Die SPD braucht kein Tandem, sondern ein Bierbike

Wie hat Olaf Scholz seine Partnerin gefunden? Hat er eine Kontaktanzeige im „Vorwärts“ aufgegeben oder sein Glück bei Tinder versucht? Jedenfalls will er gemeinsam mit Klara Geywitz aufs Tandem.
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Patriots’ James White out vs. Jets due to expected child birth
The Patriots will have one fewer offensive weapon against the Jets. Running back James White will miss Sunday’s game because his wife is expected to give birth, according to ESPN. White, 27, plays a key role in the Patriots’ offense as a reliable pass-catching back for Tom Brady. Through two games, White has eight catches...
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‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun becomes Fashion Week favorite
Braun was spotted in the front row at a Rag & Bone show.
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Open: This is "Face the Nation," September 22
This week on "Face the Nation," Margaret Brennan talks to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and former Secretary of State John Kerry.
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Poll: Warren Overtakes Biden in Iowa for First Time
There is still room for lots of movement in the race as only one in five likely Democratic caucusgoers say their mind is made up.
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Antonio Brown Says He Is Done With the N.F.L.
Amid a sexual assault investigation, the wide receiver cited poor treatment from league owners for his decision to walk away.
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Emma Meesseman is the Mystics’ secret weapon in the WNBA playoffs
Emma Meesseman is helping lead the Mystics in the WNBA playoffs. The Mystics big is using her unique skill set to break the Aces. Three weeks ago, the Washington Mystics faced the closest thing to a crisis they’ll likely experience in this joyous 2019 season. Kristi Toliver, the cool veteran point guard of their high-powered attack, was out with a right knee injury. Wing Aerial Powers, a breakout performer soaking up minutes in Toliver’s absence, reinjured her left glute. With the playoffs on the horizon, Washington had only three healthy rotation players to spread across three perimeter positions: Natasha Cloud, Ariel Atkins, and the inexperienced Shatori Walker-Kimbrough. Before an Aug. 31 game in Dallas, coach Mike Thibault chose an unconventional method to solve his dilemma. Instead of using perimeter players to fill the vacant perimeter minutes, he put big Emma Meesseman in the starting lineup, creating a jumbo frontcourt with MVP Elena Delle Donne and starting center LaToya Sanders. As it turns out, that moment may end up saving the Mystics’ season. Washington is up 2-0 against the formidable Las Vegas Aces in the WNBA semifinals, and it’s because Meesseman has cracked every defensive plan the Aces have tried. She followed up a 27-point Game 1 by pouring in 30 points in Game 2, helping Washington overcome Vegas’ tenacious defense on Delle Donne and relentless pace-pushing the other way. Meesseman is a unique player in a unique situation. A slick-shooting one-time All-Star and featured Mystics building block, she had to adjust her game to accommodate Delle Donne, a superstar that plays her position. As the Mystics fine-tuned their record-breaking system around their new franchise player, Meesseman sat out the 2018 WNBA season after six years of playing nearly non-stop basketball that included helping her native Belgium overachieve in critical international tournaments. Without her, Sanders’ defensive prowess and blue-collar offensive game became the a perfect compliments to Delle Donne’s electric scoring. Reintegrating Meesseman has been a minor nuisance all year. Delle Donne is the star and Sanders’ skill set is too important to sit for long stretches, yet it’s a waste of Meesseman’s talent to contain her in a 20-minute bench role. Thibault occasionally used the jumbo lineup featuring all three bigs within games this year, if only to squeeze in more Meesseman minutes. But with his perimeter rotation threatened by injury, Thibault took the chance to get Meesseman on the floor more by starting her. That decision has been especially crucial in this playoff matchup. Over the two games, the Aces have focused their attention on slowing Delle Donne and anticipating the Mystics’ dynamic ball movement. They’ve toggled between man-to-man, zone, and mixtures of the two, and even started switching all screens in Game 2. Off-ball defenders have aggressively helped in the lane, hoping to beat the Mystics to the extra pass they love. The idea is to disrupt the Mystics’ flow by confusing them. Yet that hasn’t actually happened, and Emma Meesseman is the reason. No matter what they do, the