DOE shelled out for GPS units — in Africa and California: report

The city Education Department shelled out taxpayer money for scores of GPS units clearly unrelated to DOE vehicles — including one off the coast of Africa and about 30 in California, a scathing new report shows. The global glitch is just the tip of the iceberg of massive, multimillion-dollar issues with the DOE’s school-bus tracking...
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Chancellor Richard Carranza needs listen to parents and restore order in NYC schools
Chancellor Richard Carranza on Thursday night fled rather than face parents’ fury over growing discipline and safety problems at city schools. At a packed Community Education Council meeting in Queens, Carranza took direct fire from two parents whose kids were victims of separate physical and sexual assaults at MS 158/Marie Curie in Bayside. Once a...
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Delta is cited by air quality regulators after jet dropped 15,000 gallons of fuel over L.A.
Air quality regulators in Southern California slapped Delta Airlines with a formal notice of violation for dumping 15,000 gallons of jet fuel over multiple schools while making an emergency landing this week at Los Angeles International Airport.
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Clippers' Patrick Beverley refines point-guard play with some help
Patrick Beverley has taken on more point-guard duties with the backing of coach Doc Rivers and help of assistant Tyronn Lue.
Trump: 2nd Amendment under 'serious attack' in Virginia
President Donald Trump said on Friday that the U.S. Constitution was being attacked in the state of Virginia, where lawmakers have been moving to enact tougher gun laws and arms enthusiasts are planning a rally next week.
Eligen al jurado para el juicio de Harvey Weinstein
La selección del jurado en el juicio de Harvey Weinstein bajo acusaciones de violación concluyó el viernes tras un arduo proceso de dos semanas, allanando el camino para que comiencen los alegatos iniciales la próxima semana.
Fashion Notes: Melania Trump is Chic in Lilac Ralph Lauren, Bordeaux Hermes
First Lady Melania Trump dashed out of the White House on Friday, alongside President Trump and their son Barron, in a chic lilac and bordeaux ensemble.
Lifelong Republican on which Democrat she would vote for
Lifelong Republican Sheila Bair says she has never voted for a Democrat for president, but she is now considering it.
Hogan Gidley: Trump's legal team is 'ready' to defend president in impeachment trial
White House principal deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley appeared on "The Story with Martha MacCallum," defending the president's impeachment defense team from Democrats' criticism.
On GPS: Is Putin forging a path to permanent power?
Anne Applebaum & Alexander Gabuev tell Fareed how to interpret Putin's constitutional shake-up.
WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results: Kane Returns Before Royal Rumble
John Morrison is in action tonight.
Nissan está retirando más de 300,000 vehículos en los Estados Unidos
Para reemplazar lo que había sido una solución temporal para los infladores de bolsas de aire defectuosos, Nissan está retirando del mercado más de 300,000 vehículos en los Estados Unidos.
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock battle to wish Betty White the happiest 98th birthday
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock made wishing Betty White a happy 98th birthday a competitive event on Instagram.
Democratic Rep Responds to Devin Nunes' Threat of Defamation Lawsuit: 'Take Your Letter and Shove It'
California Democratic Representative Ted Lieu responded to Congressman Devin Nunes' threat of a defamation lawsuit by sending a letter to Nunes' lawyer which read in part, "Take your letter and shove it."
J.C. Penney closing six stores and a call center. Is your store on the list?
More store closures are hitting J.C. Penney. In April, the retailer will close six stores in Ohio, New York, South Carolina, Oklahoma and more.
Fareed's Take: Why Trump Caved on China
Fareed gives his take on why the "phase one" trade deal was a win for Beijing and why a Democratic president probably wouldn't have done any better
Jason Garrett agrees to become offensive coordinator on New York Giants coach Joe Judge's staff
Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is returning to the NFC East, this time be the New York Giants' offensive coordinator on Joe Judge's staff.
