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‘Strega Nona’ Author Tomie dePaola Is Dead at Age 85
He worked on close to 250 books in a half century of publishing
Reverend Timothy Cole shares his coronavirus experience
Timothy Cole, the leader of the historic Christ Church in Georgetown joins "CBS Evening News" to discuss being the first person who tested positive for coronavirus in Washington D.C.
Pennsylvania schools and business will remain closed 'indefinitely,' Gov. Wolf says
Gov. Tom  Wolf, D-Pa., announced on Monday that all schools statewide would remain shut "until further notice" and stay-at-home orders intact until April 30 to deal with the growing coronavirus crisis. 
Respiratory therapist: Pandemic 'overwhelming'
Chicago respiratory therapist Brady Scott says he feels overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. Scott says so many people need breathing machines that simply haven't been manufactured yet. (March 30)       
Software developer for Brooklyn DA’s office arrested after caught waving gun
A software developer employed by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office was arrested Monday morning after he was caught by cops waving a gun, law enforcement sources said. Matthew Barton was busted after midnight when police officers from Brooklyn’s 88 precinct happened to come across him wielding the weapon, sources said. Barton, a Missouri native, reviews...
Listen to Episode 4 of ‘Amazin But True’: Who Replaces Syndergaard? feat. Jim Breuer
It’s time for a brand-new episode of the “Amazin’ But True” podcast with former Met Nelson Figueroa and me. We open the show reacting to the big news that Noah Syndergaard will miss the 2020 season after needing Tommy John surgery and won’t be back until sometime during the 2021 season. How will Syndergaard’s injury...
Trump says nationwide stay-at-home order is "pretty unlikely" at this point
The president also introduced a new coronavirus test from Abbott that takes five minutes to process.
First-hand accounts from health care workers battling coronavirus
On this National Doctors' Day, there are urgent calls for help from doctors and nurses. Hundreds have caught the virus while treating patients. President Trump said on Monday that he's considering hazard pay for health care workers. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.
Improvising the Presidency
How presidents rise to the moment in crisis, and why Trump has not.
Alice Cooper on quarantines: 'The sooner everybody does that, the faster this thing will be over'
Alice Cooper says it's nice spending time with his family in Arizona after being forced to delay his spring tour because of the coronavirus pandemic.        
COVID-19 claims the life of its first U.S. service member, a New Jersey National Guardsman
A New Jersey National Guardsman is the first U.S. service member to die of COVID-19.       
Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett tweets phone number, says anyone 'overwhelmed or scared' by coronavirus can call him
A congressional lawmaker from Tennessee is encouraging anyone " overwhelmed or scared" of the coronavirus to give him a call and talk about it. 
Millions of Americans Have Been Laid Off Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak. Here’s What it’s Like To Be One of Them
Norma’s crying. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, she’s stuck at home and not earning money from her job at an Iowa City fast-food restaurant. She’s an undocumented migrant from Honduras, so she won’t be eligible for any government help from the stimulus package Congress has passed. She lives with her husband and four-year-old daughter. They’ve…
New York expands hospital capacity as more states lock down
The spread of coronavirus in the U.S. is accelerating. On Monday, a member of President Trump's task force told governors they are weeks away from hitting the peak in COVID-19 cases. Mola Lenghi has the latest.
What is Project Airbridge?
States and hospitals are desperate for more medical equipment and supplies.
Accused meth dealer cuts off ankle monitor after he’s spared jail over coronavirus
An accused meth dealer who became a poster boy for dodging jail because of the coronavirus epidemic has been locked up — after cutting off his ankle monitor within a day of catching the break, The Post has learned. Rasedur Raihan lucked out on March 12 when a federal judge found it was a “relatively...
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Monday, March 30, 2020
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."
