ECB Draghi: Euro area economy in period of 'protracted weakness'

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Thursday that the euro zone economy was in a period of "protracted" economic weakness, with inflation staying low and the balance of risks tilted toward the downside.
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What you need to know about climate change
A new CBS News poll finds a majority of Americans think action needs to be taken right now to address climate change. Leading up to the UN's Climate Summit on September 23rd, CBS News is joining over 250 news organizations committing to a week of climate coverage. CBS News climate and weather contributor Jeff Berardelli joined CBSN to discuss the basic facts underlying the issue.
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Daniel Johnston covers The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows"
Listen to the wonderful outsider musician Daniel Johnston, who died last week, cover The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows." The cover was included on the 2006 compilation "Do It Again: A Tribute to Pet Sounds." (via r/ObscureMedia) Read the rest
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Why Iran is getting the blame for an attack on Saudi Arabia claimed by Yemen’s Houthis
Tehran has long been accused of arming the Yemeni insurgent group.
Atlanta Falcons' Kaleb McGary has interesting way to describe knee injury
Atlanta Falcons rookie offensive lineman Kaleb McGary left Sunday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles with a knee injury -- and while the play may have been gruesome enough, McGary's description of the injury was even more stomach-churning.
The Right Way to Argue With an Asshole
The best way to win an argument with an asshole is to ignore them completely. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes you need to convince someone to stop arguing and physically move away, or you need to de-escalate an argument with someone you need to co-exist with. Sometimes you need to quash a very bad idea…Read more...
Nauticrawl stumped me with its sole screen, and I loved it
Andrea Interguglielmi / Armor Games An underwater puzzle box behind a rust-bucket ship’s helm Continue reading…
Oil soars 10% after attack on massive Saudi oil facilities
Oil futures jumped 10% on Monday after an attack on Saudi Arabian crude oil processing facilities over the weekend sliced the kingdom's production in half and threatened to hamper shipments from the world's largest crude exporter.
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Browns give Odell Beckham something he never had with Giants
He could have had it all, a legendary career as a New York Giant, best receiver in the franchise’s history, and Odell Beckham Jr. dropped the ball. It is still hard to fathom, such a wondrous young talent who seemed heaven-made for the bright lights and the big stage becoming such a headache and such...
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Donald Trump's 'locked and loaded' threat doesn't, uh, mean what you think it means?
On Sunday night, President Donald Trump tweeted this:
David de Gea signs on at United until 2023
David de Gea has pledged his future to Manchester United after signing a deal that will keep him at the club until 2023 with the option for a further year.
Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson takes huge hit to helmet during game
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took a huge hit from a Pittsburgh Steelers defender during their matchup Sunday, and the blow to the star quarterback's helmet had some observers wondering why no penalty was called.
Jacksonville Jaguars' Jalen Ramsey gets into heated confrontation with coach Doug Marrone
Jacksonville Jaguars star Jalen Ramsey and head coach Doug Marrone were seen yelling at each on the sidelines during their game against the Houston Texans on Sunday.
Football players give bullied classmate their clothes in moving video
"The best day of my entire life basically."
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New Airbus planes will track when you go to the bathroom
The connected home is a pretty mainstream phenomenon at this point, as more and more consumers bring products like smart speakers and displays, connected video doorbells, smart appliances and the like into their lives. Making ubiquitous connectivity and digitization an even more commonplace part of everyday existence. And now, thanks to aerospace giants like Airbus,...
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Antonio Brown avoids media after New England Patriots debut
The Miami Dolphins couldn't avoid seeing Antonio Brown hook up with Tom Brady for a touchdown in Brown's debut for the New England Patriots Sunday, but Brown managed to pull a disappearing act when it came time to talk to the media after the blowout win.
Victoria, second-most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, set to go on display
Victoria, the second most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex, has finally gone on display after paleontologists first discovered the remains of massive beast six years ago.
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Mophie’s latest wireless charging pad isn’t afraid to stand on ceremony
Image: Mophie Mophie’s latest wireless charging stand can be folded down to allow you to also use it as a compact wireless charging pad. The accessory is available now directly from Mophie, and will be available soon from Apple’s stores. Although it will work with all Qi-enabled wireless charging devices, the pad is optimized for Apple’s phones. 9to5Mac notes that it should be able to charge iPhones at a rate of 7.5W, and Mophie’s product page says that the stand will charge other Qi-enabled devices at the standard Qi charging rate of up to 5W. This is hardly the first time a manufacturer has thought to make a convertible charging stand. Samsung, for example, was giving it a go way back in 2017. However, the form factor still isn’t common enough for our liking. A convertible charger gives the best of both charging worlds; it can show you all your notifications if you’re using it as a stand at your desk, but you can also use it as a charging pad if you want to have it by your bedside, or to charge oddly sized devices (like wireless headphone cases) if they struggle to find the charging sweet spot when using the stand upright. Image: Mophie Use it as a pad, or as a stand. Unfortunately, the wireless charging stand / pad can’t charge the Apple Watch. For that you’d need Mophie’s 3-in-1 wireless charger, which retails for $139.95. However, Mophie’s new stand is cheaper at $69.95, and it’s available now directly from Mophie.
