Binghamton basketball player Calistus Anyichie dead after drowning

Binghamton basketball player Calistus Anyichie died at 19 after an accident that led to his drowning at Buttermilk Falls State Park on Sunday. “There is no blueprint for how to deal with such a painful loss,” Binghamton coach Tommy Dempsey said in a statement. “We all love Calistus so much. He was a special young...
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Ex-Overstock CEO claims Russian spy tryst was part of ‘deep state’ plot
The former head of Overstock who claimed he was romantically involved with a Russian spy said the FBI made him sleep with the flame-haired secret agent. Patrick Byrne, the ex-CEO of, insisted the alleged tryst with Maria Butina was part of a “deep state” government conspiracy when he appeared Thursday on CNN, hours after...
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New York Post
David Koch, Billionaire Businessman and Conservative Donor, Dies at 79
The Koch brothers spent hundreds of millions of dollars to advance their right-wing libertarian interests.
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New York Times reporter allegedly solicited $30K donation from Jeffrey Epstein
A New York Times reporter allegedly solicited a $30,000 donation from Jeffrey Epstein to a Harlem cultural center, according to a new report. The revelation came after the reporter, Landon Thomas Jr., was asked by his editors last year to interview the convicted pedophile about a tip that Epstein was advising Elon Musk on Tesla,...
New York Post
Tom Brady simply can't pull off this hat
Tom Brady is no Diane Keaton, that's for damn sure. Obviously, he is not an iconic, award-winning actress, director, or producer. But he is also not able to pull off hats in any shape, style, or color — unlike Keaton, who I occasionally refer to as Queen of Hats. I bring this up now because Brady, who is a New England Patriots quarterback, recently spoke to the media after an NFL preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. He decided to wear a very interesting hat to the press conference, and it is my belief that the hat simply does not work for him. SEE ALSO: Harry Potter fans think Elizabeth Warren has Big McGonagall Energy Read more...More about Sports, Fashion, Hat, Tom Brady, and Culture
Brown recluse spider found in woman's ear
The woman is now sleeping with cotton balls in her ears – just in case
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Trump meets with trade team at White house: CNBC reporter on Twitter
President Donald Trump was meeting with his trade team at the White House, according to CNBC, after China imposed retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods and the Republican leader told American companies to get out of China.
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Gamers are freaking out over Wario’s lack of nipples
Good luck nipping this conversation in the bud.
New York Post
Stocks and oil fall, yen rallies as Trump threatens counter to China tariffs
A global stock index fell alongside oil prices and U.S. yields after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to further escalate his trade war with China "this afternoon" after a new round of retaliation tariffs from Beijing.
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How the Koch brothers fundamentally changed modern politics
The death of David Koch on Friday -- and the broader retreat of he and his brother from politics since the 2016 election -- brings an end (if not the end) to one of the most influential (and controversial) chapters in modern American politics. - RSS Channel
Stocks slide as U.S.-China trade war intensifies
President Trump orders U.S. companies to look for "an alternative to China" after latest round of Chinese tariffs
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FAA asks public not to attach guns, bombs, or flamethrowers to drones
Image: FAA The Federal Aviation Administration would like you to know that drones and weapons are “a dangerous mix.” The government agency sent out a notice on Thursday “warning” the public “that it is illegal to operate a drone with a dangerous weapon attached.” A dangerous weapon is broadly defined as “any item that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury.” “Perhaps you’ve seen online photos and videos of drones with attached guns, bombs, fireworks, flamethrowers, and other dangerous items,” the FAA writes, nailing us to the wall. “Do not consider attaching any items such as these to a drone because operating a drone with such an item may result in significant harm to a person and to your bank account.” The agency helpfully reminds everyone in the notice that operating a drone that’s wielding a dangerous weapon is a violation of Section 363 of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act, which can result in fines of up to $25,000 for each violation — unless, the FAA says, the drone operator receives “specific authorization from the Administrator of the FAA to conduct the operation.” (By the way, if you know of any of these approved flights, please don’t hesitate to let me know.) Other state and federal laws restricting the use of weapons could also apply to these dangerous drone flights, the FAA adds. People in the US certainly have been strapping weapons to their commercial drones since the technology took off a few years ago, including one particular hobbyist from Connecticut who’s run the gamut from pistols to flamethrowers. There’s been a legal tug-of-war around weaponless drones across the last few years as well. It’s not often that the government chimes in with an official notice accompanied by boomer meme-style graphics like the one seen above. (Then again, it is the FAA’s 61st birthday today, so that part seems appropriate.) Safe flying, everyone.
