Europameisterschaft in Belgien: Hockey-Teams auf Halbfinal-Kurs - Herren fehlt ein Punkt

Aller Anfang ist - leicht! Deutschlands Hockey-Teams sind mit klaren Siegen in die EM in Antwerpen gestartet. Auch die Herren-Niederlage im zweiten Match gegen Top-Favorit Niederlande lässt sich ausbügeln.
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Lake and Ranch 2 fires burn thousands of acres as region is gripped in epic heat wave
The Lake fire near Lake Hughes and the Ranch 2 fire above Azusa have forced widespread evacuations and worsened air quality during an epic heat wave.
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CDC's chief of staff, deputy chief of staff depart from agency
Two senior Trump political appointees departed the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a senior official at the agency confirmed to CNN.
Former Marine captain endured vicious hazing by FDNY: suit
A former US Marine captain with PTSD claims he was viciously harassed and hazed by firefighters as a rookie FDNY smoke-eater. “No one cares about your military service,” veteran firefighters allegedly told Charles Hughes, according to a Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit he filed against the Fire Department and the city. Hughes, 32, retired from the...
Defining Fights: UFC 252 headliner Stipe Miocic
Ahead of his main event clash with Daniel Cormier at UFC 252, we take a look at six fights that helped define Stipe Miocic’s UFC career.       Related Stories5 burning questions heading into UFC 252UFC 252 breakdown: Will Daniel Cormier's wrestling be the difference in Stipe Miocic trilogy?Defining Fights: UFC 252 headliner Daniel Cormier
Suspect in custody after man attacked with sledgehammer, children punched
Suspect in custody after a man was attacked with a sledgehammer and children were punched
'The club needs changes' Changes on the horizon for Barcelona following Champions League humiliation
After losing 3-0 to Roma in 2018, Barcelona fans might've thought it was the club's lowest ebb. After losing 4-0 to Liverpool in 2019, they might've thought it was actually the club's lowest point.
Gunfire shatters Ohio teen's backyard birthday party, killing girl, 8
Individuals with guns showed up at a teenager’s backyard birthday party in Ohio and opened fire, killing an 8-year-old girl.
Japan marks 75th anniversary of World War II surrender
A crowd of several hundred — every face covered with a mask — came together Saturday in Tokyo to mark the 75th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II. This year’s ceremony was markedly different than in years past because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of 6,000, the number of guests totaled only 600...
Barack Obama reportedly skeptical of Joe Biden’s 2020 White House run
“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up,” the former president told an unnamed Democrat, who told Politico about the conversation— reportedly reflective of a strained history between the two.
Zoom users flock to cosmetic surgeons amid COVID-19 pandemic
As the option of elective surgeries has been restored amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans stuck at home and on Zoom video meetings are increasingly heading to cosmetic surgeons.
Pelicans fire Alvin Gentry after NBA bubble struggles
Someone else will get the chance to coach Zion Williamson. The Pelicans fired Alvin Gentry on Saturday, ESPN reported, after five seasons at the helm. Gentry led the Pelicans to the postseason in just one of those years and finished this season 30-42, including a disappointing 2-6 showing in the NBA’s bubble that saw them...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lifts lockdown on border city
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has lifted the lockdown of a city near the border with South Korea, which closed down three weeks ago because of a possible case of coronavirus, according to news reports. State media said Friday that Kaesong had re-opened. It was shut down last month when a North Korean man...
Ashton Kutcher slams Pence, Trump for lack of relief following deadly derecho in Iowa: 'Wake up'
Ashton Kutcher put the federal government on blast for failing to provide relief after a derecho ripped through his home state of Iowa and other parts of the Midwest this week.
"One Tree Hill" star on giving back to the small town she now calls home
"When I'd accomplished everything I said I was gonna accomplish at a young age and still didn't really like myself, there was a problem," the actress said.
Green Bay Packers lock-up services of nose tackle Kenny Clark with record extension
Kenny Clark's deal pays him the highest signing bonus ($25 million) of any non-quarterback in Packers history.
