'American Idol': Southern heartthrob Laine Hardy pulls off stunning win over Alejandro Aranda

The rebooted "American Idol" ended its second season on ABC Sunday night, with Southern rocker Laine Hardy besting viral star Alejandro Aranda.        
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The most memorable moments from the Apollo 11 mission
From the fiery blast of a Saturn rocket to those first steps on the lunar surface, images from America's space program are etched in the nation’s collective memory. But along with those sights, there are the sounds: the words that also tell the remarkable story of human achievement. With insight from historian Douglas Brinkley and CBS News space analyst Bill Harwood, “CBS This Morning Saturday” reflects on some of the mission's most memorable moments.
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Tens of millions enduring record-setting high temperatures
Washington D.C. joined dozens of cities in declaring a weather-related emergency ahead of record-breaking temperatures expected throughout the weekend. Cities in the Midwest are also preparing for extreme heat, but the East Coast is expected to take the brunt of it. Temperatures will range from the mid-90s to triple digits, with the heat index making it feel upwards of 115 degrees. Natalie Brand reports.
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Joe Biden dominates, but Pete Buttigieg makes inroads with Obama's elite bundlers
A CNN analysis finds that at least 40 top Obama fundlers donated to South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg's campaign during the second quarter, helping catapult him into the top tier of Democratic presidential hopefuls.
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I wish Hasbro’s new Boba Fett helmet was available when I was a kid
Image: Hasbro You’ll soon be able to dress up as Star Wars’ most infamous bounty hunter — or at least get a start on a costume. On Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro revealed that it will release a new entry in its premium Black Series line of costume accessories: Boba Fett’s helmet. The Black Series line is Hasbro’s higher-end toy line, comprising of detailed action figures, lightsabers, and wearables. Over the last couple of years, it’s released versions of the helmets for characters like Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers, Shadow Troopers, and the X-Wing pilot helmets worn by Poe Dameron and Luke Skywalker. Boba Fett’s helmet will join that lineup sometime in 2020. According to The Hollywood Reporter, preorders will begin today at 5:30PM ET, and it’ll cost $119. It’ll include LED lights, padding, and an adjustable range-finder. It’ll be available in the spring of 2020. Image: Hasbro It also looks to be really accurate when compared what you see on the screen. According to, Hasbro scanned a helmet used in the films (It looks as though this helmet has the paint scheme from The Empire Strikes Back), and that they worked to match the paint colors as exactly as they could. That’s not a huge surprise — toy and costume companies have paid considerably more attention towards screen-accuracy over the last couple of years. Costumes use more elaborate fabrics, detailing, and electronics, and Hasbro’s helmets have been particularly noteworthy — looking as as through they’re high-quality replicas themselves. Hasbro isn’t the only company producing high-end Boba Fett costuming gear. Fett fan site pointed out that EFX Collectibles recently produced a high-end helmet (It’s supposed to ship later this month, but it doesn’t look as though it’s available to order at the moment), and that costuming company ANOVOS is taking preorders for the bounty hunter’s blaster. (The site notes that ANOVOS has a history of not delivering preorders on time, pointing out that the replica of Fett’s jetpack that was supposed to ship last year hasn’t yet.) Boba Fett is a character with a fantastically complicated costume, and building a screen-accurate suit can easily run you into the thousands of dollars. The 30-something-costumer me is jealous of the kids and fans that could go into a store and pick one of these up next year to start their own costume.
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U.K. warns Iran of "serious consequences" if tanker isn't released
Iran claims the tanker collided with an Iranian fishing boat in the Strait of Hormuz
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The new Terminator board game is actually worth your time
Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance isn't wildly innovative, but it is fun.
