Cardinal Pell makes final attempt to quash sexual abuse convictions

Ex-Vatican treasurer George Pell asks Australia's top court to review his sexual abuse convictions.
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NPR reporter: Pompeo asked me to find Ukraine on a map
National Public Radio reporter Mary Louise Kelly says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo screamed obscenities and demanded she prove she could find Ukraine on an unmarked map after she asked whether he owed former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch an apology during an interview.
Deval Patrick announces six-day bus tour in New Hampshire
In an exclusive interview with CBS News, the former Massachusetts governor explained the strategy behind his plan.
Don't think you have enough money to invest? You do and here's how to start.
Most people can invest, if only a little. Yet many individuals believe they don't have enough money to invest outside their 401(k).
Banks, Bitcoin, bond funds: Where is your money safe in an era of cyberattacks?
Safeguarding your nest egg is complicated in today's digital age. Where is your money protected if cybercrooks hack your account or if a bank fails?
President Trump's Legal Team To Begin Impeachment Defense
The president's lawyers are expected to speak for about three hours on Saturday and focus on events related to President Trump's 2016 campaign.
Jessica Simpson's shocking tell-all memoir: 5 things we learned
The singer, 39, talks about the most intimate moments in her life.
Saudi crown prince faces renewed scrutiny after Jeff Bezos' phone is hacked
Mohammed bin Salman, the heir apparent to his father's kingdom, traded numbers with Amazon's CEO at a 2018 event in Los Angeles. That's when the trouble began.
Daniel Hoffman: Olympians and kids with cancer — two groups of people who inspire us all
Here’s some well-deserved applause for the kinship between the sports world and children battling cancer.
6 Decades Later, This Atomic Vet Is Finishing His Music Education
Hank Bolden is one of thousands of U.S. soldiers exposed to secret nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s. He's now using compensation money from the federal government to focus on his first love: music.
Fired salesman disrupts car-buying industry with word-of-mouth 'concierge' business
A car salesman lost his job with no warning. After calling his wife in tears, he launched a car concierge company that's thriving one year later.
Coronavirus FAQs: Do Masks Help? Is The Disease Really So Mysterious?
We're answering a few questions that you may be asking about the new coronavirus outbreak. And we invite you to send us your questions,
Impeachment Week Recap: Dems Make Their Case, Trump Team Goes on Defense and Witness Fight Looms
The trial is far from over. Trump's legal defense team will layout a brief preview of their case Saturday and pick back up on Monday. Later next week, senators will have a question-and-answer period and a fierce debate over whether to subpoena witnesses is expected.
Trump Impeachment Trial Day Six: What To Watch For As The President's Defense Takes Over
"The Articles of Impeachment now before the Senate are an affront to the Constitution and to our democratic institutions," Trump's legal team wrote in a brief submitted at the trial's start.
Where Are the Cases of Coronavirus? Virus Has Spread to Eight Countries on Three Continents
Health officials are warning that more U.S. cases will likely be discovered, but the immediate risk to the American public is believed to be low.
Grammy Awards 2020: Who Will Host and Present at the Music Awards Show?
The 62nd annual Grammy Awards will air live on Sunday.
Two Teenagers Accused of Murdering Their Mothers And Siblings In Separate Incidents Days Apart
Colin Jeffrey Haynie, 16, allegedly killed his mom and three siblings in Grantsville, Utah, on January 17. Days later, Landon Durham allegedly murdered his mother and brothers in Munford, Alabama.
Trump’s Lawyers Are Getting Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment All Wrong
Yes, the 17th president was acquitted on similar charges—but bribery likely played a role.
Florida sits on $900M in aid while storm victims wait
HUD's disaster recovery grants are slow to go where they're needed
California Woman Dies After Getting Caught In Raisin Processing Machine
Yaneth Lopez Valladares was working at the Del Rey Packing plant in Sanger, near Fresno, in California. She was pronounced dead at the scene.
Powerful lawmakers join effort to kill surveillance program protected by Trump administration
NSA phone snooping system leaked by Snowden is on the rocks with Republicans and Democrats.
5 Republican AGs who may drown a Democratic White House
The end of a gentleman’s agreement in 2016 helped launch a new level of activism among state attorneys general.
Trump moves to gut Obama housing discrimination rules
New rules may make it easier to deny loans to people of color.
Biden takes the lead in NYC donor chase
Top Democratic donors in New York are lining up behind Biden after weighing their options through 2019.
Trump's legal team to launch unbridled attack on Biden
“Believe me, you'll hear about that issue,” Jay Sekulow says.
Forget impeachment. Republicans fear Ukraine revelations could spill into election.
It’s not impeachment that’s worrying Republicans. It’s the months of steady revelations about the Ukraine saga that could follow.
Former US Rep. Pete Stark, California Dem who helped draft ObamaCare legislation, dies at 88
Former U.S. Rep. Pete Stark, an outspoken progressive California Democrat who was an anti-war activist, died at his home in Maryland on Friday at age 88, his family said.
Virus anxieties cast shadow over Year of the Rat festivities
Chinese communities in Australia and New Zealand were among the first to greet the Year of the Rat on Saturday but Lunar New Year celebrations globally were marred by anxieties about the virus outbreak that has disrupted festivities in China.