Aces cannot account for her. None of their bigs are able to step out and contest her sweet jump shot. When they try to rush out to contain that stroke, Meesseman drives around them. Watch how she attacks at the exact moment A’ja Wilson lunges her left leg out, which sets up a Sanders jumper. Meesseman’s skill set challenges the Aces, but her off-ball movement really confounds them. She is always moving into open space, no matter where it is or when it actually presents itself. Because she never stands still, it’s impossible to get a beeline on what she plans to do. As soon as her defender turns their head to account for another threat, she’s cutting away from them for layups or open threes. That movement gives her a leg up even if the initial cut doesn’t bear fruit. Without actually sprinting, she runs the Aces ragged. Meesseman’s the kind of player that succeeds in what’s known as a “wicked” learning environment, a term initially coined by economist Robin Hogarth in his 2011 book Educating Intuition. In it, Hogarth suggested that wicked learning environments are “characterized by faulty feedback that can be misleading as a result of, among other things, delays, random disturbances, absence, and other confounding factors.” This is in contrast to “kind” environments, where feedback is clear enough for people to easily adjust their behavior. In psychological terms, the Aces’ defensive strategy is designed to create a “wicked” learning environment. By mixing up defensive coverages, packing the lane, and pre-rotating to anticipate the Mystics’ ball movement, the Aces are creating random disturbances that they hope leads to misleading feedback. This approach operates on the sensible theory that the Mystics players, like most high-level pros, succeed because they’ve mastered kind feedback loops. They’ve been drilled so precisely on common in-game situations that the Aces can’t just defend one way and hope they can out-execute them. That’s why Meesseman has become such a wrench in their plans. She does not operate in common patterns that can be thrown off. Instead, she succeeds by adapting a simple philosophy — keep the ball and herself moving into open space, no matter where — to any situation. It’s how she’s able to seamlessly adjust her screen angle to stop Kayla McBride from going under, then dart into open space when Wilson steps up to contain the ball. It’s how she intuitively understands that a simple step to the left is all that’s needed to get Wilson to open up a driving lane, given the Aces’ obvious goal of swarming Delle Donne in the post. And it’s enough to understand exactly how to account for the Aces’ late adjustment in Game 2 to switch every screen. This is the one strategy I’ve been waiting to see against the Mystics all season. If done right, it could bait the Mystics into going one-on-one to attack mismatches instead of continuing to move the ball side to side. But even that didn’t work, largely because Meesseman found ways to catch the Aces off-balanced mid-switch. On this play, she circled behind Delle Donne, all to set up a spin move back to the middle when Dearica Hamby jumped out to switch. Later on, Meesseman delivered the ultimate off-ball checkmate sequence to the switch-everything strategy. After setting an off-ball flare screen to get the slower Liz Cambage onto her, Meesseman tried driving to the hoop. Cambage held up nicely, forcing Meesseman to kick the ball out to Cloud in the corner. Cloud’s drive was cut off, but Meesseman noticed that Cambage stayed in the paint instead of following her back out to the perimeter. As Cloud recycled the offense, Meesseman pointed to Delle Donne to cut through, but not directly to the hoop. Why? Because Meesseman realized that if the Aces were sticking to their switch-everything scheme, it’d be Delle Donne’s defender in Hamby, and not Cambage, that would be tasked with closing out to the perimeter. If Delle Donne cut straight to the hoop, the Aces would just have Cambage pick her up. Instead, Delle Donne cut right in front of Hamby, and that gave Meesseman this clean look for three. In essence, Meesseman had Delle Donne set a screen not on Cambage, the defender currently guarding her, but on Hamby, the player that was going to guard her after the anticipated switch. She used her intuition to snuff out the Aces’ attempt to confuse her. That’s thriving in a wicked environment. Without Meesseman, the Mystics’ well-oiled offensive machine would be paralyzed by indecision from the Aces’ clever defensive tricks. Instead, she and the Mystics are giving the wicked Aces a taste of their own medicine.
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3 Are Dead and 4 Hospitalized in Pittsburgh: All Were Wearing Orange Wristbands, Officials Say
Those hospitalized were in conditions ranging from serious to critical.