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U.S. envoy tells U.N. Security Council indications Iran behind Saudi oil attacks
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft told the Security Council on Monday that emerging information on attacks on Saudi oil facilities "indicates that responsibility lies with Iran" and that there is no evidence the attack came from Yemen.
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LastPass patched a bug that could have exposed your passwords
If you use LastPass to manage your passwords, now would be a good time to make sure you're running the latest version, 44.33.0. As Gizmodo reports, LastPass recently patched a bug that could have been used to compromise users' security credentials. T...
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New York Times corrects story detailing misconduct claim against Brett Kavanaugh
The added a correction to a story that accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct to reveal a woman allegedly involved in the incident at a college dorm party doesn’t recall it. The newspaper published the story online and in the Sunday Review section that claimed a Yale classmate Max Stier had seen...
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Philips Norelco 4500 shaver is $25 off on Amazon
TL;DR: The disposable-razor-replacing Philips Norelco 4500 electric shaver will keep you clean and baby-faced for years to come — grab one on Amazon for just $54.99.  The cold weather is going to start rolling in soon, which means it’s time to start growing out that luscious facial hair so you can keep your beautiful face warm throughout the winter. But, not all of us have been blessed with the beard-growing gene — and what we aren’t going to accept is an unkempt, wispy atrocity appearing on your cheeks. No siree. You best keep that tamed.  And instead of attacking your face with a disposable razor, we think you should just invest in a high-quality electric shaver — like this Philips Norelco model that’s $25 off on Amazon right now.  Read more...More about Grooming, Mashable Shopping, Philips Norelco, Electric Trimmers, and Culture
Joe Walsh says Republican Party is a 'cult' and will go straight to the voters after canceled primaries
Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh said Monday his campaign will go straight to Republican voters in states where Republican parties canceled 2020 presidential primaries, saying the party has become a "cult" that "is all about washing their leaders' feet every day."
U.S., Chinese trade deputies seen meeting Friday: U.S. Chamber CEO
U.S. and Chinese deputy trade negotiators are expected to meet on Friday, with senior negotiators likely to meet about a week and a half later, U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue said on Monday, citing a conversation with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.
Martha Stewart getting a cow named in her honor
This is something to moo about.
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Supreme court hearing on suspension of parliament – key issues
Legal arguments judges will bear in mind when deciding if PM acted unlawfully in proroguing parliamentThe supreme court hearing on the suspension of parliament by Boris Johnson will test the foundations of the UK’s unwritten constitution with arguments about the respective powers of parliament, the courts and the government. Continue reading...
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Report: Popular period-tracking apps share data with third parties
A new report from the U.K.-based advocacy group Privacy International finds some period-tracking apps may be sharing private health information before users are even given a chance to agree to the terms and conditions of the apps' privacy policy. CNET senior producer Dan Patterson joined CBSN with more on what the report revealed.