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Learn how to draw portraits, comic books, & more with this training
With enough practice and commitment, anyone can be a visual artist. But without the right instruction, that time spent honing your skills could seem like an eternity. If you really want to see where your talent can take you, you need sound fundamentals - and no matter what discipline or genre you lean toward, the Drawing Fundamentals Bundle has valuable insights you can draw on (and draw with) online, anytime. In total, there are nine complete courses in this package, and the best part is that you can decide what it's worth. For a limited time, the whole thing is up for grabs on a "pay what you wish" basis. Fill in that price tag with any number you want, and you'll get at least a few courses. Beat the average offer, and you can take home the whole thing. Which, for the record, is pretty comprehensive: The Complete Ballpoint Pen Drawing Course For Beginners: A guide to making vibrant art with the most accessible tools. How to Draw a Flower & Pitcher with Colored Ballpoint Pens: A step by step exercise that will hone your hatching and detail skills. Portrait Drawing with Colored Ballpoint Pens: An entryway into portraiture, where you'll learn shading, volume and more. Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques: Expand your art vocabulary with the most versatile weapon in the sketcher's arsenal. Portrait Drawing Fundamentals Made Simple: A walk through the Loomis method and other failsafe portrait techniques. Digital Painting: Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5: A fun dive into an affordable and essential piece of art software. Read the rest
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The ride, friendship that began Mariano Rivera’s Hall of Fame journey
COOPERSTOWN — There are many different roads to the Hall of Fame. This one started by not knowing how to get to Eastchester. There was the young pitcher from Panama sitting in the Yankees clubhouse back in 1995. He was scheduled to see his agent in Eastchester to find an apartment, but did not speak...
New York Post
California Condors Reach A Milestone Moment
NPR's Scott Simon talks to Tim Hauck of The Peregrine Fund about the hatching of the 1,000th California condor since the late 1980s, when conservation efforts began.
News : NPR
The Fallout From A Seemingly Sweet Oil Deal For Venezuela's Neighbors
The PetroCaribe program provided fuel to Venezuela's neighbors on long-term credit to spur economic growth. What has happened now that Venezuela is in free fall?
News : NPR
How Constantly Changing Immigration Policies Affect Migrants Already In Danger
The Trump administration issued a new rule requiring migrants to seek protection in another country they travel through before asking for asylum in the U.S.
News : NPR
The Week In Politics: Trump's Remarks Attacking 4 Congresswomen
President Trump's Sunday tweets, his doubling down and then his attempt to distance himself dominated the political news cycle.
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Yes, women like porn too – we're all just trained to believe they don't | Arwa Mahdawi
We’re told men are biologically wired to be more sexual than women, but this is junk science used to excuse bad behaviorSign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Help! I Can’t Help Myself—I Need to Know Every Lurid Detail of My Co-Worker’s Arrest.
Prudie’s column for July 20.
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Sony RX 100 VI Review: It Does What Your Phone Camera Can't
It's small, lightweight, and has an impressive zoom. But that comes with a hefty price tag.
How Formula E Racing Makes Electric Cars Faster, Smarter, Funner
For automakers like BMW, Audi, and Jaguar, making EVs for the track is a natural way to hone EVs for the streets.
Heat dome causing blistering temperatures in US
CNN's Allison Chinchar reports that a high-pressured system called a heat dome is causing extremely high temperatures in the eastern half of the US this weekend.
E'Twaun Moore Q&A: 'I didn’t know we were going to get all of that back for Anthony Davis'
E'Twaun Moore discusses the New Orleans Pelicans’ wild summer, Anthony Davis’ exit, the Zion Williamson era, 2019-20 expectations and more.       
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The history of the Apollo 11 moon landing
Saturday marks 50 years since the greatest technological achievement in human history: At 4:17 in the afternoon Eastern time, a spacecraft carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the moon. Nearly seven hours later, with an estimated half a billion people watching on TV, Armstrong descended from the lunar module to take mankind's first steps on the moon's surface. Even now, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission continues to inspire America's next steps into space.
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What Democrats need out of Robert Mueller's testimony
Bob Cusak, editor-in-chief of The Hill, joins "CBS This Morning Saturday" to discuss President Trump's feud with Rep. Ilhan Omar and how it will impact swing voters. Cusak also discussed what Democrats are hoping to get out of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's upcoming testimony.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Democrats Call Out Racism, New Debate Lineups: This Week in the 2020 Race
Candidates condemn President Trump’s “go back” comment, a Harris-Biden rematch, and a new California poll.
