Dementia patients have no option but to go to A&E, asks DR MAX PEMBERTON 

DR MAX PEMBERTON: We knew care in Britain was in crisis. The real scandal is that it is only getting worse, heaping new burdens on hospitals and bringing distress to vulnerable patients.
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Hiker dies at Arethusa Falls, the third fatal accident at New Hampshire state parks reported within a week
A man died while hiking a trail in a New Hampshire state park Saturday, making for the third hiking/climbing-related fatality within a week, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game department.
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Nicole Brown Simpson's sister speaks out about diary entries
A Investigation Discovery documentary will present diary entries written by Nicole Brown Simpson detail the abuse of her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted of her murder in 1994.
Hours Before Presidential Debate, Trump Campaign Sends Out 'Just Finished Debating Joe Biden' Email
"This debate will go down in HISTORY," the letter from President Donald Trump's Tuesday fundraising letter read.
Lou Lamoriello’s early plan for Islanders to take next step
With the 2020 free-agent signing period beginning Oct. 9, Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello has made it clear his priorities are in-house. Having finished just two wins away from qualifying for the Stanley Cup final, the Islanders proved to have a more durable foundation than many believed when they carried a seven-game losing streak into...
House votes to kill Republican resolution to ban Democratic Party
Rep. Louie Gohmert introduced the resolution, citing the party’s past history of supporting slavery, in response to a summertime House vote to remove statues of Confederate leaders.
Hypothetically, What Drug Would Turn an Old Man Into a Debate Whiz?
Not Adderall.
Cleveland protestors march against Trump ahead of presidential debate
The Ohio National Guard has a presence on the ground at the request of Gov. Mike DeWine.
Trump vs. Biden: Facing Off on Taming a ‘Rising China’
As President, Donald Trump has cast China as a global villain: a malevolent actor that all but launched a worldwide pandemic on an unsuspecting world, robbed Americans of their jobs and stole U.S. business secrets. He has made the Chinese Communist Party a catch-all enemy that pulls puppet-like strings to make international organizations like the…
Former Nikola chairman Trevor Milton accused of sexual assault, complaints allege
Two women alleged that they were sexually assaulted when they were teenagers by Trevor Milton, the founder and former executive chairman of Nikola Motor Company.
Haters gonna wait: Astros are back and getting 'loud' after beating Twins in Game 1
With the help of an error and a stellar bullpen performance, the Astros are one win away from advancing to the AL Division Series.
Drew Barrymore reveals she kept an ‘E.T.’ prop which is now in her daughters' room: ‘Glad I still have it’
Drew Barrymore made sure to keep a souvenir from one of her earlier roles in the childhood film favorite “E.T.”
Google expected to launch new Pixel phones, Chromecast and smart speakers at event
Google's Pixel phones have never sold well, but are considered state-of-the-art Android showcases to push makers to offer the latest and greatest.
Byron York claims Democrats making 'structural' effort to remove Trump from office
Democrats in Congress have relentlessly sought to remove President Trump from office almost from the day he was inaugurated, Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York told “Your World” Tuesday.
3 ancient underground lakes of liquid water discovered on Mars
"There may have been a lot of water on Mars," one researcher said. "And if there was water, there was the possibility of life."
Enchanting Prague: The fairytale charm is only the beginning
This popular city has an enigmatic soul that extends far beyond its Communist past. CNN's Richard Quest explores Prague's built-in "magic" that even locals find too enticing to resist.
Microsoft: Ransomware is fastest growing scam attempt
Best cure for ransomware: stronger passwords and two factor authentication, which makes it harder for cybercriminals to invade, says Microsoft
Georgetown University football player arrested in connection to DC murder
Senior wide receiver Dijon Williams was reportedly arrested in Georgia on Monday.
Dog trained to sniff out invasive spotted lanternfly in an attempt to stop the bug from spreading
With an invasive insect species threatening plants, Pennsylvania agriculture officials have turned to man’s best friend for help.
Gabrielle Union and NBC settle dispute over racism allegation
Gabrielle Union and NBC have reached "an amicable solution" following Union's harassment complaint.
Louisville coach Chris Mack claps back at Kentucky's John Calipari in scheduling feud
Will Louisville and Kentucky play each other this year? Appears so. But first, Chris Mack lays out reasons that the rivalry game's date has changed.
‘Truthful’ Luke Voit is finally in perfect Yankees playoff spot
CLEVELAND — “Luke Voit, Observer” sounds as dissonant as “Jon Bon Jovi, Actuary.” It represents a poor utilization of resources. Alas, Voit merely observed the Yankees’ 2019 postseason run from the dugout due to a pesky core-muscle injury. Whatever you think of the Yankees’ chances to prevail this postseason, and your doubts are highly understandable...
Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly says Covid-19 'spread like wildfire' on his team
Team doctors have traced an outbreak of Covid-19 on the Notre Dame football team to two specific events, including a pregame meal, head coach Brian Kelly said Tuesday.
Senate advances stopgap funding measure to keep government open before election
The U.S. Senate moved on Tuesday to avert a pre-election government shutdown by voting to advance a stopgap funding measure that would keep the government open through Dec. 11.
This 2-for-1 Echo Dot speaker deal for Amazon Prime Day 2020 is too good to miss
This Amazon Prime Day 2020 deal on an Echo Dot will give Prime members two smart speakers for the sale price of one—details
Police station security footage captures attack where man pistol-whipped LAPD officer
Security footage of the incident shows 29-year-old Jose Guzman struggling with the officer before he manages to remove and gain control of the officer's gun. Guzman then continues his assault, hitting the officer on the head with the gun, causing lacerations and immediate bleeding.