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Woman who had dramatic dream of swallowing her engagement ring actually did it
Jenna Evans had a dream that she and her fiancé were on a train when bad guys appeared. To protect her new 2.4 carat engagement ring, she swallowed it. In the dream. And in reality. "I popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water," she wrote on Facebook. From NBC: "When I woke up in the morning, there was no ring on my finger," Evans told "Today." "I couldn't help but laugh at it, and then I had to wake my fiance up and tell him that I had swallowed my engagement ring." Evans went to an urgent care clinic where doctors decided against letting the ring pass naturally through the 29-year-old's system, and instead referred her to a gastroenterologist... Doctors found the engagement ring in Evans' intestines, just beyond her stomach. Evans said her fiancé returned the ring to her on Thursday. Read the rest
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The Chicago Bulls' logo is NSFW if you flip it upside down
Graphic design was clearly not the passion of whoever designed the NBA's Chicago Bulls logo. Or perhaps, they were a little too passionate.  Redditor Cvoony discovered that, when looking at the Bulls logo on their brother's sweater flipped upside down, the white-on-red image of a scowling bull turns into, uh. Well it looks like... you know. It's a robot having sex with a crab, OK? While the original image of the right-side-up, robot-on-crab action was posted to Reddit, it really gained some viral traction on Twitter when someone bothered to take the rotate tool and actually flip it.  We're warning you, you really won't be able to unsee it.  Read more...More about Twitter, Reddit, Chicago, Logo, and Graphic Design
Factbox: The U.S. opioid epidemic in the courts
As opioid-related deaths have soared, thousands of lawsuits have been filed seeking damages from drugmakers and distributors. The following is a summary of where and how the opioid litigation is playing out across the United States:
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9/16: CBSN AM
46,000 auto workers on strike; worldwide call for change
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Crock-Pot Trio slow cooker set is on sale for less than $23 at Walmart
TL;DR: Crock-Pot's Trio slow cooker is a must-have sidekick for entertaining, and it's 44% off at Walmart — grab it for $22.44. Choosing the appetizer to bring to a potluck or a tailgate is more stressful than it needs to be. Most of the attendees will like meatballs or nachos, but the people who like buffalo chicken dip really want that buffalo chicken dip. You could buy three mini Instant Pots (at about $50 a pop), or you could grab Crock-Pot's Trio Cook and Serve. It'll save you a lot of headaches over what to make, and it's on sale for $22.44 at Walmart. SEE ALSO: 8 of the best slow cookers right now, according to Amazon reviews Read more...More about Cooking, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, Crock Pot, and Slow Cookers
Cameron: Johnson said leave campaign would lose minutes before backing it
Former PM believes Boris Johnson sided with pro-Brexit vote after assessing it would help with his premiership ambitionsBoris Johnson claimed that Vote Leave would lose the EU referendum just minutes before appearing on television to declare his intention to campaign to exit, David Cameron has claimed.In an interview with ITV News, the former UK prime minister disclosed that Johnson had told him the campaign to leave the EU would be “crushed like a toad under the harrow”. Minutes later, Johnson appeared outside his then family home in Islington, north London, to say he would join the Vote Leave team during the 2016 referendum. Continue reading...
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What Can I Say That's Actually Helpful in Times of Grief?
Grief is awful, but it can also be awkward. If someone you know is grieving, it can be hard to know what to say—or perhaps more importantly, what not to say—to them. Of course, your intentions are good and you want to make things better, not worse. Here’s what you need to know.Read more...
AfD politician threatens journalist after Hitler comparison
Björn Höcke halts interview after German state broadcaster draws parallel to Nazi rhetoricAn Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) politician has walked out of an interview and threatened a journalist after he was confronted with parallels between his rhetoric and that of Adolf Hitler.An interview with Björn Höcke by the state broadcaster ZDF, recorded last week but screened on Sunday, shows the AfD politician threatening “massive consequences” to a journalist who refused to restart an interview after a series of difficult questions. Continue reading...
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Nordea says Danish agency demands repayment of $133 million in tax case
Danish tax agency has demanded Nordea repay 900 million Danish crowns ($133 million) in relation to a dividend tax refund case.
New Linux malware mines crypto after installing backdoor with secret master password
Cybersecurity researchers have identified a new strain of Linux malware that not only mines cryptocurrency illicitly, but provides the attackers with universal access to an infected system via a “secret master password.” TrendMicro’s latest blog also reveals that Skidmap attempts to mask its cryptocurrency mining by faking network traffic and CPU-related statistics. High CPU usage is considered the primary red flag of illicit cryptocurrency mining, which makes this functionality particularly dangerous. According to TrendMicro’s researchers, Skidmap demonstrates the “increasing complexity” of recent cryptocurrency-mining threats. Cryptocurrency mining malware is still a very real threat Initial infection occurs in a Linux process called crontab, a… This story continues at The Next Web
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Huge, mysterious 'bubbles' discovered at the heart of the Milky Way
The radio-emitting bubbles are near our galaxy's supermassive black hole.
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10 car accessories to help you survive your next road trip
The good ol’ fashioned American road trip is not dead. It’s just a little more high-tech than it used to be. We’ve swapped our paper maps for GPS apps and our road games for phone screens. There’s no shame in it; it’s the way the world works in 2019. So, as you’re planning your next...
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Protest held outside trial of Moroccan journalist accused of illegal abortion
Hajar Raissouni says charges are fabricated and motivated by her work, which is critical of governmentDemonstrators have staged a protest outside a court in Rabat to coincide with the latest hearing in the trial of a Moroccan journalist accused of undergoing an illegal abortion and having sex before marriage.In a letter written from prison, Hajar Raissouni said the charges were fabricated and motivated by her work, which had been critical of the government. Continue reading...
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Epstein sex slave tried to swim shark-infested waters to escape
A woman who said she was repeatedly raped by Jeffrey Epstein desperately tried to swim across shark-infested waters to escape his clutches, according to a new report. Sarah Ransome said she was so determined to escape Little St. James, the multimillionaire’s private isle nicknamed “Pedophile Island,” that she was willing to gamble her life in...