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Australia squeak into Netball World Cup final after heart-stopping win over South Africa
Australia 55-53 South AfricaRelive with Megan Maurice’s goal-by-goal reportThe Australian Diamonds’ second-string side – sent out by coach Lisa Alexander in the Netball World Cup semi-final in Liverpool – started the match like a back-up line, but after settling, secured a place in Sunday’s final, winning 55-53 in another heart-stopper.And in the process, the Aussies let the netball world know they have the deepest squad – and the best of them will be fresh as daisies for the final. Oh, and they know how to win. Continue reading...
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'Nowhere to turn': Homeless with cancer, a Louisville man struggles each day to survive
For the homeless living with serious, chronic illnesses, there are few places to turn in Louisville as they deal with true matters of life and death.       
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Baseball Hall of Fame: Edgar Martinez, Harold Baines prove DH's belong in Cooperstown
With the induction of Edgar Martinez and Harold Baines into the Hall of Fame, the designated hitter has gained a wider acceptance in Cooperstown.       
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Trump reverses course, backs supporters who chanted "send her back"
President Trump is now defending his supporters who chanted "send her back" at a rally earlier this week in reference to freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Less than 24 hours after attempting to disavow the chant, which was widely condemned as racist, Trump called his supporters “incredible patriots” and upped his attacks on Omar. Omar is calling herself the president's "nightmare." Ben Tracy reports.
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Netball World Cup 2019: Australia beat South Africa in thrilling semi-final
Australia will defend their Netball World Cup crown on Sunday after coming through 55-53 in a thrilling semi-final against South Africa.
BBC Sport - Sport
Apollo 11: 1969 sports world celebrated Celtics and Mets, mourned Rocky's death
To celebrate 50 years since Apollo 11 moon landing, USA TODAY looks at 1969 sports, when MLB added four teams and basketball dynasty took victory lap.       
USATODAY - News Top Stories
Opinion: We were over the moon about Neil Armstrong and sports in 1969
Sports world was a lot different when man set foot on the moon. For one, it showed miracles, even in sports, do happen with "Miracle Mets."       
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Britain warns Iran of "serious consequences" if it doesn't release seized tanker
Britain is warning Iran of what it describes as "serious consequences" if Iran does not release a tanker that it seized in the Persian Gulf. Iran claims the tanker collided with an Iranian fishing boat in the Strait of Hormuz. Germany and France have also called on Iran to release it. David Martin reports.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Eye Opener: Stifling heat stretches across the country
Stifling heat stretches across the country. Also, President Trump changes his tone about the crowd at his North Carolina rally who chanted “send her back.” All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.
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Massive heat wave blamed for at least 6 deaths
A dangerous and deadly heat wave is gripping almost half of the nation. Tens of millions are set to broil in record-setting high temperatures this weekend, and heat advisories or warnings are in effect from the Midwest to much of the East Coast. Coupled with high humidity, the heat index will exceed 100 degrees in New York and other major cities. The heatwave is already blamed for at least six deaths. Natalie Brand reports.
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Tour de France 2019: stage 14 takes race up to finish on Tourmalet – live!
Updates from the 117.5km mountain stageAlaphilippe extends lead with time trial winEmail Simon or tweet @Simon_Burnton 12.31pm BST The rollout is about to start rolling. The Pyrenees are looking gorgeous this afternoon, which is just as well given the number of lingering helicopter shots we’re going to be treated to before the day’s out. 12.29pm BST So, stage 14. Tarbes to Col du Tourmalet, and the first classic climb of this year’s Tour. Just the 117.5km, but they’re hard yards: the category four climb to Cote de Labatmale, the category one Col du Soulor, and the hors-categorie, 19km-long final climb, with a steepest climb of 13.5%, are all on the route. It all looks something like this:Stage 14 / Étape 14 Tarbes Tourmalet Barèges⏰ 13:30 CET > 17:02 CET Pierrefitte-Nestalas⛰️ 1xHC, 1x1️⃣c, 1x4️⃣c#TDF2019 Related: Alaphilippe extends Tour lead over Thomas with stunning time-trial win Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Unlicensed “health coach” claims health advice is free speech—court disagrees
The judge noted that the "health coach" was free to offer pro bono advice.
Ars Technica
Footage shows seized British Stena Impero tanker in Iran's Bandar Abbas port
Iran said on Saturday it seized a British-flagged oil tanker because it was involved in an accident, but Britain's foreign minister said he feared Tehran was taking "a dangerous path" and other major European powers expressed alarm. Rough cut (no reporter narration).
