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Deion Sanders had Brittany Renner give advice to Jackson State players

Brittany Renner, introduced to thunderous applause, told Jackson State players that her DMs are "like a Nike store."
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Letters to the Editor — Jan. 23, 2022
New York Post readers sound off on pols’ trade shame, the need for masks, out-of-office woes and the NYPD heroes who saved residents after a Bronx building exploded.
Arizona Democratic Party Votes to Censure Sen. Sinema for Filibuster Vote
The censure has no practical effect but reflects how the first-term senator is increasingly distancing herself from fellow Democrats.
Russia's purported plan to install pro-Kremlin leadership in Ukraine 'deeply concerning,' White House says
The White House is calling Russia's reported plan to install a pro-Kremlin leader in Ukraine “deeply concerning" in a statement
Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in four-car crash in Los Angeles, one woman injured
Arnold Schwarzenegger was in a four-vehicle wreck Friday. Police said the incident occurred in West Los Angeles. One woman was injured.
Kohl's, target of activist investors, gets a buyout offer
The quest for control of Kohl's is heating up.
Meat Loaf’s death has been used as ‘political tool’ in COVID culture war, friend claims
Meat Loaf’s friend, Marc Lobliner, has a beef with the way the rock star’s death has been dragged into the COVID-19 culture war.
Zombies Are Humans Without Consciousness
The zombie was first a victim of a voodoo spell, then a reanimated body, and finally a thought experiment to consider when something is conscious.
Adele surprises fans in Las Vegas with video call after postponing concerts
After postponing the start of her Las Vegas residency, Adele surprised a group of disappointed fans with a video call at Ceasars Palace.
Mayor Adams on rising gun crime in New York
New York Mayor Eric Adams urged city residents to remain steadfast and not to "surrender to violence" after a New York City police officer was killed in a shooting in a Harlem apartment. (Jan. 22)
Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler retires after 19 years with team
The Steelers will have a new defensive coordinator in 2022 after Keith Butler, a longtime assistant coach, announced his retirement from the NFL.
Lakers star Anthony Davis will be a game-time decision to play Sunday
Lakers star Anthony Davis (sprained left knee ligament) has been upgraded to questionable for Sunday's game in Miami and will be a game-time decision.
NYC schools Chancellor David Banks clears way for new DOE team
Schools Chancellor David Banks has begun clearing out the executives under his predecessors and replacing them with his own team.
Today in History for January 23rd
Highlights of Today in History: Accord reached in Vietnam; North Korea seizes the U.S.S. Pueblo; Roots airs; Bob Keeshan dies; Johnny Carson dies.
Roger Stone Rips 'Despicable' Trump Ally Jason Miller, Accuses Him of 'Lying'
That followed podcaster Joe Rogan accusing Gettr, the alternative to Twitter headed by Miller, of inflating follower counts.
AP Top Stories January 22 P
Here's the latest for Saturday, January 22: NYPD officer killed, 2nd critical in Harlem shooting; Ukraine says batch of US military aid has arrived; Wildfire along California's Big Sur forces evacuations; Former circus performer rescues neglected tigers.
Elections Official Accused of Murdering Her Tenant
Norwalk Police DepartmentA Connecticut government official gunned down her tenant this week over a rent payment dispute, police say.Ellen Wink, 61, was arrested Thursday after she allegedly shot and killed a tenant in her building, 54-year-old Kurt Lametta. Police say it was Wink herself who called the police about the shooting at her Norwalk building, where they arrived to find Lametta suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.Wink—a local landlord and the city’s deputy Republican registrar of voters—allegedly copped to the shooting, telling them that Lametta was chronically behind on his rent, according to documents obtained by local news station ABC7,Read more at The Daily Beast.
WATCH: Snow covers much of North Carolina
North Carolina turned into a winter wonderland, with most of the state seeing up to four inches of snow.
