Burned black churches in Louisiana raise $1.3M after Notre Dame fire

“It gives you a new hope in society," one pastor said. "It gives you a new hope in people because it shows a lot of people have a good heart.”
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Authorities identify gunman who killed 5 at MillerCoors brewery
Law enforcement sources have identified the employee of the Molson Coors Beverage Company who gunned down five co-workers at the company's Milwaukee Brewery campus.
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CDC director says coronavirus threat in US remains low, but warns there will be new cases
The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told a congressional subcommittee on Wednesday that the risk of contracting the coronavirus in the United States remains low, but warned that the country will most likely see more cases as the outbreak spreads globally.
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No coronavirus emergency in California, but state will expand testing, Newsom says
In the state, 33 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and of those, 24 either were evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship or returned on repatriation flights from China.
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This Harry Potter-themed day spa welcomes guests from any Hogwarts house
A Tennessee spa is designed to have you feeling like you're at Hogwarts, the famed school attended by Harry Potter and his friends.
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The best travel pillows of 2020
Looking for the best travel pillows on the market? We reviewed the best travel pillows from Cabeau, J-Pillow, Samsonite, Infinity, and more.       
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Coronavirus fears keep fans outside stadiums and arenas for various sporting events
Fans were barred from several sporting events because of coronavirus fears.
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No One Thought Trump Could Win. What Does That Mean for Bernie?
Looking back at Trump’s 2016 rise could offer some clues about Sanders’ future.
Dow Jones plummets more than 1,000 points amid coronavirus uncertainty
The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 1,191 points Thursday, or more than 4%, as economic uncertainty over the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Where the Coronavirus Bioweapon Conspiracy Theories Really Come From
The rumors of a lab escape or a bioweapon stem from historical amnesia, a caricatured villain, and good old-fashioned racism.
How The Brain Teases Apart A Song's Words And Music
Brain scans show that when people listen to songs, an area in the left hemisphere decodes speech-like sounds while one on the right processes musical information.
Who's in charge of the White House's coronavirus response?
Three people are tasked with leading the administration's response, and their exact roles are unclear.
'Noir City: Hollywood' returns with Rita Hayworth, military films and David Mamet
The American Cinematheque ignites its 22nd "Noir City: Hollywood" with Rita Hayworth in "Gilda" and the 1952 Argentine suspense film "The Beast Must Die."
What travel insurance covers for coronavirus — and what it doesn't
The most important thing to remember is that standard travel insurance does not cover you if you decide not to travel because of the outbreak.
Wall Street tumbles again on virus fears, confirming correction
Wall Street's main indexes plunged on Thursday in their sixth straight day of declines with the S&P 500 confirming its fastest correction in history as the rapid global spread of coronavirus intensified investor worries about economic growth.
These professors want to get rid of Leap Year entirely with a new calendar
You have Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII to thank for the calendar. If these professors get their way, you may get a Trump calendar.
Mater Dei preparing to face newest James gang in Open Division playoffs
A look at the top championship basketball games this weekend.
Clark Hunt on the Super Bowl LIV victory!
Clark Hunt describes Super Bowl LIV highlights.
Congress approves $1B for rural telecom companies to ditch Huawei
The Senate action sends the legislation to President Donald Trump for his signature.
Scientists cured diabetes in mice, but are humans next?
For the vast majority of diabetics, the condition requires daily monitoring and maintenance. A lack of insulin being produced naturally by their bodies means consistent monitoring of blood sugar levels and insulin injections to ensure their bodies can carry out vital processes and keep them alert and healthy. Now, researchers studying the condition have come...
Joe Biden Cozies Up by His South Carolina Firewall
It’s been a long month. But is something finally working for the erstwhile front-runner?
Love Is Blind Helped Me Find Sympathy for the Player
Barnett could be anyone a woman wanted, but he didn’t know who he really was.
Save $50 when you outfit your phone with OtterBox
Right now, when you buy a phone case, a screen protector and a power accessory at OtterBox, you'll save $50 on your entire purchase.
On the trail: Biden, Sanders clash over healthcare as Biden consolidates black voter support
Democratic presidential hopefuls spread out across South Carolina on Thursday as the clock ticked down to the state's Saturday primary, the first big test of their appeal with African-American voters.
Mike Bloomberg reportedly asked Andrew Yang to be his running mate
Mike Bloomberg’s campaign reached out to Democrat Andrew Yang seeking his endorsement and supposedly dangled an offer to run as his vice president as the bait, a new report said Thursday. The ex-mayor’s aides contacted Yang in the hopes that the two could work together as Bloomberg seeks the Democratic nomination, The Wall Street Journal...
Oregon Democrats try to make Republicans pay up for skipping legislative sessions
Oregon's Democratic state lawmakers are tired of their Republican colleagues walking out on them over a controversial environmental bill.
Workplace mass shootings are rare. Milwaukee rampage was the first of 2020.