Some NYC voters receive incorrect absentee ballots
Some New York City voters have received absentee ballots with the wrong names and addresses on the return envelopes. The faulty ballots were sent to unknown number of voters in Brooklyn and could result in some ballots being voided. (Sept. 29)
Paul Felder eager to welcome Michael Chandler to UFC: 'That's a fight I'd like to come back for'
As soon as rumors of the former Bellator champ joining the UFC surfaced, Paul Felder texted Dana White.        Related StoriesDissecting a masterclass: Just how good was Israel Adesanya at UFC 253?Video: Did Israel Adesanya's dry-hump celebration go too far?Bellator 247's Denise Kielholtz: Kate Jackson's 'weaknesses are going to be my strength'
Limo crash that killed 20 partly caused by state agencies: NTSB
The wedding-limo crash that killed 20 people in upstate Schoharie in 2018 was partly caused by do-nothing regulators from two state agencies, the NTSB said in its final report Tuesday.
Netanyahu says Trump’s critics ‘dead wrong’ on Middle East peace efforts
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that President Trump’s critics were “dead wrong,” in predicting that the Trump administration’s attempts to bring peace to the Middle East would fail -- after a series of landmark U.S.-brokered deals were signed this month.
Cuomo continues COVID-19 cuts with $300M slash looming over state courts
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to slash the state court system’s annual budget by 10 percent to help close a $14.5-billion, pandemic-induced deficit, according to an internal memo. New York’s Unified Court System will see a $300 million cut to its annual budget of $3 billion, forcing the judiciary to “implement a range of painful measures,”...
You can soon cast your vote for Fat Bear Week
Many beloved events and activities have been canceled this year, but one has weathered the pandemic: Fat Bear Week
Disney to lay off 28,000 workers due to impact of coronavirus
The Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday that it will lay off 28,000 furloughed workers from its theme parks, stores and cruises as it moves to recover from a sharp financial blow caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
How to Vote for Your Favorite ‘Love Island’ USA Couple to Win Season 2
Here's how you can help choose who wins that $100,000 prize.
Schumer, in rare move, takes control of floor to force health care vote
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in an extremely rare move Tuesday, took control of the Senate floor and is forcing a procedural vote on a bill, a step that is typically done only by the Senate majority leader.
Lee Carter: In three presidential debates, undecided voters want to hear these things from Trump and Biden
In the three presidential debates kicking off Tuesday night, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden need to focus on winning the support of the 6% to 9% of voters who remain undecided.
Disney axing 28,000 workers at California, Florida theme parks
Squeezed by limits on attendance at its theme parks and other restrictions due to the pandemic, Walt Disney said Tuesday it planned to lay off 28,000 workers in its parks division in California and Florida. Two-thirds of the planned layoffs involve part-time workers but they ranged from salaried employees to hourly workers, Disney officials said....
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The disgusting war on Amy Coney Barrett’s family
Even by the dismal standards of Supreme Court nomination battles when the would-be Supreme is a ­Republican, the attacks against Amy Coney Barrett have been ­repulsive. Perhaps because Barrett’s record is so impeccable — even her liberal peers laud her intelligence and integrity — the smears have focused on an area hitherto considered off-limits: the...
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Emerging theory behind Gary Sanchez’s Yankees nightmare
Sandy Alomar spent two decades catching in the majors, so he has an understanding of the difficulties Gary Sanchez has faced this season in trying to adapt to a new stance behind the plate. The results have been brutal, as Sanchez’s productivity at the plate plummeted this season and he was benched in favor of...
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CIA told Obama of claim Hillary Clinton conjured Trump-Russia scandal: spy chief
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday released a bombshell allegation that Hillary Clinton ordered “a campaign plan to stir up a scandal” by linking President Trump to Russia in 2016 — and that then-President Barack Obama knew about the possibility. Ratcliffe disclosed the information in a letter published by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)...
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2020 Daily Trail Markers: Debate night fundraising push has already begun
Wednesday is also a major fundraising deadline for both candidates.
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'Such a nasty woman': Some of the most memorable debate put downs and quips over the years
Candidates often spend days on debate preparations trying to rehearse talking points, only to have a one-off zinger become the highlight of the night.       
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Screams of 'defund police' misplaced. Instead, use military as example for progress.
U.S. military used more funds, not less, to boost training, improve skills and prepare personnel for success. Police should use the same model.       
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First presidential debate kicks off between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump
The two candidates for president meet in Cleveland for the election cycle's first presidential debate.        
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NFL Still Planning Steelers-Titans Game Sunday Despite Positive COVID Cases
The Titans may only get a walk through on Saturday, with no practices this week. But the NFL says it is monitoring the situation, and that the game will likely go as planned.
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How the debate was adapted for the pandemic
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Lili Reinhart says she’s 'nostalgic for my quarantine life' as she shares topless pic and snapshots with pals
Months after production on "Riverdale" was shut down due to the global spread of coronavirus, the 23-year-old actress has been summoned back to Canada to resume filming.
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Amy Coney Barrett has a fine record on civil liberties
Democrats worry that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, an originalist and textualist who clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia in the late 1990s, will emulate him if confirmed by the Senate. We could do a lot worse. Although progressives often portrayed Scalia as an authoritarian ogre, he was, in fact, a more faithful defender of...
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