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Matt Gorman: After Kavanaugh, Republicans are looking forward to another Supreme Court fight
Republicans of all stripes are ready for a hell of a fight.
U.S. Democrat Schiff says Trump's Ukraine call could justify impeachment
If an investigation shows that U.S. President Donald Trump pressured his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, then impeachment would be the only option, U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said on Sunday.
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Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Thinks Teen Activists Are “Freaking Out” Over Climate Change
Raymond Arroyo joined the host in commenting on the “hysteria” over climate change on the “Friday Follies” segment of the program.
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Thomas Cook customers say Tunisia hotel stopped them leaving
British tourists in Tunisia said their hotel stopped them leaving for several hours on Saturday night over concerns about payment by their holiday operator Thomas Cook, though the Tunisian government said the incident was a misunderstanding.
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Antonio Brown quits NFL, and references Kraft massage parlor charges
Patriots released receiver after sexual assault allegationsBrown highlights alleged misconduct by team’s ownerAlso attacks former teammate Ben RoethlisbergerAntonio Brown has said he is quitting the NFL and has taken extraordinary shots at other figures in the league.The New England Patriots released the embattled wide receiver on Friday after a week in which two women accused him of sexual misconduct. He played just once for the Patriots following a tumultuous offseason that culminated with his release from the Oakland Raiders without having played a single game for the team. Continue reading...
Saudi Arabia seeks action against Iran after oil attack, allies wary
Saudi Arabia will seek to make a case at a global gathering in New York this week for concerted action to punish and deter arch-foe Iran after strikes on Saudi oil plants rattled global markets and exposed the kingdom's vulnerability to attack.
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Intelligence Whistle-Blower Law, Explained
Congress and the Trump administration are in a standoff over a secret complaint related to President Trump and Ukraine.
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Spakovsky and Canaparo: California can't decide who runs for president. Tax return law just a political attack on Trump
When a state chooses which of a candidate’s characteristics to educate the people about, it impermissibly substitutes its judgment for the people’s judgment. 
Trump: Conversation with Ukrainian president ‘was absolutely perfect,’ touched on corruption, other issues
President Trump answered questions Sunday morning regarding reports that a whistleblower complaint may had accused him of wrongdoing related to a July phone call with the Ukrainian president, and insisted that there was “absolutely nothing wrong” with the substance of the discussion.
Spain's supreme court ruling on Franco exhumation expected to cause upset
Fascist dictator’s remains likely to be removed from Valley of the Fallen, but next destination can prove controversial Spain’s supreme court is expected to announce on Tuesday whether General Franco’s remains can be exhumed from the vast mausoleum outside Madrid where they have lain since the dictator’s death in 1975.Removing Franco’s body from its tomb in the Valley of the Fallen has been one of the key priorities of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ party (PSOE) since it came to power in June last year. Continue reading...
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Authorities address a building fire reported in Times Square
Authorities cordoned off streets near Times Square on September 22, after a fire in a nearby building threw plumes of smoke into the air.       
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Pompeo says Iranians are 'bloodthirsty,' 'looking for war.' Zarif says US is 'posturing'
Pompeo has blamed Iran for a crippling strike on Saudi oil facilities and said the U.S. will respond. Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, dismissed President Trump’s decision to send additional troops to the Persian Gulf as “posturing."       
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Why no one in Israel seems able to win an election
After Israel's second national election this year, there is no more clarity about the country's political future.
Sebastian Vettel wins F1 Singapore Grand Prix in Ferrari one-two
• Vettel takes victory with teammate Leclerc second• Verstappen third while Hamilton can manage only fourthSebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix with a controlled if largely uneventful drive from third on the gird. He did so not without controversy however as his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc was clearly angry he had lost his lead to the German through the team’s pitstop strategy. Mercedes too suffered with their calls, Lewis Hamilton managing only fourth behind the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. Valtteri Bottas was fifth for Mercedes and Alexander Albon sixth for Red Bull.With overtaking hard at Marina Bay the race was dictated by strategy and tyre wear as a series of safety cars interrupted the running and from which Vettel ultimately emerged on top. Ferrari were the quickest on track this weekend and having track position advantage, first with Leclerc and then with Vettel, did not relinquish it. Continue reading...