Arnold Schwarzenegger 'fine' following four-car crash in LA
The crash sent a woman to the hospital with minor injuries.
WATCH: Skiers enjoy aurora borealis in Finland
A dazzling light show from the aurora borealis stretched across the darkened sky in Finland.
Even NFL Hall of Fame coaches struggled through learning curves
Even some the very best had to scuffle. Almost all had perfectly good reasons for being so bad: expansion teams, or teams with expansion-level talent.
Regina King’s son Ian Alexander Jr.’s haunting last tweets
"You know that episode of SpongeBob where they go inside his brain and it’s a bunch of mini spongebobs just losing their s--t…..yea that one really hits home," Ian tweeted.
Scientists think 2020 lockdowns may have caused less lightning
The lockdowns kept people off the streets and planes on the ground, reducing the overall level of air pollution.
NJ toddler buys over $1,700 worth of goods online from Walmart
A 22-month-old child in New Jersey, using his mom's cellphone and accessing her online Walmart account, bought an array of furniture for the family — leaving his parents more than surprised.
Arizona Democrats Censure Sinema After Filibuster Vote
Kyrsten Sinema, a first-term Arizona senator, was rebuked by fellow Democrats in her state after her vote on the filibuster helped sink the party’s voting-rights legislation.
Britain Says Moscow Is Plotting to Install a Pro-Russian Leader in Ukraine
In a highly unusual public statement, backed by U.S. officials, London named the putative head of a potential puppet government but few other details.
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High-capacity drum magazine used in Harlem shooting similar to weapon of war: experts
The so-called “drum” magazine allows a Glock to hold an additional 40 rounds to the firearm's usual 10. NY prohibits their use unless you are active law enforcement or military.
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Toddler has $1,700-furniture-shopping spree while playing with mom’s phone
A 22-month-old New Jersey toddler wracked up a whopping $1,700 in online purchases while playing with his mom's phone.
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead Joins Rosario Dawson in Disney+ Series ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’
The Lucasfilm show will also feature Hayden Christensen.
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Domestic incidents are highly dangerous for police officers, experts say
The two New York police officers who were shot, one of them fatally, inside a Harlem apartment on Friday were responding to a domestic disturbance call, one of the most dangerous circumstances for police, experts say.
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Guns, Catfishing and Subterfuge: Is This the Most Bonkers Sheriff’s Race in America?
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty/Mellinger for Sheriff Facebook/West Virginia Regional JailIt was 2019, and a contentious, mudslinging election for Jackson County, West Virginia sheriff was underway. In the blue corner, a Jackson County deputy named Ross Mellinger. In the red corner, GOP contender Noel Braley, an Army veteran and retired cop who had served as a deputy in nearby Kanawha County for two decades. The Nov. 2020 election was still more than a year off.That July, the FBI began looking into alleged civil rights violations by Mellinger. The investigation stemmed from a pair of civil suits filed against him: Mellinger stood accused of knocking out a suspect’s teeth with the butt of a shotgun, in one. In the second, he was accused of brutalizing a woman being evicted from her apartment, then tasing and concussing a male friend who was helping her move.In both cases, Braley had referred the plaintiffs to a lawyer he knew. Although somewhat unseemly, the tangled web of interests did not constitute any illegality by Braley, according to the FBI. But a local police informant who lived in the next county over, Kevin Comer, hated Braley for some reason and would stop at nothing to ensure he didn’t get elected, according to the feds.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Democrats double down on eliminating filibuster, court packing on Roe v. Wade anniversary
Democrats marked the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by warning the landmark Supreme Court decision could be overturned and urging the Senate to immediately cement the right to an abortion into federal law.
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Acosta digs in on the most 'egregious' efforts to further election lie
CNN's Jim Acosta tackles GOP efforts to sow doubt in the 2020 election results and curb voting access after the John Lewis Voting Rights Act was blocked.