Since 2006, there have been 13 mass workplace shooting by a current or former employee, according to a database of mass killings.
Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy’s St. Paddy’s Day adventure in NYC
Breakout Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy is still very much a work in progress. “I just learned how to sing, like, this year,” says Kennedy, who only started taking voice lessons after his debut studio LP, “Without Fear,” opened at No. 1 on the UK charts in the fall. “I basically did a whole album not...
L.A. eyebrows: Best places to get yours done
The best places to get your brows done in Greater Los Angeles.
NJ family furious after Catholic church denies autistic son first Communion
James and Nicole LaCugna said they were devastated when Saint Aloysius Church in Jackson, NJ, told them their son, Anthony, 8, didn't meet the communion requirements because he "is unable to determine right from wrong," the family wrote on Facebook Tuesday.
Lori Loughlin's Lawyer Says FBI Lied During College Admissions Scam Investigation
He claims there is game-changing evidence that could prove the Full House actress was being deceived.
Giants’ Rhett Ellison mulling retirement after season-ending concussion
INDIANAPOLIS – Already young and short on depth, the Giants might be losing a rare veteran contributor. Tight end Rhett Ellison is mulling retirement, according to three NFL sources, after missing the final six games of his eighth NFL season due to a concussion. Ellison, 31, signed a four-year, $18 million free-agent contract in 2017...
Weinstein, Cosby, Kavanaugh: You can put a number on how much these stories matter
The Monday and Tuesday after the verdict was delivered, the National Sexual Assault Hotline experienced a 23% increase in call volume.
De Blasio takes anti-Bloomberg tweets to uncharted territory — the early morning
Can’t sleep? Tweet! Oft-late Mayor Bill de Blasio took his campaign against his predecessor’s presidential ambitions into uncharted territory Thursday — the early morning. De Blasio — awake, he said, thanks to medication he was put on following his knee surgery — blasted out a Twitter missive at 4:16 a.m. in anger over an answer...
Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli heading for trial in October for college admissions scandal
Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are set to go to trial in October 2020 for their alleged roles in the college admissions scandal.
Strange seal 'ballet' underneath Antarctic iceberg revealed in breathtaking photo
A stunning image showing a group of seals swimming in sync beneath an Antarctic iceberg has captured a major photography award.
Family creates underground home to escape horror
As airstrikes continue to ravage life in Syria, families just outside of Turkey's border are living in an underground cave to stay safe.
Float Through Japan’s Floral Fairytale Wonderland
Located just an hour's drive from Tokyo is the 23-acre Ashikaga Flower Park, home to over 350 brilliantly pastel-colored flowers, including Japan's oldest and largest wisteria, which adorns an entire half-acre in bright hanging bulbs. The park is a year-round attraction, with seasonal plants that creates an ever-changing sense of magnificence, as nature puts on a show. All you need to do is wake up and smell the flowers.
How Chris Kreider drowned out the Rangers’ trade deadline noise
MONTREAL — Chris Kreider is terrific at what he calls “compartmentalizing.” So it rings true that he never really allowed himself to be distracted by the status of his contract negotiation, or the large possibility that the Rangers were going to trade him before Monday’s 3 p.m. deadline. His focus was rewarded when the 28-year-old...
European Parliament considering virtual meetings, plenary due to virus
The European Parliament is considering whether to hold its meetings and plenary sessions by teleconference instead of in person due to growing concerns about the fast-spreading coronavirus that originated in China, a spokesman said.
Bloomberg heads to Florida on Super Tuesday
Barr sounds call to push back against anti-cop attitudes, adopt 'zero tolerance’ to resisting police
Attorney General William Barr on Thursday gave a strong message of support to the country’s police officers, calling for Americans to respect cops and push back against an anti-cop attitude that sees resisting police as acceptable.
Pence's New Coronavirus Role Raises Questions About His Public Health Record
During Pence's governorship, an HIV outbreak occurred that some health experts say could have been prevented or lessened with a better response.
'Miracle on Ice' hockey team captain calls backlash over Trump rally appearance 'unfortunate'
In 1980, they united the country. In 2020, some say they've helped divide it.
Harry & Meghan's security costs: Canada won't pay for much longer
Canada confirms it's helped cover security costs for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan but won't after their status changes on April 1.
Fresh powder is blanketing Mid-Atlantic high country ski areas
Strong northwest flow is dumping snow in the high-country from Seven Springs in Pennsylvania down to Snowshoe in West Virginia.
Yolanda Hadid makes runway return at Off-White with Bella and Gigi
The model mom is back on the catwalk.
Rep. Matt Gaetz, top Trump ally, swears off PAC money
'I’ve never turned tricks for Washington PACs, but as of today, I’m done picking up their money in the nightstand,' the Florida Republican said.
District seeks to ban ‘ghost gun’ kits as seizures of homemade weapons soar
Police in some other cities also seeing more of the homemade guns, which lack serial numbers