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VMAs 2019: Your cheat sheet to the K-pop bands competing against BTS
The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards’ introduction of a new K-pop category this year immediately sparked controversy. Fans took to social media to voice concerns that the new “Best K-Pop” award was sidelining the South Korean genre out of the major categories. Even so, the addition of the award is a big acknowledgement that the...
New York Post
Wall Street tumbles as Trump escalates trade dispute with China
Wall Street's three main indexes lost more than 1% on Friday after President Donald Trump ordered U.S. companies "to immediately start looking for an alternative to China" in response to Beijing's threat to impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods.
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Tesla working to resolve dispute with Walmart over solar panel fires
"Walmart and Tesla look forward to addressing all issues," the companies say.
Ars Technica
Brazil's indigenous people swear to fight for Amazon 'to last drop of blood'
Members of Brazil's Mura indigenous tribe painted their bodies with orange-red paint and took up long bows and clubs as they headed into the jungle this week, prepared for battle. Their enemy? The deforestation and destruction of their home, the Amazon rainforest.
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Riot Games settles class action lawsuit over sexist culture
In May, more than 150 Riot Games employees walked out of their offices in Los Angeles. The protest was held to draw attention to what the workers alleged to be a sexist corporate culture, as well as to condemn the forced arbitration of employees who...
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Julius Randle is a big reason why Jalen Rose is a Knicks believer
Jalen Rose, one of ESPN’s most influential NBA voices, believes the Knicks offseason has been vastly underrated and wouldn’t be surprised if the club finishes with roughly the same record as the Nets. Knicks president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry did about as good as he could do after failing to haul in any...
New York Post
This Company Claims to Have Invented an AirPower-like Charging Mat That Actually Works
Announced when Apple added wireless charging to the iPhone, the AirPower charging pad was never to see the light of day. The company was vague about why the product never panned out, simply claiming it did not achieve Apple’s high standards. Everyone assumed that if a company that spends billions on R&D couldn’t crack…Read more...
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How to keep spam from invading your Google Calendar
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge For some time now, Google Calendar users have been vulnerable to a rather nasty type of spam that seems to have gained momentum lately. It works like this: an email containing an invitation to an event is sent by a spammer to your Google Calendar (this can apparently happen even with an email that ends up in your spam folder), and the calendar automatically puts the appointment into your calendar — even though the body of the appointment contains a spam link or some other obnoxious content. At minimum, this is annoying. First, you have to go through the trouble of turning down the invite, which often will expose you to objectionable content. And then you will have the crossed-out appointment — which can appear as a daily appointment — messing up your carefully organized calendar. There is a way to set up your calendar so that the spam doesn’t have a chance to get in at all and to get rid of any crossed-out appointments that you already have. It’s a three-part process. First, stop Google Calendar from automatically adding any invitation that may be sent to you: In your web Calendar app, click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of the page, and select “Settings” In the left-hand menu listing, click on “Event settings” Look for the setting that reads, “Automatically add invitations.” Click on that to get a drop-down menu with three choices. Choose the one that reads, “No, only show invitations to which I have responded.” Next, stop any events that are sent to you in Gmail from ending up on your calendar: On the left-hand menu, click on “Events from Gmail” Uncheck “Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar” You’ll get a warning that “You’ll no longer see events automatically added from your email. Previously added events from Gmail will be removed.” Click okay. Finally, if you have had spam invitations in the past but are tired of seeing the crossed-out entries, you can get rid of them via the following method: Go to “View options” on the left-hand menu Make sure “Show declined events” is unchecked Unfortunately, that may not affect how you see declined events on your phone. To make sure that declined events won’t show up there either: Select the three parallel lines on the top left of Calendar to pull out the side menu Scroll down, and select “Settings” Select “General” Look for “Show declined events,” and make sure it is toggled off It would be a lot more convenient if Google made sure that these settings were disabled to begin with so that we wouldn’t be surprised by sudden and unwelcome additions to our calendars. Maybe in the next update. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.
