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Britney Spears' fiancé, Sam Asghari, hopes Netflix documentary will be 'respectful'

Britney Spears' fiancé, actor Sam Asghari, comments on Netflix's upcoming documentary about his partner after others "left a bad after taste."

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Freddie Freeman, the Braves’ friendly first baseman, gets his first taste of the World Series
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Landlord Allegedly Stabs Tenant to Death Over Home Heating
A medical examiner reported that Darryl Gillard, 28, had been stabbed more than 30 times.
Who is Hannah Gadsby? Australian Comedian Singled Out by Dave Chappelle
"You must admit that Hannah Gadsby is not funny," Chappelle said in a video addressing the controversy over his Netflix special.
Pablo Escobar's cocaine hippos legally 'people': US judge
The offspring of hippos once owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar can be recognized as people or “interested persons” with legal rights in the U.S. following a federal court order.
Ex-UK PM: Boris Johnson's COP26 success depends on finding these answers
CNN's Bianca Nobilo speaks with former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a longtime advocate for smart climate policy, on the 'two sticking points' facing world leaders at the upcoming UN climate conference.
GOP Congressman Wears 'Let's Go Brandon' Mask in House Chamber
Rep. Jeff Duncan was seen wearing the mask featuring the slogan conservatives are using as direct replacement for the "f**k Joe Biden" chant.
New Jersey school district suspends assistant teacher who allegedly told student 'we don't negotiate with terrorists'
A New Jersey teaching assistant was suspended by the Ridgefield School District after an alleged incident last week in which a Muslim-American student claimed he was called a terrorist after asking a question during math class.
Nor'easter Live Updates: State of Emergency Issued in New York and New Jersey Ahead of Major Storm
A state of emergency has been declared in New York and New Jersey ahead of a major nor'easter storm expected to hit the east coast later. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.
Japan's royal 'superfans' undeterred by Princess Mako's low-key wedding
As royal weddings go, the marriage between Japan's now-former Princess Mako and her college sweetheart, Kei Komuro, was remarkably low-key.
Japan's royal 'superfans' undeterred by Princess Mako's low-key wedding
The wedding between Japan's now-former Princess Mako and her college sweetheart was remarkably low-key. But the subdued ceremony did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the country's royal superfans.
Covid-19 live updates: International visitors with proof of vaccination, negative test soon allowed to enter U.S.
Restrictions for tourists entering the United States will ease on November 8.
Luckily, Boris Johnson Doesn’t Decide the Legacy of COP26
Despite the challenges of pulling off a successful summit, there are reasons for optimism in the fight against climate change.
Why am I a scaredy-cat and you're not? The science of fright
Do the people around you scream for Halloween and howl at horror movies while you hide your head in fright? There could be a good reason you spook easily.
Why am I a scaredy-cat and you're not? The science of fright
I am a card-carrying scaredy-cat.
Alabama to fight Biden executive order on vaccine requirements; Moderna says kids vaccine is safe: COVID-19 updates
After Auburn University announced a vaccine requirement, Alabama Gov. says she won't enforce a federal mandate. More COVID-19 updates
Dancing With the Stars' Results: Which Couple Left the Competition Last Night?
The sixth couple have been eliminated for Season 30 of "Dancing with the Stars," leaving nine couples left in the competition on ABC.
Lawmakers are considering awarding Prince with a Congressional Gold Medal
Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Ilhan Omar introduced the bill calling for Prince to posthumously receive the honor. The Congressional Gold Medal has only been awarded to 163 people since 1776.
Nor'easter brings heavy rain and high wind gusts to the Northeast
The first nor'easter of the year is set to bring heavy rain and high wind gusts to the Northeast. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the latest.
Why it could be a good idea to ditch your running watch
Running shoes, keys, watch -- I used to always grab the essentials before heading out for a jog.
Why it could be a good idea to ditch your running watch
Some research indicates that ditching your running watch, especially if it's a smartwatch or fitness tracker, could actually improve your workout -- or at least your stress levels and enjoyment of running.
Carli Lloyd, forever fixated on greatness, prepares to end a brilliant USWNT career
“If she was a male soccer player in Europe, we would have statues of Carli Lloyd all over the country,” Vlatko Andonovski said. “Streets would be named after her — complexes, stadiums, everything.”
Carli Lloyd, forever fixated on greatness, prepares to end a brilliant USWNT career
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The zero-waste 'Greenhouse' is providing a blueprint for future homes
Joost Bakker's self-sustaining, waste-free home in the center Melbourne could be a model for the housing of tomorrow.
The zero-waste 'Greenhouse' is providing a blueprint for future homes
In the heart of Melbourne, Australia, lies an 87-square-meter, three-story, two-bedroom and one-bathroom house. That may sound like a real estate advert, but it could be the home of the future.
Bill Hagerty: Immigration provision in reconciliation bill will ‘set back’ American workers
Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., urged Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to oppose immigration provisions in the proposed budget reconciliation bill.