NYC Correction officer John Jeff, 28, shot dead in Queens: police sources
An off-duty New York City correction officer was shot dead in Queens early Saturday in a barrage of gunfire, law enforcement sources said. John Jeff, 28, was found on dead on the sidewalk at Ridgedale and Defoe streets around 3 a.m. in Jamaica, riddled with 11 gunshot wounds, the sources said. Witnesses who attended a...
Linda Manz, ‘Days of Heaven’ and ‘Out of the Blue’ Actor, Dies at 58
After battling with lung cancer and pneumonia, Manz has passed away, leaving behind a legacy that will live on.
Georgia’s Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial closes before militia rally
Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial — which features a nine-story high bas relief of Confederate “heroes” and slave owners Gen. Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and “Stonewall” Jackson — is closing to the public Saturday ahead of an anticipated militia rally. The Three Percenters militia applied last month to run a rally of more than 2,000...
MLB trade deadline fears could prevent a lot of action: Sherman
Place competitive people in a competitive environment and they historically act competitively. Which is why one AL assistant GM, when asked if he thought there would be a lot of action before the Aug. 31, 4 p.m. deadline, said, “I think there will be. Teams have holes, and there is still an expectation that you...
Hunger strikers for Breonna Taylor end protest after 25 days
After going nearly a month without food, hunger strikers seeking action against LMPD officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death ended their protest.
Stranded Ship Off Mauritius Coast Breaks in Two, Spilling Tons More Oil Near Protected Ocean Waters
The MV Wakashio struck a reef on July 25 and its hull began to crack after days of pounding waves and has now split in two
Beyoncé’s Search for Home Continues on Black Is King
In recent years, Beyoncé has prefaced her musical homecomings with a glimpse of the final destination. She released the song “Formation” well ahead of her 2016 visual album, Lemonade, which contained lessons in ballads and rock anthems alike about how to go through despair and return to oneself again. Though it debuted early, “Formation” serves as the record’s final track and credits music, announcing a new beginning for Beyoncé and an end to heartbreak in its many forms.Similarly, the song “Black Parade” debuted this year on Juneteenth but plays at the end of Black Is King, Beyoncé’s visual project released on Disney+ last month. With a playful burst of trumpets and bass, the song is a departure from the Afrobeat and South African house music that give the album its collaborative, diasporic feel. Between Black Is King and Lemonade was the 2019 concert film Homecoming, which celebrated the marching-band traditions of historically Black colleges and universities in the American South. Together, these works comprise a trilogy of Beyoncé’s sonic and visual teachings about ideas of home and exile, and the particular meaning they hold for Black Americans.[Read: ‘Homecoming’ is one of Beyoncé’s masterpieces]The final installment in this unofficial trilogy, Black Is King is the most joyful and epic journey of the three. A follow-up to the 2019 soundtrack that Beyoncé curated for The Lion King, the film has been acclaimed for its vivid portrait of Black diasporic beauty—and is best understood by first diving deep into the specifics of the visual story it tells. The film opens with a bird’s-eye view of a basket floating down a river. Beyoncé first appears alone at the water’s edge dressed in flowing white, but in the next scene, she’s cradling a baby. She joins other Black mothers in a ritual blessing of newborns; with this, the women symbolically hand the infants a legacy that will guide them into the world. By the end of the sequence, the baby has grown into a young boy, a human stand-in for the lion cub Simba. As his guide, Beyoncé readies him for a journey into his own history that will prepare him to become king.Parkwood EntertainmentViewers are reminded repeatedly in song, prose, and images that Blackness is inherently regal, even divine. As the film’s narrator and central figure, Beyoncé is opulently adorned, and so is everyone else on-screen. In a monologue about beauty, Beyoncé declares, “Black is king.” In another scene, a woman proclaims, “I can’t say I believe in God and call myself a child of God, and then not see myself as a god.” The production of Black Is King primarily employed African musicians, dancers, choreographers, and designers, and it is their work that helps shape Beyoncé’s vision of a universal Black home. In a sequence set to the Afrobeat pop song “Water,” co-written by the HBCU graduate Nana Afriyie, footage of everyday African people is intercut with shots of the cast. The message is that, across the continent’s plains, cities, and streams, the majesty of Blackness is constant.The film contains two crisscrossing stories that underscore the sacredness of Black beauty—one narrative is linear, the other curved like a boomerang. The linear story is marked by dialogue from The Lion King, and mostly follows