Daten fast der gesamten Bevölkerung Ecuadors im Netz veröffentlicht

Die Einträge in der Datenbank enthalten die vollständigen Namen der Bürger, Wohnadresse, Familienstand und mehr: Sicherheitsforscher stießen im Netz auf den riesigen Datensatz, der fast ganz Ecuardor zu gläsernen Bürgern macht. Auch Julian Assange.
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Kate Spade clearance items an extra 30% off during New Year’s sale
Your dreams of overhauling your wardrobe are about to become reality once you shop Kate Spade’s latest clearance sale. Through January 20, you can get your hands on the stylish designer goods at an extra 30% off with the code HI2020.  The sale includes handbags, clothing, and jewelry.  You can make a statement with beautiful...
Can Trump Lower The Price of Insulin And Epipens Without Congress?
In this week's Democratic presidential debate, Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said they could, and would, take executive action to reduce prices for much-needed drugs as president—with or without help from Congress.
Wall Street hits new high as data boosts growth outlook
Wall Street indexes hit new record highs on Friday after strong U.S. housing data and signs of resilience in the Chinese economy raised hopes of a rebound in global growth.
The Cost Of Free: Casper Pays A Price For Generous Mattress Returns
Casper changed mattress shopping with the promise of a 100-night "risk-free" trial and easy returns. Now the cost of those returns is being scrutinized as the online company prepares to go public.
Ex-manager at Soho salon claims workplace was racist to black staff, clients
Charisse Samuel says she started with the company in 2015 and while working at the DevaCurl salon on Broome Street called, Devachan, she saw rampant racism by white employees toward black staff and clients, according to her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.
Factbox: Dershowitz, Starr among those on Trump's impeachment defense team
Prominent attorney Alan Dershowitz and two former independent counsels, Ken Starr and Robert Ray, will be among those defending President Donald Trump when his impeachment trial begins in the Senate in earnest on Tuesday.
Yosemite National Park sees 170 people fall ill with gastrointestinal issues 'consistent with norovirus,' 2 cases confirmed
Two confirmed cases of norovirus were reported Thursday by officials at Yosemite National  Park as at least 170 people have now fallen ill with gastrointestinal issues since visiting the park this month.
Trump makes vulgar comment hitting back at Senate impeachment trial
While honoring Louisiana State University's football team at the White House, President Donald Trump turned to the Senate impeachment trial, with a vulgar comment
The US was once the uncontested world leader in science and engineering. That keeps falling, according to a federal report
The United States was once the dominant, global leader in science and engineering, but it's dropping from the top as other countries invest in research and development, according to a new report.
Toyota moves Tacoma production from Texas to Mexico, shifts Sequoia from Indiana to Texas
Toyota is shifting production of the Toyota Tacoma pickup from Texas to Mexico and replacing it with production of the Sequoia SUV.
America's Zoos Help Animals Threatened in Australian Fires With Custom T-Shirt, Contest and More
Some zoos are even capitalizing on their animals to raise money for those in need across the world.
French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier bids farewell to the catwalk
French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier said on Friday a show scheduled for next week in Paris would be his last, after 50-year career on the catwalk that had earned him a reputation as the "bad boy" of the industry.
Wiggles member collapses on stage during benefit
A founding member of The Wiggles celebrated his 48th birthday the day before the reunion show.
Navy builds aircraft carrier drone headquarters
The Navy is building a special new command and control mini "drone-headquarters" space on its aircraft carriers to operate deck-launched drones as part of a strategy aimed at massively increasing the scope of carrier-launched drone missions in coming years.
Bloomingdale’s clearance an extra 40% off during Long Weekend Sale
The winter savings are heating up at Bloomingdale’s now that the retailer is rolling out its deals-packed Long Weekend Sale. You can take an extra 40% off clearance items from brands like Adidas, Coach, and Theory.  Shoppers will get an extra 20% off a large selection of sale items, as well. Even home products are...
Google parent Alphabet joins $1 trillion club
Investors still high on Big Tech despite mounting political concerns about the industry's size and influence.
Hulu drops first trailer for Hillary Clinton docuseries
Hulu has dropped the first trailer for its upcoming four-part docuseries about former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
China confirms second death in mystery viral outbreak
The man was identified as a 69-year-old who was admitted to the hospital with an array of health issues.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson breaks silence on ‘barrier breaking’ father's death: 'It’s just pain'
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson broke his silence following the death of his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, at age 75.