A Federal Court Threw Out A High Profile Climate Lawsuit. Here’s What It Might Mean For The Future of Climate Litigation
A federal court dismissed the climate change case on Friday, "reluctantly" concluding that the issue should not be raised with the courts
UFC 246 ceremonial weigh-in faceoffs video: Fighters meet up one final time
All the fighters competing at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night met up one last time on Friday.       Related StoriesVideo: Conor McGregor, Donald Cerrone have final intense faceoff at UFC 246 weigh-insWho ya got?! Fighter predictions for Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone at UFC 246'UFC 246 Embedded,' No. 5: Conor McGregor's business-like approach continues
22 of our favorite finds from Anthropologie's MLK Day sale
Anthropologie is hosting a special sale this MLK Day weekend, offering an amazing discount on apparel, furniture, decor, and more.
Biden, Buttigieg look to exploit Iowa opening as impeachment drags rivals back to DC
With the clock ticking towards Tuesday’s start of procedural votes and motions as the Senate impeachment trial of President Tump gets underway in earnest, the four Democratic senators who are running for the White House are making the most of their remaning free time to campaign in the states that kick off the presidential primary and caucus nominating calendar. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont’s campaigning in New Hampshire and Iowa this long holiday weekend, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts hits the trail in Iowa and South Carolina. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota’s headed to Iowa while Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado – a long-shot for the nomination - is stumping in New Hampshire. But come Tuesday, those four candidates will start serving jury duty six days a week – as the chamber’s 100 senators are the jury in Trump’s impeachment trial. The timing couldn’t be worse, with the Iowa caucuses two weeks away and the New Hampshire primary a week later. The sidelining of the senators could benefit the two top-tier candidates who aren’t in the Senate – former Vice President Joe Biden and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. “For Biden and Buttigieg, they can basically camp out in Iowa, drive their buses around the state for the entire remainder of the Iowa campaign,” emphasized Iowa Radio news director O’Kay Henderson – who’s been covering the caucuses for over 30 years. Longtime Iowa-based Democratic consultant Jeff Link, a veteran of numerous presidential and Senate campaigns stressed that “it’s going to cause some real challenges. They’re going to have to figure out how to connect with people at night. I assume they’re going to do a lot of these telephone town halls. They’re just going to have to be really creative about finding ways to keep in touch with not only undecided voters but their supporters at night.” “I’m here in DC and between you and me, I prefer to be in Iowa and New Hampshire,” Sanders told reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday. Asked in New Hampshire a week ago about the disadvantages of being stuck in the nation’s capital, Warren lamented the loss of face to face time she’ll have with voters. “The real advantage to being able to have a primary here in New Hampshire is to be able to talk to people,” she told Fox News. “That’s what democracy should be about, having that back and forth, that give and take, and I want to be able to do that in person. Because that’s truly the heart of it.” Klobuchar – in an interview with Fox News’ Pete Doocy following Tuesday’s debate in Iowa – said “I’m coming up with innovative ideas which include skyping in, sending my husband, he’s a good campaigner. My daughter.” And she emphasized that “I’ve just got to get back here and New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. I’m a mom. I can do two things at once.” Buttigieg has been asked numerous times the past couple of weeks whether he’ll benefit from some of his top rivals being sidelined from the campaign trail during the Senate trial. “I'll leave it to the analysts to figure out the political impact,” he told reporters Wednesday in Iowa. “What I knows that we're going to use every moment available to us to continue making the case and to continue listening to voters as we are here, sharing learning stories, sharing our priorities and building momentum.” While Biden has directly commented on whether the trial will give him an edge up, but he’s stressed how the next couple of weeks may determine the nomination. “People are beginning to make up their minds now, and this is a critical moment. All the polling data that I've read and seen is …it's a toss-up,” the former vice president said Monday in Iowa. “The last the last couple of weeks here makes a gigantic difference.” While he isn’t serving as a juror – Biden may potentially have a role in the Senate impeachment trial – as a witness. Even if that doesn’t happen, his name will most definitely come up often by Republicans. Trump was impeached last month along party lines