Βάσω Λασκαράκη: Η απάντησή της για το νέο της τηλεοπτικό βήμα

To τελευταίο διάστημα το όνομα της Βάσως Λασκαράκη ακούγεται αρκετά στα Μέσα, καθώς όπως όλα δείχνουν...
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NYC Sanitation Department serving airline food to quarantining residents
What could be more appetizing? Airplane food is being served by the city Sanitation Department as part of the Big Apple’s emergency coronavirus food program, The Post has found. The two firms that supply America’s major airlines with in-flight meal service scored contracts worth a combined $35.5 million to provide the prepackaged meals to the...
Marines help battle COVID-19 through cutting-edge study
It's one of COVID-19's many mysteries: why do young people more easily neutralize the virus?
Police officer saves unresponsive baby
9-year-old killed, teens injured in shooting
Baby's birthmark resembles twin that died
A nursing home in England recreates famous album covers using its residents as models
The residents of one nursing home in England have turned into album cover stars.
Jay-Z once kicked other rappers off the set of a sultry Beyoncé video
"They immediately come over to us and they kick all of us out ... we're not allowed to watch Beyoncé dance anymore."
Donald Trump Tears into Joe Biden's Entire Agenda at White House Press Conference
"Joe Biden's entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party," Trump said.
National Nude Day celebrated with thirst traps, laughs, self-love
“Our bodies are a beautiful thing.”
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Tuesday, July 13, 2020
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."
‘30 Rock’ reunion special won’t air on many NBC stations
What started as another dip in the TV nostalgia pool has ended up making waves for NBC as most of its independently owned affiliates are pledging not to air Thursday night’s “30 Rock” reunion. The prime-time reunion, created by and starring the team behind the original NBC comedy mainstay, including Tina Fey, is scheduled to...
An alligator slammed into the side of a kayak, tipping the boater into the river
A kayaker exploring a section of a North Carolina river found more than he expected when an alligator slammed into his boat.
Donald Trump muzzling Dr. Anthony Fauci amid COVID-19 would be hazardous
Anthony Fauci is an annoying coronavirus truth bomb that keeps going off in Donald Trump's garden party of falsehoods and blame shifting: Our view
2020 Memorial Tournament: What to know about the event
What to know about the 2020 Memorial Tournament.
Why Daniel Bruhl was hypnotized for Season 2 of ‘The Alienist’
"Being married to a real 'alienist' made my whole relationship even better."
Tom Thibodeau still Knicks favorite even after Jason Kidd’s ‘great’ interview
Entering the process, the sense around the league was the 10 other Knicks coaching candidates would need knock it out of the park to unseat strong favorite Tom Thibodeau. While sources says Jason Kidd wowed Knicks brass with “a great interview,” it might not be enough to topple Thibodeau, whose relationship with Knicks president Leon...
Washington’s NFL Team Could Be Renamed the ‘Red Tails.’ Real Tuskegee Airmen Have Mixed Feelings About That
"I don't know of a better way to keep that name alive than to put it on a name right behind Washington," says one surviving Tuskegee Airmen vet. But is the NFL team worthy of the honor?
Ghislaine Maxwell’s woe is me routine is just getting warmed up
Let’s savor, for a moment, what Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense might look like. Given today’s preview . . . let’s just say Casey Anthony had less of a shot, but at least she knew how to hire a lawyer. Not so Ghislaine. Oh, no. Her attorney Mark Cohen began by describing the inhuman conditions his multimillionaire...
Trump signs order rebuking China over Hong Kong
In Rose Garden remarks, President Donald Trump says he's signed an executive order that will hold China accountable for its oppressive actions against Hong Kong. He also said Democratic rival Joe Biden's entire career has been a "gift" to China. (July 14)
Streaming Player Wars: Where to find Peacock, HBO Max and more
Google Chromecast is the cheapest option to watch NBC's new Peacock service on TV with streaming, but it's wonky. Peacock debuts Wednesday.
Aztec palace and conquistador’s house discovered beneath historic Mexico City building
Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of an Aztec palace and a conquistador’s house in the heart of Mexico City.
Geraldo Rivera accuses judge who denied Ghislaine Maxwell bail of 'copping out to the mob'
Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera accused the New York federal judge presiding over Ghislaine Maxwell's case of "copping out to the mob" Tuesday after she denied the British socialite's bail request as she awaits trial on sex trafficking charges.
Woman shouts ‘I still love sharks’ after being attacked by one
She’s tough as jaws. A shark documentary filmmaker was bitten by one of the predators in Australia — but professed to reporters, “I still love sharks,” as she was taken away to a hospital on a stretcher for her injuries. “I still love sharks! Sharks are beautiful!” a smiling Anika Craney shouted as she was...
Trump lashes out at Biden in Rose Garden: 'There's never been a time when two candidates were so different'
Trump laid into his Democratic rival for his policy proposal on immigration, criminal justice reform and climate change among other issues.