Democrats are ready to start work on a fourth coronavirus bill. Republicans want to wait.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discusses the stimulus bill known as the CARES Act after the bill was passed at the US Capitol on March 27, 2020, in Washington, DC. | Win McNamee/Getty Images House Democrats want infrastructure to be part of a fourth coronavirus bill, but they need Republican support first. The House and Senate likely won’t return to Capitol Hill until April 20 at the earliest, but that’s not stopping House Democrats from thinking about a fourth coronavirus stimulus package. One major initiative Democrats are already contemplating is an infrastructure bill, particularly related to coronavirus recovery. A list could include expanding America’s broadband and 5G internet to allow more Americans to work from home; modernizing hospitals and community health care centers; and updating crumbling water pipelines. “The fourth bill would be about recovery,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters on a Monday press call. “We would like to see in what comes next something that has always been nonpartisan ... and that would be an infrastructure piece that takes us into the future.” Pelosi and two House committee chairs — House Energy and Commerce Committee chair Frank Pallone and House Committee on Education and Labor chair Bobby Scott — laid out a number of priorities they plan to work toward in the coming weeks, including more protective equipment and increased health and safety regulations for doctors and nurses, and other essential workers like grocery store workers and pharmacists. Democrats also continued to push for free coronavirus treatment for everyone, including the uninsured. “I guarantee you you’re going to get some surprise bills, whoppers,” Scott said, nodding to the high cost of a visit to the emergency room or long-term intensive care. “The average family is going to be bankrupt, even if they have insurance.” Of course, in order to have a bill go anywhere, Pelosi would need buy-in from the Trump administration before she could get cooperation from the Republican-controlled Senate. Having just passed a historic $2 trillion bill, Republicans right now seem reluctant to spend much more. “I’m not sure you need a fourth package,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said this weekend on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. The three influential House leaders also talked about where they think Democrats and Republicans could agree on another potentially costly stimulus package. Pelosi repeatedly came back to infrastructure, noting that it is one of the priorities Democrats share with President Donald Trump. “In terms of recovery, that’s probably the most bipartisan path we could take,” Pelosi said. “Infrastructure’s never been a partisan issue, ever. It’s a public health issue, actually: clean air, clean water. In addition to that, it’s an economic issue, it’s a job issue.” What we know about House Democrats’ priorities so far Pelosi emphasized to reporters that the House is in the very early phases of gathering ideas for a fourth coronavirus bill. The legislation is yet to be drafted, but the House speaker added she’d like something ready to go when Congress returns next month. “I do think it is important that as soon as we’re here, we’re ready to pass legislation,” Pelosi said. “I’d not suspect we’d have any bipartisan legislation before we return.” Here’s what’s on House Democrats’ list of ideas that could show up in an eventual draft: OSHA regulations for workers’ safety: For the last three rounds of bills, Democrats have been attempting to beef up regulations for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which currently don’t include a standard to address airborne infectious diseases. Specifically, Democrats want OSHA to adopt an Emergency Temporary Standard to get regulations on the books both for doctors and nurses, and other essential workers like pharmacists and grocery store workers. “It is absolutely essential that legislation is required,” Pelosi said. “If we fail to act, we will be making the situation even more dangerous.” Free coronavirus treatment: House Democrats included this provision in a bill they introduced last week, before the Senate passed the CARES Act. It would eliminate cost-sharing for coronavirus treatment and vaccines for all patients, including those who are uninsured. The cost of coronavirus treatment can range from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands, according to a recent Time report. (Though, as Rep. Katie Porter pointed out to my colleague Emily Stewart, the administration could do this on its own.) Increased direct payments to workers: On Monday’s call, Pelosi floated the idea to send out more direct payments to Americans and possibly increase the amount. After the passage of the CARES Act, every American making less than $75,000 annually will receive a one-time $1,200 check from the federal government to spur consumer spending. Depending on how long the coronavirus outbreak and resulting economic crisis in the US last, Pelosi made it clear she’d like to see additional direct payments. An infrastructure bill: Pelosi, Pallone, and Scott all talked about provisions they’d like to see if House Democrats pursue an infrastructure bill to help put Americans back to work after the coronavirus outbreak lessens. Although infrastructure talks between Democrats and Trump haven’t gone very far in the past three years — to the point that “Infrastructure Week” has become a running joke in Washington —Democratic leaders seem eager to find common ground on issues like expanding America’s rural broadband and 5G internet capacity; investing money into rebuilding aging hospitals and community health centers; and repairing or rebuilding water infrastructure like aging pipes. “We need more community health centers in rural areas,” Pallone said, highlighting one of the ways Congress could improve America’s health infrastructure after the coronavirus crisis subsides. Democrats are in the earliest stages of brainstorming ideas for a next coronavirus package, and it’s too early to tell whether Republicans will get on board. But this gives us an outline of what to expect from Democratic leaders going forward.
Coronavirus disrupting Blake Martinez’s transition to Giants
The next time will be the first time for Blake Martinez, making this the most challenging time to be an NFL free agent heading to a new team. The new Giants inside linebacker has never set foot inside the team facility and there is a good chance he will not see his new headquarters until...
Idaho governor faces deadline on anti-trans laws
With residents under a coronavirus "stay-at-home" order, protesters lost the opportunity to make their voices heard in person.
Todd McLellan wishes he could see how re-energized Kings would have continued
Kings' coach Todd McLellan was thrilled with progress of streaking Kings before season was stopped, but wishes he could have seen how group endured.
Large Crowds Ignore Social Distancing Guidelines to Watch Navy Hospital Ship Dock in NYC Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Police officers have been authorized to break up gatherings, with fines being the last resort if people refuse to disperse.
Coronavirus, Hospital Ship, van Gogh: Your Monday Evening Briefing
Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
St. Patrick’s Cardinal Dolan now calling parishioners personally
“People are now in need. I want to be in touch with everyone.”
First-hand accounts from health care workers battling virus
Health care workers in New York protested over the weekend the lack of protection.