How China Plans to Become Carbon-Neutral by 2060
China’s rapid industrialization has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and transformed the country into the world’s factory floor. It’s also made China the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas driving climate change. President Xi Jinping has pledged to fix that and have China become “carbon neutral” by 2060 -- an especially challenging target given its emissions are still rising. While the country has been pouring money into renewable energy, a widespread
Trevor Noah Slams Alec Baldwin Movie’s Crazy Recklessness
Comedy CentralOn Monday night, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah weighed in on the story rocking the entertainment world: the tragic shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the New Mexico set of the Western film Rust, after the actor Alec Baldwin discharged an unchecked gun at her.As The Daily Beast’s Cheyenne Roundtree reported, the Rust set was plagued by a number of gun misfires prior to Hutchins’ death, and a number of crew members had walked off the production in protest of the poor working conditions.“OK, maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t get this. Why do they need to use real guns to make a fake thing?” asked Noah. “Because Hollywood movies love using the fake version of real things for everything except guns. In Hollywood, they’ve got fake tigers, fake houses, fake diversity and inclusion initiatives, but then when it comes to deadly weapons, suddenly they’re like, ‘Let’s get a real gun and see what happens! You know? Switch things up!’”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Why is Kellogg's Getting Sued Over Its Strawberry Pop-Tarts?
Kellogg's is up against a class action lawsuit over its Strawberry Pop-Tarts. This is everything you need to know about the legal action.
Japan's Princess Mako weds, then goes on TV to defend the marriage
Her new husband's family became tabloid fodder almost as soon as she announced her decision to marry him. She calls him "irreplaceable."
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How Nick Clegg ended up putting out fires for Facebook
Nick Clegg shot to national fame as a cuddly liberal in 2010 in the UK. But many Brits are hardly surprised to see him now working for Facebook.
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Tesla passes $1 trillion in market value after Hertz orders 100,000 of its vehicles
The bump in the company’s shares increased Elon Musk’s wealth by more than $36 billion.
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Florida surgeon general refused to wear a face mask during office visit, state senator says
A Florida state senator says state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo -- a skeptic of many Covid-19 safety measures -- refused her request to put on a face mask while visiting her legislative office, even after she told him she had a serious medical condition.
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NYPD officers face questions about Eric Garner's death in rare judicial inquiry
Eric Garner's mother and other police reform advocates have begun questioning New York Police Department officers in court as part of a judicial inquiry on issues surrounding her son's death, pressing them on topics ranging from erroneously charging Garner with felony cigarette tax evasion to texting a colleague shortly after Garner's death that, "It's not a big deal."
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Brian Laundrie: Notebook found near remains 'may be salvageable,' police say
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'Rust' crew members reportedly used guns with live ammunition hours before deadly shooting on set
Crew members on the set of "Rust" used guns with live ammunition and engaged in a pastime called "plinking" hours before Halyna Hutchins was killed, founder and CEO of The Wrap, Sharon Waxman, told CNN's Don Lemon Monday night, citing information from an individual with knowledge of the set.
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Facebook has language blind spots around the world that allow hate speech to flourish
For years, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg touted his mission to connect the entire world — and his company has come closer than perhaps any other to fulfilling that lofty goal, with more than 3 billion monthly users across its various platforms. But that staggering global expansion has come at a cost.
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Facebook has language blind spots around the world that allow hate speech to flourish
• The Facebook Papers: What you need to know • Mark Zuckerberg responds to the massive Facebook document dump
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Why Abortion Soared to Top of Supreme Court Docket
The U.S. Supreme Court raised the stakes in the politically explosive fight over reproductive rights by agreeing to hear arguments on Nov. 1 on a Texas law that has largely shut down legal abortion in the state. The court won’t directly decide if the law -- which bans almost all abortions after six weeks of pregnancy -- violates Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized the procedure nationwide. Nor will the justices be addressing whether to overturn its abortion-rights precedents; that’s an i
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The curse of politics: Biden, like Trump, becomes target of growing vitriol
Presidents have been cursed, slammed, slimed and otherwise taunted since we had a republic. So let’s not get our knickers in a twist because Biden is starting to get similar treatment.
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Billionaire Issa Brothers Face $1 Billion Asda Setback
They can’t count on everything going their way amidst a U.K. supermarket frenzy.
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McAuliffe and Youngkin are in a dead heat with one week to Virginia governor election, poll shows
Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin are tied at roughly 45% each, according to a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll released Tuesday.       
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Democrats squabble, scramble to meet self-imposed deadline. Why this week is vital for Biden.
Democrats still differ over what to strip out of Biden's budget bill, which is likely to be much smaller than the initial $3.5 trillion Biden pitched.       
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Instagram's dangers to children unite liberal and conservative lawmakers who agree on little else
A top Democrat and Republican are going after one of the most ubiquitous forces on Earth: Facebook. Blumenthal and Blackburn are an unlikely pair.       
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Terry McAuliffe keeps inflating coronavirus numbers
The former governor keeps suggesting the daily figures for coronavirus cases and child hospitalizations are much higher than reality.
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Ex-South Korean President Roh Tae-woo dies at 88
Former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo, who participated in a military coup then won the election that was the country’s first move toward democracy before he was imprisoned for corruption, died on Tuesday. He was 88.
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Trumpism Finds a Home of Sorts in France’s Eric Zemmour
French president Emmanuel Macron has to take the threat of the far-right pundit seriously. 
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Roh Tae-Woo, South Korean Leader as It Moved Toward Democracy, Dies at 88
Mr. Roh, who played a role in a bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in 1980 but also oversaw its winning 1988 Olympics bid, left a mixed legacy and was mired in legal trouble in his later years.
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Greg Gutfeld: Alec Baldwin shooting was a sad, but preventable, tragedy
If there was an NRA person on set, this would never have happened. But no one in charge would do that because in the prison of two ideas, gun control – good, The NRA – evil.
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