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Ethics complaint filed against Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney after Post’s report on potential staff misuse

The complaint repeatedly cites The Post story about the alleged "body man" staffer, Harold Leath.
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Large waterspout seen off Florida coast to amazement of spectators
Waterspouts are like tornadoes over water and can be broken into either fair weather waterspouts of tornadic waterspouts.
José Suarez takes perfect game bid into sixth but Mariners rally to beat Angels
Pitcher José Suarez took a perfect game bid into the sixth, but the Mariners rallied late to beat the Angels 8-2 on Wednesday at Angel Stadium.
Liz Cheney’s Concession Speech Invokes Lincoln and Grant
Ms. Cheney said she had called her opponent to concede her loss in a free and fair election, and suggested that her job now, and that of patriotic Americans, was to stand up for the Constitution.
Al Franken Sounds Off on ‘Huge Dick’ Ted Cruz in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Guest-Hosting Gig
ABCIn the nearly five years since Al Franken resigned from the Senate in disgrace following several allegations of groping and other inappropriate sexual behavior, he has slowly mounted a comeback. But instead of trying to work his way back into the political sphere, he has returned to his original love of comedy.There have been late-night guest appearances with old friends like Conan O’Brien and Bill Maher, a weekly podcast where he interviews former colleagues like Senator Amy Klobuchar and former SNL cast member Chris Rock, and even a stand-up tour of theaters and comedy clubs across the country.But on Tuesday night, Franken made what may have been his highest-profile move yet when he joined comedians like Chelsea Handler and Dana Carvey in guest-hosting for Jimmy Kimmel.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Boston police harbor unit boats stranded groom to ceremony on island
Officers with the Boston Police Department’s harbor patrol unit came to the rescue of a stranded groom and took him on their boat to his island wedding over the weekend, authorities said. Patrick Mahoney was due to get married Saturday on Thompson Island in the middle of Boston Harbor when the ferry that was scheduled...
Alleged serial Florida luggage thief arrested due to Apple Airtag
Two travelers reported their luggage stolen in July and August after their bags never arrived at their destinations.
Kinzinger Says Some Conservative Christians Equate Trump With Christ
As Liz Cheney lost her primary, the GOP representative from Illinois says his rejection of Trump also caused him to be spurned by some in his own "tribe."
Sasha Banks shares video of her car being broken into ‘Five minutes in Oakland’
Sasha Banks let out her frustrations after her car was broken into in Oakland, Calif., on Tuesday. The pro wrestling and “Mandalorian” star shared a surveillance video on her Instagram story of the perp, dressed in black, breaking the rear windshield of her green Toyota Corolla Crossover at around 2:40 p.m. Pacific Time, appearing to...
Henderson: A very good night for Donald Trump
CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson and Dana Bash analyze what Rep. Liz Cheney's loss in the Wyoming GOP primary means for Donald Trump and the state of the Republican party.
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Liz Cheney's Abe Lincoln Comparison Clobbered by MAGA: 'Truly Delusional'
Former President Donald Trump's supporters called Representative Cheney "delusional" for comparing herself to Lincoln following her blowout GOP primary loss.
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Read Liz Cheney's Concession Speech as Congresswoman Ousted in Wyoming
"No House seat, no office in this land is more important than the principles that we are all sworn to protect," Cheney said in a powerful speech on Tuesday.
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'AGT': Golden Buzzers Chapel Hart, 12-year-old Maddie face off in 'most competitive episode'
"America's Got Talent" has got a serious dilemma: Too few spots in the finale for too many stellar acts.       
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'We didn't earn it': Episode 2 of Hard Knocks goes behind scenes of Lions' preseason loss
Episode No. 2 of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions pulls back the curtain on their last-second preseason loss to the Atlanta Falcons.       
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Human remains found in burn area of Chatsworth brush fire
As fire crews were working in the area, they found bones that appeared to be human remains, officials said. The remains were unrelated to the fire.
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Impact of January 6 on GOP primaries in Wyoming and Alaska
The GOP primaries in Wyoming and Alaska offer a glimpse into how Republican voters feel about the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and former President Donald Trump. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane joined CBS News' Nikole Killion for a special edition of "Red and Blue."
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He was abducted and tortured by Russian soldiers. Then they started using his Instagram to push pro-Kremlin propaganda
Before the war broke out, Igor Kurayan, a 55-year-old from the southern Ukrainian port city of Kherson, shared frequent gardening updates on social media.
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On this day in history, August 17, 1943, Patton beats Monty to Messina, liberates Sicily
Gen. George Patton led U.S. forces to capture Messina and secure the liberation of Sicily on August 17, 1943, hours ahead of British and Canadian forces led by Field Marshal Montgomery.
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Peter Navarro speaks out on DOJ's reason given for arrest
Peter Navarro discusses his FBI arrest on Tuesday's "Hannity" and spoke the DOJ's recent tactics that have undermined Americans' faith in the legal system.
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Frederick Buechner, prolific novelist and theologian, dies at 96
He explored God and faith in nearly 40 works of fiction, nonfiction and memoir, earning comparisons to C.S. Lewis.