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US warship sails through Taiwan Strait after Chinese officials canceled its Hong Kong port visit
The US Navy sailed a warship through the Taiwan Strait Friday, a move that comes amid heightened tensions with Beijing over trade.
Rising trade tensions revive bets on deep U.S. rate cut
U.S. interest rates futures rallied on Friday as rising trade tensions between China and the United States revived bets the Federal Reserve may lower key borrowing costs by a bold half-point next...
Poor Prince Andrew is ‘appalled’ by Epstein. Let that be an end to it | Marina Hyde
Perhaps a royal wedding for Princess Beatrice might offer a welcome distraction for a man-of-the-world under unfair scrutinyIt’s basically your classic men-of-the-world vignette. Lying in business dress in the New York mansion of his friend Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew is receiving a foot massage from a young, well-dressed Russian woman. Other men are in the room while this is happening, and they include Epstein (also being foot-massaged by a Russian woman) and the literary agent John Brockman, who runs a foundation connecting scientists and intellectuals with billionaires. As the young Russians work on their feet, Andy is complaining about his lot. “In Monaco,” he says, according to Brockman’s account, “[Prince] Albert works 12 hours a day but at 9pm, when he goes out, he does whatever he wants, and nobody cares. But, if I do it, I’m in big trouble.” Related: Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein sex abuse claims Continue reading...
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Subway riders befriended a cute little bug on the train
Bugs on the New York City subway system rarely get the star treatment, but one lucky insect got vaulted to fame on Thursday when passengers discovered it on their train. Instead of meeting an instantaneous, gruesome death at the hand, shoe, or newspaper of a commuter, something weird happened to the little green creature. Not only was it spared, but passengers actually picked it up and held it in their handsSamantha Ruddy caught the wholesome moment and shared it for the entire Twitterverse to enjoy.  There was a cute bug on my train and instead of freaking out everyone in my subway car just took turns holding it. New York is the dumbest and I love — Samantha Ruddy (@samlymatters) August 22, 2019 Read more... More about New York City, Bug, Nyc Subway, Culture, and Web Culture
Ryanair to shut four Spanish base next year: union
Ryanair has decided to close its Spanish bases in Las Palmas, Tenerife South, Lanzarote and Girona from January, putting the jobs of more than 500 pilots and cabin crew at risk, the local USO union said on Friday.
Stocks drop after Trump ‘orders’ US companies to leave China
Wall Street plunged Friday after President Trump “ordered” US companies to seek alternatives to doing business in China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 400 points moments after Trump launched into a Twitter tirade lambasting China for intellectual property theft and fentanyl shipments to the US. “We don’t need China and, frankly, would...
New York Post
Mount Everest gets plastics ban as officials battle garbage pileup on the famous peak: report
Officials in Nepal concerned about trash on Mount Everest are implementing a ban on single-use plastics at the famous mountain, AFP reports.
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Transgender journalist loses discrimination claim against the Times
Katherine O’Donnell, who was made redundant from Scottish edition, loses tribunalA transgender woman made redundant by the Times has lost an employment tribunal in which she claimed to have experienced discrimination and unfair dismissal.Katherine O’Donnell worked as a night editor on the newspaper’s Scottish edition but was made redundant after the office in Scotland was closed and she turned down an offer to relocate to London. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
For some, currency wars may not be fun or easy to win
It's a maxim for private investors: Don't fight the Fed.
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Capitals’ Evgeny Kuznetsov gets four-year ban by IIHF for cocaine
Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov has been banned from international play for four years after testing positive for cocaine while representing Russia at the World Championship in May. The International Ice Hockey Federation says Kuznetsov failed a doping test taken on May 26, the same day Russia defeated the Czech Republic for a bronze medal in...
New York Post
Verified Expert Growth Marketing Agency: Torch
CEO Jeremy OBriant never intended to create Torch, an agile growth marketing agency based in San Francisco. He started his career as a CPA, but after leading a growth team at Sidecar and running growth projects on his own, forming Torch was the most obvious thing to do. He now leads a team that implements […]
Markets drop as China announces tariff hike on U.S. products
The Dow lost more than 1% after China announced a round of retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion of U.S. products.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Jam City unveils Frozen Adventures mobile game coming in November
Mobile game publisher Jam City unveiled its match-3 puzzle game Frozen Adventures, which is debuting in November in anticipation of the launch Frozen 2.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
How to Claw Your Way Out of a Financial Pit of Despair
When you decide to work towards a big financial goal, getting motivated at the start comes naturally. You’re excited to start chipping away. When you’re near the end of your money marathon, you get reinvigorated and start thinking of the endless possibility of post-goal life. But what about that seemingly endless part…Read more...