the same order as the songs from the movie’s 2019 soundtrack, The Gift. Across the segments that serve as mini music videos for this arc, the young Simba meets his destiny. He learns the lessons of his father, Mufasa (to the song “Find Your Way Back”); encounters his dangerous uncle (“Don’t Jealous Me” and “Scar”); lives an indulgent life in exile (“Mood 4 Eva”); returns to fight for his throne (“My Power”); and finally reclaims his crown (“Keys to the Kingdom”).In the second narrative, which is more fantastical and meditative, Beyoncé is a guide on a metaphorical journey toward Black pride. The story’s lessons are made plain by the lyrics of the accompanying songs, which argue, for example, that Black people should heed ancestral wisdom (“Ja Ara é”), remember that they are royalty (“Already”), and honor their mothers (“Brown Skin Girl”). During this arc, viewers learn the origin of the basket on the river. With an apparent climate disaster bringing the world to an end, Beyoncé is revealed as the mother of the lost baby as she sets him afloat on the water. Later, “Simba” is reunited with his mother and father when he floats up to the ancestral plane. The circle of life is nearly complete, and it is this return that drives Simba to reclaim his power.Simba’s journey in Black Is King echoes Black Americans’ search for an ancestral home. The legacy of enslavement and the Great Migration of 6 million African Americans out of the South yielded two kinds of homelands for Black folks in the U.S. There is the land of their mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers, welcoming them from porches across the South. Then, there is the real and imagined homeland of Africa along the continent’s western coast, places such as Nigeria or the Senegambia, where their great-great-great-great-grandmothers were taken from centuries ago. In an attempt to connect with an original motherland, many Black Americans have turned to controversial ancestry tests or taken trips to the countries from where Africans are believed to have been stolen in the greatest numbers.Parkwood EntertainmentThis desire to reclaim home is not unlike the longing that, in part, brought waves of Black people back to the American South after the Great Migration, in a reverse exodus that has continued since the 1960s. As a daughter of not only Texas, but also Louisiana and Alabama, Beyoncé joins a line of southern Black women artists such as Aretha Franklin, Alice Walker, and Kara Walker—women whose work anchors Black people in a regional home that is at once the site of brutality and resilient beauty. Black Is King focuses on the latter inheritance: In this fictional world where Blackness is the default, there are no white people or white oppression, no legacy of colonialism or enslavement to contend with. [Read: The blind spot of Beyoncé’s ‘Lion King’ soundtrack]Since its release, Black Is King has been praised for bringing together so many different aspects of the African diaspora, and for its deft presentation of Blackness. But the project has also been criticized for romanticizing, decontextualizing, and homogenizing diverse African cultures for Western consumption. The film samples the continent for its aesthetics—such as Yoruba masquerades, Fulani braids, Xhosa rap verses, and Zulu chants—syncretizing and combining cultures in the way that the descendants of Africans in the West have always done. When the Black Is King trailer was released, new criticism from fans living in Africa reflected earlier observations about The Gift, which didn’t include any artists from the region that inspired the Disney film.Parkwood EntertainmentThere is danger in Black Is King’s kind of obfuscating unity. The film harkens back to an imagined, royal, pre-colonial past and erases the realities of different countries on the African continent today. In the context of global capitalism, Black Is King’s digestible amalgamation of African cultures markets the sense of nostalgia and wholeness desired by many Black people living in America, including those whose ancestors were not enslaved. Pan-African politics and pan-African aesthetics often have very different goals—the former seeks the unification of African countries to resist oppression, while the latter collapses African cultures into palatable categories for sale. Black Is King doesn’t attempt to distinguish between politics and aesthetics. Instead, the project seeks to offer a universal lesson: that one’s true home is a proud self grounded by strong roots, even if the story behind those roots is fictional or speculative.By the time we arrive at the credits of Black Is King, Beyoncé has announced that a new parade, a new movement homeward, has begun. After two choruses anchored by trumpet flourishes and stately tuba and bass, she announces: “I’m goin’ back to the South / I’m goin’ back back back back / where my roots ain’t watered down / growing growing like a baobab tree.” Though perhaps oversimplified, the film’s conclusion that Black beauty and history are necessary sources of Black self-determination in the modern world is a hopeful one. In watching Black Is King, those who feel adrift can take another kind of imperfect trip home.