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Virginia Woman Charged for Threatening to Take Guns to School Over Mask Mandate
Amelia King later apologized and said she never intended to make a threat but the school board still said it would increase security in schools.
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New York COVID positivity rate stays below 10%, Gov. Hochul says
"We are below 10% positivity rate for the second day in a row. This is extraordinary progress," Gov. Hochul said Saturday.
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Adele tears up talking to fans who showed up for postponed Las Vegas show
"I love you too, I'm so sorry and I can't wait to meet you, alright," the singer tearfully told fans who were supposed to see her perform.
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Bulls G Alex Caruso sidelined by broken wrist after Grayson Allen foul
Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso will have surgery next week to repair his broken right wrist after he was taken down by Grayson Allen during the third quarter of Friday night's 94-90 loss at Milwaukee.
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Texas Department of Public Safety officer dies in border incident
A Texas Department of Public Safety officer has died after a “tragic accident” happened while conducting “tactical operations” near the United States and Mexico border on Friday.
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LAUSD to require students to wear non-cloth face masks starting Monday
Starting Monday, students in L.A. Unified School District must wear non-cloth masks with a nose wire.
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‘Ozark’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Take the Money and Run
Simply put, there’s no way this ends well.
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Mother Leads Police Investigating Child Abuse Call on High-Speed Chase, Nearly Hits Trooper
She drove the wrong way on an interstate and hit 100 mph after police responded to a call from her daughter.
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A new Bill Cosby docuseries nearly drove its director to quit. The struggle paid off
W. Kamau Bell's "We Need to Talk About Cosby" is a compelling, complicated wrestling match with the legacy of the cultural icon and alleged rapist.
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‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ Doc Eviscerates ‘America’s Dad’: A ‘Rapist’ Who ‘Had a TV Show Once’
SundanceAt the beginning of the new documentary series We Need to Talk About Cosby, director W. Kamau Bell asks what should be a simple question: “Who is Bill Cosby now?” Few of his interview subjects are able to answer it.They all sigh. Heavily sigh. One subject makes a point to label hers: “deep Black-girl sigh.” One person just says, “Fuck,” a one-word answer to the unanswerable.But there are a few who manage to form a response. “He is known as America’s dad.” “Or a quote unquote monster.” “The juxtaposition is just bananas.” “He was someone to believe in and someone to trust.” “He wasn’t the nice person everyone thought he was.” “An example of the complexity of humanity.” Then things get a bit more blunt. “He was a rapist who had a really big TV show once.” High-profile attorney Gloria Allred is quick and direct: “I look forward to seeing Bill Cosby again,” she says. “In a court of law.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Hawai'i HC June Jones turns down program's offer to return
Hawai’i is still on the look for its next head football coach, as June Jones turned down the school’s offer Friday.
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Boris Johnson faces crucial week in battle to remain UK prime minister amid 'Partygate' scandal
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, fighting for his political life over revelations about his role in parties during strict lockdown, faces one of the most crucial weeks of his time in office -- and one that will likely decide whether he remains in 10 Downing Street, or is forced to step down.
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I caught my husband watching racy videos of other women — from our balcony
A woman is igniting TikTok after sharing a video of her husband scrolling through kinky dancers on his phone -- while watching from her second-floor balcony. 
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Rep. Cuellar, staff took sponsored trips to Azerbaijan coordinated by convicted businessman
Records show that Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar and his staff took multiple sponsored trips to the country of Azerbaijan in recent years as he finds himself reportedly entangled in a federal probe investigating ties between U.S. businessmen and the former soviet Republic.
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PBA head Pat Lynch calls for public to attend funeral of fallen NYPD cop Jason Rivera
Rivera was killed Friday and his partner, Wilbert Mora, gravely injured when they were gunned down inside a Harlem apartment.
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Chargers chairman Dean Spanos sued by two nephews
Chargers chairman Dean Spanos is being sued by two of his nephews who allege that he secretly diverted money from the family trust that owns the team.
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