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Rep. Liz Cheney compares herself to Abraham Lincoln following resounding defeat in Wyoming primary
During her concession speech, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., compared herself to former President Abraham Lincoln, and hinted at a possible run for the White House
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Firefighters battle blaze at vacant Exposition Park laundromat
The fire broke out shortly before 8 p.m. near Normandie Avenue and Exposition Boulevard, according to the LAFD.
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Liz Cheney Compares Herself to Abraham Lincoln in Concession Speech
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) compared herself to former President Abraham Lincoln during her concession speech shortly after her loss to Trump-backed Republican challenger Harriet Hageman.
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Happy 64th Birthday, Madonna!
Wishing a happy 64th birthday to pop icon, Madonna.
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Patrick Corbin pitches six, but Nats fall short in extra innings
The Nationals rally from a 4-0 deficit after the struggling left-hander departed, but the comeback fell short and the hosts fell in 11 innings.
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What the affidavit for the FBI's Trump raid may reveal: Alan Dershowitz
Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz discussed the affidavit used in the Trump raid Tuesday on "Hannity."
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Spending bill moves US economy toward 'neo-Marxist,' collectivist model: Former Treasury official
Former Treasury official Monica Crowley took a deep dive into the Inflation Reduction Act that President Biden signed into law on "Jesse Watters Primetime."
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Liz Cheney's Concession Speech May Have Violated Campaign Finance Rules
Soon-to-be former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) may have violated FEC rules due to an in-kind donation she apparently received from a former TV executive.
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Team Trump: 'Bye Bye, Liz Cheney'
"Bye bye, Liz Cheney," Donald Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich wrote on social media, sharing a video highlight clip of the former president dancing.
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Three takeaways from primaries in Wyoming
Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who since the insurrection at the Capitol has become the Republican Party's most forceful critic of former President Donald Trump, was ousted from her House seat in by Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, CNN projected Tuesday.
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Liz Cheney’s Non-Concession Speech
The fierce Trump critic made clear she has no plans to leave the stage.
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Former Rep. TJ Cox of Fresno indicted on charges of fraud and money laundering
The Democrat is accused of siphoning at least $1.7 million from companies he owned and funneling $25,000 in illegal straw donations to his campaign.
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Cheney chides Trump in her defeat, vowing to continue her fight
She said “I mean it” when she vowed that the former president should never again be near the Oval Office.
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WATCH: Conservative Ad Highlights Insanity of 'Men in Girl's Sports'
A new political ad from the conservative non-profit group Citizens for Sanity illustrated the insanity of men competing in women's sports.
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Lawmakers, pundits react to Liz Cheney's loss in Wyoming: 'Girl, BYE'
Multiple lawmakers and pundits took to social media Tuesday night to celebrate Rep. Liz Cheney's election loss in Wyoming to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman
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Alina Habba: I do not believe this judge will reveal the affidavit
Attorney for former President Donald Trump Alina Habba shares her insight on how the judge in the case of the Mar-a-Lago raid will treat proceedings on "Jesse Watters Primetime."
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Newt Gingrich: John Fetterman will perform 'far worse' than other Democrats
Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich joined 'Hannity' to discuss a key Pennsylvania senate race and how Republicans should approach the upcoming midterms.
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Liz Cheney pays the price for taking on Trump
A campaign sign for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in Laramie, Wyoming. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Cheney’s predictable Wyoming loss frees her up to focus on taking down Trump and his GOP allies. Liz Cheney lost on Tuesday night. The question is whether it was a battle or a war. The immediate political fate of the three-term Wyoming Congress member had been a foregone conclusion; public polling consistently had Cheney lagging her Donald Trump-backed opponent Harriet Hageman, and the big margins — 65 to 31 percent with 59 percent of the votes reporting — also came as no surprise. Instead, Cheney had sought to characterize her race as part of an existential struggle for American democracy that pitted her against Trump. Her closing ad featured her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking straight to camera and insisting that “in our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.” In her remarks after her defeat on Tuesday, Cheney returned to this message, showing her willingness to target Trump and the Republicans who abet him. “Two years ago, I won this primary with 73 percent of the vote,” she said. “I could easily have done the same again. The path was clear. But it would’ve required that I go along with President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election. It would’ve required that I enable his ongoing efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. That was a path I could not and would not take.” Cheney repeatedly referenced the Civil War and drew comparisons to the current political climate in the United States. “Our nation is barreling, once again, toward crisis, lawlessness, and violence,” she said. She went on to seemingly declare war on much of the Republican Party — which has nominated candidates who have echoed Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election across the country — by adding, “No American should support election deniers for any position of genuine responsibility.” Cheney got her loudest applause toward the end of her remarks when she told the crowd, “I have said since January 6 that I will do whatever it takes to ensure Donald Trump