Men's Patagonia jackets and fleeces are super affordable for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale features amazing discounts on men's Patagonia jackets and fleeces, including the Better Sweater—find out more.
Fans ask Adele, 'where's the album'? She's sharing more on social media but no word on new songs
Adele is posting more on social media lately and fans are asking, when's a new album coming out? The 32-year-old artist provides an update.
Giant panda could give birth to cub in days
Giant panda could give birth to cub in days
CeeLo Green apologizes to Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj for rant
"I wholeheartedly apologize to each of them..."
Suspended teachers serve time in DOE ‘rubber rooms’ — at home
Home is the new rubber room. Since the COVID-19 shutdown, scores of city educators removed from classrooms pending administrative trials have spent four months on the city payroll in the comfort of their own homes — often with no work assigned. “It seems like a good deal,” said Betsy Combier, a paralegal who defends teachers...
La Niña chances increase this fall
With peak hurricane season just one month away, NOAA has increased the chances of La Niña this fall. Meteorologist Allison Chinchar explains how this could impact hurricane season.
Indian Americans Don’t Want Kamala Harris Pigeon-Holed. But They Don’t Want to See Her Biracial Heritage Erased Either
Rini Sampath didn’t always find it easy to embrace her South Asian roots. “When I was a kid, Indians were still the punchline on cartoon reruns,” says Sampath, 25, speaking from her home in San Diego, Calif. But when she was in middle school, her father introduced her to Kamala Harris, then San Francisco’s District…
Pelosi says stimulus talks are complicated by 'complete disarray on the Republican side'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday continued her blame of Republicans for the stalemate in negotiations over another round of coronavirus relief funding for Americans.
Charity Foundation Says It Will Mount NYC 9/11 Tribute Lights After Scrapped Plans Due to Pandemic
The Tunnel to Towers Foundation said it would do "everything in its power" to ensure that the annual light show continues this year.
Florida kicks off high school football despite doctors' coronavirus warnings
As a part of the Florida High School Athletic Association's approval for their season, coaches will have to make a "COVID waiver form" available to schools as well as take a COVID-19 training course through the National Federation of High Schools.
Coronavirus controversy creates dueling 9/11 anniversary ceremonies
The anniversary of 9/11 next month will be honored with something new: Dueling ceremonies. The 9/11 Memorial & Museum, chaired by Michael Bloomberg, plans to hold a COVID-conscious observance on Sept. 11 featuring pre-recorded audio of family members reading the names of loved ones, instead of the live readings of the past. But the virus...
Former Illinois Gov. James Thompson dead at 84
Former Illinois Gov. James R. Thompson died Friday night at the age of 84, CNN affiliate WLS reported.
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Sammy ‘the Bull’ Gravano is charging on Facebook, teases podcast
Sammy the Bull is living large — and loud. Gangland’s most notorious rat, Salvatore Gravano has taken to social media to show off his new life of luxury in Arizona. That’s him posing at the mike for a podcast he’s been touting, him enjoying the company of his grandchildren and gathering with family for a...
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'Heroic' Surfer Punches Shark Attacking His Wife, Saves Her Life
The couple were surfing off Shelly Beach, Port Macquarie, in New South Wales on a stretch of Australian coast that has seen three shark attacks this year.