How a summer camp is bringing young women into the game industry
Girls Make Games in San Mateo, 2019 | Girls Make Games Girls Make Games alumni are gaining places at college and pursuing careers in game development Continue reading…
The best external graphics card enclosure
By Andrew Cunningham This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full guide to external graphics car...
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Chad Williams can be a real deep threat for Kyler Murray, if given the chance
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images Williams is young, quality NFL receiver who is still improving. If he doesn’t break out with the Cardinals, then he can for another team. Last year was pretty much a disaster for the Arizona Cardinals. That’s not exactly breaking news: They went 3-13, fired their first-year head coach and all of his staff, and traded away the rookie quarterback they selected with the 10th pick overall in the draft. But watching the film drives home how little sense of direction the team had. At times, it looked like the offensive coordinator was just pulling play calls out of a hat, and there was almost no chance for Josh Rosen to be successful. In turn, it’s difficult to discern how much the skill players around Rosen were hampered by the offense’s lack of coherence. Chad Williams is a perfect example. He is 6’2 and 204 pounds, and looks to have all the traits you would want in an NFL wide receiver. I saw plays in which he was able to run by defensive backs in press man. I saw other plays in which he looked quick getting in and out of his breaks on shorter routes. I saw him make some outstanding catches on balls that weren’t on target. And I saw him catch passes in situations when he knew he was going to get blasted, but he maintained possession of the ball through contact anyway. However, he only ended up with 17 catches and on touchdown on the season, though he started in seven of the 10 games in which he was active. And I know that he technically had more than 40 “targets” last season, but a lot of the balls thrown in his direction had no chance of being caught by him or any other receiver who has ever played the game. Some of them might as well have been throwaways where he just happened to be the closest receiver in the vicinity. Now, I don’t want to say that Williams wasn’t responsible for his low numbers to some extent. I have no way of knowing if he was running the right routes, if he practiced hard last season, if the coaching staff didn’t have confidence in him, or anything else that might contributed to his rather mediocre production. He did have an ankle injury that forced him to miss some games, so perhaps that was a factor, too. However, Williams wasn’t the only Cardinal who didn’t put up good production last year, so I’m going to point the finger at the coaching staff for now. The good news for Williams is that the Cardinals moved on from Steve Wilks and his staff. Who knows, maybe Wilks could have turned things around in time, but that film from last year pretty much screamed out for change. I don’t know that the Cardinals’ new head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, and his staff will be the answer, but at the very least things should look mighty different for Arizona on offense this season, especially with a brand spanking new No. 1 overall pick at quarterback in Kyler Murray. The new-look Air Raid offense that the Cardinals will reportedly run should be a good fit for Williams. Murray was extremely accurate on downfield throws in college last season, so I think Williams is going to benefit a lot from playing with him. If Kingsbury intends to chunk the ball down the field, Williams can be a legitimate deep threat. With his size and athletic ability, Williams should be able to make plays on a lot of jump balls, too. And if the team wants to go with quick slants, Williams can also handle that. The question is, how much of an opportunity will Williams actually have? Arizona still has Larry Fitzgerald, and there is no doubt he is going to be a starter for this team. They also have last year’s second-round pick, Christian Kirk, who managed to snag 43 catches and three touchdowns last season. Then they turned around and drafted Andy Isabella in the second round, Hakeem Butler in the fourth round, and KeeSean Johnson in the sixth round this spring. While Butler was injured in the preseason, the Cardinals signed veteran Michael Crabtree soon after. It is obvious that Arizona was looking to upgrade at wide receiver, but where does that leave Williams? Well, I really have no clue. I don’t have a crystal ball to tell me how the Cardinals are planning to split up their wide receiver reps, and I’m not in coaches meetings this preseason to know which young guys are impressing them and which aren’t. All I can go off is this: Chad Williams is a good football player on film. If he can actually stay healthy this season and earn playing time, the guy is sure to make plays. He has size you can’t teach, he has the physical tools most teams covet for wide receivers, and he has experience that you can’t get from just reading a playbook or watching film. I don’t know that he will start any games this season, but Williams certainly has the potential to dwarf his 17 catches from a year ago. At the same time, I acknowledge that Williams may not even make the team with that many young wide receivers on roster, especially those picked after the new coaching staff was put in place. But that doesn’t change the fact that Williams is, from my perspective, a good, young, quality NFL receiver who is still improving. If he doesn’t break out for the Cardinals this year, then he may well break out for someone else. Confidence level: Low
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Paris prosecutor opens inquiry into whether Epstein committed crimes in France
The chief prosecutor in Paris has opened a preliminary inquiry to determine whether late U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein committed any sex crimes on French territory or against any underage French victims, prosecutor Remy Heitz's office said in a statement on Friday.