in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives over allegations the president abused the power of his office and obstructed the congressional investigation into his alleged wrongdoing. The president was impeached over his July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he urged Zelensky to investigate Biden and his son Hunter over their dealings in the eastern European country. With Biden a top contender to face off in November against Trump, congressional Democrats alleged that the president was asking a foreign country to potentially interfere in a U.S. election. The House impeached the president on Dec. 18, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed sending the articles of impeachment for nearly a month, in a failed attempt to win concessions from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – the top Republican in the Senate. On Friday, without providing any evidence, the president accused Pelosi of delaying the trial the help Biden. “They are rigging the election again against Bernie Sanders, just like last time, only even more obviously,” Trump argued on Twitter. “They are bringing him out of so important Iowa in order that, as a Senator, he sit through the Impeachment Hoax Trial. Crazy Nancy thereby gives the strong edge to Sleepy Joe Biden, and Bernie is shut out again. Very unfair, but that’s the way the Democrats play the game. Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to watch!” But there might be a silver lining for the senators stuck in DC. “The trial is a double edged sword for some of the candidates because while it’s going to take them off the campaign, it’s also going to mean that they will be a part of the biggest story that America’s focused on,” argued longtime New Hampshire based Democratic consultant Jim Demers. Demers, a veteran of multiple presidential campaigns, spotlighted that “every night when that trial ends, the media will be clamoring to those Democratic presidential candidates for comments so they’re going to get a very heavy amount of media coverage even though they’re not out on the campaign trail.”
Céline Dion's mother, Thérèse, dies at 92: 'I'll sing to you with all my heart'
Céline Dion is mourning the loss of her mother, Thérèse Tanguay-Dion, who died Thursday at 92.
Conor McGregor in one word: What UFC fighters think of 'The Notorious'
Ahead of Conor McGregor's highly anticipated return at UFC 246, check out how fighters describe MMA's biggest star.        Related StoriesWho ya got?! Fighter predictions for Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone at UFC 246Video: Conor McGregor, Donald Cerrone have final intense faceoff at UFC 246 weigh-ins'UFC 246 Embedded,' No. 5: Conor McGregor's business-like approach continues
One-armed amateur golfer Laurent Hurtubise makes incredible hole-in-one at American Express
The amateur golfer's ace was one of the highlights of the PGA Tour's opening round of the American Express hosted in the Coachella Valley.
On GPS: What America can learn from Australia's fires
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tells Fareed why Australia's devastating wildfires should serve as a warning to climate deniers in the U.S.
On GPS: What is the real face of Iran?
Karim Sadjadpour tells Fareed why some Iranians mourn the death of Gen. Soleimani, while others are protesting the regime.
Iran's leader talks tough, but the knives are out for him
Iran is fast losing the support of its own people. Did Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's Friday sermon help bring unity, or exacerbate tensions?
Joe Judge brings in Jason Garrett to be Giants’ offensive coordinator
The Giants have a new offensive coordinator, and it’s a familiar face. Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett will call the plays on Joe Judge’s staff, The Post confirmed on Friday. Garrett interviewed for the position this week. Garrett’s contract with the Cowboys was not renewed at the end of the 2019 season, with big...
Democrats’ ridiculous denial on the US economy
Actually, contends every 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, the economy is in really bad shape. It is only working for the wealthiest among us while leaving behind the poor, the working class and the shrinking middle class. Now, I suppose one could forgive the socialist contingent of the party for offering knee-jerk class-based bromides, but even...
FBI: Felony Lane Gang has been terrorizing moms across US for years
For years, the Felony Lane Gang has targeted women, stealing their purses and IDs. But Facebook and other social media is helping the FBI fight back.
See Lev Parnas photos just released by House Democrats
New documents released by House Democrats include communications and photos from indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas.
U.S. will work to determine if ex-ambassador Yovanovitch was under threat -Pompeo
The U.S. State Department will do everything necessary to determine whether former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was under threat in Ukraine, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday.