Appeals court throws out lawsuit by children seeking to force action on climate crisis
A federal appeals court on Friday threw out a heavily promoted but long-shot lawsuit by a group of children and teenagers trying to force the federal government to take action to address the climate crisis.
Migrant surge into Guatemala reaches 3,500, heads for Mexico
More than 3,500 Central Americans had poured into Guatemala by Friday in U.S.-bound gatherings known as caravans, officials said, posing a headache for the leaders of Guatemala and Mexico amid fierce U.S. pressure to curb migration.
To stop Trump fracking plans, California is going to court
Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra announced a lawsuit to limit the Trump administration's new oil fracking efforts on federal lands inside California.
The power of media and its ability to affect change
We explore the power of media and its ability to affect change. In Uganda, one journalist is challenging Ugandans to create stories that impact the world. In Botswana, a filmmaker is highlighting wildlife conservation through documentaries.
Hillary Clinton: 'Lord knows what will happen if we don't retire' Trump
Hulu released a trailer for its documentary on Hillary Clinton, who advised Democratic primary voters to pick who they think can beat President Trump.
‘Clever’: Biden plays the Obama card
Biden's latest ad borrows from the former president's speech praising his vice president before awarding him the Medal of Freedom.
Remembering Spiritual Leader Ram Dass
Dass, who died Dec. 22, was a practitioner of Eastern-inspired philosophy who became interested in the religious potential of LSD in the '60s and '70s. Originally broadcast in 1990.
Eminem’s new song “Darkness” tries to enter the mind of the Las Vegas shooter
EminemMusic / YouTube The rapper’s surprise album, Music to Be Murdered By, features the harrowing gun control anthem at its center. Eminem has continued his recent tradition of surprising fans with new album drops: Music to Be Murdered By, released Friday, is both a Hitchcock reference and a promise from the rap diva to slay. How well Eminem fulfills that promise is already a matter of heated debate — just as it was with his 2018 surprise album, Kamikaze — but there’s no denying Marshall Mathers makes an impact: Within 12 hours of its release, the album was reportedly charting at No. 1 on iTunes in 53 countries. The breakout track from the 20-song album is “Darkness,” a harrowing, disturbing takedown of gun violence, framed through the point of view of the perpetrator of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, one of the worst mass shootings in modern US history. The motives of the Las Vegas shooter remain a mystery, but in “Darkness,” Eminem paints a picture of an isolated man with mental illness, “loathing in Las Vegas” but emboldened by the failure of US gun control legislation: I got ammo for all the hecklers, I’m armed to the teeth ... Finger on the trigger, but I’m a licensed owner / with no prior convictions, so loss, the sky’s the limit The track briefly includes reportedly recreated audio of gunfire and screaming crowds, and ends with an overlay of real news footage from the litany of mass shootings that have happened since the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. The accompanying music video further reenacts the Las Vegas shooter’s point of view (but not graphically) and ends with a call to register to vote to “help change gun laws in America.” This isn’t the first time Eminem has used his platform to get political; 2004’s “Mosh” protested the Iraq War and was framed as a voting rights anthem, while his 2017 BET freestyle was a blistering anti-Trump invective. The rest of Music to Be Murdered By is generally lighter, however. The album features several guest artists, including Ed Sheeran (who collaborates on “Those Kinda Nights,” a “doing it for the Top 40” number), Young MA, and Royce da 5’9.” It also contains frequent cameos from Alfred Hitchcock, whose 1958 parody album of the same name Eminem liberally homages. the title and cover art for eminem's new album ‘music to be murdered by’ were modeled after iconic filmmaker alfred hitchcock's 1958 album of the same name— Genius (@Genius) January 17, 2020 The end of the album feels a little more like old-school Eminem, canvassing the usual series of beefs and responses to diss tracks. Though the album overall doesn’t feature nearly as much misogyny (or, thankfully, any of the homophobic slurs Eminem has been justly scorned for in the past), a late track, “Farewell,” heaps a litany of deadpan sexist scorn on its object. In conjunction with the rest of the album, it’s jarring — though as always, Eminem’s character heaps as much of that scorn and loathing upon himself. Eminem also keeps up his long tradition of commenting on his divisive critical reputation, with an opening track, “Premonition,” that references his view that he just can’t catch a break from the critics: Once I was played in rotation / at every radio station / They said I’m lyrically amazing but I have nothing to say But then when I put out Revival [his critically panned 2017 album] and I had something to say They said that they hated the awake me / I lose the rage, I’m too tame — I get it back, they say I’m too angry Whether you love or hate Music to Be Murdered By, there’s no denying Eminem is still awake, and — according to him, at least — still has something to say.