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Protesters stage early morning noise demonstration at Postmaster General's home: 'No Joy for DeJoy'
Activists in Washington, D.C. Saturday morning surrounded the condo building of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy with noisemakers, pots and pans, and air horns designed to ensure the new head of the U.S. Postal Service couldn't sleep.
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Taco Bell employees save man’s life after he passes out in Tennessee drive-thru
Sonja Nixon Frazier, 37, administered CPR to a man who had passed out in the Taco Bell drive-thru line on Wednesday.
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Bruins' Tuukka Rask opts out of NHL season, hours before Game 3 after calling playoffs 'dull'
Boston Bruins veteran goalie Tuukka Rask announced just hours before Saturday’s Game 3 against the Carolina Hurricanes that he would be opting out of the NHL’s return to Play to be with his family. 
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CFFC 83: Elise Reed claims strawweight title, Bill Algeo calls out Giga Chikadze
CFFC crowned a new strawweight champion, while the promotion's top featherweight contender delivered a big callout at CFFC 83 in Philadelphia.       Related StoriesDefining Fights: UFC 252 headliner Stipe MiocicAntonina Shevchenko wants on UFC 255 with sister Valentina, explains why it's convenient to share the same cardWatch Belal Muhammad's hilarious narration of his inner thoughts before a fight 
1 h
Trail Blazers Vs. Grizzlies Live Stream: How To Watch The NBA Play-In Game Live Online
Can the Blazers continue their winning ways?
1 h
You can change careers and fix your finances -- even during a pandemic. Here's how
Millions of Americans have lost their job due to COVID-19. Whether you're looking into a new career or making your new financial reality work for you, we've got tips.
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NASCAR's Austin Dillon tests positive for coronavirus
NASCAR driver Austin Dillon has tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss this weekend's race, his racing team announced Saturday.
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NYC man wanted for torching NYPD car busted after taunting feds
A Queens man wanted for allegedly torching a cop car had spray-painted “TOO LATE!” on his wall to taunt the feds — but he didn’t flee fast enough and FBI agents nabbed him anyway, Brooklyn prosecutors said.
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The Postal Service says tens of millions of mail-in ballots are at risk of not being counted
A USPS worker wearing a mask puts envelopes in a mailbox in New Jersey in August 2020. USPS delays have led to worries about mail-in ballots this fall. | Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images In 46 states, voters could be disenfranchised by mail delivery issues. The US Postal Service warned 46 states and Washington D.C. in Julythat tens of millions of voters could effectively be disenfranchised because their mail-in ballots might not be processed speedily enough for November’s elections — even if voters follow all their state’s election rules. The Postal Service’s notice, first reported on by the Washington Post on Friday, is the latest warning thatsweeping cost-cutting measures and organizational overhauls at the agency, combined with increased demand for absentee voting during the pandemic, are undermining the United States’s capacity to conduct a fair election. Some states could be receiving 10 times their normal amount of absentee ballots in November’s elections. The letter was sent before a round of cost-cutting measures that have slowed mail delivery nationwide and could make delays in sending and receiving ballots even worse. “What Trump is doing to the USPS — right in front of our eyes — is as serious a threat to our democracy as anything any president has ever done,” tweeted Steve Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas, about the news. “I’m not overreacting; this is a five-alarm fire.” Thomas J. Marshall, general counsel and executive vice president of the Postal Service, issued the notices at the end of the July, according to records obtained by the Post. The agency told six states and DC that a narrow set of their voters could experience delayed ballots. But for the remaining 40 states, the warning is far more serious: they were told that “long-standing deadlines for requesting, returning or counting ballots were ‘incongruous’ with mail service and that voters who send ballots in close to those deadlines may become disenfranchised,” the Post reports. That heightened warning applies to 186 million potential voterswho are spread across blue states, red states and battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. After the notices were issued, a few states moved deadlines to require voters to request or cast ballots earlier to provide ample time for counting. But it’s too late for many states to adjust deadlines, according to the Post. The Postal Service letters counsels 31 states to inform voters that their mail-in ballots should be sent out at least a week before Election Day to guarantee that they’re counted. Experts on voting behavior have said that before the pandemic