*Every* election is a change election now
Everything moves faster these days. If you have to wait to pick up your mobile order at Starbucks, you get annoyed. If the free Wi-Fi isn't lightning fast, you get annoyed. If your Amazon order isn't at the house within 24 hours, you get annoyed.
US, world population to shrink after midcentury, study suggests
Both the US and world population are forecast to shrink by the end of the century, a new study published Tuesday reports.
COVID-19 could be controlled in 1-2 months if people wear masks: CDC director
Robert Redfield says masks, washing hands and social distancing are key to combatting the pandemic.
12-year-old boy finds a veteran's dog tag and returns it to his family 46 years after his death
A Fourth of July kayaking trip forever changed the lives of two families when 12-year-old Kolton Conrad found a dog tag that belonged to a man who died 46 years ago.
Arkansas police officer charged after colleague's shooting death on his doorstep
Arkansas authorities say a police officer allegedly told a co-worker that he’d shoot through his door if protesters arrived on his front step in May following nationwide unrest over the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Then a colleague was shot to death through the officer’s door.
Donald Trump just can't land a punch on Joe Biden
The President, trailing in his reelection race as time ticks away, is trying everything to lure the presumptive Democratic nominee into a fight.
Trump sporting more natural gray hairdo amid the pandemic
At a briefing in the Rose Garden on Tuesday, the president emerged from the Oval Office with his signature pompadour exhibiting a distinctly more silver-gray hue.
Chamber of Commerce, Koch Network Praise Trump for Reopening Visa Loophole for Foreign Students
President Trump is receiving praise from the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers' network of billionaire organizations -- critics of his economic nationalist agenda -- after reopening a loophole that will give visas to foreign students taking online classes.
NYC restaurants struggle to keep up with ever-changing outdoor dining rules
The city’s confusing attempts to regulate outdoor dining set-ups during the coronavirus has forced Big Apple restaurants into a costly game of musical chairs — with owners saying they’ve had to build and rebuild their makeshift patios to keep up with shifting guidelines. Weeks after the city let eateries replace their parking spots with fenced-in...
Tennessee doctor who tested positive after leading coronavirus meeting now on the mend, said he almost died
Dr. Daniel Lewis claimed to have almost died when he contracted COVID-19 after attending a meeting about how to limit the spread of the virus.
Hunter Henry, Chargers unlikely to agree on contract extension
The Chargers and Hunter Henry are not expected to agree on a long-term deal with the deadline to sign franchise-tagged players arriving Wednesday.
Senior Trump campaign lawyer critical of mail-in ballots voted by mail three times
A top Trump campaign adviser and lawyer who has criticized voting-by-mail and warned without evidence that it could lead to election fraud previously voted by mail at least three times.
Florida reports record daily COVID-19 death tally
Florida health officials on Tuesday reported 132 more coronavirus deaths — the highest daily fatality figure since the pandemic began. The state’s Department of Health also confirmed another 9,194 COVID-19 cases Tuesday, bringing Florida’s total number of infections to 291,629 and related deaths to 4,409. The figures come during a virus surge in the Sunshine...
D.C. mom goes on hunger strike as she seeks answers in the death of her son
Officials say Marquis Brown jumped to his death at Duquesne University nearly two years ago. His mother, Danielle, wants an independent investigation.
What's open and closed this week in Las Vegas
Las Vegas continues to reopen the Strip and downtown amid COVID-19 pandemic.
Coronavirus Costs Delta Airlines Nearly $6 Billion In Second Quarter
A sharp drop in air travel due to the pandemic cut into Delta's bottom line but the airline says it will continue to block out middle seats to create more distance between passengers
A message for President Donald Trump from his niece: 'Resign'
Mary Trump, President Donald Trump’s niece, on Tuesday called on the president to step down.
South Dakota Is Sharing Driver's License Info To Help Find Out Who's A Citizen
To produce citizenship data that can be used when voting districts are redrawn, the Trump administration asked states to share their records. South Dakota agreed to do so in April, NPR has learned.
Republicans hit McConnell challenger McGrath over photo with man who hanged Trump effigy
The Kentucky Republican Party is demanding Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Democratic challenger apologize after posing for a photo with a supporter who hanged a Trump effigy in 2017.
As virus worsens, Maryland teachers unions, PTA push for online learning in the fall
State groups say remote instruction should continue through at least the first semester.
Andrew Sullivan announces resignation from New York magazine, says reason 'pretty self-evident'
Conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan announced his resignation from New York magazine on Tuesday amid ongoing controversy surrounding free speech and viewpoint diversity at major publications.
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Work continues to contain fire on Navy ship thought extinguished overnight
Fire aboard USS Bonhomme Richard continues, but Navy officials believe they are close to extinguishing the fire.
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Naya Rivera cause of death officially ruled a drowning following autopsy
"The autopsy findings are consistent with a drowning and the condition of the body is consistent with the time that she was submerged."
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