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Asda shoppers applaud the 'hidden message' on badges for delivery drivers

From today, supermarket employees and delivery drivers can wear badges with a "Happy to Chat" message, meaning that if customers want, they can enjoy a conversation with any worker wearing one
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Mask or No Mask? Why the Guidance Has Been Shifting
As the Covid-19 pandemic has unfolded, authorities in different places have said different things about whether healthy people should go around wearing face masks to reduce the spread of the disease. 
Why ‘New START’ Nuclear Treaty Split Biden From Trump
The last remaining nuclear-arms treaty between the U.S. and Russia is on track for a five-year extension. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to extend so-called New START in their first exchange since Biden took office on Jan. 20. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, had sought to renegotiate the deal, which is due to expire on Feb. 5. He wasn’t alone, as policy makers across the political spectrum have called for improvements.
Why Vaccines Might Not Be Able to Eliminate Covid-19
The road to eliminating Covid-19 is long and paved with uncertainty. Many countries are counting on vaccines to build sufficient immunity in their populations so that SARS-CoV-2 isn’t able to find susceptible people to infect, causing transmission of the coronavirus to slow and eventually stop. But even with the rollout of highly effective vaccines, immunization coverage may not reach that level -- the so-called herd immunity threshold -- anytime soon. For one thing, it’s not known what level of
San Francisco to strip Washington, Lincoln from school names
The San Francisco school board has voted to remove the names of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others from public schools after officials deemed them unworthy of the honor
Reporter Tossed Out of Marjorie Taylor Greene's Town Hall by Cops for Trying to Ask Question
"I'm talking to my constituents," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said while refusing to answer the question of a reporter who was soon escorted out of her town hall event on Wednesday night. "This isn't a press conference."
California man with 'fully operational' pipe bombs targeted Democrats, Twitter and Facebook in text messages, feds say
Ian Rogers is facing charges after federal investigators found homemade pipe bombs, 49 firearms and 24 boxes of ammo at his home and business.
Florida Wants Tokyo's 2021 Olympics Despite Rising COVID Infections, Deaths
Disney World isn't fully open and a high school wrestling tournament turned into a super spreader. What could go wrong with an Olympic Games?
Analysis: After building a radicalization engine, Mark Zuckerberg aims to 'turn down the temperature'
A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter.
Place where you can toss your ex to wolves for Valentine's Day
EMT accused of illegally recording patients
Cancer-stricken teacher ask for sick day donations
Thousands of families could face eviction soon
Lower-paid employees have to pay back bonus
Four swastikas found etched into dorm elevator
Rising chicken wings prices challenging restaurants
Couple, their six children escape burning home
Robotic restaurant opens second location
Public schools reopening postponed to spring
Four children, one adult die in morning house fire
Man admits to killing supervisor after he was fired
Nature center to host owl-themed hiking event
Mass murder survivor: 17-yo brother shot the family
Two teens charged in accidental deadly shooting
Corbin's Light Show house catches fire
Student dies in fraternity house bathroom
Biden's team grilled about masks
• EU and AstraZeneca escalate war over vaccines • UK imposes Australia-style hotel quarantine
Could post-vaccine life mean we return to normal? Not just yet
Mass Covid-19 vaccination programs are underway in many countries around the world, offering the first glimmer of hope that life as we knew it could be back within our reach.
California man allegedly built pipe bombs, threatened ‘war’ against Dems
A California man allegedly built pipe bombs and threatened to “go to war” against Democrats over former President Donald Trump’s election loss, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. Ian Benjamin Rogers, 43, was arrested on Jan. 15 as officers seized at least 49 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and five “fully operational” pipe bombs from his...
Kansas to shut down unemployment system to deal with fraud
Thousands of fraudulent unemployment claims are prompting Kansas to shut down its processing system this weekend, meaning some jobless workers will have payments delayed as the state installs new anti-fraud protections
Poll: Liz Cheney’s Political Support Collapses in Wyoming as Primary Challenger Takes Double-Digit Lead
House GOP Conference Chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has seen her political support completely collapse in Wyoming as solid majorities of both Republicans and all voters in the state want her out of office, a new poll shows.
Suburban Milwaukee cop who resigned after fatally shooting 3 since 2015 hired as deputy
Joseph Mensah, the suburban Milwaukee police officer who resigned in November after one of his three fatal shootings since 2015, was hired as a deputy in a neighboring county on Tuesday.
Cloris Leachman's secret gift
When I tell you that Cloris Leachman, who died Wednesday at age 94, was one of the greatest American actors, don't arch your eyebrow, writes Gene Seymour. She could be hilarious, but also complex, raw and restrained to make an abandoned forest cry -- and make the bluntest, most forsaken object seem human.
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WATCH: Bear chases skier down slope
A bear chased a skier downhill at a mountain resort in Romania, with the skier escaping to safety by throwing a backpack on the ground to distract the animal.
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WATCH: Icicles form amid icy waves on Lake Michigan
Icicles formed along a pier at Chicago's North Avenue Beach amid winter weather and icy waves on Lake Michigan.
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WATCH: Confused cat meets her Lego doppelgänger
A cat named Socks came face to face with her Lego doppelgänger after her owner won a "Build Your Cat" competition in Australia.
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Biden Climate Actions Get Pushback From Some Energy States, Others Silent
"Overreaching and defying Congress will not be rewarded or succeed," Wednesday's letter from six state Attorneys General read in part.
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Tobias Harris’ jumper in final ticks leads 76ers past Lakers
PHILADELPHIA — Tobias Harris swished a jumper with 3 seconds left, ending the Lakers’ 13-0 run and sending the Philadelphia 76ers to a 107-106 victory over Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hit a 3-pointer with 1:05 left that pulled the Lakers to 105-104. LeBron James hit Anthony Davis for the go-ahead basket with...
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The NRA says its finances are solid. So why is it filing for bankruptcy?
The National Rifle Association bragged it is on solid financial footing. So why did it file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy?       
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Poland puts new restrictions on abortion into effect, resulting in a near-total ban on terminations
Poland's government put into effect Wednesday a ruling that outlaws the termination of pregnancies with fetal defects, resulting in a near-total ban on abortion in one of Europe's most devout Catholic countries.
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Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: The Constitution is not for sale
To ensure that the new American government could not do what the British government had been doing to the colonists, the Fourth Amendment was enacted.
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Van Jones talks to Jalen Rose about Prince, politics
Van Jones is controversial because he has the audacity to work with both Democrats, Republicans, or any party in power to make progress on prison reform. But if that doesn’t bother you, perhaps his opinion on Michael Jackson and Prince will. Like the Michael Jordan/LeBron James GOAT argument, these two prolific artists have fueled the...
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Hamptons real estate booming amid COVID-19
The pandemic may be raging, but Hamptons real estate couldn't be healthier.
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Ask Amy: Judged person wants to learn not to judge
Reader’s parents continually pick apart actions of friends, family. Now reader does it, too.
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Miss Manners: Mystery gift leaves bride flummoxed
There was no card and or indication on the registry who sent the present.
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Hints From Heloise: Making a decision? A Founding Father can help.
Benjamin Franklin came up with a decision-making tool still in use today.
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Texas pediatrician fatally shoots another doctor and himself during hostage situation in Austin, police say
Dr. Bharat Narumanchi was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, police said.
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Carolyn Hax: Mom wants to come dress shopping but thinks weddings are a waste
The bride’s sister says she’ll “regret it forever” if Mom isn’t there.
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Florida officials investigating deputy allegedly seen in video taking student to the ground
A Florida school resource officer is on paid administrative leave after a video surfaced of him taking a high school student to the ground.
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