What's on TV This Week: Awkwafina, 'Avenue 5,' 'Star Trek: Picard' and more
TV highlights for Jan. 19-25 include the new series "Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens" on Comedy Central, "Avenue 5" on HBO and "Star Trek: Picard" on CBS All Access
Ariana Grande sued for copyright infringement over '7 Rings'
Ariana Grande and seven co-writers are being accused of plagiarizing her Grammy-nominated hit "7 Rings."
New Netflix show shines light on kids' social anxiety
"It's a topic that's been talked about among adults, but it's not really talked about when it comes to kids," 13-year-old actor Mauricio Lara said.
David Attenborough: Planet Earth is facing a ‘disaster’
The beloved voice behind nature documentaries such as “Planet Earth” says humanity has reached a “moment of crisis.” In a trailer for his new documentary, “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet,” the legendary broadcaster and environmentalist accused humans of “overrun[ning] the planet,” warning that all life on Earth now faces impending “disaster.” “The living world...
'Cyberpunk 2077' Won't Be Delayed Again, Multiplayer Release Due After 2021, CD Projekt Says
'Cyberpunk 2077' will be released on September 17, with a separate game codenamed 'Cyberpunk Multiplayer' following in 2022.
Movies on TV this week: Jan. 19-25: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'
Movies on TV this week: Sunday, Jan. 19-25: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Casablanca; Psycho; Stand by Me and more
Former US attorney says report on possible leak by James Comey is a 'bombshell'
Former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman on Friday said that the report on former FBI Director James Comey possibly illegally leaking secret information concerning a Russian document to The New York Times and The Washington Post “is a bombshell.”
Navy ramps up radar attack technology across fleet
Descending from high altitudes at lethal speeds and often guided by precision sensors, technically improved enemy ballistic missiles can increasingly close in on surface Navy ships, often holding large platforms and even groups of vessels at tremendous risk of destruction.
Landlord, contractor and plumber sentenced to 4 to 12 years for East Village gas explosion
Three people responsible for a deadly East Village gas explosion that leveled several buildings and killed two men were sentenced to four to 12 years behinds bars in Manhattan court Friday. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Michael Obus handed down the prison time to landlord Maria Hrynenko, contractor Dilber Kukic and unlicensed plumber Athanasios “Jerry” Ioannidis...
A family's dog gave birth to a green puppy. They named him Hulk
When a North Carolina family's beloved dog went into labor, everything seemed to be going well. That is until one of her puppies came out green.
K-pop sensation BTS gets artsy with new 'Black Swan' video
Korean pop stars BTS have delivered a new single, "Black Swan," with a video that stars seven contemporary dancers — and none of the group's members.
Brazil’s Culture Minister Fired After Quoting Joseph Goebbels in a Speech
Brazilian culture secretary Roberto Alvim was fired from the government Friday after he appeared to quote Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in a video setting out his agenda for a conservative “rebirth” of the arts. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said in a statement to Brazilian media that the controversial video had made Alvim’s position “unsustainable.”…
Robocalls rang up a new high in 2019. Two or more daily is average in some states
Robocalls continued to rise in 2019. While Washington, D.C., and Louisiana averaged most per person, Texas got the most; West Virginia increased most.
Jury selection completed for Harvey Weinstein's rape trial
The selection concluded on Friday.
Netflix show shines a light on social anxiety and other disabilities
A new Netflix original series, "The Healing Powers of Dude," follows an 11-year-old boy with social anxiety who relies on an emotional support dog to get him through middle school. One young actor from the show, Mauricio Lara, sat down with CBSN to discuss the importance of the series. "It's a topic that's been talked about among adults, but it's not really talked about when it comes to kids," the 13-year-old actor said.
A family crisis: What's in store for the British royals
With the surprise decision by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back from royal life, CNN's Max Foster asks what the future holds for the British royal family.
Jon Favreau shares photo of George Lucas cradling Baby Yoda. No caption needed
Surprised, you may be to see this adorable, once-in-a-lifetime photo of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas and his grandchild, Baby Yoda.
Historical marker at Muhammed Ali gym
Woman pleads guilty to fatally poisoning husband
Man had his life savings seized at airport
Construction workers robbed, forced to strip