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What Do Greenlanders Think Of Trump's Interest In Buying Greenland?
The majority are Inuit. They laugh about it but also take it seriously. One says such talk is "extremely imperialistic and should not be something that we hear world leaders say in 2019."
News : NPR
UK warns China travelers of greater checks on Hong Kong/mainland border
Britain updated its advice for travelers to China on Friday to warn them of stricter checks by mainland authorities at the border with the former British territory of Hong Kong.
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UPDATE 1-Trump squares off in court with House Democrats over financial records
Lawyers for U.S. President Donald Trump asked a federal appeals court on Friday to block Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp from handing the financial records of the president's family and the Trump Organization to Democratic lawmakers.
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Missy Elliott’s ‘Throw it Back’ is more than a surprise music drop
Surprise new music dropped Friday.
New York Post
What sport could you beat an NBA player at?
Photo by Ray Chavez/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images We put our thinking caps on to find the answers. Your phone rings in the middle of the night from an unknown number. Against your better judgement you answer, thinking it could be an emergency. On the other end of the line is a billionaire, giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. Half asleep you listen to the terms. You can select any current NBA player, and any sport you’d like to compete against them in. If you can score a single point against them one-on-one you’ll receive a check for $10 million. The billionaire tells you to make your decision immediately, and the competition will start at 9 a.m. What do you choose? My first thought was hockey, and then I remembered that I have two problems here: I’ve never played hockey. My ice skating is questionable at best. So while I do believe there aren’t many NBA players who would be great on the ice because of their high center of gravity, I also must come to the realization that I would probably be much, much worse. Then, like a lightning bolt of ingenuity it came to me. Not only do I have a sport and athlete combo I think I could win at, I’d wager that I can absolutely kick ass. I’m playing Tacko Fall in tennis. Exceedingly tall has never been a good attribute to have on the tennis court. John Isner is the best tall player in the world, and he’s only 6’10”. Tall players struggle to cover distance quickly and lack the lateral quickness to play the net. That’s why I think I’d have the 7’7” Fall beat. Now, I know what you’re saying: “James, you dopey moron. Tacko Fall has an eight foot wingspan. He can basically cover shots in a step or two,” and you’re right — but also so very, very wrong. Tennis operates against Fall’s basic muscle memory. He’s used to swatting away shots with his hands, giving him a certain familiarity with making contact with the ball. However, the racket is going to add more length to his already astoundingly long arms. I truly don’t think he’d be able to get a hang of making reliable contact before I win a point. But wait, there’s more: Tennis is also a sport where there’s equal burden on both players. If I were to play basketball against Fall it’s all on me to get the ball in the hoop, and he would turn me into a mushed meat pouch. However, if he makes a mistake and hits it out of bounds on a simple service return, I win. I’d take this bet any day of the week and twice on Sunday, and I’d win. - James Dator Beer pong against any big man with a 60% free throw percentage or worse We’re strictly enforcing the elbows rule to avoid a Bozo the Clown prize bucket situation. If Shaquille O’Neal is any indication, the bigger you are and the smaller the ball looks in your hand, the tougher it is to hit a stationery shot at a fixed target. 