an estimated 25 percent of voters would’ve been expected to cast their ballots by mail, but they now estimate that 60 percent or more will attempt to vote by mail because the pandemic is discouraging in-person voting. New York City saw a 17-fold surge in mail-in ballots during its primaries in June, a spike that overwhelmed the mail system and left the results for a congressional race unclear for over a month. The Postal Service is under siege Trump opposes $25 billion emergency funds allocated for the Postal Service in the coronavirus relief bill passed by House Democrats in May; he has also rejected the Dems’ proposal to provide $3.6 billion for grants to states for contingency planning for the elections, which would fund additional equipment, supplies, and staffing needed to assist with voting safety during the pandemic. The Postal Services warnings to states were planned before Trump appointed Louis DeJoy to head the agency in May. But DeJoy reportedly has a has overseen a range of cost-cutting measures that experts say will amplify its problems with delivery times. The Postal Service is, for example, decommissioning 671 mail-sorting machines (10 percent of inventory), a move which the American Postal Workers Union has said could slow down the processing of election mail. Those machines can sort over 20 million pieces of paper mail per hour. DeJoy has also reassigned 23 postal executives, consolidating power within the agency. Recent reports that DeJoy still has a multimillion-dollar stake in his former company, XPO Logistics, a Postal Service contractor, has created even more controversy around the Postal Service’s cost-cutting, and shocked ethics experts. “The idea that you can be a postmaster general and hold tens of millions in stocks in a postal service contractor is pretty shocking,” Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, told CNN about the revelation this week. “It could be that he’s planning on selling it, but I don’t understand the delay. He has managed to divest a lot of other things. And if he wasn’t prepared to sell that off, he shouldn’t have taken the job.” CNN reported on Saturday that the internal watchdog at the Postal Service is reviewing his compliance with federal ethics rules and some of DeJoy’s new policies , such as his devision to reduce overtime for postal workers and slowing some mail delivery. And a bipartisan group of secretaries of state — officials who are responsible for administering elections at the state level — said DeJoy failed to reply to a request to meet this week to seek clarity on the implications of postal service cutbacks. The Postal Service has had financial challenges for years, and as Recode’s Adam Clark Estes has explained, the pandemic has dealt a huge additional blow to the agency’s finances: Starting in March, the volume of first-class mail began to plummet (though a surge in package delivery has helped make up for that lost revenue). Meanwhile, tens of thousands of postal workers got sick or began quarantining, leading to a labor shortage and the need for more overtime hours. The Postal Service also spent hundreds of millions of dollars on personal protective equipment (PPE) and on retrofitting post offices with more plexiglass and more space for social distancing. Top Democrats and legal experts have sounded alarms about the postal service’s warnings to states about their inability to handle mail-in ballots, and the refusal by the Trump administration and Republicans to inject additional funds into the Postal Service as Election Day approaches. Joyce Alene, a professor at the University of Alabama, referred to the postal service’s quandary as a “manufactured crisis,” describing it as “unabashed voter suppression” by the Trump administration. “Postal service sabotage = voting suppression. No need to connect the dots,” tweeted Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). This bare knuckled scheme openly mocks our democracy & all Americans. Experts have also pointed out that election crises can emerge even if mail-in ballots aren’t being undercounted but are just severely delayed. Lawrence Douglas, a law professor at Amherst College , has argued that Trump has signaled that he could exploit delays in mail-in ballots by deeming them fraudulent and claiming without evidence that their likely Democratic skew is proof of foul play.
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Iran fumes, warns of 'dangerous future' for UAE over historic US-brokered deal with Israel
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard warned of a “dangerous future” for the United Arab Emirates over a U.S.-brokered agreement that sees the UAE open up diplomatic relations with Israel.
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Travelers scramble as new measures imposed over virus upticks in Europe
The U.K. government imposed a mandatory two-week coronavirus quarantine on anyone coming from France in a last-minute decision.
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'This is a political calculation': Romney criticizes Trump's mail-in voting attacks
Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, defended mail-in voting in the wake of President Donald Trump's attacks on the system.        
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