Trump impeachment trial, Grammy Awards, NFL Pro Bowl: 5 things you need to know this weekend
President Trump's defense team gets a chance to make its case at the impeachment trial, Lizzo may own the Grammys and more news to start your weekend.       
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Trump's legal team to begin defense arguments at U.S. Senate impeachment trial
Lawyers for U.S. President Donald Trump will begin his defense at the Senate impeachment trial on Saturday, offering a rebuttal to Democratic charges that he abused his power and previewing more detailed arguments planned for next week.
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How Super Sniffer Dogs Are Helping Detect Disease Around The World
Our canine buddies can do more than play fetch. Turns out dogs' incredible sense of smell is a secret weapon in medicine.
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Hong Kong Leader Declares Coronavirus Emergency And Halts Official Trips to China Mainland
As of Friday, five confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection had been identified in Hong Kong.
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Macron pleads with Trump not to cut off U.S. support for French forces in Africa
The White House may stop helping France fight African jihadis with drones and refueling planes. Experts say that could open the door to more terrorism.
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United Nations rules Myanmar must protect Rohingya Muslims
Simon Adams, Executive Director for the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, joins CNN International to discuss the UN's historic court ruling that Myanmar must prevent genocide
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This fall-apart roasted pork shoulder with rosemary and garlic is the weekend meal your family craves
When it's dark and dreary outside, a communal family dinner with roast pork, sweet potato fries, green beans and brownies for dessert feels like a little oasis in the cold.
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Grow your likes: the unstoppable rise of the Insta plant
They’re green, photogenic and social media starsInstagram may well have changed the way you garden, even if you don’t have an account. From the plants you buy – and where you buy them – to the gardens you visit, the platform has driven a profound change in the tastes and habits of even established gardeners, not to mention encouraging a new generation of green fingers.Plants have been inspiring artists for hundreds of years, so they are well suited to the photo app. A younger generation (urban, cash-strapped, Insta-obsessed and renting) are driving houseplant sales, sharing pictures of their plant babies instead of the human ones they can’t afford. From the dramatic structure of mother-in-law’s tongue to blousy tea roses, you can say a lot about your taste through the species you share. Connecting with nature reduces stress, much needed in these chaotic times; even bursts of online greenery, amid Instagram’s sometimes frantic commercialism, are a tonic. Continue reading...
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'Kids are taking the streets': climate activists plan avalanche of events as 2020 election looms
Young demonstrators aim to make the climate crisis a central issue of the presidential campaignOrganizers in the youth climate movement plan an avalanche of activities beginning next week, determined to make the future of the climate the major issue of the 2020 election.Capitalizing on turnout in the September climate strikes, when 6 million people worldwide turned out to demand urgent action to address the escalating ecological emergency, young US organizers are making the leap from mobilization to demands. They’re planning widespread voter activation in the 2020 US presidential election as well as direct action targeting the fossil fuel industry and the banks and politicians that enable it. Continue reading...
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Letters to the Editor: Presidents need to do three essential things. Trump doesn't do any of them
Does Trump act like a servant of the people? Does he accept expert advice? Is he surrounded by people who might disagree with him?
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Letters to the Editor: City Hall has problems to solve. The Dodgers being cheated isn't one of them
Homelessness, traffic and any number of other problems in L.A. take precedence over the Dodgers being cheated in the World Series.
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Karen Pence: The Trump-Pence administration is working tirelessly for America's veterans and military families
No experience I've had as second lady of the United States has been as fulfilling as the opportunity to work with those who have served and sacrificed for this country.
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Letters to the Editor: Adam Schiff's rousing defense of American democracy will be impeachment's legacy
Rep. Adam Schiff reminded senators that unless they value what is right and legal and hold Trump accountable, our constitutional system will be lost.
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Op-Ed: Alexander Hamilton would have led the charge to oust Donald Trump
Hamilton and the Federalists went against their policy interests to protect the Constitution against a demagogue in 1800.
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Opinion: Bad Democrats, unfair process — readers against impeachment make their case
The overwhelming majority of letter writers have favored impeachment. Those opposed to it have targeted Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank) and the process.
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How to unharden our hearts toward homeless people
It's funny how off first impressions can be.
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Family business: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle bolt for the exit. Can you really blame them?
If your life's course was set from the moment of your birth and revolved around the family business, you'd want out too.       
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Amazon, Google personal assistants can handle more chores. Just ask them
About 25% of U.S. consumers use smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home. But the speakers' onboard AI-driven digital assistants can do more.       
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How do you actually treat Wuhan coronavirus?
Scientists are drawing on past experience with SARS and MERS epidemics to determine the best way to handle the Wuhan coronavirus crisis.       
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Trump Legal Team to Make Bidens Part of Impeachment Trial Defense, Says Democrats 'Opened the Door'
Over the course of their opening arguments the past three days, the Democratic impeachment managers have sought to dispel the notion of any wrongdoing by the Bidens with regard to Ukraine.
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Chicago-area cigar lounge shooting: Woman fires at 3 men, killing 1, then kills self, police say
A 51-year-old woman fatally shot a 51-year-old man at a Chicago-area cigar lounge Friday night before turning the gun on herself, according to reports.
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