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The British economy creates lots of jobs – not lots of pay rises | Philip Inman
The UK has created many part-time or self-employed roles, with new full-time posts going to older workers, mainly in and around LondonJobs, jobs, and more jobs. That is Britain’s economic success story of the last 10 years.While public services crumble and the welfare budget continues to be squeezed, when planning for a no-deal Brexit has displaced almost all other activities in Whitehall, ministers can always point to the UK economy as a well-oiled jobs machine. Continue reading...
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What Dellin Betances will miss most after CC Sabathia retires
The Yankees star commented on Sabathia's impending retirement.
New York Post
Pompeo: Saudi oil plant attack was Iranian "act of war"
"The United States will respond in a way that reflects that act of war by this Iranian revolutionary regime," Pompeo told "Face the Nation"
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American Airlines flight diverted to Denver after unruly passenger lights up cigarettes, yells 'you're all screwed'
An unruly passenger forced an American Airlines flight from Arizona to Minnesota to make an emergency landing on Friday after the suspect allegedly told people he was on cocaine before locking himself in the airplane bathroom and eventually lighting up a cigarette in the cabin and the bathroom, two passengers tell Fox News.
Heavy rains throughout Midwest, Tropical Storm Karen develops in Atlantic
Over 9 inches of rain has hit parts of the Northeastern Plains as a cold front sweeps across the Central states.
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Live Updates: India's Narendra Modi and Donald Trump visit Houston
The Houston rally will feature Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump. The event is called "Howdy, Modi!"
Google Doodle honors Junko Tabei, the first woman to scale Mount Everest
Sunday's Google Doodle celebrated the feats of Junko Tabei, the first woman to reach the ceiling of the earth by scaling Mount Everest, on what would have been the legendary climber's 80th birthday. The Junko Tabei Google DoodleImage: GoogleBorn Sept. 22, 1939, in Miharu, Japan, Tabei and led a team of Japanese women to the top of Mount Everest in May 1975. Her Everest adventure broke ground not just as the first woman to summit the mountain but for the cultural statement it made in her home country.  In a 2012 interview with the Japan Times, Tabei said, “Back in 1970s Japan, it was still widely considered that men were the ones to work outside and women would stay at home... Even women who had jobs — they were asked just to serve tea. So it was unthinkable for them to be promoted in their workplaces.” Read more...More about Google Doodle, Mount Everest, Junko Tabei, Culture, and Climate Environment
How This Entrepreneur Landed a Deal on 'Shark Tank'
Shaan Patel, Founder & CEO of Prep Expert, talks about what he's learned since landing a deal on 'Shark Tank'.
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Trump defends call with Ukrainian president
President Donald Trump on Sunday said he did not say anything wrong during a telephone call with his Ukrainian counterpart in which, according to reports, he pressed for an investigation of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
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Sebastian Vettel wins Singapore GP, Hamilton finishes fourth – as it happened
Ferrari completed a one-two with Sebastian Vettel beating Charles Leclerc into second, with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton not able to make the podium 3.26pm BST Booming fireworks light up the night sky on the equator, as high-fives are slapped about the place among the Ferrari team. Whatever Leclerc may feel, he’s part of a team suddenly in chipper mood as their fine late-season form continues. 3.15pm BST “Awesome job, well done!” Vettel is told over the radio. It was a smart drive by the German, who became his team’s main man after the mid-race congestion and stops and starts. Leclerc may be aggrieved. Hamilton may only have come fourth, but his lead has been extended by one point, to 64. He’s still in a very healthy position, even if this really wasn’t Mercedes’ race. Continue reading...
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3 dead, 4 hospitalized from unknown cause after 'party or event' in Pittsburgh
All seven victims were wearing orange paper wrist bands and police are trying to locate the venue that was distributing them.
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Democratic Sen. Murphy calls on intelligence whistleblower to come before Congress
As Democrats investigate President Trump's alleged pressure on Ukraine, Sen. Chris Murphy says whistleblower needs to come forward.
