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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says God Will Provide for Pregnant Women
"If you are pregnant, God made you completely capable to be a mother, and he will provide for you, as you strive in life and become a mother," Greene tweeted.
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В Арктике создается уникальная научная станция
- Ученые смогут изучать здесь изменения климата, состояние мерзлоты, альтернативные источники энергии, культуру коренных народов Севера и многие другие темы
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IVF babies are smarter but more depressed, study finds
The study surveyed over 200,000 children with surprising results.
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Россия и Абхазия подпишут соглашение о содействии развитию республики в 2022-2025 годах
Выделяемые средства могут направляться на цели:
What Time Does ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 4 Premiere on Disney+?
Catch the last train to Karachi...
Starbucks Barista Reveals All About the Most Popular Drinks: 'Exposed'
The barista shared little-known facts about some of the menu's most popular items and even shed light on exactly why the water tastes so good there.
‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress Cheryl Ladd remembers late co-star Tanya Roberts: ‘She was outrageous and lovable’
Tanya Roberts passed away several hours after she was mistakenly declared dead by her publicist and her partner. Roberts’ cause of death was related to a urinary tract infection.
Best early Amazon Prime Day 2022 Fitbit deals: Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Charge 5 and more
Find the latest deals on Fitbit fitness trackers ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022.
Texas cyclist murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong 'is still alive,' marshals say; Manhunt reaches sixth week
Tuesday marked six weeks since Armstrong, 34, became a wanted person in connection with the May 11 shooting death of Moriah Wilson, a professional cyclist nicknamed "Mo."
Украинские солдаты гибнут от "дружественного огня"
В качестве совсем свежего примера он сослался на такой документально подтвержденный факт
ACC to eliminate football divisions, play modified 8-game conference schedule starting with 2023 season
ACC will eliminate divisions and play a modified 8-game conference schedule with three permanent rivals starting in the 2023 college football season.
‘RHOA’ star Marlo Hampton shows off her peach in ‘naked’ dress
The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star proved she's the queen of style down south with her sexy trompe l'oeil frock.
Ex-GOP congressman gets probation for lying to feds
Former Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska was also fined $25,000 for lying to federal authorities.
Sam Gilliam, pioneering abstract artist, dies age 88
Sam Gilliam, the first Black artist to represent the US pavilion at the Venice Biennale, has died at the age of 88.
WSJ: Власти США остановили танкер, направлявшийся из России в Новый Орлеан
Судно, следовавшее из России в Новый Орлеан, с грузом горюче-смазочных материалов оставили в США. Об этом сообщил The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
Фестиваль "Французское лето в Пионере" начнется 1 июля. Какие фильмы можно посмотреть
В этом году фестиваль, который проводит кинотеатр "Пионер", посвящен рефлексии и дискуссии о происходящем в мире: в фокусе - фильмы о социальных проблемах и вызовах современности
Mayor Adams defends subway saxophonist’s arrest, says he’s ‘proud’ of officers
Mayor Eric Adams again defended the arrest of a beloved subway saxophonist Tuesday, telling reporters that the NYPD acted “appropriately” when they removed him from the Herald Square station.
Болгария высылает 70 российских дипломатов и техсостав посольства
Уходящее в отставку правительство Болгарии из-за вотума недоверия приняло решение выслать 70 российских дипломатов и технический персонал посольства РФ, сообщает ТАСС со ссылкой на диппредставительство
СК проверяет информацию о готовившемся нападении Украины на Россию
"У нас есть данные, мы сейчас изучаем их и проверяем, что 8 марта началась бы спецоперация со стороны Украины с выходом на российскую границу", - сказал глава СКР во вторник, 28 июня, на Международном молодежном юридическом форуме в Санкт-Петербурге
'Our relationship is on pause': Ukraine's first lady on coping with personal strain of war
CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with Olena Zelenska, Ukraine's first lady and wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky, about how like so many Ukrainian families, the Russian invasion has forced them to live apart for so long.
'This Isn't Real': Holly Hazmat Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene Drag Retweet
Following posts by Libs of TikTok and Greene, a drag artist has been bombarded by death threats, hateful comments and name calling.
I eat raw chicken— but I’m healthier and more sensual than ever
"You're eating flesh like an animal is supposed to do so it's a more sensual experience," said Boban Simic, aka @IAMFLESHGOD on TikTok.
Nolte: Biden Approval *and* Disapproval Hit Dismal Records -- 10 Points Below Trump
His Fraudulency Joe Biden's average disapproval and approval numbers hit two three dismal records at the RealClearPolitics poll of polls on Tuesday.
'Very Flabby': Wife Urged To Admit She Doesn't Fancy Overweight Husband
"I don't want to be unattracted and turned off by my husband," the mom admitted.