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Video: UFC's Stipe Miocic Says Brock Lesnar Is 'Not Even a Money Fight Anymore'
UFC heavyweight star Stipe Miocic doesn't think Brock Lesnar is a huge draw for MMA fans anymore because of his inactivity. Lesnar hasn't competed in a professional MMA bout since his clash with Mark Hunt at UFC 200...
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Dangerous heat wave scorches millions in Midwest, East Coast
Temperatures could set records in parts of the country on Saturday.
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ABC News: Top Stories
UK warns Iran of potential 'serious consequences'
CNN's Clarissa Ward reports that UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warns there will be "serious consequences" if Iran does not release a UK-flagged oil tanker it seized in the Strait of Hormuz.
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TMZ: Lakers' Anthony Davis Renting $14M Mansion in Bel-Air at $50K Per Month
Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward Anthony Davis has reportedly started to rent a $14.1 million mansion in the upscale Los Angeles suburb of Bel Air, California...
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Jason Roy can stake Ashes claim as Ireland target another scalp | Tim de Lisle
Ireland will fancy their chances of an upset in their third Test, against an England side without Stokes, Buttler and ArcherAfter climbing cricket’s highest peak, England face what should be their easiest Test in years: a four-day game, at home, against Ireland. One nation will draw on the accumulated knowhow of a thousand Tests; the other, only two. Then again, wouldn’t it be just like England to win the World Cup at Lord’s one week and lose to a bunch of part-timers there the next?The match, which starts on Wednesday, ought to be a gentle warmup for the Ashes. Except that warmups have a way of biting big names on the backside. Lord’s is just down the road from Kilburn, a traditional Irish stronghold that will surely send some of its sons and daughters along to scoff at the English. If they fancy a flutter, an Irish victory is a tempting 25-1. Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Two men suspected of releasing CS gas on London tube train
Passengers treated for coughing and shortness of breath at Oxford Circus stationPolice are looking for two male suspects after gas was released in a tube train carriage in central London.A number of people were treated at the scene by paramedics at Oxford Circus station for coughing and lack of breath. Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Jackson Hastings primed to repay debt to Salford with a grand farewell
Australian who is joining Wigan next season hopes he can help deliver a play-off spot – and maybe more – before he departsEver since Jackson Hastings stepped off a plane and signed for Salford a year ago it always felt a case of when, not if, he would move on. Yet it seems there are still one or two twists remaining before Hastings bids adieu to the Red Devils.In fact, there is the potential to create history for a club who have spent most of their existence battling at the wrong end of the Super League table. Continue reading...
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Zinedine Zidane Talks Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, Eden Hazard and Takefusa Kubo
Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane spoke about the club's reported interest in Paul Pogba and the future of Gareth Bale in a press conference on Saturday...
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The 15 Most Ridiculous WWE Gimmicks Fans Will Never Forget
The beauty of professional wrestling is how it has always been able to feature outlandish characters who would never exist in real life...
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Finn Balor Is Ideal First Opponent for Bray Wyatt's WWE Return
When Bray Wyatt returned to Raw Monday night and attacked Finn Balor, the impact of the moment created a genuine buzz among the WWE Universe. Balor is the ideal first opponent for Wyatt’s Fiend...
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WWE Hot Take: Time for a Kofi Kingston Reset and Title Loss to Randy Orton
Seth Rollins was first—Kofi Kingston should be next. Rollins dropped his Universal title in ho-hum fashion to a Brock Lesnar cash-in, fittingly at the end of a silly couples ...
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Radical or Incremental? What's Really In Joe Biden's Health Plan
The Biden plan released this week is an update of the Affordable Care Act with controversial differences. Among them: a "public option" that covers abortion, and subsidized premiums for more people.
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Ex-TV anchor describes his turning point from addiction
Former TV anchor Brandon Lee opens about his struggles with addiction and his push to change the public perception and stigma surrounding addiction in the US.
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From Waking Up to Planting a Flag on the Moon, Here’s How the Apollo 11 Astronauts Spent July 20, 1969
"On the eve of history, perhaps men do not sleep well, or perhaps they are not meant to"
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