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iPhone 11 performance gains on iPhone XS aren't as big as you'd think
If you're still on the cycle of upgrading your old smartphone with whatever the the new one is every year, you may want to stop. That's the takeaway from a new comparison video on the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel. In a side-by-side-by-side showdown between the iPhone X (2017), iPhone XS (2018), and iPhone 11 Pro (2019), the beefy newcomer and its shiny, new A13 Bionic processor is roughly comparable in performance – and sometimes even comes out on top! – to the 2018 model. The testing consists of clocking the time it takes to open various apps and running benchmarks. Don't put too much stock in the performance lead. Yes, the XS outpaces the 11 Pro in some spots, but the lead is likely temporary. Apple only just released the latest line of iPhones, and forthcoming iOS updates are sure to bring optimized performance for all the new phones. Read more...More about Apple, Iphone X, Iphone Xs, Iphone 11 Pro, and Tech
Amazon fixes customer service blunder — after a little prodding
Dear John: OK — this is a bit ridiculous. I e-mailed you less than 48 hours ago and this evening I received a call from Amazon rectifying all the frustration I have gone through with my frozen account since March. I suggested they were only calling because of my e-mail to you. They admitted that...
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At least 3 dead in Pittsburgh apartment party horror
At least three partygoers died and four others were hospitalized in serious to critical condition following a medical emergency at an apartment party in Pittsburgh.
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Nintendo Switch Lite price brought down to $200 by months of negotiations
Pulling down the Nintendo Switch Lite price tag to $200 was not an easy task, as it took months of negotiations between Nintendo and component suppliers.
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GOP senators may be showing signs of movement on guns
Republican senators may be getting more willing to vote for a background checks bill, Democrats see potential political benefit from the GM strike, President Trump shakes up his Florida re-election team, and prospects for President Trump's trade deal are brightening. That and more in this week's Inside Politics forecast.
Calendar: Week of September 23
From Climate Week to the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival, "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead
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Pizol glacier: Swiss hold funeral for ice lost to global warming
Dozens of people, some dressed in black, paid their respects to the Pizol glacier in the Swiss Alps.
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Wrightbus in last-minute search for buyer to avoid collapse
Northern Ireland maker of London’s new Routemaster buses employs 1,400 workersOne of Northern Ireland’s biggest employers faces a crunch week as Wrightbus, which employs 1,400 staff, attempts to stave off collapse by securing a last-minute rescue deal.Mounting financial problems at the Ballymena-based company have left it looking for a buyer, with the Chinese engineering group Weichai and a firm led by the JCB heir, Jo Bamford, understood to be the suitors in talks. However, local MP Ian Paisley told the BBC on Friday he understood talks with the two potential buyers had failed to reach a conclusion. Continue reading...
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Nature: Florida
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Myakaa River State Park in Sarasota, Florida. Videographer: Doug Jensen.
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Farm Aid 2019: Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Luke Combs turn out in the rain for family farmers
It was a long, rainy day at Wisconsin's Alpine Valley Music Theatre Saturday, but the stellar lineup for Farm Aid brought plenty of warmth and star power.       
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Trump accuses Biden of lying about dealings with Ukraine
President Trump on Sunday accused Joe Biden of lying when the Democratic presidential frontrunner claimed that he hadn’t spoken to his son Hunter about his business dealings in Ukraine. Biden “made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son,” the president told reporters as he readied to leave the White House for a...
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Iran warns presence of foreign powers in Gulf raises 'insecurity'
President Hassan Rouhani says international forces should ‘stay away’ to de-escalate regional crisisIran has accused foreign powers of raising Gulf’s “insecurity”.President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday denounced the presence of international powers in the Gulf, adding that Iran would propose a peace plan, after the US ordered reinforcements to the region. Continue reading...
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Mark Knopfler: Music is "a bit of an obsession"
Having dissolved his hit band, Dire Straits, when they were at the peak of their success, the musician says he can't think of anything good about fame
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Mnuchin: Iran tensions worse because sanctions working
Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin said escalating tensions with Iran prove that President Trump's maximum pressure campaign is working.
Dorinda Medley taking break from longtime boyfriend John Mahdessian
Medley has been spotted all over town sans her man, sparking buzz they split.
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