South Carolina basketball star Aliyah Boston named Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year
Aliyah Boston received the Honda Cup naming her the Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year on Monday in a ceremony at the University of Southern California
‘The View’ Decries SCOTUS Public Prayer Ruling: “No Separation Between Church and State”
Sunny Hostin told her co-hosts, "I'm very concerned about the way this court is leaning."
Guerrero: Unending deaths of migrants, driven by desperation and U.S. border policies
Thousands of desperate migrants have died trying to cross the militarized U.S. border, but U.S. administrations refuse to change border strategies that drive these deaths.
Crypto winter has had a chilling effect on Coinbase and Robinhood
The prices of bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies have been more than cut in half this year. Now the great crypto crash of 2022 is crushing leading digital asset brokerage firms Coinbase and Robinhood too.
МО РФ опубликовало видео применения расчетов тяжелых огнеметных систем ТОС-1А "Солнцепек"
Огнеметная система "Солнцепек" предназначена для огневой поддержки пехоты и танков, поражения открытых и закрытых огневых позиций, а также для вывода из строя легкобронированной техники и транспортных средств противника
Hillary Clinton rips ‘blind’ moderate Senators who voted to confirm Trump Supreme Court nominees
Hillary Clinton said President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees were selected to overturn Roe v. Wade as she roasted moderate Senators who voted for them.
Rockies' Chad Kuhl throws complete game shutout against Dodgers
The Rockies beat the Dodgers in game one of the series behind Chad Kuhl's incredible pitching performance while Kris Bryant returned to the lineup
California sheriff 'infuriated' by release of drug traffickers caught with 150,000 fentanyl pills
Tulare County, California Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said he was not aware of the suspects' release until it was "far too late." He is now calling for reform.
Former Nazi guard, 101, gets 5 years in jail on more than 3,500 counts of accessory to murder
A former guard at the Nazi Sachsenhausen concentration camp between 1942-1945 was convicted on over 3,500 counts of accessory to murder at the age of 101 years old.
The link between voting rights and the abortion ruling
It’s no coincidence that the court is making our democracy less democratic at the very moment it returns the issue of abortion to the political process.
Leaked Seahawks Baker Mayfield jersey sends internet into frenzy
Did the Seahawks leak a Baker Mayfield jersey on their Pro Shop?
Сербская сторона предложила перенести фестиваль "Витязь Фест - Дух Славян" в Россию
До сих пор он проходил в Белграде, в присутствии сотен тысяч зрителей
Ryan Gosling goes in for a kiss with his dog and more star snaps
Ryan Gosling gives a sweet smooch to his doggo, Bella Hadid struts in New York City and more star snaps...
At least 46 migrant workers found dead in abandoned tractor-trailer in San Antonio, TX
At least 46 people were found dead after a tractor-trailer containing suspected migrant workers was abandoned in a remote area of San Antonio.
Biden calls deaths of migrants in San Antonio 'horrifying and heartbreaking,' denounces 'political grandstanding around tragedy'
President Joe Biden said Tuesday the discovery of at least 50 dead migrants in a truck in Texas is "horrifying and heartbreaking" and underscores the need to go after criminal trafficking rings.
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NASA launch paves way for moon orbit space station
Rocket carrying technology supporting NASA's "Artemis" space exploration program launched from New Zealand. (June 28)
‘Marcel the Shell With Shoes On’ is adorable (maybe too adorable?)
In 'Marcel the Shell With Shoes On,' Jenny Slate voices the title character, a talking shell with one googly eye and shoes.
СК РФ предъявил обвинение украинскому военному в убийстве жителя Мариуполя
В уголовном деле речь идет о военнослужащем 501-го отдельного батальона морской пехоты ВСУ (войсковая часть А-1965) старшем сержанте Антоне Череднике
HHS secretary pledges to protect access to reproductive health care
US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra announced multiple steps to protect access to reproductive health care in a news conference on Tuesday.
Yankees come back again to beat the A's behind six-run seventh inning
The Yankees fell behind 5-1 after a five-run third inning from the A's but responded with a six-run seventh inning to comeback for the victory.
In Gabrielle Zevin’s novel, two video game designers chase love IRL
"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow," by Gabrielle Zevin, is a novel about video game makers who came of age with Donkey Kong and fell in love.
Mariners acquire Carlos Santana in trade from Royals
The Mariners acquire Carlos Santana and nearly $4.3 million and traded back two right-handed pitchers Wyatt Mills and William Fleming
Bride's Homemade Wedding Cake Using Boxed Mix Sparks Debate
Comments ranged from "I can hear your guests judging" to "This is the cutest cake ever I'm obsessed."