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3D Ken Burns effect from a single photo
Simon Niklaus et al devised a method to convincingly add a 3D Ken Burns zoom effect to 2D photographs. Their code works as well as a decent graphic designer, at least in the sample videos. Better than simple cut-outs slapped into an After Effects stage, but I still get that slightly uncanny "2.5D" Viewmaster effect. The Ken Burns effect allows animating still images with a virtual camera scan and zoom. Adding parallax, which results in the 3D Ken Burns effect, enables significantly more compelling results. Creating such effects manually is time-consuming and demands sophisticated editing skills. Existing automatic methods, however, require multiple input images from varying viewpoints. In this paper, we introduce a framework that synthesizes the 3D Ken Burns effect from a single image, supporting both a fully automatic mode and an interactive mode with the user controlling the camera. Our framework first leverages a depth prediction pipeline, which estimates scene depth that is suitable for view synthesis tasks. To address the limitations of existing depth estimation methods such as geometric distortions, semantic distortions, and inaccurate depth boundaries, we develop a semantic-aware neural network for depth prediction, couple its estimate with a segmentation-based depth adjustment process, and employ a refinement neural network that facilitates accurate depth predictions at object boundaries. According to this depth estimate, our framework then maps the input image to a point cloud and synthesizes the resulting video frames by rendering the point cloud from the corresponding camera positions. To address disocclusions while maintaining geometrically and temporally coherent synthesis results, we utilize context-aware color- and depth-inpainting to fill in the missing information in the extreme views of the camera path, thus extending the scene geometry of the point cloud. Read the rest
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Hasan Minhaj talks student loan debt at Tribeca TV Festival
“This is a huge problem,” the comedian and host of “Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj” said. “Our generation was told you got to go to college. College is not a debatable thing. So we did this thing out of self-betterment. And now people with student loan debt are treated like deadbeats.”
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Off-duty NYPD inspector critically injured after being hit by dump truck
An off-duty NYPD inspector is in critical condition after being struck by a dump truck while riding his motorcycle in the Bronx early Monday morning, according to police sources. The officer was cruising south on East Tremont Avenue around 8 a.m. when he was hit by the truck, which was turning left on Waterbury Avenue,...
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Joe Walsh: The Republican party is a cult
2020 hopeful Joe Walsh tells CNN's Erica Hill that President Donald Trump is "literally canceling elections" after all three Republican primary challengers lambasted state GOP leaders for opting to cancel their 2020 Republican presidential primary elections.
Monday's Best Deals: Apple Watch Series 5, Philips Norelco, Tile, and More
Savings on the yet-to-be-released Apple Watch Series 5, a Philips Norelco Shaver Gold Box, and Tile discounts lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
Norway is in denial about the threat of far-right violence | Sindre Bangstad
Far from learning from the Breivik atrocity, politicians have pandered to a view that Islamist terror is the greatest danger“Never again,” Norwegian politicians pledged, after the terrorist attacks perpetrated by rightwing extremist Anders Breivik on July 22 2011, the worst in the nation’s history. Yet just last month, an armed 21-year-old Norwegian, Philip Manshaus, stormed into a mosque in Bærum outside Oslo and opened fire, his actions inspired apparently by Breivik as well as recent terror incidents in New Zealand and El Paso. Related: Far-right violence is on the rise. Where is the outrage? | Owen Jones Continue reading...
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Five times Mark Ruffalo was a force for good
The Hollywood star has been putting Boris Johnson right over the PM’s Hulk reference. From fighting Trump, to campaigning for abortion rights, the actor has form for doing the decent thingAs if politics can’t get any weirder, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has been pulled up by the Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo for misappropriating the Hulk. In an interview at the weekend, Johnson said he would break off the “manacles” of Europe. “Hulk always escaped, no matter how tightly bound in he seemed to be – and that is the case for this country,” said the PM, adding: “The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.”To which Ruffalo, who plays the verdant superhero, tweeted: “Boris Johnson forgets that the Hulk only fights for the good of the whole. Mad and strong can also be dense and destructive. The Hulk works best when he is in unison with a team, and is a disaster when he is alone.” Here are some other times Ruffalo has done the decent thing. Continue reading...
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Supreme court to hear claims suspension of parliament is unlawful
Decision to increase number of judges from nine to 11 signifies significance of hearingEleven supreme court justices will hear the politically charged claim that Boris Johnson acted unlawfully in advising the Queen to suspend parliament for five weeks in order to stifle debate over the Brexit crisis.All but one of the judges on the UK’s highest court will be on the bench on Tuesday when the case opens. The hearing will be livestreamed on the supreme court website. Continue reading...
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