Post. The cop, who sources said worked in the department’s Latent Print Section, died at his home in the Woodrow section of Staten Island around 3 p.m., according to police. The detective’s name was not released. A spokesman...
Far-left agitprop for pre-K tots: what NYC schools have come to
What are they teaching in New York City preschools? At one taxpayer-funded Brooklyn nursery, it isn’t numbers, letters or nap time — but ­racism and victimhood, plus transgender and “queer’’ rights, with a heavy dose of political indoctrination in the mix. “I was kind of horrified,’’ the father of a preschooler told me. “They say...
Impeachment Trial Recap: Trump Lawyers Sortie — But Eschew Bolton Issue
President Trump's defense lawyers tore into Democrats in their first full day of arguments but they did not address new revelations about the Ukraine affair in John Bolton's forthcoming book.
Republican Doug Collins Complains About Bolton Being Believed Over Trump, Says President's Defense Team Will Prove Everyone Wrong
"If John Bolton says it," Collins said, "It must be true. Even though the president said it didn't happen."
Republicans in Trump impeachment face new pressure over witnesses after Bolton book report
President Donald Trump's fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate came under renewed pressure on Monday to allow witnesses in his impeachment trial, while his defense team ignored new disclosures from a former top White House adviser.
Hunter Biden agrees to pay child support in paternity case settlement
Hunter Biden has agreed to pay monthly child support to an Arkansas woman, court documents filed Monday show, in a temporary settlement reached just days before he was scheduled for a mandatory court appearance to explain why he hadn't provided financial documents in his ongoing paternity case.
Local Digest: Metro stabbing involved a debt of $5, D.C. police say
A roundup of news from the Washington region.
Review: Go face to face with 28 beasts in Nina de Creeft Ward's animal kingdom
At a time when so much contemporary art is little more than a selfie backdrop, the nature sculptures of De Creeft Ward have a throwback allure.
Why are we counting on four GOP senators? They all should do their jobs.
Every. Single. One.
Varney makes bold prediction ahead of Iowa caucus: 'Huge problem for the party'
Fox Business host Stuart Varney said the Democratic party is facing a "huge problem" as no clear winner is predicted to emerge from the upcoming Iowa caucuses.
Jesse Watters praises Trump attorney Bondi's 'meticulous' Hunter Biden argument: 'It doesn't look good for Joe'
Jesse Watters praised Trump attorney Pam Bondi's impeachment defense presentation, which laid out why former Vice President Joe Biden's 49-year-old son Hunter deserves scrutiny in the president's Senate trial.
These Fox News Contributors Will Campaign for Trump in Iowa Despite Network's Warnings Against Political Participation
Fox News contributors were listed among a group of more than 80 Trump surrogates expected to campaign for the president in Iowa.
Celebrity star-power fuels Bernie’s final Iowa sprint
His traveling festival of celebrity surrogates aims to attract young and unlikely voters to his campaign events.
Poll: Bernie Sanders Holds Commanding Lead in Utah
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is leading the Democrat primary field in Utah, a Salt Lake Tribune/Suffolk University poll released Monday showed.
College football coach suspended for answer to question in student newspaper
A college football coach was suspended after saying in an interview that he would want to have dinner with Adolph Hitler, the former leader of Nazi Germany who was responsible for the deaths of millions of Jewish people.
Analyst rebukes Trump attorney's description of Giuliani
CNN political analyst Gloria Borger breaks down Trump defense attorney Jane Raskin's analysis of Rudy Giuliani's role in the Trump Ukraine impeachment inquiry.
Auschwitz survivor returns to the concentration camp 75 years later
Monday marks 75 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Some of the survivors returned, including one 91-year-old man who hasn't spoken about his past until now. Mark Phillips shares his story.
Kobe Bryant’s faith and other commentary
Religion bureau: Kobe’s Faith In its obituary for basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, who “died Sunday in a helicopter crash in Southern California, along with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna,” the Catholic News Agency highlights Bryant’s Catholic faith, which he credited with “helping him move past a challenging period in his own life and the life of...
Analyst explains how Trump's tweet could have legal significance
President Trump denied claims he told Bolton aid to Ukraine was tied to an investigation of the Bidens in a tweet, which CNN legal analyst Carrie Cordero says could affect President Trump's executive privilege defense.
AP Top Stories January 27 P
Here's the latest for Monday January 27th: Trump's lawyers defense after Bolton revelations; Investigators at scene of Kobe Bryant's chopper crash; US stocks tumble amid global sell-off; World marks 75th anniversary of Auschwitz-Birkenau liberation.
Louisiana man asked gym buddies to borrow guns for robbery, cops allege
A Louisiana man is accused of approaching his gym buddies in the parking lot of a Planet Fitness and asking if he could borrow their guns for a robbery, police said.
Biden pushes for witnesses in impeachment trial but says of his Ukraine role, 'What is there to defend?'
Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden told reporters Monday that he does not think it's necessary for him to testify as a witness in President Trump's impeachment trial because he has "nothing to defend."
Tourists and fans invade Calabasas hillside where Kobe Bryant's helicopter crashed
Tourists, fans and the curious invade the Calabasas hillside where Kobe Bryant's helicopter crashed.
Notable sports figures who died in aviation crashes
Kobe Bryant, who died on Jan. 26, 2020, was one of a number of athletes who have perished in plane or helicopter crashes over the years.
Super Bowl LIV Opening Night
The Super Bowl LIV festivities kicked off Monday with Opening Night as members of the Chiefs and 49ers met with the media.
China's Beijing suspends most bus services to Hebei to curb virus spread
China's Beijing Public Transport Group said it will suspend the majority of bus services into neighboring Hebei province starting on Tuesday to contain the spread of coronavirus, according to a statement on its official Weibo account.
At least 8 killed in Alabama boat fire
In northern Alabama, a search is underway for victims of a devastating fire that destroyed dozens of boats. It happened at a marina where many live on house boats. Courtney Zubowski reports.
White House impeachment team weighs in on Bolton claims
In an interview with "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell, a group of impeachment defense surrogates questioned a report that found President Trump wanted to withhold military aid to Ukraine until officials there looked into his political rivals. O'Donnell spoke to Representatives Mark Meadows, Doug Collins, Elise Stefanik and Debbie Lesko.
'Bachelor' Episode 4 Spoilers: Chase Rice, Alayah and More Drama Heats Up The House
Two giant plot points will come together in Monday night's episode.