is never again near the Oval Office. And I mean it.” In contrast, a Trump spokesperson released an edited video on Twitter of the former president dancing to the late 1960s hit “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.” A long-running internal conflict between factions of the Wyoming Republican Party deeply colored how voters in the Cowboy State made up their minds about Cheney’s race. But it captured national attention as a referendum on Trump’s standing and pull within the GOP. After all, Cheney, the daughter of the former vice president and former chair of the House Republican Conference, had seemingly impeccable conservative credentials — save, of course, for her vocal and virulent opposition to Trump in the aftermath of the January 6 attack on the Capitol. She was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach the former president, and became a total apostate when she became the vice chair of the January 6 committee. Through this lens, Cheney’s loss is certainly a setback for the Never Trump forces within the Republican Party but leaves the Wyoming Congress member’s ongoing fight to make Trump persona non grata within the GOP unresolved. Cheney will have five more months to pursue her work on the January 6 committee without a campaign hanging over her head. Then, as Ahab pursued Moby Dick after leaving the Pequod for a whaling boat, she will be able to continue to target Trump as a private citizen even without her seat in Congress. Cheney has further built up her national profile in the past two years as the leading Republican opponent of Trump and will be able to draw on an array of major donors opposed to Trump as well as a formidable campaign war chest with over $7 million still on hand only weeks before the primary. Whether via a super PAC or a kamikaze presidential campaign or something else, Cheney has more options than the typical anti-Trump Republican who leaves Congress for a cable news gig. While Cheney reaffirmed “I am a conservative Republican” in her remarks on Tuesday, she pitched herself to a nonpartisan audience of all Americans opposed to Trump. “Let us resolve that we will stand together, Republicans, Democrats, independents, against those who would destroy our republic.” Local factors mattered in Tuesday’s race. Wyoming has seen a long-running internal conflict between a more traditional GOP establishment and a more ardently conservative new guard within the party. Cheney, as the daughter of a former vice president, was destined by birth to be in the first camp. She had personal baggage as well. Her crusade against Trump alienated Wyomingites not just because they were die-hard MAGA loyalists but because it seemed like her neglecting key local and parochial issues for the national spotlight. Hageman’s ads didn’t just hit Cheney for being anti-Trump; they also used that as a way to indicate that the three-term incumbent was out of touch with voters. Cheney had also raised the ire of local Republicans in 2013 when she launched an abortive primary campaign against incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi that was heavily focused on her family legacy. Cheney is the first federal incumbent in Wyoming to lose a primary since another political scion, William Henry Harrison III, lost his primary for Congress in 1968. While Harrison did have a notable political genealogy (his grandfather and great-great-grandfather both served as president), he had little else in common with Liz Cheney. Former Wyoming Gov. Mike Sullivan, a Democrat, recalled him as “sort of a weak link” and didn’t think there was “any comparison” to Cheney, for whom he changed his party registration to vote on Tuesday.
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Sean Hannity: They simply want you to close your eyes, cover your ears and trust them completely
Sean Hannity discussed how the DOJ does not want Americans to see the affidavit revealing why they raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago home on "Hannity."
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Chris Hayes proclaims Biden signing Inflation Reduction Act a 'huge day for the country, the planet, everyone'
The MSNBC "All In with Chris Hayes" host appeared overjoyed at the fact that President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law on Tuesday.
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Harriet Hageman Plays Up 'Rigged' 2020 Election Claim in Victory Speech
Hageman, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in her primary race against Liz Cheney, won the Republican nomination on Tuesday.
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Patrick Reed launches $750 million suit against Brandel Chamblee, Golf Chanell
Reed alleges that Chamblee has “actively" targeted Reed to “destroy his reputation, create hate, and a hostile work environment” for the player.
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Woman Urged To Lie and Keep Her Pregnancy a Secret at Cousin's Wedding
"Just say you're taking a course of antibiotics and can't drink if anyone asks," one commenter suggested.
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Little League World Series player in critical condition after falling from a bunk bed
A 12-year-old player in the Little League World Series is in critical condition after falling from a bunk bed at the players' dormitory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, his team tells CNN.
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Grave markers, flowers removed from gravesites
2 h
8/16: Red and Blue
Alaska and Wyoming hold primary elections; Impact of midterm elections across the U.S.
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Ex-Fox Host Slams Laura Ingraham, Fox for Throwing in ‘Trump Towel’
NewsmaxNewsmax host Eric Bolling pounced on Laura Ingraham’s apparent skepticism of former President Donald Trump’s potential run for office, using the opportunity to knock his former Fox News colleague and the network itself.Regarding another Trump presidential campaign, Ingraham said on a podcast Monday that “we’ll see whether that’s what the country wants.”“The country, I think, is so exhausted, they’re exhausted by the battle, the constant battle, that they may believe that, well, maybe it’s time to turn the page if we can get someone who has all Trump’s policies, who’s not Trump,” Ingraham said on The Truth With Lisa Boothe.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Traveler's Spat With 'Petty' Airline Worker Has Internet Shaking Its Head
What started as a security line confrontation quickly turned into a perfect example of poetic justice.
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Yankees fans turn bleachers into barbershop during loss to Rays
The Yankees have been unbearable to watch lately, and the Bleacher Creatures want them to cut it out.
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