10 cups, two reracks, and bounces are worth double. Shut up, it is a sport. - Christian D’Andrea I’m playing anyone tall and strong in mini golf I feel like mini golf just doesn’t work for very jacked and tall people. Everything is, uh, mini. And they’re, uh, not. LeBron James is probably shipping a ball into the water. A Giannis putt is launching through the obstacles. But me; 5’9, small, and muscle-less. I’ve got this. - Matt Ellentuck I don’t know how horse racing works, but surely that’s my best bet There aren’t that many sports where being small is a good thing, but I think being a jockey is the one that stands out to me the most in that category, so I’d put the money on me versus a particularly heavy player. Zion, for example, currently clocks in at 6’6” and 285 pounds. Purely from a mathematical standpoint, the fact that I’m 5’2” and weigh about 37% of that puts me at a huge advantage. It also helps that I’m pretty sure that the horse is the real athlete, anyway. Surely the horse knows what to do even if I’m absolutely clueless, right? Not to discount the time and training and talent that goes into being jockey, but I think the average horse is too smart for its own good and could take the steering wheel for just this one hypothetical race, so to speak. The only downside to this plan would be that I have to trust a horse, and that’s something that I’m definitely hesitant to do. Have you seen their eyes? A horse knows stuff, and it could definitely sense that I’m using it for financial gain. Thankfully, horses don’t have hands to hold $10 million, so unless one suddenly figures out how to get around that, I think I’m safe. But still. Don’t ever trust a horse. -Sydney Kuntz A Snowboarding race I want to establish up front that NBA players are blessed with such tremendous coordination and dexterity that they would destroy me at any sport they put their mind to. I’m choosing snowboarding here as a bet that a) many of them have not been snowboarding before, b) snowboarding is particularly difficult as a first-time activity. I should know the latter is true because I broke my arm the first time I ever tried it way back in eighth grade. Two decades later, I am by no means great at snowboarding, but I am competent enough to get through a run without falling pretty much every time. The bet here is an NBA player would struggle to pick-up snowboarding as a first-timer since almost everyone does, and that even if they did pick up it up quickly they would be too cautious to go fast in that they have no reason to risk injury just to beat a 32-year-old blogger in a snowboarding race. So bring it on, Tony Snell. Do your worst, Kyle O’Quinn. I think I can take y’all in a snowboarding race, at least until you quickly figure out how to do it and then whoop my ass every subsequent time down the hill. — Ricky O’Donnell Swimming with Jimmy Butler Unless Jimmy Butler has learned how to swim in the two years since he and Sam Alipour went paddling in a Minnesota lake, I’m good with a 50-meter freestyle race for $10 million. I’m not a good swimmer in any sense of the word, but I know how to swim, and I feel that is a distinct advantage in a swimming race against someone who doesn’t know how to swim. I’d feel slightly less confident but still capable in a kayak race against Butler — he would figure it out pretty quickly and has far superior core strength and power, but if I could get enough lead and it’s a short enough race, I’d have a shot. Perhaps I’d put some “Beware of Sharks” signs out there just to give me another little edge. — Tom Ziller
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Kristen Bell’s daughter taken to hospital after slamming finger in the door
"It popped like a jelly donut."
New York Post
'They just dump you here': the homeless families living in shipping containers
The tiny flats are cheap to build, but critics say their use shows ‘something has gone very wrong’Eye-catchingly, Ikea-ishly modern with its brightly coloured exterior panelling glinting in the morning sun, Meath Court, a prefabricated apartment block in Ealing, west London, built from converted shipping containers, looks for all the world like a stylishly contemporary answer to the UK’s growing homelessness problem.Cheap, quick to build – it went up in a miraculous 24 weeks on a plot of unused council-owned land – Meath Court hosts 60 households needing emergency housing. According to Ealing council the flats, which have been up and running for over 18 months, offer “a stable, private environment for homeless families with nowhere else to go”. There are others like it in Ealing, as well as Brighton and Bristol. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Why Fake Locations Abound on Google Maps
They’re (mostly) harmless acts of pin-size chaos.
Slate Articles
Michigan high school getting extreme makeover to thwart mass shootings
A high school in Michigan is being redesigned to diminish the impact of a would-be mass shooter, complete with curved hallways and cement barricades for students and educators to take cover.
New York Post
Trump vows response as China plans tariffs on $75B US goods
China announces tariff hike on $75 billion of US goods in retaliation for Trump's planned Sept. 1 increase
ABC News: Top Stories