UCLA cornerback Darnay Holmes bids the team farewell
UCLA's Darnay Holmes tweeted that he was moving on "to the next stage in my career." It's not clear if he meant the NFL draft or the transfer portal.
House releases new impeachment evidence linking Nunes aide to Parnas
Text messages show an aide to the California congressman asking Parnas to pursue several lines of inquiry with his Ukrainian contacts.
Trump says Second Amendment is 'under very serious attack' in Virginia ahead of gun-rights rally
President Trump on Friday declared the Second Amendment is “under very serious attack” in Virginia amid a contentious gun debate in the commonwealth and a controversial gun-rights rally in Richmond on Monday.
In This Georgia Town, Immigration Detainees Outnumber Residents
Lumpkin, GA has few available resources — only three immigration lawyers work here full time
‘Woke’ doesn’t win and other big surprises of Democrats’ 2020 race so far
Voting tells politicians, and the press if they’re capable of getting the message, what citizens will tolerate and what they won’t. The Democrats haven’t voted yet, but the candidates have been campaigning for more than a year and just had their last debate before the Iowa caucuses. That’s time enough to learn some useful things....
Thief steals $145,000 in cannabis revenue from van in Santa Ana
Police say a man stole $145,000 in cash from a marijuana money courier's van at a Santa Ana gas station after the driver collected the proceeds from several dispensaries.
Former Congressman Chris Collins sentenced to 26 months
Collins, who had represented Buffalo since 2013, was the first member of Congress to back President Trump.
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Allegation Angels star Mike Trout has exemption to use HGH shot down by MLB, MLBPA
American League MVP Mike Trout got dragged into the rumor mill as the MLB sign-stealing scandal reached new levels of accusations on social media.
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Court dismisses climate change lawsuit brought by 21 young Americans
A lawsuit by young people who claimed the U.S. government's climate policies jeopardize their future and violate their constitutional rights has been dismissed.
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Letters: Cheating has become the American (League) way
Letters to the interim sports editor. Dodgers fans just aren't happy.
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Tensions are High, Extremists are Expected to Attend. Here’s What to Know About the Pro-Gun Rally in Richmond, Virginia
Officials in Richmond are taking extra security precautions after threats of violence by extremists who plan to attend the pro-gun rally.
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Trump’s Ukraine money holdup doesn’t make for an impeachable breach of the law
The Government Accountability Office this week found that President Trump violated the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act when he delayed $215 million in foreign aid to Ukraine. “Faithful execution of the law does not permit the President to substitute his own policy priorities for those that Congress has enacted into law,” the GAO bureaucrats...
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Conor McGregor wants to box Mayweather or Pacquiao. Dana White wants him to stick to MMA
Conor McGregor is returning to the octagon Saturday night but is eyeing boxing matches against Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao. UFC President Dana White wants him to stick to MMA
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Cops save suspect who tried to kill himself before arrest
A suspect slashed his wrists early Friday morning before NYPD officers with a warrant for his arrest found him bleeding to death in his East Village apartment and ended up saving his life, law-enforcement sources said. Cops responded to the building on East 7th Street near Tompkins Square Park at about 12:10 a.m. to execute...
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Knicks’ RJ Barrett likely will miss at least a week with ankle injury
RJ Barrett couldn’t recall the last time he missed a game because of injury, but the Knicks rookie guard will miss at least a week with a sprained ankle he suffered Thursday night against the Suns. The Knicks said their first-round draft pick will be reevaluated next Friday, but Barrett certainly will sit out Saturday’s...
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Americans are saving up to $23,000 by refinancing
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91-year-old LI woman at center of life support battle has died
The 91-year-old Long Island woman whose sons were locked in a heartbreaking court battle over whether to take her off life support died Thursday night, a court official told The Post. “She passed away last night,” Nassau Courts spokesman Dan Bagnuola said Friday of former school teacher Arline Lester. He declined to give further details, citing...
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