Coronavirus takes heavy toll on restaurant owners and employees
In the first three weeks of March, restaurant sales were down 47% nationwide and 7 out of 10 owners laid off employees and cut work hours.
This sweet photo of health care workers flying to New York is what we need right now
As New York City struggles to keep up with the spread of coronavirus, dozens of health care workers from Atlanta boarded a plane to answer the call for help.
Pelosi aims to move fast on next rescue package
The speaker is eager to include Democratic priorities in any coronavirus relief bill.
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell tells Americans to read Bible at corona briefing
WASHINGTON — MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell went wildly off-script during a White House coronavirus task force briefing from the Rose Garden — calling on Americans to read the Bible and find God during quarantine. The mustachioed friend of President Trump was invited to speak at Monday’s briefing to announce he had joined the effort to...
‘Torn from the Headlines’ unravels haunting ‘Baby Hope’ mystery
Everyone in the city had seen her face — yet for more than two decades, no one knew her name. The anonymous child, dubbed “Baby Hope” by NYPD detectives, became the subject of a haunting police sketch after her emaciated, naked and battered body was found stuffed in a dirty cooler along with soda cans...
Good News, With Caveats: Some Insurers Waive Costs To Patients For COVID-19 Treatment
Aetna, Cigna and Humana now say they will waive most treatment costs associated with COVID-19 that would normally be picked up by patients enrolled in their health plans. Will other firms follow suit?
US stock futures up slightly following Monday's gains
US stock futures were up slightly in after-hours trading following a positive day for Wall Street Monday.
Parris Island boot camp closed to new recruits for weeks amid coronavirus outbreak
The Marine Corps will not accept new recruits at Parris Island for at least two weeks, according to a report, after more than 20 people tested positive for coronavirus.
White House Authorizes Federal Funding for National Guard Mobilization in Michigan to Help With Coronavirus
"This is good news for Michiganders everywhere who are worried about COVID-19's impact on their community," Whitmer wrote Monday.
‘Tiger King’ star Doc Antle, Britney Spears shared VMAs stage in 2001
Britney Spears has an interesting connection to one of the stars of “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” the popular Netflix series that has captivated the nation as well as any trending topic can in 2020.
Rihanna wants 'three or four' kids with or without a partner, opens up about her own childhood
In a new cover story for British Vogue, Rihanna opened up about her 10-year-plan, which includes having multiple kids.        
Roman Reigns addresses pulling out of WWE’s WrestleMania 36
Roman Reigns talked for the first time about not appearing at WrestleMania 36 and hinted it could be because of concerns over more than his own personal health. The 34-year-old Reigns, whose real name is Joe Anoa’I, has battled leukemia and is immunocompromised, putting him at greater risk if he contracts COVID-19. It was reported...
Lawyers file suit for release of over 530 ‘vulnerable’ prisoners from Brooklyn jail
Public defenders have filed a lawsuit to demand the immediate release of nearly 540 “medically vulnerable” prisoners from Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center to prevent them from falling victim to the coronavirus pandemic. Lawyers for MDC inmates allege that the facility’s warden has identified 537 prisoners out of the roughly 1,700 housed there as having an...
Frustrated Gamblers Turn to Politics as the Only Game in Town
Without pro sports to wager on, bettors are fixated on everything from Biden’s White House chances to the price of Netflix stock.
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Unemployment could top 32% as 47M workers are laid off amid coronavirus: St. Louis Fed
Unemployment could top 32% as 47 million Americans lose their jobs, according to a St. Louis Fed estimate.       
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FBI Warns of 'Zoom-Bombing,' Where Hackers Hijack Video Conferences After Two Schools Affected
The FBI warned the public on Monday that video conferences being are interrupted by "pornographic and/or hate images and threatening language."
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Brandon Boston of Sierra Canyon, Brooke Demetre of Mater Dei named Open Division players of the year
Brandon Boston tops All-CIF basketball boys team; Brooke Demetre tops All-CIF basketball girls team
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How Racial Health Disparities Will Play Out in the Coronavirus Pandemic
From testing opportunities to ventilator access, dangers of discrimination lurk for Black patients.
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Mexico's President Greets El Chapo's Mom And Lawyer, Ignoring Coronavirus Rules
Andrés Manuel López Obrador drew criticism for failing to model good social distancing by shaking hands with the drug boss' mother, even after telling Mexicans to stay home to avoid COVID-19.
Detroit becomes a hot spot for coronavirus cases
A health expert says Detroit has become a hot spot for coronavirus cases for a number of reasons that include the city's high poverty rate. (March 30)
Did DNA evidence identify the real Boston Strangler?
Former LAPD detective and Fox News forensic and crime scene expert Mark Fuhrman re-examines the case of the Boston Strangler.
Federal Government Revoking Reservation Status for Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s 300 Acres
It raises fears among Native American groups that other tribes could face the same fate